Thursday, 24 May 2018

AFTER ROMANCE Episode 86-90

When we get to the room I plop down on the bed. I am still angry with Harry but not as angry as I was. I don't want any more attention from Jace than necessary, but I still don't like that Harry seems to want to hide our relationship. Meeting Jace has raised more questions that I know Harry doesn't want me to ask.
"I really am sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings." He says. I don't look at him because I know I will turn to mush. He needs to know that I won't put up with him doing things like this.
"Do.. you, do you still want me?" He asks. His voice shaky.
When I look at him, he looks vulnerable. I sigh, knowing I am not able to hold onto my anger when his eyes are so full of worry.
"Yea, of course I do. Come here." I tell him and pat the bed next to me. I have no willpower when it comes to Harry.
"Do you consider me your girlfriend?" I ask as he sits down.
"Yea, I mean it seems a little silly to call you that." He says.
"Silly?" I pick at my fingernails, a bad habit I have yet to kick.
"You are more to me than some adolescent title." He puts his large hands on both sides of my face. His answer makes my stomach flip in the best way. I can't help the grin that is plastered on my face. His shoulders immediately relax.
"I don't like that you don't want people to know about us, how would we live together if you won't even tell your friends about us?"
"It's not like that, do you want me to call Zayn right now and tell him? If anything you should be embarrassed to be with me, I see the way people look at us when we are together." He says. So he does notice.
"You had me worried that you were going to give up on me." He breathes.
"Give up on you?" I repeat.
"You're the only constant in my life, you know that don't you? I don't know what I would do if that wasn't the case, if you left me." He clarifies.
"I won't leave you if you don't give me a reason to." I assure him. I can't think of a single thing he could do to make me leave him. I'm in too deep. Thinking of leaving him sends a pain through my body that I couldn't bear. It would break me. Even if we fight every single day, I love him.
"I won't." He says. He looks away from me for a second then meets my eyes again.
"I like who I am with you." He says and I turn my cheek into his hand further.
"I do too." I simply reply. I love him, every part of him. All versions of him. Mostly, I like who I have become with him, we have both been changed for the better by each other. I have somehow gotten him to open up and brought happiness to him and he has taught me how to live and not worry about every detail.
"I know I piss you off sometimes.. well a lot of the time and god knows you drive me fucking insane." He says.
"I'm just saying, just because we fight doesn't mean we shouldn't be together. Everyone fights, we just fight more than normal people." He smiles.
"We are very different people so we just have to figure out how to navigate each other, it will get easier." He assures me.
I return his smile and run my fingers through his hair.
"We still didn't get anything to wear to the wedding." I point out.
"Oh darn, looks like we can't go." He turns his face into the most insincere frown I have ever seen and kisses my nose.
"You wish. It's only Tuesday, we will get something later this week."
"Or we could skip it and I could take you to Seattle for the weekend?" He lifts an eyebrow.
"What?" I sit up.
"I mean no! We are going to the wedding." I correct myself. "But you could take me to Seattle next weekend."
"Nope, offers only good if we go this weekend." He teases and pulls me onto his lap.
"Fine, I guess I will have to find someone else to take me to Seattle." His jaw tenses and I trace my finger tips over the stubble on his chin and jaw.
"You wouldn't dare." His lips twitch to hold his smile.
"Oh, I most certainly would. Seattle is my favorite place after all."
"Your favorite place?"
"Yea, I haven't really been anywhere else."
"Where is the furthest place you have gone?" He asks. I lay my head on his chest and he lays back against the headboard, wrapping his arms around me.
"Seattle. I haven't left Washington."
"Ever?" He is baffled.
"Nope, never."
"Why not?" He asks.
"I don't know, we just couldn't afford to after my dad left. My mom worked all the time and I was too focused on school and getting out of that town that I didn't really think of much else, except working."
"Where would you want to go?" He asks, his fingers rubbing up and down my arm.
"Chawton. I want to see Jane Austen's farmhouse. Or Paris, I would love to see where Hemingway stayed while he was there."
"I knew you would say those places. I could take you there." His tone serious.
"Let's just start with Seattle." I giggle.
"I mean it Tessa. I could take you anywhere you want to go. Especially England, I did grow up there. You could meet my mum and the rest of my family."
"Uhmm.." I actually have nothing to say. He is so strange, he introduces me as his friend an hour ago and now he is trying to take me to England to meet his mother.
