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CRUSH TO CRASH Episode 27-29

Quickly I went out and knelt down before him in tears.
Pastor please, I don’t want to leave this house.
I have suffered too much and I need no father apart from you. Please allow me to stay here and tab into your blessings.
I want you to teach me your ways. I want to be Godly. I pleaded in tears.
Meshac, I can’t stay in this house with you. I don’t need distractions. I need peace to be closer to my God.
Whatever you need in a father, my deacon will do it for you, and I promise to visit you from time to time. He responded.
No Pastor, I find peace in this house. I promise to be silent like air to avoid distractions. I promise to be the son or brother you’ve never had. I pleaded in tears still.
Meshac please get up. For the first time, someone has broken my principle.
Anyway, I will pray over your request and give you a feedback tomorrow. He responded and walked into his room.
I stayed up throughout the night praying to God.
Lord Jesus, please touch Pastor Otu’s heart to accept me here. I am tired of sinning. I am tired of thinking evil. God, I want to worship you. Please help me to worship you. I prayed.
The next day, Pastor Otu gave me a response from God and it was positive.
Meshac, you will stay in this house, but you first of all have to accept Christ as your personal Savior. He stated.
I am ever ready Pastor. I responded happily.
We both prayed and a new air began blowing around my life. I felt safe and sound.
I began following Pastor Otu to evangelism.
We went to radio stations and walked through public places to preach the word of God.
I was totally transformed. What I did at my lonely times was to read the Bible.
Days passed into month, months into a year and Pastor Otu bought me a phone.
I then called my village communication center and requested to talk to Esi.
Yes, I am a born again, but I will marry someday.
What I will not do is to fornicate with any woman, but in case I am ripped for marriage, it is Esi that I will marry.
She is the only Godly lady I have known. The only person I love, and will ever love. I thought.
Esi was called to the center and I called back to talk to her.
Hello Esi, this is Meshac.
Meshac! Where have you been? Why did you abandon me after all the sacrifices I made for you?
Meshac, don’t tell me you are married. Please don’t tell me that. She sadly answered at the other side of the phone.
No Esi, I am not married.
The only person I will love to marry is you. I responded.
That is unfortunate Meshac. My uncle has arranged a marriage for me next week.
Since I was not hearing from you, I accepted to marry the person.
Instantly, the phone fell from my hand.
I quickly gathered courage to pick it up.
Esi please don’t do this to me. I am sorry for taking so long in getting back to you.
Esi, I came into this city to work for our destiny. Currently, I am a man of God. I do the work of God. I am almost a Pastor. Please don’t jilt me for another man. I pleaded in tears.
Meshac, what else can I do? My uncle has threatened to throw my siblings and I out of the house if I refuse to marry the person. I have nowhere else to go. She responded in tears too.
Esi, please give me few hours, I will talk to my spiritual pastor and get back to you.
I can’t afford to loose you to another man. I responded and hanged up.
I knocked at Pastor Otu’s door and he ushered me in.
Meshac, why are you sweating like this? What is wrong? He asked.
Daddy, someone is about to marry the woman after my heart. Please help me. I answered in tears.
Calm down and talk to me. He responded.
I narrated everything to him in tears.
Meshac, you are young, and you must get a life.
I want to enroll you into the university and here you are talking about a woman.
Now tell me, do you want to marry, or go to school? He asked.
Instantly I became confused.
School is the reason why I engaged in all the atrocious acts. Now, it is staring me in the face.
Should I forget Esi and choose school, or I should choose Esi over school? I thought.
Meshac, I am waiting for a response. Pastor Otu cut in.
To be continued…
Episode 28
Meshac, I am waiting for a response. Pastor Otu cut in.
Eeerrrmm daddy, I choose Esi. I responded.
You choose Esi over school? Something you’ve ever wanted? Meshac, are you sure about this?
How do you feed her now that you are jobless? Pastor Otu asked.
Pastor, Esi is one in a million. I don’t think I will ever get any woman like her.
School can wait, but my love for Esi cannot. I need her to make me whole. She is the only woman who can help me serve God. I responded confidently.
You’ve spoken well Meshac. I actually wanted to test how deep you love this lady. And indeed, you’ve proven beyond every doubt.
I have taken you as my brother, for it is written in Luke 8:20-21 that “Some people told him your mother and your brother stand outside desiring to see you, but he answered them, my mother and my brothers are these who hear the word of God and do it.” Meshac, you are my brother for accepting to be Christlike.
I am ready to assist you in every way I can.
The best I can do for you is to bring the lady into this city. Get her a job whiles I cater for you in the university.
After the University, we will find you a befitting job that can enable you marry this woman of your dream. Pastor Otu assured.
Instantly I fell on my knees.
Thank you so much Pastor. You are indeed God sent. I am more than happy to hear these words from you, but please, I rather want to work as a pastor. I seriously want to do the work of God. I responded.
That is no problem at all Meshac. After the university, I will enroll you in a pastoral school for six months and make you one of my pastors in one of the church branches. Pastor Otu responded.
