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WEDDING OF MY EX (A ChrisEffe Bliss) Episode 9-10

Chris finished telling Iris about how he met Effe and how he was forced to take her with him to Takoradi and eventually giving her to the Opoku’s to take charge of her.
Chris also filled Iris in on how he had seen her frequently because he was attracted to her.
Chris then goes on to tell the enraptured Iris snippets of how Effe eventually captured his heart.
There is a party going on at the Opoku residence.
Mr. and Mrs. Opoku are in white attires. Effe is looking absolutely breath-taking in the white dress Chris had bought for her in Accra.
There is a long table of assorted food, and a well-stocked bar area.
When Mr. Opoku stands up, the music stops and all eyes are drawn to him. He is holding a glass of sparkling champagne.
I will like to propose a toast, please.
Effe turns in her seat and her eyes meet Chris'. She smiles warmly. Chris smiles back.
My lovely wife and I have been married for precisely twenty years. God, being the wise ruler He is, thought it best not to bless us with any children, and we thanked Him for that. But believe me, it has not been easy. Being wealthy in Africa, and having no kids, is a great wahala, and you all know it!
There is a general burst of laughter and brief applause.
And then, out of the blue, a handsome young man knocked on our door one evening. His name is Chris Bawa. Most of you know him, yes, the same Chris Bawa who is the General Manager of The Focus Supermarket. He brought a sweet young girl called Effe to us. That was almost a year ago. We accepted Effe into our home, and we finally understood why God never let us have a child.
There is a pregnant silence as Mr. Opoku turns round and stares at Effe for several seconds with a deep loving expression on his face. He turns and faces the crowd once more.
Effe brought not only joy and fulfilment to our home, but she fitted in so perfectly. She is the child we never had. She has woven pure magic into our hearts, and bonded us with a love we've never felt before. Yesterday being our twentieth anniversary, we had no greater gift than to adopt her. That sweet girl is now Effe Kedem Opoku, our dearest daughter!
There is a standing ovation. Mrs. Opoku embraces Effe. Mr. Opoku wipes tears from his eyes and raises his glass.
To Effe, my cherished daughter!
To Effe!
Mr. Opoku turns and beckons to his family.
Effe and Mrs. Opoku join him with their glasses. Mr. Opoku gestures wildly to Chris to join them.
Chris descends, and Mr. Opoku shakes his hand vigorously. They take a sip from their glasses.
The music starts up again and Mr. Opoku leads Effe to the dance floor amidst cheers and cries from the crowd.
Mrs. Opoku turns to Chris, and she has tears in her eyes.
Chris, thank you so much for bringing such an angel into our lives!
The joy is all mine, Mrs. Opoku. Come on, let's dance!
Chris takes her hand although she protests a bit, and they start to dance next to Effe and Mr. Opoku who turns to Chris.
Can I dance with my wife?
Laughing, Chris leaves Mrs. Opoku, turns and faces Effe. She is smiling, and there are tears on her face.
He takes both of her hands. She speaks in an unsteady voice.
Oh, Chris. Thank you so much! I'm so happy I feel as if I will burst with happiness!
You're beautiful, Effe!
She exhales sharply, and her eyes become very bright. They stare at each other for a significantly long period.
Chris draws her into his arms. They start to dance slowly, eyes still locked.
Chris drops his hands to Effe's waist. She looks startled, but she places her hands on his shoulders. His breathing comes hard. Just then Steve breaks in.
Hey, selfish boy, can I have a dance with the sweet girl too?
Chris steps back, and they both look at Steve.
Oh, I almost forgot to introduce you. Effe, this is my best friend, Steve Hollison. Steve, meet Effe Kedem Opoku.
Steve shakes Effe's hand.
Hello, Effe. I've heard so much about you, but I really didn't picture you this beautiful!
Chris also told me a lot about you. Pleased to meet you.
Come on, dance with me, sunshine!
Chris chuckles and leaves them. He walks a little bit away, turns, and finds her eyes still following him.
He smiles, and she also smiles across Steve's shoulder.