"Let's just start with Seattle?" I laugh.
"Fine, but I know you would love to drive through the English countryside, see the house Austen grew up in.."
I can't imagine how my mother would react to me leaving the country with Harry. She would probably lock me in her basement and never let me out. The best thing about the thought it that she has absolutely no say in what I do, I am an adult. I still haven't spoken to her since she stormed out of my dorm after threatening me in an attempt to get me to stop seeing Harry. I want to avoid that inevitable argument for as long as I can.
"What's wrong?" He asks and dips his head down in front of my face.
"Nothing, sorry I was just thinking of my mom." I tell him.
"Oh.. she will come around babe." He sounds so sure but I know her better than that.
"I don't think so, but lets talk about something else." Harry's phone vibrates in his pocket. I shift off of him so he can get it out but he makes no move to do so.
"Whoever it is can wait." He tells me.
"Will we be staying at your dad's house Saturday after the wedding?" I ask. I need to get my mind off of my mother.
"Is that what you want to do?" He asks.
"Yea, I like it there. This bed is tiny." I crinkle my nose and he laughs.
"We could stay at my place more often. What about tonight?"
"I have my internship in the morning." I remind him.
"So? You can bring your stuff with you and get ready in an actual bathroom. I haven't been to my room in a while, they are probably already trying to rent it out." He teases. "Don't you want to take a shower without thirty other people in the same room?"
"Sold." I smile and climb off the bed.
Harry helps me pack my things for tomorrow and I grow more and more excited to go to the frat house. I hated that house and still do but the thought of a shower in an actual bathroom and Harry's large bed are too appealing to pass up. He grabs the red set of lingerie out of my dresser and I flush before shoving it in my bag. I pack one of my old black skirts and a white blouse, I want to space out my new dresses.
"Red bra with white shirt?" Harry points out. I pull the white shirt out and grab a blue one and place it inside.
"You could bring extra clothes with you so you won't have to bring so much next time." He suggests. He wants me to keep clothes at his place. I love how it is a given that we will stay the night together every night.
"I guess I could." I say and grab my new white dress and a few random articles of clothing.
"You know what would make it much easier?" He asks and pulls my bag over his shoulder.
"What?" I already know what he is going to say.
"If we both lived at the same place." He smiles.
"I had a feeling you would say that."
"We wouldn't have to decide which place to stay at and you wouldn't have to pack a bag. You would have a private shower everyday, well not totally private." He playfully winks and opens the car door for me.
"You could wake up and make your own coffee in our kitchen and get ready for the day and we could meet up at our place at the end of every day. None of this roommate or frat house shit." Every time he says "our" my stomach flutters.
The more I think about it the better it sounds. I am just terrified of moving too fast with Harry, I don't want it to blow up in my face.
"Stop overthinking it." He puts his hand on my thigh as he drives towards the house. I hear his phone vibrating again but he ignores it. I can't help but be a little suspicious of why he isn't picking up the phone but I push the thought from my head.
"What are you afraid of?" He asks when I don't respond.
"I don't know, what if something happens with my internship and I can't afford it. Or if something happens with us." He frowns but recovers quickly.
"Babe, I already told you I would pay for the place. It was my idea and I make four times as much as you." He says. Wow. I assumed he made a lot but not that much.
"I don't care how much you make, I don't like the idea of you paying everything."
"You can pay cable then?" He smirks.
"Cable and groceries?" I offer. I can't decide if I am speaking hypothetically anymore or not.
"Deal. Groceries.. that sounds nice doesn't it? You could have my dinner ready every night when I get home."
"Excuse me? It would be the other way around." I laugh.
"We could rotate days?"
"So you will move in with me then?" I don't think I have ever seen a deeper grin on his perfect face.
"I didn't say that, I was just.."
"You know I will take care of you right? Always." He promises.
I want to tell him that I don't want to be taken care of, I want to earn things and pay for my own share of things but I get the feeling he isn't talking about financially.
"I am afraid this is too good to be true." I finally admit to Harry and myself.
He surprises me by saying, "Me too."
"Really?" I am relieved that he feels the same way.
"Yea, the thought crosses my mind all the time. You are too good for me and I am just waiting on you to realize it and hope that you don't." He says, his eyes focused on the road.
"That's not going to happen." I say and mean it.
He doesn't say anything.
"Okay." I break the silence.
"Okay what?"
"Okay. I will move in with you." I smile.
