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THE MAGNIFICENT BROTHERS 2 (Life in university) Episode 7-8

Vivian sat down on her bed waiting patiently for Fatima to arrived.
30 minutes later she hasn’t showed up. Vivian quickly went in search for her.
The time is already 8:20pm so not many people could be found in such deserted street.
She went too the place she saw lucky and his gang. She sighted Fatima, she was walking like someone that acted walking dead (movie)
” Fatima!!!!!” She scream and ran too meet her.
” what happened she immediately asked her friend who was crying.
” Lucky raped me ” she tearfully said . Vivian was stun.
Vivian tried to say something but she was too shock to say anything.
She just hug her friend .
” Lucky will surely pay for it I swear with my life” she finally muttered in Fatima’s ear.
The next day..
Kelvin went to meet his brother in his hostel.
this was his first time he would be going there. He quickly nock at the door.
” who is there” Daniel shouted from inside .
” Is me” Kelvin muttered calmly
He quickly opened the door for him. “ahh Guy afa na” Daniel said . immediately he opened the door.
” Fyn oo” Kelvin replied and walk in.
” were is uche ” he curiously asked Daniel.
” is in the bath room” Daniel replied. 10 minutes later uche came in with a towel around his neck.
” Guy na your face be this ” uche said.immediately he came out from the bath room.
” na me na, as you no won visit me, ne e make me come check you. If you still dey alive.” Kelvin jokingly said .
” You no well, I was busy that’s why ” uche replied. As they were busy talking Daniel phone started ringing
he quickly picked the call.
” You guys should come now”!!!! the caller said and ended the call.
” Uche we have you go, sly is calling us ” Daniel said, while uche calmly nodded his head.
” I got go bro, see you later bro ” uche breathed .
” who called you” Kelvin curiously asked. ” it was a friend uche replied without giving him the details.
Kelvin saw a tattoo on uche chest, he wanted to asked but he decided to leave it for another day .
” Okay “Kelvin muttered and went back to his hostel.
30 minutes later Daniel and uche are already with the magnificent 7.
” you sent for us” Daniel said immediately they got there.
” Yes I would want you guys to deliver some items to someone them in ovia SouthWest I hope you guys know there. the capon asked.
” No we don’t ooo” they immediately replied.
The capon quickly describe the place to them.
” When you get there asked of happy day hotel. The capon explained while they nodded as a sign of understanding.
” This is your first mission ” I Hope you won’t fail the capon said . ” we won’t they both replied.
The capon quickly brought out a briefcase that contains cocaine and some hard substance, he gave them and some documents.
” Hear is the items you would be delivering to Mr zain. The capon said and handed the briefcase and the documents too them
About me zain
Mr zain is a notorious drugs dealer who was base in Russian . before he was declared wanted in Russian but he escape by disguising himself as a woman.
He later relocate too Abuja were he continued his drugs dealing. He was captured and was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment. But He also escape with the help of the D.P.O in that brach ever since then they have been looking for him but all to no avail.
He later relocate to his home town which is Benin city .
Failure means death. According too Mr zain . he was the founder of the magnificent 7. And he is the supreme leader.
And he was also the one brought out the eleventh commandment which is forgiveness is a sin.
The capon explained too them.
“Make me proud bro this is your first mission so please don’t mess it up” Solomon said. While they both nodded.
” kindly used that car over there to make your job easier” the capon said pointing out a Toyota Camry.
” If you fail we won’t be able to protect you from mr zain so please don’t bring shame to the Brotherhood” the capon added

Episode 8
Kelvin quickly woke up and got prepared for lecture.
By 8:50am he was already in school. He was among the feel students that arrived before the lecturer.
20 minutes later the lecturer walk in.
He name is Mr okoro, an history teacher. He is an historian and one of the best teacher the university has ever produced.
He is a graduated from UNIBEN with a first class certificate, he is the most respected of all teacher and the most feared because he doesn’t joke.
Mr okoro started teaching, the students just composed themselves to avoid answering question.
Mr okoro saw someone that was resting in the back sit.
“Vivian” he called her name.
“Sir” she sluggishly replied ” Who is the first man to travelled to a space he asked her, without caring to know why she was resting.
” YORI GAGARIN ” kelvin quickly answered .
” Who is said that ” Mr okoro angrily asked .
“I am the one” Kelvin replied .
” Stand up” Mr okoro commanded. “It seem you are very intelligent So what year is that” Mr okoro asked.
” 1961″ Kelvin replied.
” what of Abraham Lincoln’s death” Mr okoro asked ” 1865″ Kelvin replied.
“John Kennedy’s death?
“1963” Kelvin replied.
” The demolition of Berlin wall”
“1989 ” Kelvin replied
” Korean war”
“1950- 1953
The whole student just stand up I gave him a standing ovation.
” See me in my office before you go. Mr okoro said and left the class because the lecture is already over.
” You are really good ” a girl sitting close too him said.
” Thanks” Kelvin replied calmly.
” by the way my name is Tessy she said and stretch forth her hand.
“Kelvin ” Kelvin replied after shaking her.
” we will see later she said and went to her separate ways.
Kelvin quickly arranged his books, as he was busy arranging his books someone walk up too him.
Guuss who?
It was no other Person than Vivian.
” Thanks for saving me “she said nonchalantly.
Kelvin was too stun to replied . about 20 second later he replied.
“You are welcome” he finally muttered.
” You are really good keep it up ” she said and walk away.
Joseph quickly ran too meet him immediately Vivian left.
” Guy you are really lucky oo, you are the first guy that will ever talk too Vivian in this class” Joseph said .
Why Kelvin shrugged in resignation.
“You don’t mean it” Kelvin surprisingly asked.
” I have try to talk too her but she won’t replied, she don’t even replied too my greeting. Joseph added.
” What is really her reason, I know something must be wrong, there must be a reason for her behavior” Kelvin replied.
“Nah you know. we will see later na, Joseph said and went too meet some of his course mate.
Kelvin quickly went too meet Mr okoro in his office.
” You asked me too see you” he said immediately he entered his office.
” yeah I just want you to know that when ever I asked someone question, I don’t like people interfering.
I really wanted to fall your hand, just thank your star you could answer my questions because
You could have been the topic for today”.
Mr okoro pour out too him.
While Kelvin swallowed hard.
” I am sorry sir he muttered calmly.
” You can go now” he quickly discharge him.
As Kelvin was about opening the door ” you are really intelligent keep it up Mr okoro added.”
“Thanks sir” Kelvin replied and went out.
Uche and Daniel
Uche and Daniel quickly got prepared to delivered the items the capon told them to delivered to Mr zain.
They quickly open the briefcase and kept the documents on top of the substance in other for them not too forget it.
They drove to the location as directed by the capon.
1 hour to their journey they met some group of police men, they were doing a search party.
“According to them”
some armed robber would be passing hear so they are searching everyone’s vehicles. especially car, they do allow buses to go because they were given information that it was car the armed robbers used in operating.
Immediately uche and Daniel saw them, they started panicking.
” what are we going to do now ” uche asked Daniel who was the one driving.
” Don’t really know bro, you know we can’t go back because it will bring suspicious.” Daniel replied .
As they got to the police check point a police officer asked them too come down in other him to search their car.
They quickly came down.” Open your boat the police man said to them.”
Chai we are finished uche said in his mind.
To be continued


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