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Act Of Faith 2 Episode 24

Act Of Faith 2

Episode: Episode 24

Title: Da End Of Newriton

The darkness has pass by and it was morning, the morning after the dark hour. We were all seated in the conference hall with all the board members including sir Ajan before us, this reminded me of the day I was first suspended from Newriton but this time, it was quiet a different case. Tears could be seen on the faces of Morgana, Israel , and Matt. After the long night, we arrived back at Newriton one way or the other, we arrived safety. Gabriel's wife has been taken to the hospital, as at when I saw her last, she was still unconscious. " Hello guys" Dr. Akpena greeted, Dr. Akpena is another board member of Newriton, he his the one responsible for the welfare of all in Newriton. " Yeah, Alvana, Israel, Matt and Morgana, I know how you all feel, we are sor... " Israel cut his short, " Keep the sorry to your goddamn self, what do you mean you are sorry for that dangerous prank you pulled out there, what the hell are you sorry about, firstly, you took our beloved ones, made us go after a fake manhunter, destabilized us and now because of that rubbish you call test of Faith, Sire Gabriel is dead" he bursted into tears likewise the rest of us, he still wanted to continue with the talking but his tears stopped him, " I know how it felt guys, it wasn't our intention to get Gabriel killed, all our plan was to see how you guys will cope with a mission if the life of your beloved ones is at stake" Dr. Akpena said, " Dr. , am sorry to say this, but truth be told, you are a fool" Morgana shouted in tears, " How do you expect us to cope with a mission when the life of our beloved ones is at stake? What were you thinking when you put our lives in danger, maltreated me and disgraced my Integrity, how can you explain leaving me Naked in the sight of those upcoming spies, how can you explain how Daniel and his gang was able to locate where we were? How can you explain getting Gabriel killed? How can you explain that his wife in her twenties is now a widow? " Morgana asked, " Yes, how did Daniel know Sir Ajan and his boys were there?" I asked, but got no answer, " Until you guys provide an answer to that, and find the traitor, I quit being a spy and please before I get home, make sure you transport my mom back to her abode" Matt said and stormed out of the room, " I quit being a spy until you bring Gabriel back to life, as for Ann, I don't want to get home before her" Israel also stormed out, " You guys have taken enough from us this time, you have killed our beloved, to hell with Newriton and all of you, you guys have never been efficient, if you guys dare call me again in life, I promise, I will burn down this institute, Morgana, let's leave here" I dragged my fiancé and limped away, " Jason" Sir Ajan called, I turned back slowly. " If you ever call that name again, I will kill you" I told him and went out.
All I did wasn't my intention, I don't own Newriton, am just also an employee controlled by instructions from the board. When Sir Kennedy called me that day and ask me to put the spy who would be going against the Manhunter under a test using their love ones, I tried to talk him out of it but he won't listen. He told me that it would make us know how strong they were, he also told me to make another Manhunter out of one of my students, I choose George for that part as he is the strongest of the new fighters. He also asked me to make the fighters believe that some of their beloved ones were killed by me, he told me that this would make us know how they handle situations when they are destabilized. I tried my best to make him see reasons why we should not carry out his plan but his reply then was " Sir Jude is a very deadly entity, we need mature men who can deal with emotions to go after him and not immature mind" That was exactly what he said and I had no option than to do his wish, he is in a higher rank than me and he can strip me off my job if I failed to carry out his order, so I did what I did , none out of all I did was my will, it was controlled by Sir Kennedy . I know now he will be regretting this, his plan had made us lose one of the best we have , Sire Gabriel, May his soul rest in peace, Adieu Gabriel, Newriton will live in memory of you.
Ann was never killed nor was Matt's mother, it was just all a test. I went back home that day looking tattered and weak, Ann was already in the house, as I came in, she immediately jumped on me, " I missed you so much, where have you been?" she asked, " I should be asking you that, hope the kidnappers didn't hurt you?" I asked looking her all over, " No, the whole thing is still like a mystery to me, they didn't touch me and one other Adanna, they only tortured a girl, Morgana, sure you know her" She said and I nodded and made to stagger inside, " Honey what is it?" She asked but I didn't answer as I broke into tears, My roommate, my brother, my pal , my man Gabriel is gone, I will never forgive Newriton for this. " Dear, we have lot of things to talk about " She said , I said not a word as I went in with tears.
Although the plan was to get Alvana not Gabriel, but I believe in the saying, half bread is better than none, Alvana is a strong fighter so also is Gabriel. We were able to get Gabriel that night, how we knew where they were, is our personal secret. He was led into our base that morning, he was more weak than a weakling, he had a bleeding arm and leg, I personally shot his hand after he let Alvana escape. Sure he doesn't know what was going on, he was unconscious until we placed him on an electric chair and poured water on him, he staggered back to consciousness. " Hi Gabriel" I greeted him smiling, " Where am I?" He asked and tried to get up, but his hand and leg had already been coupled to the electrically controlled chair. " You will know soon enough" I smiled, " Call the boss" I instructed one of my boys who went in immediately and came back with Sir Jude Ike some minutes later. " Wow, wow Gabriel, you sure remember me, we once both worked in the same primary school" Sir Jude laughed on sighting Gabriel, " Hi Sir Jude, congratulations am all tied, I have always longed for an opportunity to whip your ass" Gabriel smiled with his weary and rough face. " Am not here to exchange words with you, I just need something from you" Sir Jude said bending before him, Gabriel gave no reply and so he continued. " I want you to work for me, as one of my fighters" Sir Jude said and Gabriel broke into laughter, " Funny you man" Gabriel laughed, " I knew you will try proving tough, you will work for me" Sir Jude said , " No I won't " Gabriel laughed, " Yes You will" Sir Jude laughed, ••••••••••••••♪••••••••••♪•••••••••••♪••••••.

To be continued


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