Thursday, 24 May 2018

AFTER ROMANCE Episode 96-99

Final Episode's

"What did you just say?" Her jaw may as well be on the floor.
"You heard me. This is our apartment as in we both live here." I put my hands on my hips for a more dramatic effect.
"There is no way that you live here. You can't afford a place like this!" She scoffs. It's obvious that she doesn't believe me.
"Would you like to see our lease because I have a copy."
"This whole situation is even worse than I thought. I knew you were being foolish by messing around with that.. that boy. But you are just plain stupid for moving in with him! You don't even know him! You haven't met his parents, aren't you embarrassed to be seen in public with him?" She asks and my anger boils over.
Before I can stop myself I am in her face.
"How dare you come into my home and insult him! I know him better than anyone and he knows me better than you ever could! And I have actually met his family, his father at least. You want to know who is father is? He's the damn chancellor of WSU!" I scream.
I hate throwing Harry's father's title around but this is the type of thing that would jolt her.
Harry comes out of the bedroom with a worried expression. He stands beside me and tries to pull me back from my mother, just like last time.
"Oh great! Here is the man of the hour." She rolls her eyes at Harry.
"His father is not the chancellor." She half laughs.
"Yes he is. Shocked? If you weren't so busy being a judgmental bitch you could have found that out. And don't you dare try to backtrack and be friendly with him now. You don't even deserve to know him. He has been there for me in ways you never were and there is nothing.. I mean nothing! You can do to keep me away from him!" My face is red and soaked with tears but I could care less.
"You do not speak to me that way! You think just because you got yourself a fancy little apartment and put some eyeliner on that you are suddenly a woman? Honey I hate to break it to you but you look like a whore, living with someone at eighteen!" She screams and steps closer. Harry's eyes lower at her in warning but she ignores him.
"You better end this before you lose your virtue Tessa. Just take a look in the mirror then look at him! You two look ridiculous together, you had Noah who was great for you and you threw him out for.. this!" She gestures to Harry.
"Noah has nothing to do with this." I say.
Harry's jaw clenches and I silently beg him not to say anything.
"Noah loves you and I know you love him. Now stop this rebellious charade and come with me, I will get you back into your dorm and Noah will certainly forgive you."
"You are so insane. Honestly mother, listen to yourself! I don't want to come with you, I live here with Harry and I love him. Not Noah. I care for Noah but not in that way. It was only your influence that made me think I loved him because I felt like I should. I am sorry but I love Harry and he loves me."
"Tessa! He doesn't love you, he is only going to stay around until he gets in your pants. Open your eyes little girl!"
Something about the way she just called me "little girl" sends me over the edge.
"He has already gotten into my pants and guess what! He is still around!" I shout. Harry and my mother share the same shocked expression but my mother's turns to disgust while Harry's turns to a sympathetic frown.
"I'll tell you one thing Theresa, when he breaks your heart and you have no where to go.. you better not come to me." She spits.
"Oh trust me I wouldn't. You are just mad because I have someone who actually loves me and you never have and never will. You can't control me anymore I am an adult. Just because you couldn't control dad doesn't give you the right to try to control me!" As soon as the words leave my mouth I regret them. I know bringing my father into this is low, too low. Before I can apologize, I feel her hand connect with my cheek. The shock is more painful than the assault.
Harry steps between us and puts his hand on her shoulder. My face stings and I bite my lip to keep from crying harder.
"If you don't get the fuck out of our apartment I will call the police." He warns her. The calm tone of his voice sends chills down my spine and I notice her shiver, it must do the same to her.
"You wouldn't." She challenges.
"You just put your hands on her, right in front of me and you think I wouldn't call the police on you? If you weren't her mother I would do much worse than that. Now you have five seconds to get out." He says and I stare at my mother with wide eyes and bring my hand to my burning skin.
I don't like the way he threatened her but I want her to leave. After a challenging staring match between the two of them, Harry growls, "Two seconds."
She huffs and heads towards the door, the loud clambering of her heels echoing off of the concrete floor.
"I hope you're happy with your decision Theresa." She says and slams the door.
Harry's arms wrap around me in the most comforting and reassuring embrace and it is exactly what I need right now.
"I'm so sorry baby." He says against my hair.
"I'm sorry that she said those terrible things about you." I apologize.
"Shh. Don't worry about me. People say things about me all the time." He reminds me.
"That doesn't make it okay." I tell him.
"Tessa, please don't worry about me right now. What do you need? Can I do anything for you?" He asks.
"Maybe some ice?" I choke.
"Sure baby." He kisses my forehead and walks to the fridge.
I knew her coming here wouldn't end well but I hadn't expected it to be as bad as it was. On one hand I am beyond proud of myself for standing up to her but at the same time I feel terribly guilty for what I said about my father. I know it wasn't her fault that he left and she has been lonely for the last eight years. She has never even went on a date since him, she dedicated all of her time to me and grooming me into the woman she wanted me to be. She wants me to be just like her and that just isn't me.
I wish she could be happy for me and see how much I love Harry. I know his bad boy image threw her off but if she would just take the time to try to get to know him I believe she would love him as I do. As long as he wasn't rude, which isn't likely. Maybe I am the only person that he will ever let inside, the only one who he reveals his secrets to and the only one he loves and that is fine with me.
Harry pulls the chair out next to me and rubs my cheek with the makeshift ice pack he made. He used a soft kitchen towel and it feels great against my skin.
"I can't believe she smacked me." I say slowly.
"Me either. I thought I was going to lose it." He says and looks into my eyes.
"I thought you were too." I admit and give him a weak smile.
I feel like today has been dragging on for a week, it has been the longest and most draining day of my life.
