Wednesday, 16 May 2018

THE JAILBIRD (A ChrisEffe Classic) Episode 71-75

Effe drops to her knees, distraught, and takes Junior’s hands.
Please, Junior! I’ll never do that to you. Never ever! Why didn’t you tell me you heard Steve saying that? But, like I said this morning, that’s over!
Junior looks at her, and she sees the torment in his eyes.
It tears her soul out. She touches his face gently, and he smiles at her before turning to his father.
What did Uncle Steve do, Daddy?
He showed me some documents in a yellow file. It was a doctor’s file, Champ. It said you are not my son, and that –
(screaming, cutting in)
How could you believe that, Daddy? I’m your son! I look like you, Daddy! My face looks like you! My body looks like you! Even my dicky looks like yours, just that mine is small boy small and yours is big man big! That is why your weewee is big and mine is thin weewee!
There is a burst of laughter in the courtroom, and even Judge Ossom smiles at that.
(turning to Effe)
Am I not Daddy’s son, Mommy?
Effe puts a hand on Chris’ shoulder.
Chris-Love, Eyram told me that you found out about the In Vitro I was planning to do. I’m very sorry I didn’t tell you about that earlier after I gave birth to Junior. You see, the gynaec told me I wasn’t producing enough eggs to get pregnant. I was desperate, my love, because your Mom was always going on about grandchildren and I couldn’t get pregnant. The pressure was too much and I was scared you would leave me if I didn’t give you a child.
Doctor Anaman suggested the IVF as an option. He said he would use eggs from Eyram, but I told him I would never accept any sperm from Steve, and he understood, and used a sperm from the Sperm Bank. Never Steve’s! However, soon afterwards, about a month before the procedure, a miracle happened because I realized I was pregnant, my love, with Junior, naturally with you, finally. So we never even began the IVF at all. It wasn’t necessary.
Effe looks at Chris’ tortured face, and she shakes her head sadly.
I was pregnant, Chris, and I didn’t know it. Doctor Anaman found out I was indeed pregnant with your child, Chris. I told Eyram that I couldn’t go ahead with the In Vitro because I was pregnant for you, and it wasn’t necessary anymore. I never went ahead with it! Why didn’t you call me? Why didn’t you speak to me? Oh, Chris, why did you accept that story without asking me?
I called you, several times. Your phone was off. I was so scared, so terrified. I was hurting badly, and that was when Baaba showed up at the house, when I was most vulnerable.
Oh, yes, my phone went off that morning and I put it in my bag, but it slipped out of my bag, and so it wasn’t until I came back to Accra after leaving the seminar in Takoradi, that I found it in the car.
So, Daddy, I’m your son! I’ll always be your son!
Chris nods, and shuts his eyes.
Yes, Champ. But I didn’t know that day, and when I called Auntie Eyram she confirmed it, and she would’ve told me the truth, but I threw my phone away because I was so hurt and scared that I might lose you. The fact that you were not my son really hurt me, Champ.
Tears fall down Junior’s cheeks as he once again puts his arms around his father’s neck.
I understand, Daddy. If I’m told I’m not your son I’ll be really really really sad too! But you should know that even if I’m not your son I’m still your son because I really really really love you and I don’t want any other father.
Yes, I was really sad. I went into my room, you know, at Auntie Eyram’s house. Well, I was very hurt. I thought your Mommy has lied to me, okay, and so…
Chris voice trails off. He cannot speak.
You did the face-licking things with Aunt Baaba?
Chris shakes his head vehemently.
Judge Ossom nods his head. Of course they know Chris cannot tell his son that he raped Baaba.
No, Champ. She really wanted to do it, but I told her to leave because I only wanted to be with your Mom. Baaba wouldn’t listen to me, and wanted to stay with me. I was angry, and I told her to leave my room because your Mom and I were going to get married. To convince Baaba, I showed her the rings I bought for your Mom and me.
Oh, yeah! The diamond rings you showed me? The ones you and Mommy were going to use again to get married when she returned from Takoradi? The ones you said I shouldn’t tell her yet?
Chris nods.
Yes, Champ. Well, Aunt Baaba got angry over that.
(looking horrified)
No, no, no, Daddy! If you make Aunt Baaba angry she will transform. Have you forgotten I told you about Transformer Baaba and Cool Baaba?
Yes, I do remember, Champ. She was very angry, and I turned my back to her. She might have hit me or drugged my drink because I don’t remember anything else after that because I lost consciousness. The next thing I remember was that I woke up on the kitchen floor, and the police was around, and they said I had done bad things to Aunt Baaba, and no one believes me, and so they’re sending me back to prison.
There is silence in the room.
Effe is staring at Chris with horror on her face.
My God, man, how could you lie to your own son like that? You really are a beast, and unscrupulous!
Junior, what did you say? What do you mean about transforming and cool Baaba?
Junior giggles as Effe winks secretly at him.
He remembers what they had planned and rehearsed in the car that morning on their way to the court.
Oh, not transforming, Mommy. Transformer Baaba and Cool Baaba. Have you watched the Transformers movies, Mommy?
Yes, yes, when the cars can transform into giant fighting robots?
(laughing now)
Yes, yes. Like Megathron and Bumblebee And Optimus Prime! It is like that with Auntie Baaba. If you make her angry she turns into mean Transformer Baaba, but when you’re good to her she changes to Cool Baaba. When Daddy told her the diamond rings are for Mommy and not for her it made her mad, and she changed into Transformer Baaba.
My God! What are you talking about, boy?
Is that why they’re sending you to prison, Daddy? Because of what Transformer Baaba said?
Yes, Champ.
Oh, but that’s so bad! When she becomes Transformer Baaba she is fun! She can lie papapaaa! Ei, she can lie oh! I told you I can let her change, didn’t I? You need to find the key, and you can make her change.
