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COLD HEARTED Episode 4-5

I feel so weak and think am going to collapse at any moment. "Please just let her go"the guy pleaded on my behalf again. But he gave me a nasty look before concluding."You can leave"he said not looking at me. I walked away slowly feeling pains all over my fingers. I got to our room but my mum was not there. So I quickly washed off the blood before she could return. I sat on the sofa thinking about what happened earlier. I just don't know my offence to deserve that bad treatment from him. I have to try not to let my mum know about it or she'll feel bad. Well, I need to try all my possible best to work harder so that we can move to another apartment. I can't continue living in the same house with a beast. I thought to myself.
Noah's pov
After she left, a maid came over and cleaned up everything.
"David that's too bad. She's a lady. You shouldn't treat her that way. I think you should go easy on them uhn"David said looking at me. "Are you lecturing me right now? You know I don't like that. I know what am doing so, don't interfere when something like this happen again. I'll let today's own go."I said. He stared at me unusually when I said that but didn't give a response. Few minutes later, he prepared to leave. I saw him out and I went back inside and headed to my room.
I sat down by the edge of the bed feeling bad. "Fool! Why did you chose to do anything for me in the first place? Do you think it would be easy?"I said to myself. I opened my drawer and brought out the plaster I have there. I was holding it in my hand staring at it. "It must have hurt a lot"I said looking the plasters in my hand.
"Wait. What am I thinking of doing right now? Am I crazy or what"I said and dropped the plasters on the shelf. I climbed onto my bed and covered myself up with blanket.
Ellie's pov
I got to work early as usual. I work in a super store where they sell groceries. As I was still cleaning up the store, someone came in. "Welcome sir. What do you need?"I asked politely. He was busy with his phone so he didn't look up at me yet. He raised his head and responded slipping the phone into his pocket. "Good mor..."he stopped, looking at me. "Oh. It's you"he said looking surprised. I was staring at him because I don't think I recognise the face. "Excuse me, do you know me?"I asked. "You've forgotten so soon? I was the guy that visited noah yesterday"he said and I quickly recall. "Oh am sorry. Good morning"I said formally. I think I didn't get to see his face clearly yesterday because I was not in a good state.
"How are you?"he asked with a smile. "Am fine. Thanks for yesterday"I said. "No need to thank me on that. How's you hand?"he asked looking at my hand which I had covered with glove before I started cleaning. "It's fine. So what do you need to buy?"I asked to close the matter about yesterday night.
" Is this where you work?"he asked looking around. "Yes."I responded nodding my head.
"Ok. Anyway am David"he said stretching his hand for a shake. "Am Ellie"I said but didn't shake him because I thought my hand was dirty. He noticed that and smiled. He took my hand and shook it.
"Nice meeting you pretty lady. I'll just pick few things and leave ok"he said with a smile.
I didn't say anything but kept staring at him.
After he got what he needed, he left the store waving goodbye at me. I sat down there looking at him till he got into his car and drove off.
"Did he call me pretty lady? Wow he's so nice and friendly."I said smiling to myself.
After work, I was Leaving for home in the evening. I was swinging my bag happily while heading to the bus stop. I mistakenly hit a car packed beside me. My bag left a little scratch on the body. "Oh my God! What should I do?"I said looking at the scratch I left. "What have you done to my car?"a lady screamed and got down from the car. "Am sorry. It was a mistake"I said apologizing. She came to the side and check the scratch on it's body. She then turned back to me looking angry. "Mistake? Do you know how much this car cost? This is my favourite car. Are you crazy?"she yelled at me in anger. "Am so sorry. I didn't mean for it to happen."I said looking at her. "Sorry? If everything works by saying sorry, why would there be police?"she asked looking more angry. I kept quiet without knowing what to say again. "What do you expect to happen now? Let you leave?"she asked. "Okay. I'll pay for the repair if that will do"I said looking at her. I don't know why she's overeating. It was just a little crash that barely show. "You'll pay for what? Are richer than me? Do you even have money to feed yourself?"she asked harshly. By now, I had gotten so frustrated by her words. I can't hold on anymore. "What else do you want me to do? Are you happy you're rich and not a pauper? Was it fun mocking others of their status? Your type are worst than death. Do you even earn those money yourself?"I said angrily. I opened my purse and brought out 200 dollars then dropped it on her car. "That should be enough because the scratch was not even much"I said and left. "You crazy bitch come back here. Where are you going to?"I can hear her voice as I left.