Chris speaks softly to himself.
Effe Kedem Opoku! You're getting into my blood, girl!
Later, Chris is sitting at the high table. A well-dressed attendant approaches with a laden tray of assorted foods and sets it down in front of him.
Wow, man, how am I supposed to eat all that?
A hand falls across his shoulder, and he turns. It is Mrs. Opoku, and there is a huge smile on his face.
Eat, Chris. Don't you know that you're the Prince of our world? You have turned our hell into a blissful heaven.
You accepted an unknown girl into your house, Ma'am. It is God's blessing to you. I was just a channel!
But God chose you to bless us, and that's why our home shall always be yours. Go on, eat! That is a special food. Effe prepared it for you, my dear!
He looks across at the dance floor. Effe is trying to disengage herself from Steve, but he is holding on, and both of them are laughing.
Chris shakes his head, smiles briefly, and reaches for a fork and a knife.
Mrs. Opoku tucks a perfumed white napkin into his collar, and both of them laugh.
Thank you, Chris Bawa.
You're welcome, Madam.
Chris begins to eat. The food is evidently delicious, because he swirls it around his mouth with obvious relish. The voice of Steve bursts in suddenly.
Well, that's what I call a lion's share! I'll be damned!
Chris looks up and chuckles when he sees Steve holding a single plate laden with food he has scooped from the buffet table.
Man, put that midget's share aside and entertain your taste buds from my plate.
Steve sits down, picks up a fork and digs in. They eat in silence for a while, and then Steve leans back and regards Chris with a dead pan expression.
She cooked this, right?
Stop mocking me. You know who!
Yeah. Effe cooked it. Best morsel your palate ever flirted with, right?
Steve carefully lays his fork down and picks up a glass. He pours red grape wine into it, swirls it in an absent-minded manner, and then he takes a long draw from it.
She's extremely beautiful, Chris. Won't lie to you about that. Turns out she's also an excellent cook. You've been blabbing about her nonstop ever since she came here. You hitting on her?
Ain't hitting nothing. I helped her, she now has a great family. We're like siblings, man.
Siblings my foot. I saw the way you guys were looking at each other, bro. You're going in deep, and I'm worried.
Worried about?
Stop hedging, Chris. We always shoot straight with each other. I'm worried because you're in a relationship with Elaine, a relationship that has gone really far, man. Your parents are aware of what's going down. Now, Elaine doesn't know you've brought this angel to town, and it seems to me you've gone to great lengths to keep Elaine and Effe apart.
Your point being?
My point being that it is not healthy, man. I would've been more comfortable if you've told your mother and Elaine about Effe. I'm your brother, Chris. If you feel something for Effe, come clean with Elaine and her parents. Your mother too deserves to know. These things shouldn't be hidden, man. They have a tendency for blowing up, and believe me they do cause a mess when they do!
Thanks, bro. I've been confused for a while, I admit that. See, I've always been comfortable with Elaine. She's no angel, and I'm no God, but we've managed to get something going. Maybe it's because her mother and mine feel so strongly about the whole thing, but being with Effe is different, man. She's beginning to bring out feelings I've never had for any woman, and frankly it's been scaring me. But thanks, I'll try and put my act in order, okay?
Steve nods, and then reaches out and pats Chris' shoulder gently.
Let's enjoy this food. Damn, she can cook! No wonder she's driving you bonkers.
She grows in a man's blood, man, she sure does!
Chris and Effe are at the beach, sitting under coconut trees. There are drinks, flasks and paper plates around them.
They laugh happily and walk hand-in-hand on the seashore. Chris chases Effe around and plants a kiss on her cheeks when he catches her.
They face the horizon with the sun behind them.
Chris is opening a car door for Effe, touching her hand as she enters, laughing into her eyes as he closes the door.
He reaches across to hold her hand as he drives and she turns to him, startled, glances at their clasped hands, and demurely looks out the window.
Now Chris showing Effe around his huge supermarket. There is a charged moment when she turns round and finds him standing just behind her.