I couldn’t just hide my happiness. So indeed, there was sweetness in Christ, and I wasted so much time, serving the devil in between the thighs of cheap women. I thought.
Pastor please when should I invite Esi and her siblings over? I asked.
You can call them on Friday. I have a spare room for visitors somewhere. I will give her the key to occupy the place. But Meshac, I want you to make a promise to God, never to sleep with her till marriage. Pastor Otu cautioned.
I will do no such thing Pastor. If sin is the only thing that can distance me from my God, why would I go near it?
To avoid doubts, I want her to come along with her siblings. I suggested.
I have no problem whoever she comes with. My only plea I have for the two of you is to be Godly till the time is ripe. He responded.
I happily went back to my room to call Esi.
Hello Esi, I have secured a place for you and your siblings. Please come on Friday. I stated happily.
Meshac, the program is on Saturday, and you want me to come on Friday? Do you think it is safe? Won’t it be too late? She asked.
Esi, please do everything possible to avoid this marriage. I am begging you in God’s name. I pleaded.
I will see what I can do, but in the mean time, let me get back to the house. My supposed husband and his family members have come visiting. Esi responded and hanged up.
God, I never knew how much I loved Esi till now. Please touch her heart to flee from this arranged marriage. I prayed.
Days passed, and soon, it was Friday. I called the communication center and I was told Esi and her uncles were locked up in a family meeting.
Hello bro Meshac, Esi is getting married tomorrow oooo, so her uncle and some other family members have engaged her in a family meeting.
They didn’t even allow me talk to her. The owner of the center narrated.
I burst into uncontrollable tears.
My brother, please help me talk to Esi. She can’t leave me for another man. Please help me. I pleaded.
Brother Meshac, I guess it is too late. From the way they are cooking variety of foods in the house, I think Esi has already agreed to be a wife.
His words cut so deep into my throat and I couldn’t swallow a common saliva.
I must do something, and I must do it now! I thought in an excruciating pain.
To be continued…
Finale Episode 29
I must do something, and I must do it now! I thought in an excruciating pain.
Going back to the village is risky but I must do it for love. I thought further.
I hurriedly went to Pastor Otu’s room and informed him of my decision to go to the village.
Meshac, why are you behaving as if you own your life? Have you so soon forgotten that, your life and everything surrounding it belongs to God?
If it is His will that you marry Esi, so be it. If it isn’t His will, then I’m sorry, there is nothing you can do about it.
I suggest you put everything to God in prayers. Get spiritual to shame your demanding flesh. He preached.
I walked back into my room in tears and misery.
I called the center several times but the guy got fed up of answering my calls and began ignoring them.
I prayed throughout the day for a miracle to happen.
Early the next morning which was Saturday, I had a call from the village communication center.
Hello brother Meshac, sorry for ignoring your calls. Last night, Esi’s sister, Kukua came here for your number and I gave it to her.
This morning, news circulating the village indicates that, Esi and her siblings have absconded. This is supposed to be good news I guess. He narrated happily.
Just then, another call came through.
My brother, let me call you back later, someone is calling me. I responded happily.
I quickly answered the call and it was Esi.
Hello Meshac, my siblings and I are in the city, where can we locate you? She asked.
I began jumping about in the room.
I hurriedly gave her directions to where we should meet.
We finally met, and with the help of Pastor Otu, we showed her to where they will be staying.
Esi, I have heard so much about you from Meshac. I hope you are truly as he described. Pastor Otu asked.
Esi smiled and bowed down her head in shyness.
Anyway, I hope your uncle has approved of your stay in the city, since your parents are no more? Pastor Otu asked.
Esi quickly turned to look at me, and I signalled her to say yes, which she did.
Well Meshac, I am going back to the house, you can stay and do all the necessary catch ups with them, since it’s been a long time you saw them. But please, don’t stay so long, we need to do the evening prayers. He stated and drove away.
Meshac, didn’t you tell him about absconding from the marriage ceremony? Esi asked.
How on earth do you want me to do that? He wouldn’t have agreed to your coming. I answered.
A pastor who tell lies, is that one too a pastor? Aba responded unhappily.
Come on Aba, are you still hating on me? Anyway, I am not yet a pastor, rather, learning to be. If I become a full Pastor, I won’t lie. I responded playfully.
Do you have to be a pastor before doing what is right?
Anyway, you forced us to be here, and we have come. My sister run away from her marriage because of you, and I am not happy about it. You better do something meaningful for us, or else? Aba complained almost in anger.
Aba please, show Meshac some respect. He is the man after my heart. Esi cut in.
Don’t worry Esi, I understand Aba perfectly, and I promise to live up to her expectations. I responded.
We conversed for minutes and I went back to the house.
The next day, Pastor Otu and I went to pick Esi and her siblings to one of his friend’s shop to employ them as sales girls.
Joshua my brother, these are the ladies I talked to you about. Pastor Otu introduced.
Brother Joshua glued her eyes to Esi’s fleshy buttocks as they were being introduced to the other workers.
My heart began to fail. God please, rescue my Esi from those lustful eyes of this man. I thought unhappily.
To be continued from Season 2


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