Taxi man dropped me in front of the building and I got down after paying him. I greeted the securities before heading into the compound. My mood was ruined because of that aggressive lady. I just pray I don't meet the crazy jerk on my way again. I decided to take the other entrance to avoid him.
"Hey"I heard a voice as I was about going in. I looked beside me and saw him coming. I sighed knowing am in another mess again. "Good evening"I said with a bow. He never respond as usual. "What do you want me to do?"I asked not looking at him. I hate looking at his face. Anytime I do, I feel like hitting him or snapping his neck.
"Here"he said stretching his phone to me. I looked at him wondering what I should do with it. "Put you mobile number. I can't just be waiting for you to arrive before sending you on errand"he said. I punched in my number and gave it back to him. I just hope he won't ask me to do anything this night.
"Now follow me"he said heading in. Oh God! What again?. I thought to myself sadly. I followed him behind without saying a word. He lead me to an unfamiliar place. There are just so many places I haven't been to in the house because it's so big. I was looking around as I followed him. He stopped in front of a door then input some pins on the buttons and unlocked the door. He walked in but I stayed outside. "What are you doing? Won't you come in"he said looking at me. I walked in slowly looking around. It must be his room. It was so wide but everywhere was so messy. The furniture and stuffs there looks neat and sparkle. Everything was in white. The wall, furniture, tiles and even the curtains except for his bed which had a black cover.
"I think you can see everywhere looks messy? I purposely told the maids not to clean my room when I know I have you. I waited for you to do this because I can't sleep in a room that looks like this"he said and smirked.
What an evil jerk? He dare to say that to me again. I thought to myself in anger. "Ok sir. I'll start cleaning up now"I said and bent down to pick the soda can beside me.
I started cleaning the room so that I can leave on time.
Noah's pov
She did the work without complaining but looks so tired and exhausted. I sat on the coach looking at her as she does all this.
After cleaning the room, she went to the bathroom to clean it. I heard a phone beeping beside me and I thought I was my own but it was hers. I looked away but looked back at the screen when I saw a message.
Message: come now if you really need the job. You have 20 minutes to be here or we'll cancel the offer"
"What's this? Work by this time?"I said checking my wrist watch. It's almost 8pm.
She came back to the room after washing the bathroom looking tired. "Am done"she said looking at me. "O..Oh ok."I said. "Can I leave?"she asked. She took her phone beside me and I think she read the message. "Please I think I need to leave for today"she said and picked up her bag. She looks like she's gonna collapse any minutes from now but she's going to work this late? I thought to myself staring at her. "And if I say no?"I asked looking at her.
"What?"she said staring at me strangely.

"What if I have other errands to send you, won't you do it?"I asked.
"Please spare me this night. I have important something I must attend to"she said. I just wonder the type of job she'll be doing this late. Something looks suspicious. I thought to myself looking at her. Is she doing some dirty work like prostitution or what?
Well, who cares? It's her life that's none of my business.
"Ok. You can leave"I said and she quickly left rushing outside.
"She's strange. Something smells fishy. Was she really spying on me that day? Why is she always coming home late?"I asked myself looking confused. I stood up and walked to the window. I opened the curtain and was looking down through there expecting her to show up. Few minutes later, she was rushing towards the gate. I nodded my head and checked the time again. Quarter past 8pm.
I closed the curtain and went back to my bed.
Ellie's pov
I waited outside for long before finding a taxi because it was late already. I told the man where am going to and he headed there.