He reaches out to steady her, she puts her hands on his shoulders, and for a moment they stay like that, caught in the electric moment of awareness.
Chris and Effe are seen eating at a plush restaurant. She is sitting across from him.
Her hair is tied back in a ponytail. He gets up, walks behind her chair, and slowly removes the hair band.
He straightens her hair, walks round, notices a lock of stubborn hair across her brow, extends a forefinger and gently rolls the hair over her right ear.
She is staring, other people are staring. There is deep silence between them in the restaurant.
He sits down without looking at her, but her eyes are huge and her face is holding a tender loving expression as she looks at him.
Chris now seen ringing a doorbell, and Mrs. Opoku opens the door.
Chris laughs with her, and Effe joins them. They run to Chris' car, and wave to Mrs. Opoku. They get in and drive away, leaving the Opoku residence behind.
Chris driving back in. It is night, the sky dark. Chris walks Effe to the door.
She hesitates and then shyly hands him a small parcel.
He peels off the wrapping and finds a small box.
He opens it and finds a beautiful silver wrist bracelet. He is evidently quite taken aback.
Wordlessly he drapes it around his right wrist and locks it, and then he leans over and kisses her right cheek.
She closes her eyes, and as he steps back she quickly opens the door and enters, closing it behind her.
She is seen leaning her back against the door. On the other side of the door Chris presses his forehead against the door.
And then, after sometime, he turns and walks heavily to the car...
To be continued..
Episode 10
Chris emerges from his bathroom dressed in black trousers, shoes and an unbuttoned pink shirt.
He hums a love ballad as he fixes his cuff links. His door opens, and his mother enters.
She is a buxom elderly beauty, and that morning she is dressed in a fetching kaba and slit design with a matching headgear.
She is holding a golden bracelet.
Dear, can you fix this for me?
Chris takes the bracelet. She extends her wrist and he fixes it.
Are we running late? You better hurry up. You know how anxious Ruth can be when we're late to her dinners. It won't do to start displeasing your mother-in-law so early.
Chris chuckles as he begins to button his shirt. He tucks in, and smiles again as his mother inspect herself in his huge mirror.
How does your mother look, my son?
As beautiful as ever, Mom. You're always beautiful.
(smiles happily, turns and busses both his cheeks.)
Hurry up then, my love. I'll be waiting for you in the living-room.
She leaves the room, and the smile disappears from Chris face.
He knots his tie absent-mindedly, and just then his phone rings. He speaks in a distressed whisper.
Oh, Effe. My dear, sorry for breaking off our date tonight. So sorry!
He picks up the phone and stares at it for a long time even after it has stopped ringing.
He sighs, and then he quickly sends a text message to Effe to the effect that some uncontrollable situation has arisen and he cannot see her that night.
And then he switches off his phone. He descends to the living-room and finds his mother watching a sermon on television.
She reaches for the remote control and switches off the television.
You look so handsome, my son. Your future-in-laws would be happy as always. I think Elaine has got the most handsome man in the world for a husband.
You do know how to make a man feel good, Mom. Thanks.
Putting his right arm around his mother, Chris steers her out of the door.
The Boateng compound is filled with people. Chris and his mother are met by a well-dressed attendant and escorted through a side door to the garden.
Beautiful chairs and tables are arranged nicely on the lush green grass.
There is a lovely glass-topped dining-table in the middle, and this has five high-backed excellently-crafted chairs behind it.
The guests were either sitting down or standing. They are holding drinks and munching on sweet pastries.
Chris surveys the sizeable crowd with dismay on his face.
What's it, dear? It looks like you've seen a ghost.
I thought it was going to be a quiet evening, with us as the only guests. Didn't know it's a house party.
Oh, Chris, stop being so dramatic. You know Ruth likes to do things in style. Anyway, they're also celebrating twenty-five years of marriage and invited a few friends.
And you didn't tell me? I remember you telling me they invited only us, and how inappropriate it would be if I didn't come?
You didn't want to come, dear. I was sure if you had known it was a get-together you would've stayed away.