And you know the key, Junior? The wedding rings are the keys, right?
Yes, yes! The wedding rings. Where are the wedding rings, Daddy? I’ll make her change right now!
I didn’t see the rings again. I asked the policemen, but they didn’t see them.
(sadly, scared)
Oh, no! The rings are the key, Daddy! You must have them. If you don’t have them she will never never ever change and I can’t help you!
No, no! Junior, I warned you never to go near her again! It’s okay, my boy. Mommy will appeal, and she’ll get me out of prison.
(weeping pitifully) No, no, no, no! I promised Mommy I’ll help you. We planned it in the car! I really really really don’t want you to go to prison! Let me have the rings, Daddy!
His son’s tears and anguish brings tears to Chris’ eyes, and he looks desperately at Effe.
Effe is weeping silently as she reaches for Junior. She can taste the bitterness of disappointment in her mouth. She looks across at Baaba, who is sitting demurely and smiling as if she is gloating.
(wrathfully) Effe Kedem! I’ll have you suspended from the Bar! You’re behind this? You put your son up to this? You exposed him to this pain? To say I’m disappointed in you would be putting it mildly, woman!
Effe jumps to her feet and faces the Judge.
Well, she lied, Your Honour! I obtained Chris’ phone records privately from a good friend this morning. It showed there had been no calls between him and Baaba for three days prior to the day in question!
Well save that for your appeal, Lawyer! Right now we’re done! Inspector, take that man to prison! It is over!
Cuger drags Chris to his feet.
Junior is screaming and weeping still holding his father.
Effe looks at Baaba.
She sees that Baaba looks very happy and smug.
Effe approaches Baaba.
The crowd is making a lot of noise.
MacBaiden is trying to pull Junior off Chris, but the boy fiercely resists.
Leave him alone! Leave that boy alone. Let his mother try and take him!
All eyes turn to Effe, who is now standing in front of Baaba.
Baaba’s face is innocent and sweet, and she slowly pops a gum into her mouth and smiles beautifully at Effe.
She proffers her paper pack of lemon-flavoured chewing gums to Effe.
Care for some gum, Miss Effe Kedem?

Listen, Baaba. Junior doesn’t want his father to go back to prison. Frankly, I don’t want Chris to go to prison either because if that happens I’ll lose Chris and Junior. So I’ve decided to make a great sacrifice.
Baaba looks at Effe and scowls darkly.
She chews her gum rapidly, and her eyes are suddenly not so sweet anymore, but hard and calculating.
Come on, Effe, what do you think you’re doing? It’s over. Please give it up.
Effe ignores him.
Baaba, I don’t want to lose my son. So I’m giving up on Chris. I don’t really think you want him in prison too. You’ll also lose him, because he hates you now. So, this is my plan, Baaba. I’m convinced you have the wedding rings Chris bought for me, but I don’t want it. I don’t want to marry Chris anymore. You can have him all to yourself. In fact, if you bring the rings right now you and Chris can get married right here. Judge Ossom will officiate and you can walk out of here as Mrs. Baaba Bawa. Mrs. BB. That sounds really nice, doesn’t it?
Baaba stops chewing immediately.
She narrows her eyes at Effe. She slowly takes out the gum and presses it on top of the table.
Are you making fun of me? Do I look like a fool to you, you ugly little bitch?
No, no, no! Baaba, you want to marry Chris, don’t you? He made your body sing, didn’t he, with that sweet touch of his? Think about it! If he goes to prison we’ll both lose him. But I’m ready to let him go for my son’s sake! You’ll have him all to yourself, and have beautiful children. I can make him marry you right here if you bring the rings! But if you don’t give me the rings he cannot marry you!
(screaming) He raped Baaba! He’s a liar! Get away from me! Chris Bawa raped Baaba! Babs also hates him! He doesn’t love me! He’ll rot in prison and no woman will have him! No pussy for Chris, no pussy for Chris!
Her voice is so high, so filled with hatred, so putrid with the decay of her feelings that it shocks everybody.
My good gracious!
Effe shrugs and turns away.
Alright. It seems to me you don’t really want to marry my Chris. You hate him. I’ll marry him now, and I’ll go and work at the Nsawam prison and be with him all the time. We’ll make love every night. Your loss, Baaba!
Whore! Slut! Bitch! Prostitute! Harlot! Chris doesn’t love you! He raped Baaba! Chris raped poor poor Baaba! Chris will rot in prison!
Veins stand out on her neck, and her lips are frothing as she screams, and at that moment there is nothing ladylike about her.
She looks so much like a wild animal that all those watching, in the court and on televisions across the country, stare at her with absolute shock. Stunned out of their wits.
Effe dips her hand into her skirt pocket and brings out her wedding bands.
Chris and Junior are now standing side by side, looking at Effe with awe.
Effe puts her arms around Chris’ neck and kisses him deeply.
Baaba jumps to her feet instantly, her voice emitting a low snarl, her fingers hooked like claws.
The judge stares at her with a sick feeling in his guts.
Oh, my God!
Effe looks at Chris lovingly.
Chris-Love, do you still have your wedding ring?
Chris looks confused, but he nods.
In my back pocket, Princess.
Effe reaches into Chris’ back pocket and takes out the ring.
She walks up to the puzzled Judge.
Please, Judge, would you marry us off again and allow us to have our honeymoon at the Nsawam Prison?
(in a fierce whisper)
What game are you playing, Lawyer? You’re really trying my patience today.
Effe looks at him desperately, and she is panting with the depths of her passion.
Please trust me, sir! I’m convinced she suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder.
Multiple Personality Syndrome?
Yes, sir. That’s why she was able to beat the lie detector. There are two distinct personalities living in her mind, and she switches between them at moments convenient to her. If my hunch is right, she’ll not allow me to marry Chris.