"I love you too much, or trust me I would have." He smiles back and kisses both of my closed eyelids.
I choose to believe that he wouldn't actually do anything to her, that he is just bluffing. Somehow I know he wouldn't and that makes me love him more. I have come to learn when it comes to me Harry is more bark than bite.
"I really want to go to bed." I tell him and he nods.
"Of course."
Harry holds me tight all night long and whispers how much he loves me before I drift off to sleep. My dreams are clouded by a scared curly haired boy crying out for his mother.
The next morning I am pleased to see that my mothers assault has not left any visible marks. My chest still hurts from the collapse of our already crumbling relationship but I refuse to dwell on that today.
I take a shower and curl my hair before waking Harry up. I pin my hair up so it isn't in my way as i apply my makeup and pull Harry's shirt from yesterday over my head. My stomach grumbles so I pad into the kitchen and decide to make Harry and I breakfast. I want to start the day in the best way I can so we can both remain happy and calm before the wedding. By the time I finish I am pretty proud of the meal I have prepared. The counter is filled with bacon, eggs, toast, pancakes, and even hash browns. I am aware that I made way too much food for the two of us but I don't care. Harry eats an enormous amount of food anyway so there shouldn't be too much left.
"Woah.. what is all this?" He asks in a raspy sleep filled voice.
He walks up behind me and wraps his arms around my waist.
"This is exactly why I wanted to live together." He says into my neck.
"Why? So I could make you breakfast?" I laugh.
"No.. well yes. That and waking up to seeing you half dressed in the kitchen." He smirks and nips at my neck. He attempts to lift up the hem of the t-shirt and squeeze the top of my thighs.
"Hands to yourself until after breakfast Styles." I scold him and wave a spatula in his face.
"Yes ma'am." He chuckles and grabs a plate, piling it with food.
After breakfast I force Harry to take a shower despite his efforts to drag me back to the bed. His dark confession and the fight with my mother seem to be forgotten in the morning light. My breath is lost in my chest when Harry walks out of the bedroom in his outfit for the wedding. The black dress pants are snug but hang off of his hips in the most delicious way, the white button up shirt is unbuttoned revealing his toned torso and the tie is hanging around his neck.
"I uhh.. I actually have no idea how to tie a tie." He shrugs.
"I can help you." I choke. My mouth is dry and I can't stop staring at him.
I am thankful that Harry doesn't ask where I learned to tie a tie from because Noah is the last thing I want to talk about today.
"You look so handsome." I tell him when I finish. He shrugs and puts the black jacket on, completing the look.
His cheeks flame and I can't help but giggle. I can tell he feels completely out of his element being dressed this way and it is adorable.
"Why aren't you dressed?" He asks.
"I was waiting until the last minute since my dress is all white." I tell him and he mocks me playfully.
When I get the dress on it is even shorter than I remember but Harry seems to approve. His eyes nearly pop out of his head at the sight of my strapless bra. He always makes me feel so beautiful and wanted.
"As long as all the men there are my father's age we shouldn't have a problem." He smirks and zips my dress. I roll my eyes and he kisses my bare shoulder before I unclip my hair, letting my long curls fall down my shoulders.
"You are absolutely stunning." He tells me and kisses me again.
We scramble around and make sure we have everything we need for the wedding, as I put my phone into a small clutch bag, Harry grabs me by the waist.
"Smile." He says and pulls out his phone.
"I thought you didn't take pictures."
"I told you I would take one, so let's take one." His smile is goofy and youthful and it makes my heart swell.
I smile and lean into Harry as he snaps our picture.
"One more." He instructs and I stick my tongue out at the last moment. He captured it at the right moment, my tongue on his cheek and his eyes wide and full of humor.
"That's my favorite." I tell him.
"There are only two."
"Yea, but still." I kiss him and he snaps another.
"Accident." He lies and I hear him take another as I roll my eyes at him.
Harry stops to get gas close to his father's house so we don't have to get it on the way home. As he is filling up a familiar car pulls in the parking lot. Zayn is driving and Niall is in the front seat. Zayn parks his car two pumps over from Harry's car and gets out to go inside. I gasp when I see his face, his lip is swollen and both his eyes are black and blue. His cheek has a deep purple bruise and he when he notices Harry's car a furious scowl takes over his handsome but damaged face. What the hell? He doesn't say anything at all, or even acknowledge Harry and I. Within seconds Harry climbs back into the car and takes my hand. I look down at our intertwined hands and gasp. My eyes trialing over his busted knuckles.
"You!" I say and he raises his brow.
"You beat him up didn't you? That's who you fought and that's why he just ignored us!"
"Would you calm down?" Harry barks and rolls up my window before pulling out of the lot.
"Can we please talk about it after the wedding, I am already on edge. Please?" He begs and I nod.
"Fine. After the wedding." I agree and he grabs my hand with his free hand and squeezes gently.

"So now that we have our own place I assume you don't want to stay at my father's house still?" Harry asks to change the subject. I force Zayn's beaten face to the back of my mind.
"You'd assume correctly." I smile. "Unless Karen asks then you know I won't say no." I tell him.
I am nervous to see Ken after what Harry told me last night. I am trying to clear it from my mind but it is harder to accomplish than I thought.
"Oh, I almost forgot." He says and reaches for the radio.
I look over at him and he hold his finger up to tell me to wait.
"I decided to give The Fray another try." He informs me.
"Really? And when did you decide this?" I question.
"Well, after our first date at the stream but I didn't open the cd until last week." He admits.
"That was not a date." I tease and he chuckles.
"You let me finger you, I would say that's a date."
He grabs my hand as I try to swat him and kisses my palm. I giggle and wrap my fingers around his slender ones. Images of me laying on the wet t-shirt while Harry gave me my first orgasm flood my thoughts and Harry smirks.