He lets out a breath that sounds like he has been holding for hours. "Really?" His dimples pop as he shakes his head and flashes a smile.
"You have no idea what this means to me, Theresa." He puts his hand over mine and squeezes. Harry turns onto his street and my mind races. We are really doing this, we are moving in together. Me and Harry. Alone. All the time. In our own place. Our own bed. Our everything. I am scared as hell but my excitement is stronger than my nervousness, at the moment at least.
"Don't call me Theresa or I will change my mind." I tease.
"You said only friends and family can call you that, I think I have earned it." He points out. He remembers that? I said that right after I met him.
"Point well made. Call me whatever you want." I grin.
"Oh babe, I wouldn't say that if I were you. I have a whole list of things I would love to call you." His smile is wicked and I know he means perverted names. I find myself wanting to know what those names are but I stop myself from asking and squeeze my legs together. He must notice because his smile grows.
I plan on coming up with a line about how he is a pervert but the words are lost in my throat as we pull up to the house. The yard is littered with people and the street is full of cars.
"Damn it, I didn't know they were having a party tonight. It's fucking Tuesday. See this is the shit.." He begins.
"It's fine. We can just go straight to your room." I interrupt, trying to diffuse his irritation.
"Fine." He sighs.
When we walk into the crowded house Harry and I head straight for the stairs. Just as I begin to think I made it without running into anyone I know, I spot that greasy sandy blonde hair at the top of the stairs. Jace.

Harry notices Jace the same time that I do and he turns around to look at me then back at Jace. He tenses immediately. Jace's face holds a mischievous smile and it gives me the creeps.
"Didn't think I'd see you two here, since you couldn't make it to the docks and all." He says to Harry when we reach the top of the stairs.
"Yea, we were just coming here.." Harry begins.
"Oh, I get why you were coming here." Jace smiles and pats Harry on his shoulder.
I cringe as his brown eyes move to me.
"It's definitely a pleasure to see you again Tessa." He says coolly.
I glance at Harry but he is too focused on Jace to notice.
"Yea, you too." I manage to say.
"Good thing you didn't come to the docks anyway, cops came and broke up our party so we moved it here." He informs us. That means his slimy friends Harry spoke of earlier are here somewhere.
I wish we would have just stayed at my dorm. By the look in Harry's eyes I can tell he wishes the same.
"That sucks man." Harry says to him and continues to walk down the hall.
"You two should come down and have a drink with us." Jace says, grabbing Harry's arm.
"She doesn't drink." Harry huffs. Annoyance clear in his voice.
"Oh, well you should still come have some fun. I insist." He says to Harry. Harry's annoyance seems to encourage Jace even more.
Harry looks at me and I try silently say "No!!!" But he nods at Jace. What the hell?
"I'll come down in a minute, let me get her.. settled in." Harry mumbles and pulls me by my wrist to his room before Jace can say anything.
Harry unlocks his door and hurries me inside.
"I don't want to go down there." I tell him as he sits my bag down.
"You're not."
"You are?" I ask him.
"Yea, just for a minute. I won't be long." He rubs the back of his neck with his hand.
"Why didn't you just tell him no?" I ask. Harry seems to be very intimated by Jace for someone who claims they aren't afraid of him.
"I already told you, he is hard to say no to." He says.
"Does he have something over you or something?"
"What?" Harry's face flushes. "No.. he is just a dick. And I don't want any trouble. Especially not around you." He says and steps forward to me.
"I won't be down there long but I know him and if I don't go have a drink with him he will come back up here and I don't want him anywhere near you." He says and kisses me on the cheek.
''Okay." I sigh.
"I need you to stay in here though."
"Okay." I repeat. I don't want to go down there anyway. I hate these parties and I don't want to see Molly if she is here. Now I don't want him to go down there either.
"I mean it. Okay?" He demands in a soft voice.
"I said okay. Just don't leave me up here alone for long." I plea.
"I won't. We should go sign that paperwork tomorrow for the apartment. Right after you get done at Vance. I don't want to worry about this kind of shit again."
"Okay, I can meet you there." I suggest. I don't want to have to deal with these parties and my small dorm anymore, making the reminder of how young we are flash in my mind like a neon sign.
"Alright, I will be back soon. Lock the door when I go out and don't open it again, I have a key." He swiftly kisses my lips and turns for the door.
"Geez, you act like someone is going to murder me." I laugh.