I had other plans, Mom.
It's okay, son. You had to be here. Elaine came from Accra just to be with you, and it seems to me that your plans doesn't include her nowadays. Secondly, it is her parents' anniversary and you should be here. Look, drop it for now. Let's join them.
Chris still looks angry. Mrs. Ruth Boateng joins them and speaks happily.
Lois, my sweetest, welcome!
She hugs her friend warmly.
(Holding a glass of wine approaches and extends a hand to Chris.)
Chris, my boy, you do look great tonight! Welcome, welcome!
Come on, come on. You're sitting with us on the high table. We were just waiting for you. Now where's Elaine?
Madam Lois gives Chris a meaningful look as she follows the couple into the garden.
Chris follows them. Suddenly his arm is gripped hard from behind and he turns.
It is Steve, dressed in an excellent tuxedo. Chris' face lights up with pleasure immediately.
What the dilly-yoo, man! What's gwan? Thought you were with your latest catch, what's her name, Mimi? Didn't you tell me you're putting the works on her tonight?
Dog that broad. Turns out she's dating a damn cop, and he's an Inspector-General or something like that. Almost got my cheeks ripped off when that fat cow followed her to my ghetto last night.
Been telling you to simmer down, Romeo. You're gonna get your butt roasted if you keep chasing the pretty skirts.
Let me worry about my problems. You've got one huge bomb on your hands right now, dude.
Spill it.
Let's set the parameters first, dude. Now, have you told Effe about Elaine?
No. I planned to do that this night, but then the old lady kinda forced me to cancel out on Effe and come here instead.
And of course Elaine doesn't know you are now dating Effe.
I am not dating Effe, dude. To her we're just good friends.
And to you?
I'll tell you this, because you're more than a brother to me. I think I've fallen in love with Effe.
Steve looks staggered. He empties his glass and beckons to a waiter holding a tray.
He puts his empty glass on the tray and picks a new drink.
Boy, you're trying to look down the neck of a bottle with both eyes, and one of your eyes is sure to pop if you continue playing around like that.
Hey, belt it. I'm trying to get my act together and find a way out.
Then you better find an excuse and leave here right now, or you're gonna get burned.
What the heck are you talking about?
Effe is here.
(stunned, gapes at his friend without speaking for a moment.)
You heard me right. Effe is right here with her father.
Oh Lord, no. You kidding me, right?
Neverbeen more serious in my life.
Oh, grapes! This is bad, really bad! But how did that happen? Why are they here?
I spoke to her. Small world, see? That's why I'm always telling you to get your shit together. Turns out Mr. Opoku and Mr. Boateng, your two fathers-in-law, for now, shared the same dormitory at the university, and they were both SRC executives. They got together on Facebook, and Mr. Boateng invited his old friend here to the party. Unknown to each of them, you're banging both their daughters.
Cut the rot, man, I'm up to my neck here in some bad trouble. Why the hell didn't you call me when you found out?
(Steve half-empties his glass and points a stiff forefinger at Chris.)
Tried a zillion times. Your phone was on vacation in the Bahamas, you fool. First rule in the Player's Basic Book of Survival is this: never switch off your damn phone!
My phone was off? Oh, yeah, when I sent Effe a text message I switched it off. Damn!
And speaking of trouble, here comes the first salvo, dude.
Chris turns. Elaine is walking towards him smiling happily.
My Prince finally decided to come wake me up with a kiss.
She puts her arms around his neck and holds him tight.
Chris, my breath. I missed you so much.
Elly. You look beautiful.
She draws his head down and brushes his lips with hers.
Lord, I've missed you, wrestler. Wish we could disappear into my room for a while. My body aches for your bullying.
Behave, darling. People are watching.
He steps back, and his eyes automatically searches for people who have seen their show of affection.
Standing a few inches behind Elaine is Effe. Steve is standing beside her. Steve shrugs and shakes his head sadly.
Effe looks so devastated. She looks at Elaine, then at Chris, then back to Elaine. There is sudden pain on Chris face.
To be Continued


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