The judge frowns as he takes the rings from Effe
This better work, Counsel, otherwise I’m sending you straight to prison too.
Trust me, sir, please. I beg of you.
The courtroom is midnight silent as the confused spectators look on.
They are all mostly looking at Baaba whose facial expression is getting darker by the minute, her rage evidently mounting as she breathes audibly.
Release Mr. Bawa.
Looking absolutely enraged, Cuger once more unlocks Chris’ handcuffs.
Alright, Effe and Chris, come and stand in front of me. I’ll marry you off, and you can have one month honeymoon at home before Mr. Bawa goes to prison to begin his sentence.
Baaba is watching them like a trapped animal, and then suddenly she moves forward with a sudden burst of speed, her face twisted out of shape with basic putrid acid.
Wait! Stop it this instant! Chris, my love, don’t marry that stinking whore!
Everybody stares at her.
Because her voice has changed!
Her voice has become deep and heavy and very passionate.
(under his breath)
Awurade Nyankopon!
I’ll be damned!
Baaba opens her handbag and takes out a stunning glass box.
She presses a button, and the lid slides open, revealing the three lovely diamond-studded rings Chris had bought, and which he thought were lost.
Baaba grabs Effe’s shoulder and turns her around.
Her face is sweaty and nasty, and she glares at Effe with a desperate animalistic wildness.
Alright. Here are the rings. Chris is mine. I accept your offer. I’ll marry Chris now. Look at my rings. Here! Aren’t they beautiful? They’re for me and Chris. We’re going to get married. Chris darling, I’m here. Let’s get married.
Effe cannot believe her eyes.
The judge cannot believe it.
The members of the jury just stare with absolute trepidation.
The crowd has never seen anything like it.
The silence is so thick that a feather dropping would have sounded like an exploding bomb.
Ohhhh yeaaah! Transformer Megathron Baaba! I told you! I really really really told you the ring is the key, Mommy!
We’re going to get married! Me and Chris, my darling! He loves me, only me! Don’t you, my love?
Yes, he loves only you Auntie Baaba.
Oh, Lord, no! No, no, no, no!
Effe takes the glass case and looks at Baaba, trying to keep the shock out of her face.
(sternly) But you can’t marry Chris just yet, Baaba!
(screaming, demented)
AND WHY THE HELL NOT? You told me you’re leaving him for me! Don’t make me angry!
(gently) Because you told lies about Chris, Baaba, and he’s going to prison. I understand you were hurt and angry because he rejected you and told you he bought the rings for me. You have to tell the truth, Baaba, then the judge will free Chris, and you can get married and spend the rest of your life with him. He’ll be all yours!
Baaba turns to the judge.
There are conflicting emotions on her face.
Her eyes are shifting, and crafty. Sweat glistens on her face, and she licks her lips repeatedly.
Judge Ossom walks up to her and puts a kind hand on her shoulder.
I know how painful it is for your heart to be toyed with, Miss Brooks. I see a whole lot of hurt and misunderstanding here. If you truly love this man, let me know what happened. I’ll release him, and you can be happy together.
Baaba’s lips tremble, and suddenly tears come to her eyes.
She looks very vulnerable, and lost, and young.
Tears trickle down her face, and Judge Ossom takes a hankie and tries to wipe her tears.
His left hand is on her shoulder, and the handkerchief is in his right hand, and he is rather very close to Baaba when he touches her cheek with the hankie.
And that is when Baaba finally flips.
She gives a blood-cuddling scream and slams a knee into the judge’s groin, her eyes flaming, her face demented.
Judge Ossom yells and crashes to the floor, holding his throbbing groin.
(hissing dangerously)
Nooo, Daddyyyy! Take your filthy paws off Babs, you dirty stinking child fucker!!! You piece of shit!! I’ll kill you, Daddy, if you put your penis-snake inside Babs one more time! You’re sick, Daddy, and you need help! Babs is your daughter, you stupid mad incestuous fool! Babs is a baby, an innocent girl. Why do you fuck her, Daddy? You’re supposed to protect her, to love her, not destroy her, you piece of perverted shit!
She is now crying and speaking in a sing-song kind of voice, making the whole sight incredibly macabre.
The onlookers are now absolutely stunned and hushed, everyone sitting so still that it seems uncannily like they are carved from stone.
She raises her foot to crush the judge’s head, but Atakora holds her and pulls her back.
But she is as slippery as an eel, and she spins out of Atakora’s arms and delivers an uppercut to his jaws that sends Atakora crashing into the table.
She spins, wild-eyed, insane, as dangerous as a lioness, but when she sees Chris she suddenly goes rigid, and she relaxes.
Baaba whimpers like a little girl, totally changed from the evil hellcat she had been just a moment ago.
She moves forward and falls against Chris, holding him tightly.
Oh Chris, my precious, my treasure, Baaba is so sorry! Chris made Babs so angry and hurt when he said he wouldn’t marry Baaba. It wasn’t me, Chris. It was Babs who smashed Chris’ head and dragged him to the kitchen. Darling, it was not me, my love…. it was Babs! Babs is so bad!
Chris holds her, aghast at her sudden breakdown.
The judge stands up groggily, moaning with pain. Atakora drags himself up, and he tastes blood in his mouth.
Effe steps in front of Baaba.
What happened when you dragged Chris into the kitchen, Baaba?
Baaba screams and flings a hooked hand at Effe, aiming for her eyes, but Effe springs back quickly.
Shut up, shut up, shut up! It wasn’t Baaba! Don’t you come and accuse me in front of Chris, my darling! Baaba will never hurt Chris, you whore! It was Babs! Babs hates Chris so much! Babs does horrible things to Chris!