He doesn't return the laugh before he walks out of the room. I roll my eyes but lock the door anyway, the last thing I want to deal with is drunk people roaming in here looking for a bathroom. I know Harry is about people being in his room.
I turn his television on hoping to drown out some of the noise from downstairs but I keep thinking about what is going on down there. Why is Harry so intimated by Jace and why is Jace such a creep? Are they playing their usual immature game of truth or dare again? What if Harry is dared to kiss Molly? What if she is sitting on his lap like before? I hate the jealousy that I feel toward her, it drives me insane. I know Harry has slept with and fooled around with many different girls, Steph included, but Molly just gets under my skin. Maybe it is because I know she doesn't like me and she tries to shove her fling with Harry down my throat.
And you caught her straddling him with her tongue down his throat the first time I met her, my subconscious reminds me. I know I should stay put and keep the door locked but my feet have other plans and before I know it, I am taking the steps two at a time to find Harry.
When I reach the bottom of the stairs I spot Molly's hideous pink hair and barely there outfit. Much to my relief, Harry isn't anywhere to be found.
"Well..well..well.." A voice from behind me says. I turn to see Jace standing less than a foot from me.
"Harry said you weren't feeling well, he's always lying that one." He smiles and pulls a lighter out of his pocket. He flicks the top with his thumb, igniting the flame and brings it to the hem of his jean vest to burn off some of the fringe.
"I wasn't. I am feeling better now." I decide to keep Harry's lie going.
"So quickly?" He laughs, obviously amused.
The room feels much smaller now and the crowds seems larger. I nod and survey the room, desperate to find Harry.
"Come, I want you to meet some of my friends." His voice never fails to send a shiver down my spine.
"Uhmm.. I think I should find Harry." I stutter.
"Aww, come on. Harry is over there with them anyway." He says and moves to put his arm over my shoulder. I take a step to pretend that I didn't notice his gesture.
"Okay." I give in. I consider going back upstairs so Harry doesn't know I came down in the first place but I get the feeling Jace will follow me or tell Harry. Most likely both.
I follow him through the crowd and he leads me outside to the backyard. It is dark but lit by a few porch lights. I start to feel nervous about following Jace into the dark yard until my eyes met Harry's. His widen with surprise then anger and he moves to stand up but then sits back down.
"Look who I found wandering around all by herself." Jace says and gestures to me.
"I see that." Harry mumbles. He is pissed.
I stand in front of the small circle of unrecognizable faces sitting around what looks like a fire pit made from large rocks.
"Come here." Harry says and scoots over so there is room for me on the rock that he is sitting on.
I take a seat and Harry gives me a look that says if there weren't people around us he would be screaming at me. Jace leans over and says something into the ear of a guy with a ripped up white shirt and black hair.
"Why aren't you in my room?" Harry says quietly but forcefully.
"I.. I don't know. I thought maybe Molly.." I begin to say but realize how stupid it sounds.
"You're not serious.": He sighs and runs his hand over his hair. The attention is put back on us when the black haired guy hands me a bottle of vodka.
"She doesn't drink." Harry says and grabs it out of my hands.
"Damn Styles, she can speak for herself." Another guy says. He has a nice smile, he doesn't seem as creepy as Jace or the guy with the black hair.
Harry laughs lightly and I can tell it is a fake laugh.
"Mind your own business Ronnie." Harry says in a light tone.
"So who's up for a game?" Jace asks and I look at Harry.
"Please tell me you guys don't play truth or dare at parties too. Honestly, what is up with playing games anyway." I groan.
"Ooohh, I like her. Nice and feisty." Ronnie says and I laugh.
"Who says there is anything wrong with playing a few games now and then?" Jace slurs and Harry tenses next to me.
"No, actually we were thinking of strip poker." Another guy says.
"Oh, no way." I tell them.
"What about suck and blow?" Jace says and I cringe and blush. I am not sure what that is but it doesn't sound like something I want to play with this group.
"Never heard of it. But no thanks." I say. I see Harry smile out of the corner of my eye.
"It's a fun game, more fun when you have had a drink or two." A male voice says.
I think about grabbing the bottle from Harry and taking a drink but I have to get up early and I don't want to have a hangover.
"We don't have enough girls to play suck and blow anyway." Ronnie says.
"I can get some." Jace says and disappears before anyone protest.
"Go back upstairs please." Harry says quietly so only I can hear.