"That was fun. Huh?" He boasts and I laugh.
"Anyway, tell me your evolved opinion on The Fray." I request.
"Well, they are not so bad actually. There is a song that really sticks with me." He says.
"Really?" Now I am even more curious.
"Yea.." He says and his eyes flicker to the road before he presses the button on his radio.
Music floods through the small space and I immediately smile.
"It's called 'never say never'' Harry informs me even though I already know the song, it is one of my favorites.
We silently listen to the lyrics and I can't fight the silly grin on my face. I know he is embarrased slightly by playing this song for me so I don't discuss it, I simply enjoy this tender moment wth Harry.
The rest of the drive is filled with Harry flipping through songs on the album, telling me what he thinks of each song. This small but meaningful gesture means more to me than he will ever know. I love these moments when he shows me a new side of himself. This side is one of my new favorites.
When we arrive to his father's house, the street is full of cars. The crisp wind blows and I shiver. The thin jacket I wore over my dress doesn't have the power to warm me in my small dress. Harry shrugs out of his jacket and lays it over my shoulders. It is surprisingly warm and smells like Harry, my favorite scent.
"Well.. look at you being such a gentleman. Who would have thought?' I tease.
"Don't make me take you back to the car and fuck you." He says and I make a noise between a gasp and squeak which he finds very amusing.
"Do you think you have room in that.. purse thing.. to hold my phone?" He asks.
"It's a clutch and yes." I smile and hold my hand out. He places the object in my palm and as I push it into the small purse, I notice his background is no longer plain gray. The small screen holds the picture of me that he snapped while I was talking to him in the room. My lips are slightly parted and my eyes are full of life. My cheeks have a warm glow, it is strange to see myself that way. This is what he does to me, he makes me come alive.
"I love you." I tell him and close the bag without putting him on the spot about his new background. Ken and Karen's large house is full of people and Harry grips my hand tightly after putting his jacket back on.
"Let's try to find Liam." I suggest.
Harry gives me a nod and leads the way. We end up finding Liam in the living room next to the china cabinet that has replaced the one that Harry broke the first night I came here. That seems so long ago. Liam is surrounded by a group of men who all look to be at least sixty and one of them has their hand on his shoulder. A smile appears on his face when he spots Harry and I and he excuses himself from their conversation. He looks very handsome in a suit similar to Harry's.
"Woah, I never thought I'd live to see you in a suit and tie." Liam laughs.
"If you keep talking about it, you won't live much longer." Harry threatens him but there is humor behind his words as he smiles. I can tell he is warming up to Liam and that makes me happy. Liam is one of my closest friends and I really care for him.
"My mother will be thrilled. And Tessa you look beautiful." He says and pulls me in for a hug. Harry doesn't let go of my hand while I try to hug Liam back so I do my best with one arm.
"Who are all these people?" I ask Liam. I know Ken and Karen haven't been here but a little over a year so it is astounding that they know this many people. There has to be at least two hundred people here.
"Most of them are Ken's friends from the university and the rest of friends and family. I only know about half of them." He laughs.
"Would you guys like a drink? Everyone will be going outside in about ten minutes." Liam says.
"Who's bright idea was it to have an outdoor wedding in December?" Harry complains.
"My mother's." Liam defends. "Besides the tents are heated, obviously."
"You should go let your father know that you are here. He is upstairs, my mother is hiding somewhere with my aunt." Liam adds.
"Uhm.. I think I will just stay down here." Harry says. I caress his hand with my thumb, he gives me an appreciative squeeze and Liam nods.
'Well, I have to go for now but I will see you after." He says and leaves us with a smile.
"Do you want to go outside now?" I ask him and he nods. "I love you." I tell him and he smiles.
"I love you, Tess." He plants a kiss on my cheek.
As Harry opens the back door and gives me his jacket once again. The backyard has been transformed, two large tents take up most of the yard and hanging from the trees and the patio are hundreds of small glowing lanterns. Even in the daylight, they are beautiful.
"I think it's this one." Harry says and gestures to the smaller of the two tents. Smaller than the other but still enormous. About half of the seats are full so and we take a seat in the second to last row, I know Harry doesn't want to be up close.
"I never thought I would be attending my father's wedding." He says to me.
"I know. I am incredibly proud of you for coming. It will mean so much to them." I lean my head on his shoulder and he snakes his arm around my shoulders.
We begin to talk about the beautiful way this tent has been decorated, in all black and white. Simple and elegant.
"I guess the reception is in the other tent?" He says and twirls a piece of my hair between his thumb and index finger.
"I think so. I bet it's even more beatuful than .."
"Harry? Is that you?" A woman's voice says. We both turn our heads to the woman on our left.
An elderly woman in a black and white floral dress and flat shoes stares at us with wide eyes.
"Oh my heavens, it is you." She gasps. Her gray hair is swept back into a simple bun and she is wearing minimal makeup.
All the color has drained from Harry's face as he stands up and greets her. Who is she?
"Gammy." He says and she pulls him in for a tight hug.
"I can't believe your here, I haven't seen you in years. Look at you, you handsome boy. Well man now. I can't believe how tall you are! And what are these?" She scowls and points at his facial piercings.
He flushes and gives out an uncomfortable laugh.
"How have you been?" He asks her and shifts back and forth on the balls of his feet.
"I am good dear, I have missed you so much." She says and pats the corners of her eyes.
"Who is this lovely young woman?" The woman asks.
"Oh.. sorry. This is Tess.. Tessa. My... girlfriend." He answers.
"Tessa, this is my gammy.. my grandma." I smile and stand up.