Effe holds up her hands in mid-air pleadingly, placatingly.
I’m sorry, Baaba! I know you’re good and loves Chris. Please forgive me. What did Babs do in the kitchen?
Baaba sniffs and plays with Chris’ buttons.
She speaks softly.
Once in the kitchen Babs injected Chris with an Indian aphrodisiac, so that even though he was almost unconscious, he had an erection. Then Babs removed all her clothes. I begged her to stop but she wouldn’t listen. She forcibly sat on Chris so that she’ll get lacerations in her vagina to look like rape. She continued doing that until she is convinced that a lab report will show traces of Chris’ semen in her, and also reveal lacerations of forced entry indicating rape. Hmmm. Babs is so wicked.
Her voice trails off and she pushes her hand through the space in Chris’ shirt and caresses his chest.
The room is dead quiet.
Everybody is stunned.
Go on, Babs, what happened next?
Baaba screams shrilly and spits in Effe’s direction.
I’m very sorry, Baaba. Forgive me. If you want Chris –
I loooove Chris Darling!
Yes, I know. And Chris loves you too, but you have to tell the truth or Chris will go to prison and you can’t get married then.
Well, afterwards, Babs heated some cocaine and injected it through Chris’ veins whilst he was lying on the floor unconscious, and then she scattered some cocaine around the kitchen. The cocaine was in her bag. Babs uses cocaine but Baaba doesn’t! Anyway, i saw Babs grabbing Chris’ hand and using his fingers to scratch her face so that her skin will get under Chris’ fingernails. And then she scratched Chris’s face too to make it look like he was raping her and she fought back.
Awuradze Nyankopon! Aba boshit nso nyi! Awuradze, maayε mbelεdze papa o!
Jesus, I’ll be damned!
Baaba, we saw a lot of bruises on Babs. Terrible bruises to her face, ribs and other parts.
Babs did that to herself.
Seriously? Surely that isn’t possible!
She did it herself! She did, she did!
I don’t believe you! I don’t believe you, Baaba! Tell Babs to show me how she did it!
You plastic whore! Babs will show you! Oh yes, Babs will show you!
And then, to everybody’s horror, Baaba Brooks delivers a very violent and diabolical blow to her own face, causing blood to flow from her nose!
She ran and smashed herself against the witness stand, and crashed her own head down hard on the guard rail in front of the Jury with a sickening crunch.
And then she used her own fists, both of them, to hammer her own ribs repeatedly as blood trails down her face from a nasty cut that has opened up on her forehead.
That’s enough, Babs! Please come back here!
Baaba walks in pain towards them.
She is bleeding from the cut in her nose and a deep gash on her forehead.
She smiles in a macabre way.
Let’s get married, my darling Chris! I will marry you! Evil Babs tried to separate us by framing you for choosing this stupid Effe bitch over me. Effe doesn’t believe you. She doesn’t trust you. She doesn’t love you. Do you see what she did to you? She even tried to prosecute you, the damn bitch! How can you love someone like her? Marry me! Your love will drive Babs away for good!
Judge Ossom stares at her, then at Chris, and his face is stunned.
He tries to speak, but he just splutters.
My dearest sweetest Jesus! What did we do? Mr. Chris Bawa, we have wronged you most terribly.
Stunned, Chris takes a shuddering breath and looks at Effe with passionate adoration.
Effe smiles at him as silent tears of relief fall down her face.
Junior looks at the judge with sudden expectation.
Is my Daddy going to be freed? He’s no longer going to prison, right?
A very shaken-up judge looks at the boy dazedly.
We’ve indeed committed a great crime against your father, little man! On behalf of this country, and on my own behalf, accept my apologies, Mr. Chris Bawa. You’re a free man.
Cuger’s face looks like death as he steps forward.
Effe is looking as if carved from stone. She cannot move, and she is trembling so fiercely.
Her soul itself seems to be torn from her chest as she looks at Chris with eyes filled with pain and love.
She takes a faltering step towards him, and her face is a complete picture of a shattered soul, of relief, of indescribable love, of life.
(voice choked)
Up in the stands a stunned Afful looks at a totally shattered Steve.
You just lost her, bro.
Chris is looking down at Junior with a face filled with love.
Inspector, arrest Miss Baaba Brooks. Tomorrow we’ll let experts do an evaluation on her.
Cuger moves forward, trying to get to Baaba.
Effe touches Chris’ chest.
And that is when Baaba goes completely berserk!
She screams and rushes forward, shoving Effe back so violently that Effe falls heavily.
Keep away from him! Keep away from Chris, you slut! He is mine! He is all mine! Keep your dirty hands from him!
Cuger grabs Baaba’s hand, trying to handcuff her.
Baaba hits Cuger in the jaw so hard that the policeman begins to fall, and that is when Baaba reaches out and draws out Cuger’s police pistol.
Everything is happening so fast!
Effe is up on her feet, angrily turning towards Baaba.
Baaba draws back the hammer of the gun and swings it towards Effe.
Suddenly Effe finds herself staring at the hole in the barrel of the gun.
Chris screams and moves forward, hitting Baaba with his shoulder so that her gun hand is jerks sideways as she fires, and the bullet strikes a cast iron leg of the judge’s bench, ricochets off and passes cleanly through Junior’s chest!
Baaba is like a lioness. She regains her footing and aims the gun at Effe again.
There are screams everywhere!
People are beginning to stampede towards the door.
Everybody is screaming!
Eyram is screaming, Judge Ossom is screaming!
And Junior slowly sinks to the floor as blood courses down his body.
Effe is frozen, knowing that death is just a second away. She hasn’t noticed that Junior has been hit.
Chris has not noticed either that the first bullet has hit Junior.