"If you come with me." I respond.
"Okay, lets go." He says and stands up.
"Where you going Styles?" One of the guys asks.
"Upstairs." He answers.
"Come on, we haven't seen you in months. Hang out for a little while longer." Harry looks at me and I shrug.
"Alright fine." Harry says and guides me to sit back on the large stone.
"I'll be right back, stay here this time. I mean it." He tells me and I roll my eyes. Its ironic that he is leaving me alone with the worst group of people here but I oblige anyway.
"Where are you going?" I ask him before he walks away.
"To get a drink. You may need one too." He smiles and walks away.
I stare at the sky to avoid any awkward conversation. It doesn't work.
"So how long have you and Harry known each other?" Ronnie asks and takes a swig of liquor.
"A few months." I answer politely. Something about Ronnie is comforting, my senses aren't on high alert like when I am around Jace.
"Oh, so not long then?" He says.
"Uhm, yea I guess. Not long. How long have you known him?" I ask. I might as well use this opportunity to get as much information about Harry as possible.
"Since last year." He answers.
"Where did you meet him?" I try to sound casual.
"Party, well a lot of parties." He laughs.
"Oh, you're his friend then?" I ask.
"Nosey little thing aren't you?" The guy with the black hair chimes in.
"Sure am." I reply and he laughs. They aren't so bad, not as bad as Harry made them out to be. Where is Harry anyway?
A few moments later Harry appears with Jace and three girls behind them. What the hell? Jace and Harry seem to be in conversation and Jace pats Harry on the back and they both laugh. Harry's hands are full with two red cups. I am relieved that Molly isn't among the group of girls following behind Harry. He sits back down on the rock with me and makes eye contact. He seems to be more relaxed than he was before he walked away.
"Here." He says and hands me one of the cups.
I stare at it for a second before grabbing it from him, one drink won't hurt. I recognize the taste instantly, the night that Zayn and I kissed we had been drinking these. His lips tasted like cherries. Harry stares at me and I lick my lips to collect the taste of the drink.
"Now we have enough girls." Jace says and gestures to the three females.
I look over to them and fight the instinct to judge them. They are scantily clad in skirts and their shirts are identical except the colors. The one in the pink shirt smiles at me so I decide that I like her the best.
"You aren't playing." Harry says in my ear. I want to tell him that I will do whatever the hell I please but he leans into me and puts his arm around my waist. I look up at him obviously surprised but he just smiles.
"I love you." He whispers. His lips are cold against my ear and I shiver.
"Okay so everyone knows how this works." Jace says loudly. "We all need to get in a smaller circle. But first, lets really get the party going." He smirks and pulls something out of his pocket.
His lighter appears again and lights the object.
"It's pot." Harry tells me quietly. I knew that it was I just haven't actually seen marijuana before.
I nod and watch as Jace brings it to his lips and lets out a large puff of smoke before holding it out in front of Harry. Harry shakes his head and declines. Ronnie grabs it and does the same.
"Tessa?" Ronnie says and holds it out.
"No, no thanks." I say and lean further into Harry.
"Alright then, lets play." One of the girls says and pulls something from her purse as everyone moves from their rocks and forms a smaller circle.
"Come on Harry!" Jace groans but Harry shakes his head.
"I'm good, man." Harry tells him.
"We need one more girl then, unless you want to take the chance of having Dan's tongue down your throat." Ronnie laughs. Dan must be the guy with the black hair. A quiet red head with a lot of facial hair takes a hit of the drug and passes it back to Jace. I finish the last sip of my drink and reach for Harry's. He lifts a brow at me but lets me take it.
"I'll grab Molly, god knows she will play." The girl in the pink shirt says.
"I will play." I blurt out. My hate for Molly taking over my common sense.
"Really?" Jace questions.
"Is she allowed?" Dan asks with a smirk and looks at Harry.
"I can do what I please, thank you." I say and give him an innocent smile despite my bitchy tone.
I know better than to look at Harry, he already told me not to play but I just couldn't keep my big mouth shut. I down the rest of Harry's drink and take a seat next to the girl in the pink shirt.
"You have to sit in between two guys." The girl tells me.
"Oh, okay." I say and get up.
"I'm playing too." Harry grumbles and sits down. I sit next to him and avoid eye contact. Jace sits on my other side.
"I think Harry should sit over here to make things more interesting." says Dan.
