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Act Of Faith 2 Episode 23

Act Of Faith 2
Episode: Episode 23
Title: Adieu Gabriel.

" What do you mean?" I asked Sir Ajan, what he said was shocking. " Yeah, it was just a test of faith, the board of Newriton asked me to test you guys with your most precious ones" He explained, " What about the Manhunter and the rest?" I asked him, " They are all fake, let's get free from here first, we will talk about this later, its no time to discuss" he told me, " I don't believe him" Morgana chipped in. " Let's leave here first " I told her as I lifted up sir Ajan and made to escape away from behind the pillar as the shooting got more tense, " Follow me behind " I told Morgana peeping through the pillar, " In one , two and go" I said as I ran away from the pillar side with Sir Ajan by my side and Morgana beside me. I didn't know where he had come from but from no where cometh a man in black who shot at my right lap, I fell down to the ground immediately and pushed Sir Ajan to Morgana, " Take him away " I shouted to her as I cocked my gun which was hung on my shoulders and shot back the man who fell down dead immediately, " Leave here!!" I shouted to Morgana who was still hiding behind a pillar, " I can't leave you" She shouted back, " I promise to come back" I told her, " Alvana, don't die " she said , I nodded and blew a kiss to her, " That's a promise, I won't die" I assured her, with that she held sir Ajan and went away. I got up slowly on my feet and made to limb to the next available pillar and from nowhere again, a bullet caught my shoulder and my gun alongside me fell down to the floor. I opened my eyes momentarily and saw about seven men in black cloth and trousers advancing towards me, I was able to recognize the guy in the middle, it was Daniel walking elegantly to me with his gun on his right hand. " Daniel" I said to myself as I let a weak smile form on my lips , I tried getting up again but fell down back to the ground helplessly. " At last, the great Jason has fallen" Daniel laughed as he got to me, " How great has the mighty fallen " He laughed harder bending to my level and staring directly into my eyes.
I wasn't able to move fast, Adanna weight weighed me down as she laid lifelessly on my shoulders as I tried to escape the church compound without getting caught. As I walked I prayed silently to God to save the rest inside. " After today, I do this no more" I said to myself . All that had happened recently were just hard to decipher, it had always been from one problem to the other, problems without explanations. I was just some steps away from the main gate of the church when I felt a gun being placed on my head, from the side. " Don't move, drop the lady" The guy with the gun spoke, " Who are you? " I asked without making any attempt to turn, " That isn't a necessary question, drop the lady" Came his reply, " Am sorry Gabriel, it's not my fault" I murmured to myself as I tried to drop Adanna and just then the man with the gun fell down dead with a cry of pain, he had been shot. " Matt, let's go" Israel said coming out of God knows where. " Israel what are you doing here, go help those inside" I told him, " There is no point fighting a lost battle, he who runs from a fight lives to fight another day" Israel said as he lifted up Adanna and went out of the gate, I followed suit. " How is Gabriel and the rest?" I asked him but he gave no reply.
" Thought I am gone for life?" Daniel asked me , I gave no reply. " But guess what, Today is your lucky day, I have been asked not to kill you as you are needed for something more important otherwise, you know I would have killed you willingly" He told me, " Have always knew you were a coward, you know you can't kill me" I said to him, " Don't talk much, you might just force me to kill you" He said, " I can't force you to do what you can't do coward " I smiled , " Guys, take this guy away before he makes me do what I don't have to do" He faced his boys, " Once again, see how great the mighty has fallen" He smiled as his guys came and dragged me up. I tried struggling to be free but all to no avail, they were stronger than I was. We had not moved from where we were when a bullet hit down one of the guys holding me by my left hand side, Daniel who was already leaving turned back immediately, " Take cover all of you" he ordered his guys, " Exactly, that's the face a coward makes" I mocked him, " Cover him, don't let him escape" He said to another guy who was holding me, "He can't hold me down" I said as I hit the forehead of the guy with my head, he fell down with a bleeding nose and groaned in pain, at that same point another bullet was shot but this the, it caught no one. " Who is doing that?" Daniel asked in fear and from nowhere, Gabriel dived and pushed Daniel down with his body, the two soon started rolling on the ground and I faced his boys. They were five boys, truth be told, I had no idea on how to fight them but I rather die fighting than a coward. I tried giving a weak punch to the first but he easily caught my hand and instead gave me a punch, the other gave me a kick from behind and I fell down heavily to the ground with no hope of getting up again. From where I laid, I could see Gabriel punching Daniel who was leaning on a pillar, I never knew he was this strong. I could also see his injured leg and shockingly, he gave Daniel a drop kick against the pillar with his injured leg , Daniel fell slowly. Gabriel turned towards my direction and Advanced towards the five guys, I also got up to help him. He gave a flying kick to two who advanced towards him and soon, he was standing by my side, we were standing at the edge of the balcony, any slight movement and we will fall down stairs. " We can do this" Gabriel said to me as Daniel's five boys including Daniel advanced towards us, " Are you sure?" I asked him as about ten more guys came out of nowhere, " No we can't " he smiled, " ALVANA, take care of my wife, tell her i love her, and tell Newriton not to ever forget me" He said to me and before I could realize it , he gave me a drop kick and I fell down to the down part of the church, " Escape!!" He shouted from above to me who had landed heavily to the ground, and then I heard a gunshot and everywhere went quiet, I heard him no more, I cried as I ran out of the church limbing.
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