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Act Of Faith 2 Episode 25

Act of Faith 2
Episode: Episode 25
Title: The Strange Man

How time flies, its amazing how everything went off just like a flash, I have moved on with life as a normal guy and not a spy, I have come to enjoy the act of living just like a normal guy and not that guy who was once so obsessed with saving the world. Everything has changed after two years, although I still remember Gabriel but I try my best to do away with the thought of him , I know it can never be possible. His widowed wife Adanna always live with the memory of him, she has become lonely and withdrawn even after two years, at times whenever I and my wife Morgana, yes we got married a year ago. Sometimes when I and my wife Morgana go to visit her to help her from being lonely she will somehow bring everything back to Gabriel and at the end of it break into tears. I told her the truth about Gabriel, what he does and how he always want to save the world. She will always blame her self and say she was a bad wife and that how she never wanted to hear him out, she would at most times bit her lips and hit herself for always being rude and disrespectful to him, " I wish God can just bring him back to life, I will be the best wife I can be" She once lamented, " Joy, don't take it hard on yourself, you were not entirely at fault" Morgana will always console her.
One good thing I respect about Adanna is that though she still happens to be a very young girl, she will always turn down any man who make passes at her and tell the she is married. For the first one year of Gabriel's death, her relatives had disturbed her to get married again but she had bluntly refused and this had strengthen the relationship between her and Gabriel's relative. I remember vividly when we went to the village to break the news of Gabriel's death to his parent, it was I, Israel, Adanna, Morgana, Matt and even Christiana who had taken it upon our self to do that. It was tragic that day as his mom went mad with tears, it was difficult to control her. His dad, the old man also cried, Gabriel must have certainly been a good son. " Where is his body? " the old man asked me after everything, " His body is nowhere to be found, no one knows who had killed him " I told the old man. Yes we didn't see Gabriel's body when I , Israel and Matt went back to the catholic church the day after we left Newriton, his corpse was no where to be found, I only say the black vest he was putting on that day, it was torn and stained with blood. Anyways that had died down. Gabriel had been a sensible guy to have at least trusted Adanna and had given her an access to all his accounts containing his life savings, with this , Adanna never lacked anything, as a matter of fact she has one of the best running computer teaching institute, she has employee around and she takes no part in the business but the money are coming in. Israel is doing fine so also his Matt, Matt now owns a big sporting complex and Israel now works as a karate teacher, he teaches little kids on the principle of Karate and he his doing so fine. Although we all now detest Newriton, we don't want to go back there or have anything to do with it, there is something that still brings the thought of Newriton back to us, the Mark of Newriton which will always remain on our wrist. Anytime I look at the mark, all the memories I try to hide and kill will all come back, there is no hiding from it. About Newriton, it has been worst for them, firstly, they still haven't been able to get the Manhunter, they went as far as calling back some other groups of spies but they didn't go far as Sir Jude Ike guys killed most of them. You don't need to wonder how I know all these, I was once a spy at Newriton, I simply follow their secret website which only those of Newriton has access to, the site contains all the latest news. As for the Manhunter, he is never relenting, the city of port Harcourt, Benin, Markurdi and Enugu now experience high rate of Mortality, from my point of view, the Manhunter is not the only one doing this now, Sir Jude now has other good killers who does his dirty business for him and now , he now lives without the fear of Newriton, Newriton lives with the fear of him, What a World.
My bottle was well rested under my armpit as I strolled round my jungle that morning. I have lived in the jungle all my life but have never for once deemed it fit to know more about the Jungle. This particular morning, I was pushed by the power of alcohol to take a walk round the Jungle. After about two hours walking and Jumping round the bushes, I finally came to a spot , it was as if it wasn't part of the jungle, it was a small well cultivated farm. " Who else lives in my jungle?" I asked myself as I went towards the farm, it was then I saw a small hut in front of the farm. " Man, what are you doing in my farm?" I heard from behind, I turned back slowly and I was standing face to face with a fine looking tall man, he heard well trimmed beards. " What are you doing in my jungle?" I asked him back, " Your Jungle?" He asked me with a funny expression on his face, " Whooooow" The shout of the wolves interrupted us, " My enemies are here, let me take care of them" he told me, " They are my enemies also" I said , " Then that makes you my friend" he patted me as he brought out a knife from his side, " Join me" he laughed passing me a knife.

To be continued


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