"Yea, I think so too." The red head agrees.
Harry rolls his eyes and moves across from me. I don't get the point of this seating arrangement, why does it matter who sits by who? Dan moves to sit next to me and I begin to feel nervous. Sitting between Jace and Dan is more than uncomfortable.
"Can we start?" The girl wearing a green shirt whines. She is sitting between Harry and the read head. Jace grabs what looks like a piece of paper from one of the girls and puts it to his mouth. What?
"Ready?" He asks me.
"I don't know how to play." I admit and hear one of the girls snicker.
"You put your mouth on the other side of the paper and suck in, the point is to not let the paper fall, if it falls you kiss." He explains. Oh no. I look over at Harry but he is focused on Jace.
"Start this way so she can see." The girl on the other side of Jace says. I am relieved and I hope that the game ends before it is my turn. Or Harry's. I don't like this game at all. They seem a little old to be playing these ridiculous games. What is it with college aged kids wanting to kiss random people every chance they get? I watch as the paper is passed between Jace and the girls mouth, it doesn't drop. I hold my breath as Harry retrieves the paper from the girl then passes it to the other. If he kisses one of them.. I let out my breath when it doesn't fall. The paper falls between the red head and the girl in the yellow shirt and their lips meet. Her mouth opens and they kiss with tongue, I look away and cringe. I want to get up and leave the circle but my body stays still. I am next. Oh god, I am next.  I gulp as Dan turns to me with the paper on his lips. I am still not entirely sure what I am supposed to do so I just put my mouth on the other side and suck the paper. I feel hot air through the paper as Dan blows onto it. I get the feeling he blew too hard, there is no way the paper will not fall. I feel the paper fall on my leg and Dan's hot breath as his mouth moves closer to mine. The second his lips brush mine he is pulled away. By the time my mind can catch up to what is happening, Harry is on top of Dan with his hands latched around Dan's neck.

I use my hands to scramble backwards away from Harry and Dan as Harry lifts Dan's head with his hands still wrapped around his neck and slams down into the grass. For a second I wonder if Harry would have done the same if he were on concrete. I am answered by him lifting his fist up and punching Dan in the jaw.
"Harry!!" I scream and climb to my feet. Everyone else just stares, Jace seems amused and even Ronnie seems entertained.
"Stop him!" I beg Jace but he shakes his head as Harry's fist connects to Dan's already bloody face.
"This has been coming for a while, let them hash it out. Do you want a drink?" He smirks at me.
"What? No I don't want a drink! What the hell is wrong with you!" I yell. A crowd has now gathered around and people are cheering on the fight, I have yet to see Dan hit Harry and I am glad but I want him to stop hurting Dan.
I am too afraid to try to stop Harry myself so when Zayn appears in the yard, I yell for him. His eyes find me immediately and he jogs over.
"Stop him, please!" I yell. Everyone seems to calm except me. If Harry keeps hitting him, he will kill him. I know it.
Zayn gives me a quick nod and takes a few steps over to Harry. He wraps his fist into Harry's shirt and pulls him backwards. Harry is caught off guard so he is easily removed from Dan's body. Harry tries to swing at Zayn but Zayn dodges his fist and puts his hands on Harry's shoulders. He says something to Harry that I can't make out and then nods his head towards me. Harry's eyes are blazing, his knuckles bloody and his shirt ripped from Zayn's grip. His chest is moving up and down rapidly. I don't make a move to walk towards him, I know how angry he is at me. I can tell. I am not afraid of Harry the way I probably should be, even though I just witnessed his temper being completely lost I know that he would never physically hurt me.
With the excitement winding down almost everyone has began to move back inside the house. Dan's crumpled body lays on the ground and Jace leans down to hold his hand out to Dan to help him up. He stumbles to his feet and lifts his shirt up to wipe his bloody face off. He spits out a mixture of blood and saliva and I look away.
Harry's head turns to look where Dan is and he tries to take a step toward him. Zayn grabs Harry again and stops him.
"Fuck you Styles!" Dan spits. Jace steps between them. Now he wants to do something.
"Just wait until your little..." Dan shouts.
"Shut the fuck up." Jace snaps and Dan's mouth closes.
Dan looks at me and I take a step back. I wonder what Jace meant by "its been a long time coming."
with Harry and Dan. They seemed fine a few minutes ago.
"Go inside!' Harry yells. I immediately know that he is talking to me.