Chris sees that his momentum has carried him towards Effe, and that he is too far away from Baaba to disarm her, and he cannot even get enough leverage to twist for a turning kick.
Without thinking, without hesitating, Chris flings himself at Effe as Baaba fires again.
The bullet meant for Effe smashes through Chris’ back, just below his left shoulder blade, and then passes through the left side of his skull.
He smashes into Effe, sending both of them down.
He rolls off Effe painfully, and falls flat on his back, and remains still as blood pours out of his wounds.
Baaba drops the gun, her face filled with horror and fear.
She drops to her knees, her face crumbling as great tears fall down her face.
Oh, Chris! Oh, my love! What have I done? I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!
Effe has cradled Chris in her laps, and her hot tears fall on his still face as his blood pumps all over her, and her heart tears apart, and she is in an anguish she has never ever felt before.
Eyram’s scream makes her look up, and she sees Junior inert on the floor… and Effe screams and screams and screams.
Oh, no! Chris, my love! Oh, no!
Buabasah is looking on, aghast, ashamed and absolutely shattered.
Awurade Nyankopon, basia yi yε anyεn papaapa!! (OMG, THIS GIRL IS A WITCH)
He steps forward and delivers such a terrible left hook to Baaba’s jaw that Baaba drops to the floor like a sack, losing consciousness immediately.
Effe still screams and screams!
Eyram and Rupert are on their knees. Eyram pushes Effe aside and attends to Chris whilst Rupert attends to Junior.
The members of the jury are all standing, looking on with abject misery.
Perhaps, the worst affected is Judge Annor Ossom.
He stands silently, shuddering under the crushing weight of his guilt.
Indeed, it is a most horrible turn of events!

The Chris Bawa rape trial came to a dramatic conclusion this morning at the Accra High Court. It has left many wondering about our justice system and questioning whether sometimes the wrong people end up in jail. Our Legal Reporter, Ledi Pedi, reports.
The picture changes to the chaotic scenes at the High Court as an ambulance is seen speeding off with a great crowd staring after it.
The face of Mr. Ledi Pedi appears on the screen.
That is the ambulance rushing Mr. Chris Bawa and his heroic eight-year-old son, Chris Bawa Junior, to the hospital, ending a case that has left a sour taste in the mouth of many a Ghanaian. It would be recalled that Mr. Chris Bawa, owner of the latest restaurant, JUNIOR’S, and current Grandmaster Champion of GojuFist, was accused of brutally raping Miss Baaba Brooks, a prisons officer.
Mr. Bawa, who also served a prison term for various crimes but was released on a Presidential Pardon after serving half of his ten-year term, could not get any lawyer to represent him because all the lawyers he approached refused to take the case. In the end, Mr. Ben Buabasah, a new lawyer a
t the Attorney-General’s office, was appointed to defend him.
The prosecution was led by Mr Jeff Atakora after Lead Counsel, Miss Effe Kedem, who is the ex-wife of Mr. Bawa and whose appointment gave rise to many heated arguments over the ethical aspect of her representation, pulled out at the last minute. Mr. Bawa was found guilty and sentenced to the full twenty-five years stipulated under the Criminal Offences Act on rape, just as many Ghanaians were expecting.
But, in a dramatic turn of events, young Chris Junior showed up with his mother and proved that, much to the horror of everybody, Miss Baaba Brooks suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder, D.I.D, previously known as Multiple Personality Disorder, MPD, and that this condition made her lie about the whole incident and that the horrendous wounds on her body attributed to Mr. Bawa were in fact, inflicted by herself.
She ended up taking a police officer’s gun and fatally wounding Mr. Bawa and his son in a shocking attack inside the court. With me is Doctor Joe Dawson, to shed more insight on this dreadful condition.
The camera angle pans to show a tall, beefy man in spectacles. He has a round beard and sharp bright eyes.
Welcome to GTV NEWS, Doctor Dawson. We all witnessed the dramatic turn of events today. Can you please shed a little light on this D.I.D condition Miss Brooks is purportedly suffering from?
Well, Dissociative Identity Disorder is a mental condition characterized by at least two distinct dissociated personalities in a person that alternatively show in a person’s behaviour. So, the person can portray two or more different persons. Today he might behave as this person, and then tomorrow he can behave like another person.
Interesting, and at the same time baffling. So, does such a person know that he or she portrays different entities?
In most cases, no. You heard that the prosecuting lawyer said Miss Brooks was interviewed using a lie detector test, and she passed it. That is because whatever the dominant personality is, at any particular time, she is wholly convinced of whatever she is saying, even if it is a blatant lie.
Now, from what happened in court today, I can only make an educated guess which can be confirmed or otherwise by a thorough psychological test on Miss Brooks. Apparently, in her case, there are two personalities living inside her. One is Baaba, and the other is Babs. I’m convinced Miss Brooks was sexually abused by her father when she was a child.
To protect herself from this traumatic experience, her mind warped and created Baaba and Babs. Baaba sees herself as pure, unblemished, but Babs was the one who was raped and traumatized, and so she switches between these two personalities….
Ken Kedem turns down the volume of the television and presses the power button that puts out the television.
His wife emerges from the bedroom, dressed for the hospital.
Mr. Kedem picks up his car keys and turns towards the door.
Minutes later, as they drive towards the hospital, his wife reaches across and takes his hand.
Her face is distraught from the tears she had shed.
Ken, I’m sorry. I’m absolutely sorry! You were right. I have hated Chris for no reason. I should’ve encouraged Effe to stay with him and not tried to tear them apart. I’m so sorry, dear.
Ken looks at her and smiles wanly.
It’s alright, my dear. No need for blame games now. Your daughter needs a mother more than ever now.
Forty minutes later they enter the reception of the male ward.
There are a lot of people present, including Chris’ mother and his sister.