The thought of Harry having grandparents has never crossed my mind, I had assumed they were dead, like mine. He has never brought them up but that isn't surprising.
"It's so nice to meet you." I tell her and reach to shake her hand but she has other plans. She pulls me in for a hug and kisses my cheek.
"The pleasure is all mine, what a beautiful girl you are." She compliments and I flush. "My name is Adele but you will call me gammy." She says in an accent even thicker than Harry's.
"Thank you." I say and she claps her hands in glee.
"I just can't believe you are here, have you seen your father recently? Does he know you are here?" She asks looking back at Harry.
"Yea, I have sort of been coming here lately. He knows I am coming." Harry tells her.
"That is so great to hear, I had no idea." She says and I can tell she is on the brink of tears again.
'Okay everyone, if everyone could take a seat the ceremony will begin shortly." A man with a microphone says.
"Come sit with the family, you shouldn't be all the way back here." His grandmother says and pulls Harry by his arm before he can protest.
He looks back at me and gives me a look that says "help me" but I just smile and follow them to the front. We take a seat next to someone who looks a lot like Karen, I assume it is her sister and Harry takes my hand in his. His grandmother looks down and smiles at our affection before putting her hand on his other one. He stiffens a little but doesn't remove it.
The look on Ken's face when he spots his son sitting in the front row is indescribable, heartwarming, and heartbreaking at the same time. Harry even gives him a small smile which Ken happily returns. Liam stands next to Ken on the stage but Harry doesn't seem to mind, I know he would never had agreed to be up there anyway.
The ceremony is beautiful and I find myself with wet cheeks when Ken's voice cracks into a small sob while reciting his vows to his soon to be bride. Harry looks over at me and smiles, removing his hand from mine and wipes my cheeks. Karen makes a beautiful bride and their first kiss as husband and wife earns cheers and roars from the crowd.
"Sap." He teases and I lay my head on his shoulder.
The crowd moves to the other tent and I was right, it is even more beautiful than the former. The walls of the tent are lined with tables draped in white cloth with black napkins and black and white flowers as a centerpiece. The ceiling is covered in lanterns just like the yard and they provide the subtle glow throughout the room. The middle of the tent is cleared for what appears to be a dance floor with black and white tiles.
"Now, don't you disappear. I want to see you again tonight." Harry's grandmother says and leaves us.
"This is the fanciest wedding I have been to." He says and looks at the white cloth draped across the ceiling.
"I haven't been to a wedding since I was a child." I tell him and he smiles.
"I like that." He says and kisses my cheek.
I am not used to his public displays of affection but I could get used to them quickly.
'Like what?" I ask as he sits down at one of the tables.
"That you haven't been to a wedding with Noah." He says and I laugh to avoid frowning.
"Me too." I assure him and he smiles.
"Hungry?" He asks and I nod eagerly.
The food is delicious and Harry clears his plate within minutes.
"Do you want me to get you another plate?" I ask him.
"Uh, yea sure. Thank you."
I lean down to kiss his cheek and make my way back to the line of food.
"Tessa?" A familiar voice calls. I look over to see Christian Vance and Trevor standing a few feet away.
"Hello." I smile.
"You look breathtaking." Trevor says and I thank him quietly.
"How are you enjoying your weekend?" Mr. Vance asks me.
"It's great. I always enjoy my week as well." I assure him.
"Oh sure." He laughs and grabs himself a plate.
"No red meat!" Kimberly says from behind him. He rolls his eyes and she blows him a kiss.
Kimberly and Mr. Vance? Who would have thought? I will have to drill her for details on Monday.
"Women." He teases and fills her plate as I do Harry's.
"I'll see you in a few." He smiles and walks back to his date. She waves at me and I wave back to her. A young boy sits on her lap and I wonder if it is their child? I have no idea.
"It's his son." Trevor answers my thoughts.
"Oh." I say and look away from Kimberly.
"His wife passed away five years ago, right after having their son. He hasn't dated anyone until Kim, they have only been seeing each other for a few months but he is head over heels for her." He smiles.
"Well now I know who to hit up for all the office gossip." I joke and we both laugh.
"Babe.." Harry says and wraps his arm around my waist, clearly in an attempt to claim his territory.
"Nice to see you, Harry is it?" Trevor asks.
"Yea." Harry answers shortly. "We better get back to our seats, Liam is looking for you." Harry says and pulls me closer to him, silently dismissing Trevor.
"I'll see you later." I smile politely and hand Harry his plate of food as we walk back to the table.

"Where is Liam?" I ask Harry when we take our seats.
"I don't know." He answers and takes a bite of a croissant.
"You said he was looking for me?"
" He was but I don't know where he is now."
"Harry, you shouldn't talk with your mouth full." His grandmother appears behind him.
I notice him take a deep breath before he turns to her.
"Sorry." He mumbles.
"I wanted to see you before I go, god knows when I will see you again. Can you save a dance for your gammy?" She asks and he shakes his head.
"Why not?" She asks him with a smile.
There is a tension between them that I can't quite put my finger on.
"I am on my way to get Tessa a drink." He lies and leaves the table.
"Well, he's something isn't he?" She laughs uncomfortably.
I am not sure what to say, my first instinct is to defend him but it seems she is joking.
"Is he still drinking?" She turns to me.
"What? No." I stutter, completely caught off guard.
"He only drinks every once in a while." I clarify as I see him walking towards us with two flukes full of pink liquid.
He hands me one and I smile and lift it to my lips. It smells sweet when I tip the glass back to take a drink and the bubbles spritz lightly, tickling my nose. It tastes just as sweet as it smells.
"Champagne." He informs me and I thank him.
"Tessa!" Karen says and wraps her arms around me. She has changed out of her wedding dress and into a white knee length wrap dress.
