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THE MAGNIFICENT BROTHERS 2 (Life in university) Episode 3-4

******Uche and Daniel******
“Wow we are finally hear” uche said immediately they entered their room to their hostel .
” We made it bro, we are going make history in this university Daniel added .
” I hope is not that kind of history you did in secondary school ” Uche laughingly said too Daniel.
” I hope not” Daniel replied.
They quickly went to their bathroom to freshen up one after the other.
1 hour later they were already done .
“My brother asked me to see him” Daniel said too uche.
” Which of your brother ” uche curiously asked.
“The one I have being talking about now, the one that is in a secret cult society. Daniel replied
” Okay I remembered, the one that is among the 7 “uche said
” Yeah so would you like too go with me. Daniel asked .
” Yea let’s go blend in ” uche replied. Daniel quickly called his brother in other for him to give them His address.
His brother quickly directed him.
20 minutes they were already there .
They saw them, about 7 guys were sited in a long bench, one of them was bandage in his leg.
“Guys meet my junior bro ” Solomon quickly introduced Daniel to his guys .
” And you are” he said pointing at uche ”
” I am uche ” he quickly introduce himself.
” His he the same uche you told me about” Solomon curiously asked Daniel .
” Hear he is the one” Daniel replied in a boastful way .
“Guy I hear your story oo ” Solomon said too uche.
Enough with the introduction the capon chip in .
“Emmanuel go bring bear for our visitors” the capon said too Emmanuel.
Emmanuel quickly went too bring bear for uche and Daniel.
” Guys welcomed to university life, This life is different from the secondary life you guys lived.
We heard about your adventures.
“Hear is university were only the strong survived. I am the one that personal tell solo to call you guys .
So anybody that oppress you guys just report the person to us and we will treat his f--k up.
I know you guys might not have heard about the magnificent 7 because you just resume today but asked anybody about us they will tell you.
The capon boastfully said too them.
” Baba we hear you ” They both replied trying too blend in.
” I would have want you guys to stay more but am expecting someone but fill free to check up on us cus you are now our disciples and I know you don’t understand what I mean but tomorrow I will explained better the capon said too them.
7: 30pm
Vivian was coming out from the library, he was walking alone in the middle of the night. Due to the weather condition it look like night whereas the time is just 7:30pm.
She was walking to her hostel, she could sense that some one was following her. So she quickly turn , as her eyes caught the Person the shiver out of fear.
It was LUCKY The leader of the black axe, it was her boyfriend or rather her forceful boyfriend because he force him self on her.
It all happened last year ever since some guys harassed her in her street where they almost raped her but lucky came too her recuse and ever since then he has bonging her like a pest, he was the reason why Vivian has always rebuff any guy proposal because lucky has worn her ” if he should see her with any other guy that she will regret it.
At first Vivian thought it was a joke but when he had carried out his treat to the first guy she was dating . He and his fellow membered beat the guy as if he was a criminal.
All this happened when Vivian had not become a student in the university.
It even became worse now because she was now going too the same school lucky attend.
This has happened countless times for more than a year now. He and being using her as his s-x slave .
Most girls do admire her because of her beauty but little did they know what she was going through.
To be continued

Episode 4
*****Vivian continue******
“Stop there” lucky said in a command tone. Vivian stop as if she was compel to do so.
” were are you coming from ” lucky bark ” from the library Vivian replied with a fearful voice.
” don’t dear lie too me I know you are coming from one of those your boyfriends place, but pray I should not catch any cus you won’t like what I would do to you and the guy. Lucky said with authority.
” I have head you Vivian replied trying her best not too argue with him”. Meet me in my hostel tomorrow by 12:00pm and don’t you dear come any second more. Lucky said and left her.
Vivian just ran too her hostel with tears in her eyes .
What happened her friend Fatima asked .
“Its lucky again in fact I am tired of this life . lucky is just controlling me as if I am his toy, I regretted the day he save me from those boy. How I wish those boys raped me and I won’t be in the mess by now. Vivian said too her friend.
” Don’t say that dear, ” nobody which to be raped by unknown boys. Fatima replied using her handkerchief to wipe her tears.
” At least is better than for him to turn me as his s-x slave because it will just be once not like his own almost everyday , are my the only girl in school “. Vivian tearfully said too her friend.
“I really feel your pain, how I wish we can report him to the police but we know that would be suicidal ” Fatima replied after she had hug her .
” I know my Allah will bring a way out of this your predicament I just know so. Fatima whispered in Vivian ears.
The magnificent 7
8: 00pm
” we’re are you now” the capon asked on the phone.
” Am all most there sergeant Monday replied.
20 minutes sergeant Monday walk to where the capon and his guys were sitting.
” Guys afa I hail you ena oo” sergeant Monday said to the guys.
” Baba we gallant ooo ” they all replied.
” Baba no vexe oo say I take long, its just that I was needed in other to carry out the investigation. Sergeant Monday said . ” I hope the investigation went too no avail ” the capon ask
” Baba you no trust me, as long as am still in police you guys are save.” Sergeant Monday boastfully said too them.
” Baba we trust you die ” Samba said .
“Enough with the discussion let’s proceeded to the business at hand now” the capon chip in.
As we can see we didn’t really withdrawn enough money due to police interference.
” its was just 4.5 million,” so sergeant Monday this is your share the capon said handling a sum of money that was inside an envelop too him
You know we destroyed the rang rover sport car, so 2 million will go for it.
” this is our first time of failing, samba all most died, we could have lost a member all because of you sergeant Monday. If not that you have lead us too more success I wouldn’t have give you your own portion. The capon said in an angry voice.
” Baba no vexe, I promised it will never repeat its self. Sergeant Monday quickly apologized.
” Samba would be collecting the highest sum of money because of his courage. If not for him we might have being caught. Baba I respect you courage.” The capon said too samba and handed his sum of money too him.
” James all thanks too you for recurring samba, if not you, he might have been arrested and we all know what that means, so James you would collecting the same sum as samba. The capon said too James and handed him his own portion.
He quickly gave everybody his own share.
Police head quarter”
In Benin city
” Inspector mike what is happening this has never happened before , you were given a report to apprehended some armed robbers, you didn’t even made any progress not event little piece for us to start our investigation” the D P O said too him in an authoritative tone.
” Sorry sir I don’t really
know how they did it . the only evidence we had has become useless because they already burnt the car the used in operating. I promise It will never happened again.” Inspector Mike replied.
“It better be the D.P.O said and discharge him.
I have never been a failure before, this is my first time of investigating a case without having a piece to start an investigation.
How did they know they are suppose to disposed their car, it can’t be a coincidence, something is wrong, but what what is really wrong?
Those were rhetorical questions inspector Mike was asking himself.
To be continued


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