Effe sees them from across the room where she is standing by the window.
One look at her and Mrs. Kedem knows her daughter’s soul is absolutely shattered.
Effe walks unsteadily towards them, and then she falls into her mother’s arms and begins to cry, totally broken.
Ivy guides her to a seat and holds her tightly as she cries.
(fighting back her own tears)
It’s okay, my darling. It’s okay. Everything’s going to be fine. How’re they?
They’re still operating on them, Mom. I’m dying, Mama! Dear Lord, what have I done? If any of them dies I can’t live, Mama! I just can’t live!
Ken Kedem sits down beside them and gently pats her hair.
There, there, sweet-cakes, they won’t die. Just hold in there.
The glass doors to the staff entrance opens, and Eyram and Rupert come out, still in their surgery gowns and looking absolutely drained.
All eyes turn to them, and Effe gets to her feet instantly, her heart thudding with fear as she sees the crushed look in their eyes, and she almost collapses.
Please. Are they okay?
Rupert smiles sadly, his kind eyes tortured.
We extracted the bullet successfully from Chris’ head. As for Junior the bullet luckily missed his heart, but it nicked his spine a bit. He’s currently in a coma, but his stats are very good, and he’s a very strong and healthy boy, so we expect him to come out of the coma soon. We’re certain of a full recovery. Chris is alright, but we’re a bit worried that he might lose his memory temporarily because of where the bullet lodged. We have induced him into a coma to let the swellings go down and the head to heal so that he might not permanently lose his memory. All we can do now is pray, but I can assure you they will be fine.
There are cries of relief from the people present.
Where are they? Can I see them, please?
They’re both in Ward 5. We joined two beds for them. You can look in briefly, but only family, please.
A few minutes later Effe and her parents enter Ward 5.
Behind them are Diana and Mrs. Lois Bawa whose eyes just wouldn’t stop leaking tears.
Also with them are Wailer Vroom, Rupert and Eyram.
Chris is lying on the bed, absolutely still, wearing the blue admission gown. His eyes are shut, and he is connected to a lot of beeping machines.
Junior is lying beside him on the other bed, connected to the life-support machine, and he looks pale and tired.
Effe is blinded by tears as she stumbles forward and kneels by the side of the bed.
She reaches across and covers their hands with hers.
Eyram sees the gesture, and she scowls, turns and walks out of the ward.
Effe breaks down completely, and weeps her heart out.
She cannot stop, even when her father tries to console her.
She gets up and puts her head on Chris’ shoulder, and weeps from her soul, so shattered and torn that her tears wets and stains the gown like blood.
The main door opens and Mrs. Lois Bawa enters, followed by Diana.
Their families are in the living-room, watching television.
The Reverend Brand Bawa, Stan Bawa, Ruben Essel, Diana’s husband Kwaku Dossah, and their son Marlon.
Also present are Stan’s wife Esther, and their daughter, Maame Serwaa.
Diana silently sits down besides her husband and puts her head on his shoulder. He puts a loving, comforting arm across her shoulders.
Her son looks at her with a sad face.
How’s Uncle Chris and Junior, Mama?
They’ll be fine, MD. They’ll be fine. They just need our prayers.
Mrs. Lois does not stop.
She continues towards her bedroom, and after a moment her husband gets up and follows her.
He finds her lying on her side on the edge of the bed.
He sits down beside her and puts a hand on her shoulder.
I’m sorry, Lois. As usual, you were right. I’m terribly sorry. I’ll go and see him tomorrow, after I listen to what Elaine has to say.
Mrs. Lois jerks at the mention of Elaine’s name, and she peers at her husband in incomprehension.
What? Is Elaine coming here?
No, no. Haven’t you heard? She’s doing a programme this evening. She says she’s going to show what happened to Chris the night he hit the poor girl with the car.
Madam Lois sits up suddenly, angrily.
What? What’s wrong with that girl? Chris and his son are fighting for their lives and she wants to show something demeaning about him? And you’re going to watch it?
I need to, dear. She says she has some new evidence that will blow our minds. If I’m going to be a father to my son, which I admit I haven’t been in a long time, then I need to watch it, and if it’s as terrible as I suspect it will be, I’ll know how to protect Chris.
Dear Lord! What at all does she want from Chris?
She’s never forgiven him for raping her, Lois. And I guess she’s disappointed Chris wasn’t jailed today, and so she’s doing all she can to smear him with mud.
That girl is not a Christian! She just attends church!
We can’t judge her, dear.
Do you have her number? I must call her right now! She must stop this nonsense! She has to let Chris have his peace, aaaba!!
He takes her in his arms and rubs her back gently as she begins to weep again.
It’ll be alright, dear. It’ll be alright.

There is a gold-plated embossed name tag on the glass door that reads:
Effe slides the door open and enters the small but beautiful Lounge.
There are deep armchairs, a complex dressing-table, a desk with computer and printer and other fittings.
There is a tall, dark man in a beautiful African wear and black trousers sitting comfortably in one of the armchairs.
Elaine is sitting at the dressing-table as three beauticians attend to her.
She sees Effe through the mirror, and she shoos the women away and turns to face Effe.
She has a happy smile on her face that dies quickly when she sees how angry Effe is.
Wow, girlfriend, you look pissed.
Elaine, it’s enough.
With a tight expression Elaine gets to her feet and spreads her hands in a gesture of confusion.
Enough? What do you mean, Ef?
Effe plants herself squarely in front of her life-long friend.
Enough about Chris, Elaine. The man is in hospital, fighting for his life. My son too, in case you haven’t heard, is also in a coma. And you don’t care? You just don’t give a damn? You’re going to do another dirty expose on him? Are you going to turn him into a beast again? Jesus, Elaine, the boy dated you once. Don’t you think he’s suffered enough?