"I am so thrilled that you two came! How was it?" She asks. Karen is the only person who would ask how her own wedding was, she is too kind.
"It was so lovely, it was beautiful." I smile.
Harry puts his hand on the small of my back and I lean into him. I can sense how uncomfortable he is between his grandmother and Karen, and now Ken is making his way over to us.
"Thank you for coming." Ken says to Harry and holds out his hand to shake.
Harry obliges and quickly shakes his father's hand. I notice Ken lift his arm up to hug Harry but he lowers it before following through. Ken's face is full of excitement and joy.
"Tessa, you look beautiful dear." Ken compliments and hugs me.
I can't help but feel a little awkward around him now that I have a deeper insight into who he was all those years ago.
"Are you enjoying yourselves?" He asks eagerly.
"Yea. It's a nice set up you've got out here." Harry does his best to praise his father.
I put my hand on his back and rub small circles to ease him.
"I didn't know that you two were speaking." Adele speaks.
Ken rubs the back of his neck, a habit that I suspect Harry got from him.
"Yea. Let's talk about this another time mother." Ken says and she nods in agreement.
I take another drink out of my glass and try not to dwell on the fact that I am drinking underage in front of adults.
A waiter in a black vest walks by with a tray of champagne, Ken grabs a glass and I cringe. He hands the glass to his new bride and I relax. I am glad to see that he isn't drinking.
"Want another?" Harry asks me and I look at Karen.
"Go ahead, it's a wedding." She tells me and I smile.
"Sure." I tell Harry and he gets me another glass.
"You don't like the champagne?" Karen asks Harry.
"Oh yea, it's good but I already had a glass and I am driving." He tells her and she looks at him with adoration clear in her brown eyes.
"Do you have time to come by this week, I ordered some seeds for the greenhouse." Karen looks at me.
"Yes, of course. I am free anytime after four all week." I tell her.
The pleased yet astonished look on Adele's face is obvious as she looks back and forth between Karen and I.
"So how long have you two been seeing one another?" The elderly woman asks Harry and I.
"A few months." Harry tells her quietly.
Sometimes I forget that no one outside of our.. well Harry's group of friends know that we despised one another up until two months ago.
"Oh, so no great grandchildren for me anytime soon?" She laughs and Harry's face flushes.
"No, no. We've only just moved in together." Harry says and Karen and I both spit champagne back into our glasses at the same time.
"You two moved in together?" Ken asks.
I had not expected Harry to tell them today, I hadn't even been sure if he would tell them at all. I am shocked and a little embarrassed of my reaction but mostly pleased that he has no problem admitting it.
"Yea, we moved into Artisan a few days ago." He explains.
"Wow, Artisan that is a nice place and closer to Tessa's internship." Ken remarks.
"Yea." Harry says clearly trying to measure how everyone feels about our bombshell.
"Well, I am very happy for you son. I never imagined you would be this happy and so.. at peace." He places his hand on his son's shoulder and I watch with a neutral expression.
"Thank you." Harry says and actually smiles.
"Maybe we could come by sometime and see it?" Ken asks and Karen's eyes lower.
"Ken.." She warns. She is probably thinking of the thing time Ken pushed Harry to far, so am I.
"Uh, yea I guess you could." Harry says, surprising us all.
"Really?" Ken asks and Harry nods.
"Okay, just let us know when is good for the two of you." He says his eyes slightly glossy.
Music begins to play through the tent and Karen grabs Ken's arm.
"That's our cue, thank you both so much for coming." Karen says and leans into hug me.
"You have done so much for this family, you have no idea." She whispers in my ear before pulling away.
"Time for the bride and groom's first dance!" A voice says through the speakers.
Adele walks away as well, following the crowd to watch the first dance.
"You just made their day." I tell Harry and kiss his cheek.
"Let's go upstairs." He says.
"What?" My head is a little fuzzy from the two glasses of champagne I just finished.
"Upstairs." He repeats, sending that familiar electricity through me.
"Now?" I laugh.
"But all these people.."
He doesn't respond, instead he takes my hand and leads me through the crowd and out of the tent. When we get inside the house, he grabs me another glass of champagne and I try not to let it spill as I rush up the stairs to keep up with him.
"Is something wrong?" I ask him as he shuts the bedroom door and locks it.
"I need you." He says darkly and pulls his jacket off. Oh.
"Are you okay though?" I ask, my heart is already beating out of my chest.
"Yes, I just need a distraction." He groans and steps towards me grabbing the glass and sitting it on the dresser. He takes another step, encircling my wrists in his hands and lifts them over my head.
I will gladly be his distraction from the overload of the everything downstairs, seeing his grandmother for the first time in years, his father getting remarried, agreeing to let them come to our apartment, that is a lot for Harry in such a short period of time.
Instead of asking him any questions or pushing him further, I grab him by the collar of his shirt and push my hips out to meet his, he is already hard. He groans and lets go of my wrists, allowing me to comb my fingers through his hair. When his mouth moves over mine, his tongue is hot and sweet with the lingering taste of champagne on his tongue. Within seconds he is reaching into his pocket and pulling out a foil packet.
"We've got to get you on birth control so I can stop using these, I want to really be able to feel you." His voice is husky and he pulls my lower lip between his, sucking lightly and seductively. Making my body crave him even more.
I hear his pants unzip and he hisses as my hands reach down and tug his pants and boxers down to his knees. Harry's hands go up the front of my dress and he hooks his long fingers around my panties and pulls them down, I clumsily step out of them using his arms to steady myself. He chuckles lightly before connecting his lips and my neck.  His hands squeeze my hips before he lifts me up, wrapping my legs around his waist.