When I got to the address texted to me, I alighted from the taxi and paid the man. The place looks strange. I saw no one around. It's dark too I barely see anything. but that's not the problem am desperate for the job right now. I need to go back to school and I need we need to move out of that house. I checked my phone again to be sure the address was correct. I called the man and he directed me. "Hello. Mrs Ellie. Are you there?"he asked. "Yes sir"I responded. "Ok. Now turn right, you'll see a corner by the fence. Follow the path down I'll come and pick you from there. "Ok"I said and he hung up the call. I then moved towards the dark fence beside a building. The first step I took towards the path, my ankle sprained when I stepped on an object. I on the touch light of my phone and what I step on shocked me. It was a human skull. I screamed out of fear. "What's this place?"I said trying to get up. I heard some footsteps walking towards me. It was so dark I couldn't see the person's face. I started moving back on my butt. "Who are you?"I asked shivering in fear. The person came closer to me and I saw his full image. A scary looking man who wore some dirty cloths. If I should guess right, those stains on his cloth were similar to that of blood. What's happening behind the fence? Have I not gotten myself into trouble like this? I thought to myself staring at him. I managed to stand up on my feet which was hurting me badly. I started moving backward staring at the man in fear. "Where are you going to? Since you came for the job, why won't you come with me to take it?"he said in a deep scary voice. I shook my head negatively looking around me. I just noticed the place looks creepy and weird. I looked back at the man who was now stepping closer to me. "I...I don't I..I don't need the job again. I think I need to go now"I said and turned back to run. Just as I was about to do that, I met two hefty men outside one was holding an axe while the other was holding a gun. My heart almost jumped out of my chest the way it was beating hard. I think am in trouble. Not an ordinary trouble but a big fat serious huge trouble. Is this how I'll end my life? What of mummy? Will I leave her alone without her even knowing how I died.
At that moment, I was praying God should send down an angel to help me because that's the only way I could be save. I didn't inform mummy or anybody before coming here. No one knows my where about. Even if I die, they can't find my corpse.
I started thinking of all sorts of things while staring at those hungry looking men.
Noah's pov
After I watched her leaves the compound, I went back to my bed to sleep. I tried getting some sleep but I feel so uncomfortable. My mind was distracted with lot of things. I don't usually feel that way and I don't know the reason why I was like that. I stood up from my bed and got down. "I think something is wrong. That girl is up to something. How can she go to work by this time? What type of job is that. I think she has something she's hiding. She was actually spying on me that night and I think she's doing that because she was sent. I need to find out about it am curious. I thought to myself feeling unsettled. I took my warm jacket and my car key then headed out to the compound. When I got there, I entered my car, and drove towards the entrance. Just as I got to the gate, I saw her got in a taxi and I also followed them behind quietly.
I was driving a bit far from their car so they won't suspect I was following. "Now, I caught you red handed. I knew you were up to something right from the start"I said as I followed. But the place is far than I thought. And the area looks strange and suspicious. Of course, they can't stay near so they won't be caught.
After 45 minutes drive which seems like eternity, she finally alighted and paid the taxi man. I also pulled over by the road a bit far from where she stopped. I was watching her from my car. I looked around the area and shook my head. I should have know from here. How can a girl work in this type of area by this time of the day. Everywhere were almost blacked out. Only little reflections of lights. I was watching her from my car.
She first called someone on phone after the call, she then moved towards the dark fence before her.
"What's happening over there? It's too dark to see"I said stretching my neck to get a proper view. Out of curiosity, I got down from my car and moved to the other side to look. A call came in from David and I went behind my car to take it. "Hello David am busy right now I'll call you later"I said and hung up. Just as I was going back, I saw two men standing in front of the building. The weapons they were holding made me moved back in fear. "What is this? Is this the type of work she does? I knew this is it."I said looking at them from where I stood. I quickly went back into my car since they can't see me anyway. I need to do something. What should I do? I thought to myself shaking terribly. I never saw a gun before apart from those I use to see in action movies. But I just saw one physically today. I checked my wrist watch and it was past 9pm"I think I need to call the police."I said and quickly dial the emergency code. I informed the police about everything. I checked the location of the place on my car's dashboard and tell them the location. I hung up after talking to them. Few minutes later, the girl came out almost running but stopped when she saw the men outside. Another man appeared behind her. She was acting uncomfortable as she looked at them. She wanted to run but a man gripped her tight. She was struggling to free herself from them. It was then I knew something was wrong. The situation is so strange. The way she was acting looks like she doesn't know the men. What is this? Who are they? I thought to myself staring at them from inside my car. I looked beside me and saw a man standing there pointing a gun at me from outside. "What the fuck!"I shouted out of fear. "Come down or I shoot"he said in a deep voice. It was then I knew am in big trouble.
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