Elaine’s nostrils flare, and her lips move off her teeth in a rather unpleasant snarl.
All her bitterness and hatred come to the fore.
Chris Bawa is a beast, Effe! Always has been, always will be! Now he’s living like a victim, everybody feeling sorry for him because of that damn mad Baaba! Well, I’m very sorry about Junior, but I don’t give a damn about Chris. I’m going to remind this country once again that the man should be back in prison where he belongs!
Such hatred, Elaine! Such bitterness! Why do you hate Chris so much? I can’t believe it’s only because you claim he raped you!
Claim? Did you say CLAIM? Damn you, Effe! You saw it yourself! You saw my tattered clothes, and you saw him on top of me with his damn dick inside me! And you say I CLAIM?
He was your boyfriend, Elaine! You know, Eyram once told me Chris doesn’t need to rape any woman! Well, maybe he did rape you, but he told me that’s the way you liked your sex….crazy and kinky! You know something? This doubting of Chris has stopped with me. I’ve pledged to believe what he tells me. I’m going to believe in my man, Elaine, something I’ve stupidly not done all the years I’ve known him. I’ll believe him, trust him, and to hell with you.
He has served five years in prison, Elaine. He’s out now, and I made his life so miserable! My God, Elaine, I helped the court sentence that poor man to twenty-five years in prison because, although I pulled out, I prepared the case, and if it hadn’t been for Junior, Chris would’ve been in prison right now! Don’t you think he deserves a little break, Elly? He’s in a coma, Elly! Are you going to let this rot fester in you forever?
Get the hell out of here, Effe! I have new evidence that shows how that beast hit that girl and poked out a police officer’s eye! I’m going to show that to the world, whether you like it or not! I’m going to destroy Chris Bawa, and until he’s rotting in jail again, or dies, whichever comes first, I’m not going to let him have any peace!
Effe shakes her head, stunned by the woman’s passionate hatred.
I pity you, Elaine, I really do. Go ahead, do your worst. But you should know one thing, girlfriend, as hard as you try to destroy Chris, I’m going to love him harder, okay? I’m going to love him so hard, and so passionately, that he wouldn’t give a dog’s ass what you, or anybody else for that matter, does to him.
So, go on, do your worst, Elaine! No matter what he goes through, I’m going to be there for him. I’ll cover him so completely with my love that your hatred, and that of everyone else, will be as useless as a wink! But one thing is for sure, Elaine. After this interview, we cease to be friends. I’m going to hate you ten times more than you hate Chris.
She turns to leave, and notices that the strange man in the room is smiling rather mischievously at her.
She makes to walk away, but he stands up and extends his hand.
Hello, Madam Effe. My name is Wachipa Sey, and I’m sure glad to make your acquaintance.
Effe shakes his hand.
Have we met before?
Oh, no, ma’am. Actually, I’m the man who’s going to be interviewed tonight by Elaine. I’m a bird watcher, you see, and I report to the National Geographic. I watch African migrating birds.
And you saw my husband hitting that poor girl and wounding that policeman?
Yes, ma’am. I saw it all.
Effe shuts her eyes for a moment, and when she looks at him again there are tears in her eyes, but she bravely refuses to let the tears fall.
Then, Mr. Wachipa, I beg of you, do not do anything to hurt Chris, please. He has paid for that mistake with five years of his life in prison. Is it the money? Whatever they’re giving you for this exclusive please I’ll double it. Chris has been hurt too much, especially by me. He’s in a coma now, fighting for his life. He doesn’t need to be hated again, please, I beg of you. Don’t do this!
I’m sorry ma’am, but I think the world has to know what happened, no matter how unpleasant it will be. The world needs to know how evil Mr. Chris Bawa is.
Effe shakes her head, and does not say anything more.
She walks out with her head bent.
Elaine sits down again, and the make-up experts resume their work.
She sighs heavily.
She is shaking with intense anger and hatred, but she remembers Effe’s final words, and suddenly she is filled with dread.
Effe, Eyram, their parents and Rupert are huddled around the beds.
Effe kisses Junior on the forehead, and then she walks up to the bed where Chris is still lying immobile, the machines beeping all around him.
She has tears in her eyes as she sits on the bed, leans across and hugs Chris, putting her head on his chest.
Her tears fall silently.
Chris-Love… please, live. You and your son…don’t make me go mad, please. I love you very much, CB. I’ll always love you. Live, my love… just live.
Rupert sighs and lays a hand on her shoulder.
He nods at Ken.
Ken Kedem sighs tremulously.
Come, my princess. Let’s go home, dear. You need to rest.
Effe does not budge.
She keeps on speaking tenderly to Chris.
After a while the others leave the Ward quietly, leaving Effe and her boys.

It is the GIRL VIBZ show.
Elaine’s advert of bringing new evidence of Chris’ ‘NIGHT OF EVIL’ as she has termed it, has ensured that the studio is filled to capacity, and millions of viewers nationwide are watching.
It has been running for almost thirty minutes now, and still Elaine has not given any inkling of the great mystery.
Instead she had interviewed Adwoa Timtim and her father AGYA ATTAH TIMTIM about the events of that infamous night.
Finally, sensing that her audience is growing impatient, she stands up and faces the camera.
She smiles radiantly.
Now, for my big surprise. I know most of you have been waiting for this moment. Well, tonight, for the very first time ever, I’m going to show you video images, with sounds, of how Chris Bawa knocked down Adwoa Timtim, making her lose a leg, and how he brutally attacked a policeman, Chief Inspector Danso Cuger, and made him lose his left eye.
There is an excited buzz from the packed audience.
Seated in the front row, Afful and Steve exchange sudden glances.
What the hell is she talking about?
She’s your wife! Surely, she must have told you about it?