My hands grip the top of my dress in an attempt to pull it down.
"No, leave it on." He pleas.
"This dress is so incredibly sexy.. it's so sexy yet white and virginal looking.. and fuck.. it's so hot. You're so beautiful." He says into my neck as he lifts me further then lowers me onto him. My back is against the smooth door and Harry begins guiding me up and down. There is a fever and desperation in him that I have not seen at this level before, and I feel as though I am ice and he is fire. We are so completely different, yet the same.
"Is.. this..okay?" He stutters, his arms are wrapped around my back to keep my steady.
"Yes." I moan. The feeling of him taking me this way, against the door, with my legs around his waist is very intense but heavenly all the same.
"Kiss me." He begs.
I slide my tongue across his lips before his mouth parts allowing me access. Tugging at his hair, I do my best to kiss him as he moves in and out of me at a faster pace. Our bodies are moving fast but our kiss remains slow and intimate.
"I can't get enough of you Tess, you." He says into my mouth and I gasp and moan, that feeling growing in the pit of my stomach.
A few grunts escape his lips and I moan along with him, both of us reaching our climaxes.
"Let go baby." He instructs and I do. He leaves his lips pressed against mine, swallowing my moans as he tenses and spills into the condom. With a few heavy breaths his head falls onto my chest and he continues to hold me in place for a few seconds before lifting me then lowering me to stand on my own feet.
I tilt my head back against the door and catch my breath as he neatly puts the condom back into the wrapper and puts it into his pocket before pulling his pants back up.
"Remind me to throw that away as soon as we get downstairs." He laughs and I giggle.
"Thank you." He says and kisses my cheek. "Not for what we just did, but for everything."
"You don't need to thank me Harry, you do as much for me as I do for you. Actually more."
"No way." He argues and takes my hand.
"Let's go back down before someone comes looking for us." He says.
"How do I look?" I ask, running my fingers through my hair and wipe under my eyes.
"Freshly fucked." He teases and I roll my eyes.
"You look beautiful."
"So do you." I tell him. He scrunches his nose as my compliment and puts his jacket back on before we join the party again.
Almost everyone in the tent is dancing by the time we arrive back at the tent and our absence has seemed to go unnoticed.
As we take our seats another song begins. I recognize it, "Never let me go" by Florence and the Machine.
"Do you want to dance?" I ask Harry, even though I am sure I already know his answer.
"No, I don't dance." He says and I nod.
"Unless.. you want to?" He adds.
I am surprised by his offer and thrilled that he would dance with me as he holds his hand out for mine and leads me onto the tiled dance floor. We stay in the back, a good distance from the crowd.
"I don't have a clue what to do." He laughs.
"I'll show you." I assure him and place his hands on my hips.
He steps on my feet a few times but he catches on quickly. Never in a millions years would I have even entertained the thought that Harry would be dancing at his father's wedding.
"Sort of a demented song to play at a wedding isn't it?" He laughs into my ear.
"Not really, it's sort of perfect." I say and lean my head on his chest.
I am aware that we aren't actually dancing as much as we are just swaying back and forth holding each other but that is fine with me. We stay that way for the next two songs as Harry gives me some background on his grandmother. She still lives in England, he hasn't seen or spoken to him since she phoned him on his twelfth birthday. She took his father's side during the divorce and defended his drinking, essentially blaming Harry's mother for everything which was enough for Harry to not speak to her again. He seems very comfortable in sharing this information with me so I stay quiet, only nodding and humming to acknowledge his remarks. Harry makes a few jokes about how annoying and whiny all the songs that are being played are and I laugh at him.
"You want to go back upstairs?" He jokes and lowers his hand on my back.
"Maybe." I smirk.
"I'll have to give you champagne more often." He laughs.
I move his hands back up to my waist and he pouts which makes me laugh even more.
"I am actually having a pretty decent time." He admits.
"Me too. Thank you for coming with me."
"I wouldn't want to be anywhere else." I know he doesn't mean the wedding but just with me in general. The thought sends warmth through me.
"May I cut in?" Ken asks as the next song begins.
Harry frowns and looks at me then back to his father. "Yea, only one song." Harry grumbles and Ken laughs.
"One song." He repeats his sons words and Harry lets go of me. Ken's hand goes around my back and I swallow the uneasy feelings I hold for him.
Ken keeps the conversation light as we dance. My ill feeling towards him are muted as we laugh at an obviously drunk couple swaying back and forth next to us.
"Would you look at that?" Ken says, his voice full of wonder.
I turn to see what he is referring to and hear my own small gasp as I spot Harry awkwardly swaying back and forth with Karen. She laughs as he steps on her white shoes and he smiles an embarrassed smile. Tonight has been better that I could have dreamed.
After the song ends, Harry quickly finds his way back to me. Someone calls Ken's name and he nods. They say their goodbyes and thank us once again for coming to the wedding before disappearing into the crowd.
"You ready to go home?" Harry asks me.
"Yea, my feet are killing me." This is the longest I have worn heels in my entire life and I am going to need a week to recover.
"Would you like me to carry you?" He mocks in a baby like voice.
"No." I giggle.
As we are leaving the tent Trevor walks by with Mr. Vance and Kimberly. Her smile is bright and she winks at me after looking Harry up and down. I try to stifle my laugh and end up coughing.
"Did you save me a dance?" Mr. Vance teases Harry.
"No, absolutely not." He laughs back at him.
"You're leaving so soon?" Trevor looks at me.
"We have been here for a while actually." Harry answers for me and pulls me away from them.
"Nice to see you Vance." Harry calls as we walk out of the tent.
"That was rude." I scold him when we get to his car.
"He was flirting with you, I am entitled to be as rude as I please."