I decide to listen to him, for once and turn around and run into the house. I know that everyone is staring at me but I don't care. I push my way through the crowded house and rush up to Harry's room, luckily the door isn't locked. I must have forgotten to lock it when I left and to add to my horror, there is a big red spot on the carpet. Someone must have stumbled in here and spilled a drink on the tan carpet. Great. I hurry to the bathroom and grab a towel and turn the sink on. I lock Harry's door once I step inside and furiously wipe the stain, the water only spreads the spot and makes it much worse.
The door clicks and I try to stand before he enters.
"What the hell are you doing?" His eyes move to the towel in my hand then to the spot on the floor.
"Someone.. I forgot to lock the door when I went downstairs." I admit and look at him. His nostrils flare and he takes a deep breath.
"I'm sorry." I squeak.
The anger is radiating off of him and I can't even be angry with him because all of this is my fault. If I would have just listened to him and stayed in the room, none of this would have happened. He runs his hands over his face in frustration and I take a step towards him. His fingers are busted and bloody, Harry's knuckles always seem to be in this state. He surprises me by grabbing the towel from my hands, I reflexively jump back a little. His eyes flash with confusion and he tilts his head slightly as he uses the non stained portion of the towel to wipe his knuckles off.
I expected him to barge through the door and break things while screaming at me, instead I am granted with his silence which turns out to be much worse.
"Could you say something?" I plea.
"Trust me Tessa, you don't want me to speak right now." His words come even slower than usual.
"Yes, I do." I tell him. I can't stand his angry silence.
"No, you don't." He growls.
"Yes I do! I need you to talk to me, tell me what the hell happened down there?" I wave my hands towards the window and he clenches his fists by his sides.
"God damn it Tessa! You always have to push and push! I told you to stay in my fucking room, multiple times and what the fuck did you do? You didn't listen, as usual! Why is it so damn hard for you to listen to what I say?" He yells and slams his fist against the side of his dresser, cracking the wood.
Once again, I should have kept my mouth shut.
"Because Harry, you don't just get to tell me what to do all the time!" I yell back.
"That isn't what I am doing, I was trying to keep you away from shit like what just happened. I already warned you that they aren't a good group of people yet you prance out there with Jace and then volunteer yourself to play that fucking game! What the fuck was that?" The deep veins in his neck are straining against his skin so tightly that I fear they may break through.
"I didn't know what the game was!" I defend myself.
"You knew I didn't want you to play and the only reason you wanted to play was because Molly's name was mentioned and you have some crazy obsession with her!"
"Excuse me? Crazy obsession? Maybe I don't like the fact that my boyfriend used to sleep with her!" My cheeks flame. My jealousy and dislike towards Molly is a little crazy but Harry just choked a guy for almost kissing me.
"Well sorry to break it to you but if you're going to have a problem with everyone that I slept with, you may want to transfer schools" He spits and my mouth falls open.
"You didn't have a problem with the girls downstairs." He adds and my heart rate dramatically increases.
"What girls? Those three that were playing with us?" My breath catches.
"Yea and just about every other girl downstairs!" His voice holds no emotion as he glares at me.
I try to come up with something to say but I am at a loss for words. The fact that Harry has slept with all three of those girls and basically the entire female population at WSU makes me nauseous and the worst part is that he just threw it in my face. I must look like such a fool hanging around Harry when everyone knows he has slept with so many girls. I knew he would be pissed off but this is too far, even for Harry. I feel like I have went back in time to when I first met him and he would purposely make me cry on an almost daily basis.
"What? Surprised? You shouldn't be." He says.
"No." I am not surprised one bit, I am hurt. Not about his past, just the way he told me out of anger. He said it that way just to hurt me. I blink rapidly to stop the tears from coming but it doesn't work so I turn away from Harry and wipe my eyes.
"Just go." He says and walks towards the door.
"What?" I ask and turn to face him.
"Just go, Tessa."
"Go where?"
"Back to your room.. I don't know.. but you can't stay here." He doesn't look at me.
This is not at all what I thought would happen. The pain in my chest is growing with every second of silence that passes between us. Part of me wants to beg him to let me stay and argue with him until he tells me why he reacted the way he did downstairs, but a bigger part of me is embarrassed and hurt by his cool dismissal. I grab my bag off the bed and sling it over my shoulder. When I reach the door I look back at Harry and hope that he will apologize or change his mind, but he turns to the window and completely ignores me. I have no idea how I will get back to the dorms, Harry drove me here and I had every intention of staying the night with him. I don't remember the last time I stayed alone in my room and the thought is not appealing to me in the least. The drive to Harry's house seems like days ago instead of hours. When I reach the bottom of the stairs someone tugs at the back of my sweatshirt, I hold my breath as I turn around and silently pray that it isn't Jace or Dan.