No, no. She just told me she found some guy who’s going to tell her some stuff about Chris’ attacks on the girl and on Cuger. She never mentioned anything about any video.
(in an excited voice)
Ladies and gentlemen, without waiting any longer, let me welcome my special guest for tonight, Mr. Wachipa Sey!!!
The studio audience stand up and applaud as the doors slide open and a beaming Wachipa Sey emerges.
He has a laptop bag slung across his right shoulder.
He raises both hands and waves as he walks towards Elaine.
Wachipa stops besides her, and slowly the applause dies down, and the audience sits down again.
Elaine smiles into the camera and turns to Mr. Sey.
Welcome to GIRL VIBZ, Mr. Sey. I would like you to introduce yourself for my audience.
(smiling broadly)
I’m Wachipa Sey, a professional engineer who loves wildlife as a hobby. I’ve been filming birds and other wildlife animals for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC for eight years now.
Wow. I’m so excited! Tell me what you have for my audience today! We’re so excited and can’t wait to see what you have for us.
(smiling, excited)
Well, I couldn’t believe it myself when I watched the videos. You see, I sometimes leave video cameras around my wildlife spots, because sometimes I need to video a whole lifestyle of my particular wildlife subject. Well, five or six years ago I was doing this documentary for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC about humming birds. That stretch of road along the Beach Road, where the infamous Chris Bawa accident took place, is a great spot for humming birds, and so I stationed some cameras there, hidden of course, and left them there for about two days. Normally the batteries last two days, before I change or recharge.
Wow! And your cameras captured the whole incident?
Yes, ma’am! And you wouldn’t believe just how evil Mr. Chris Bawa is until you see this footage. You see, I forgot all about it because I had a new assignment. However, three days ago NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC asked for my footage on humming birds, and so I had to go back to my archives, and whilst editing I saw that my cameras had captured the whole Chris Bawa incident that evening. I had about twelve cameras positioned at vantage points, and they captured everything!
There is a great murmur of excitement from the audience. They all want to see the videos. They are now very interested!
And your videos show how drunk Chris was?
Everything, la! His drunkenness, his cocaine sniffing, his attack on the police …everything!
(facing the camera)
I have only watched one of the videos myself because I wanted it to be a surprise to myself as well. So here we go! Sit down and get ready for this exclusive video on the thuggery and sheer malice of Mr. Chris Bawa!
The audience is hushed as Mr. Sey puts his laptop bag down.
See, because the cameras were a lot and captured various angles, I’ll project them from my laptop where I’ve done some edits, and run a commentary as we move along.
(shaking her body)
Oooooh! I’m so excited!
Mr. Sey sets up his laptop and projector.
The television cameras move slowly around the audience.
There is expectation and tension.
Mr. Sey switches on his laptop, and as it boots Elaine keeps a running commentary about how the truth has to be told.
Mr. Sey opens a folder named THE BAWA SCENES on his laptop, and the image on the projector shows many video clips named CHRIS 1, CHRIS 2 and so on.
Alright! We’re set to go! Are you all ready?
The audience cries in a loud unified voice: YEAAAAAAAHHH!!!
Mr. Sey double-clicks a video, and suddenly the image of a long stretch of road becomes visible. It is late afternoon, and not many cars are passing.
Presently two people are seen walking towards camera range, and a moment later they become visible.
They are, undeniably, a young Adwoa Timtim and her father.
Here it comes, here it comes, wait for it, wait for it… there!!
In the distance a huge car appears.
It is a black Jaguar saloon car.
Chris’ car.
It is coming from behind the two people, weaving drunkenly across the road, as if the driver is either drunk or sleeping behind the wheel.
The studio audience is now screaming, shouting with horror.
Adwoa Timtim and her father are walking on the edge of the road, and they are safe, and are not aware that Chris’ car is weaving drunkenly behind them.
Afful and Steve look at each other.
Oh, shit!
Agya Attah Timtim hears the car at the last moment and turns around. He sees Chris’ car coming towards him and his daughter, and he runs straight into the bushes, leaving his screaming daughter behind.
The car strikes Adwoa and flings her into the bushes, and then it continues for a while and comes to a halt.
Its lights are blinking, and its horn is on.
There is very loud music blaring from inside the car.
The people in the audience are shouting.
Elaine’s hands are covering her mouth with horror!
One of the back doors of the car opens, and Chris Bawa comes out. He is wearing just black jeans and a singlet, and white sneakers.
He is running fast towards the spot Adwoa Timtim has been hit.
Wachipa Sey pauses the video.
The studio audience is stunned.
They are looking at Wachipa Sey, and so is Elaine.
She shakes her head, as if in a daze.
Her throat has suddenly gone dry.
And her eyes are opened wide with horror.
She had watched the video on Mr. Sey’s laptop up to the point the car had hit the girl, and the video had ended.
She had assumed Chris had been driving, and she had been so excited.
Elaine looks at Wachipa with horror as a sinking feeling in her guts tells her something is very wrong.
Something terrible is about to happen!
(voice trembling)
Good Lord! Chris was in the back seat! He wasn’t the one driving the car! Who was the driver?
Wachipa Sey laughs, obviously enjoying himself.
Now that is what I also asked myself. Wait for it! Just wait for it!
He resumes playing the video.
The front passenger door of the car opens, and out steps Steve Hollison with a bottle of vodka in his hand.
The crowd gasps!
The driver’s door opens, and the driver steps out.
He cannot even stand straight.
He looks very drunk, and he is holding a cylindrical package in his right hand which he tosses into the backseat.
The driver sways from side to side, and as he steps forward a little the studio audience gasps.
The driver of the car is Jonathan Afful!
It is he who knocked down Adwoa Timtim!
Jonathan Afful…
Elaine’s husband!

To Be Continued…


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