"He wasn't flirting, he was just being nice."
"He wants you, I can tell. Don't be so naïve." He rolls his eyes.
"Just be nice to him, please from now on. I work with him and I don't want any problems." I say calmly. Tonight has been too good of a night to ruin over his jealousy.
"I could always just have Christian fire him." He says and I can't help but laugh at his cocky response.
"You're insane." I snort.
"Only when it comes to you." He says and pulls onto the street.

Episode Finale..
"I love coming home." I announce to Harry as we walk into the apartment. My breath can nearly be seen in the freezing living room.
"Except when you turn the heat off," I shiver and he chuckles.
"I still haven't figured that thing out yet, it's too high tech," he defends himself and I laugh.
"I'll grab some blankets." I say as Harry tries to figure out the thermostat.
I grab the blanket from the bed and two from the closet before taking them back to the couch then returning to the room to change out of my dress.
"Harry!" I call.
"Can you unzip me?" I ask him, turning my back to him. I flinch from the coolness of his fingertips against my bare skin.
"Sorry." He hastily unzips the material and it drops to the floor. I take my shoes off and the concrete floor is freezing as well.
I hurry to the dresser to grab the warmest pajamas I can find.
"Here, let me give you something," he says and walks to the closet, pulling out a gray hooded sweatshirt.
I smile, thanking him. I don't know what it is about wearing Harry's clothes that I love so much, it's almost as if wearing them brings us closer. I never wore Noah's clothes except a sweatshirt once when we were camping with his family.
Harry seems to like when I wear his clothes too. He watches me slip the sweatshirt over my head with lustful eyes. I notice him struggling to get the tie off and I pad over to help him. He watches me silently as I pull the tie from around his neck and sit it down before grabbing a pair of socks. I go with thick, fuzzy purple socks that my mother got me for Christmas last year. Christmas is only three weeks away, I wonder if my mother will still want me to come home. I haven't been home since I left for college.
"What are those?" He chuckles and flicks the balls of fur at the top of my ankle.
"Socks. Warm ones to be exact." I stick my tongue out at him.
"Nice." He teases and changes into sweat pants and a sweatshirt.
By the time we get back to the living room the apartment has warmed up drastically. Harry turns the television on and lays on the couch, pulling me onto his chest and encasing us in the mound of blankets.
"I was wondering what you were doing for Christmas?" I ask him nervously. I don't know why I feel shy asking him about Christmas when we already live together.
"Oh, well I was going to wait until next week to bring it up with everything being so chaotic over the last week but since you brought it up." He smiles, his face holds the same nervousness that I feel.
"I am going to go home for the holiday and I would like if you would come with me?"
"Home?" I squeak.
"To England.. to my mother's house," he explains the obvious. "I get it if you don't want to, I know it's a lot to ask and you've already moved in with me."
"It's not that I don't want to, it's just.. I don't know.." The idea of going to another country with Harry is thrilling but terrifying. I have never even left Washington.
"You don't have to answer me tonight but let me know soon okay? I will be leaving the twentieth," he explains.
"That's the day after my birthday," I tell him. He suddenly moves and lifts my head up.
"Your birthday? Why didn't you tell me it was so soon?" He questions, accusation clear in his voice.
"I don't know, I haven't really thought about it I guess. Birthday's aren't really a big deal to me." My mother used to go all out on my birthdays, making each one special but not in the last few years.
"Well what would you like to do for your birthday?"
"Nothing, maybe we can go to dinner?" I don't want to make a bug deal out of it.
"Dinner.. I don't know, that's a bit extravagant isn't it?" He teases.
I giggle and he kisses my forehead. We end up falling asleep on the couch and I wake up sweating in the middle of the night. I lift myself off of Harry and peel the sweatshirt off before going over to turn the heat down. The small blue light blinking coming from Harry's phone on the counter peaks my curiosity. I lift the phone up and swipe my finger across. Three new messages.
Put the phone down Tessa.
I have no reason to go through his phone, that's insane. I sit the phone back down and walk back towards the couch only to be stopped by the vibration of another text message arriving.
Just one, I will only glance at one. That's not so crazy right? I know it is insane to be looking through Harry's messages but I can't seem to stop myself.
* Call me back dick.* The message reads. Jace's name covers the top of the small screen. Reading that text message was a terrible idea. It didn't get me anywhere at all and now I feel guilty for going through Harry's phone like a crazy person. Why is Jace texting Harry anyway?
"Tessa?" Harry's voice croaks causing me to jump and the phone slips out of my grasp. It falls to the floor and a cracking noise is heard.
"What was that? What are you doing?" He asks through the dark room, the only light being cast from the television.
"Your phone went off.. and I grabbed it." I half lie and scramble on the floor to pick up the phone. The screen now has a small crack along the side. "And I cracked the screen." I add.
"Just come back to bed." He groans and I sit the phone down and lay back on the couch with him.
The next morning I wake up to Harry trying to move from under me. I shift against the back of the couch to let him get up and he grabs his phone off the counter before going to the bathroom. I hope he isn't too pissed about me breaking his phone, if I wouldn't have been so nosy this wouldn't have happened in the first place. I pull myself off the couch and make a pot of coffee. Harry's proposal of going to England with him keeps running through my mind. We have already moved so quickly in our relationship by moving in together at such a young age. However, I would love to meet his mother and see England, especially with Harry.
"Deep in thought?" Harry's voice interrupts me.
"No.. well sort of." I laugh.
"What about it? You can't figure out what to get me?" He laughs.
"I think I am going to call my mother and see if she would have even invited me for Christmas. I feel bad not at least seeing first you know. She will be alone." I tell him.
"I understand." He agrees.
"I'm sorry about your phone."
"It's fine."
"I read a text message from Jace." I blurt. I don't want to hide things from him, no matter how embarrassing the confessions are.
"You what?"
"It vibrated and I looked at it. Why was he texting so late anyway?"
"What did you read?" He asks ignoring my question.
"A text from Jace." I repeat.
"What did it say?" His jaw clenches.
"Just to call him back.." Why is he getting so worked up? I knew he wouldn't exactly be happy that I looked at his text message but he is overreacting.
"That's it?" He snaps.
"Yes Harry, what else would it have said?" I am starting to get annoyed.
"Nothing.. I just don't like you going through my stuff."
"Okay, well I won't do it again."
"Good. I have a few things to do today so can you keep yourself busy for a while?"
"What do you have to do?" I ask and intantly regret it.
"Jesus Tessa, why are you always on my case!" He raises his voice.
"I am not always on your case, I just wanted to know what you were doing. We are in a relationship, a pretty serious one at that so why wouldn't I ask where you are going?"
"You just don't know when to let shit go is your problem. I don't have to tell you everything, whether we are living together or not! If I would have known you were going to start shit with me today, I would have left before you even woke up." He snaps.
"Wow." Is all I respond before storming off to the bedroom with him hot on my heels.
"Wow what?"
"I should have known that last night was too good to be true."
"Excuse me?" He scoffs.
"We had such a great time, you weren't an asshole for once but you wake up today and bam! You're back to being a jerk!" I scramble around the room picking up Harry's dirty clothes off the floor.
"You forgot the part that you went through my phone."
"Okay and I am sorry for doing that, but its honestly not a big deal. If there is something on there that you don't want me to see then there is a bigger problem here!" I yell and shove the clothes into the hamper.
"No Tessa, you are the problem. You're always making something out of nothing!"
"Why did you fight Zayn?"
"We aren't doing this right now." He says in a cool tone.
"Then when Harry? Why won't you tell me? How am I supposed to trust you if you are keeping things from me?"
"Does this have to do with Jace?" I ask and his nostrils flare.
He runs his hands over his face then up through his hair leaving it sticking straight up.
"I don't know why you can't ever just mind your own damn business." He grumbles and walks out of the room. Seconds later I hear the front door slam and I wipe the angry tears from my cheeks.
Harry's reaction to me asking about Jace is gnawing at my stomach the entire time I clean the apartment. He overreacted, there is something he isn't telling me and I don't understand why. I am fairly certain it has nothing to do with me but it just doesn't make sense why Harry gets so worked up about it. I have known since the moment I met Jace that there was something about him I didn't like. If Harry isn't going to give me answers I will have to go through another source. I look out the window and watch as Harry's car pulls out of the parking lot before grabbing my phone.
My new source answers the phone on the first ring.
"Zayn? It's Tessa." I say into the phone.
"Yea... I know."
"Okay.. well I was wondering if I could ask you something?" My voice comes out smaller than I intended it to.
"Uhmm.. where is Harry?" He asks. I suspect that he holds a small grudge against me for blowing him off after he was so kind to me.
"He isn't here."
"I don't think this is a good idea.."
"Why did Harry fight you?" I ask before he finishes,
"I'm sorry Tessa, I gotta go." He says and the call ends.
What the hell? I hadn't been one hundred percent sure he would tell me but that wasn't the reaction I was expecting either. My curiosity is now peaked more than before and my annoyance is as high as ever. I try to call Harry again but of course he doesn't answer. Why would Zayn act that way? Like he was almost.. afraid to tell me? Maybe I was wrong and this does have to do with me? I don't know how or why but none of this makes sense. I take a step back and reevaluate the situation, am I overreacting? Harry's frantic expression when I asked about Jace replays in my head and I know I am not. I take a shower to try to calm my nerves and my mind but it doesn't work, the feeling in the pit of my stomach pushes me to come up with another option. When I get out of the shower I blow dry my hair and get myself dressed while I decide what to do next.
I feel a little like Miss Havisham in Great Expectations, plotting and scheming. I had never cared for her character but now I find myself relating to her slightly, I can now see how love can make you do things that you normally wouldn't, become obsessive and even a little crazy. My plan really isn't all that crazy or nearly as dramatic as it seems in my head. All I am planning to do is to find Steph and ask her if she knows why Harry and Zayn got in a fight and see what she knows about Jace. The only thing that makes it crazy is that Harry will lose it as soon as he finds out that I called Zayn and went to Steph. Now that I think about it, Harry hasn't taken me around any of his friends since we moved in together which I suspect is because none of them actually know about our new living arrangement. I wonder if Steph and Tristan ended up working out their problems, I hope they did.
By the time I leave the apartment my thoughts are jumbled and I end up leaving my phone on the counter.
It begins to snow as soon as I pull onto the freeway so it takes me over thirty minutes to get to the dorms. They look the same as I remember, of course they do it has only been a week sine I left them. It seems so much longer. I ignore the rude stare from the bleach blonde across the hall who once yelled at Harry for spilling vodka outside her door. That first night that Harry stayed in my dorm with me seems so distant, time hasn't made sense since I have met Harry. There is no answer when I knock on my old door. Of course she isn't here, she is never here. She spends majority of her time at Tristan and Niall's apartment and I have no idea where that is. Even if I did would I go there?
Just as I am about to give up on my radical decision to practically stalk my old roommate, I pass Blind Bob's, the biker bar I went to with Steph. As soon as I recognize Niall's car in the lot, I pull in. I take a deep breath before getting out of my car, the cold air burns my nostrils. The woman at the front smiles at me when I enter and I am relieved when I spot Steph's red hair from across the room. If only I had known what was to come.


To be continued from season 2..


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