It's Harry.
"Come back upstairs." His voice is desperate and his eyes red.
"Why? I thought you wanted me to leave." I stare at the wall behind him.
He sighs and grabs my bag from my shoulder and walks back up the stairs. I think about just letting him have the bag and leaving anyway, but my stubborn attitude is what got me in this situation in the first place.
I huff and follow him back to this room. When the door closes he turns around and backs me up against the door.
"I'm sorry." He looks into my eyes. He pushes his hips against mine and puts one of his arms against the door close to my head so I can't move.
"Me too." I whisper.
"I just.. I lose my temper sometimes. I didn't really sleep with those girls, well not all three of them." He admits. I feel a little relieved but not completely.
"My first instinct when I get angry is to come back even harder, to hurt you as much as I can but I don't want you to leave and I am sorry for scaring you by beating the shit out of Dan. I am trying to change, change for you.. to be what you deserve but it's hard for me. Especially when you do things to purposely piss me off." He says. He brings his hand to my cheek and wipes the drying tears left on my cheek.
"I wasn't scared of you." I say.
"Why not? It seemed like you were when I grabbed the towel."
"No.. well I was a little when you grabbed the towel, but I was more afraid for you when you were fighting Dan."
"Afraid for me? He didn't get a hit on me." He brags.
I roll my eyes. "I meant that you would end up killing him or something. You could get in a lot of trouble for assaulting him." I explain and Harry chuckles.
"Let me get this straight, you were worried about the legal repercussions of our fight?" He laughs.
"Stop laughing I am still mad at you." I tell him and cross my arms. I'm not exactly sure what I am upset about except him telling me to leave.
"I am still pissed at you too, but you're very amusing." He presses his forehead against mine.
"You drive me crazy." He says.
"I know." I tell him.
"You never listen to me and you always fight me on everything. You are stubborn and borderline intolerable." He continues.
"I know." I repeat.
"You provoke me and cause me a shit load of unnecessary stress, not to mention you almost made out with Dan right in front of me." His lips touch my neck and I shiver.
"You say the most annoying things and you act like a child when you're mad." Despite the insults he is throwing at me my stomach is fluttering as he kisses my skin and continues his light verbal assault. He pushes his hips against mine again, more forcefully this time.
"But all that being said.. I also happen to be vigorously in love with you." He says and sucks harshly on sensitive skin below my ear.
I wrap my hands in his hair making him groan and he puts both of his hands on my waist, pulling me to him. I know there are more things to be said, more problems to be solved, but right now all I want is to get lost in Harry and forget about tonight.

Harry's hand moves to the back of my neck in a desperate attempt to be closer to me as we kiss. I can feel all of his anger and frustration being transferred into lust and affection, his mouth is hungry and his kisses sloppy as he walks backwards with our lips still attached. He guides me with one hand on my hip and behind my head, I trip over his feet and stumble just as his legs reach the end of his bed causing both of us to fall back onto the bed. In an attempt to take control from him, I straddle his torso and pull my sweatshirt and tank top over my head at the same time, leaving me in my lacey bra. His eyes widen and he tries to pull me down to kiss him but I have other plans. Reaching behind my back my rushed fingers find my bra clasp and I unsnap it before pulling the straps down my shoulders and letting the fabric hit the bed behind me. Harry's hands are warm as he reaches up and cups my chest in his large palms, kneading them roughly. I grip his wrists and remove his hands from my skin and shake my head. His head tilts in confusion before I climb down his body and unbutton his pants. He helps me tug them down to his knees along with his boxers. My fingers immediately grip around his length, he gasps and when I look at his face his eyes are closed. I pump slowly before dipping down and bravely taking him into my mouth. I try to remember his instructions from last time and repeat the things that I know he liked.
"Fuck..Tessa. " He pants and wraps his hands into my hair. This is the longest he has been silent during any sexual experience we have shared and I realize much to my own amusement that I missed his dirty words.
I move my body while continuing to please him so that I am in between his knees as he sits up and watches me.
"You look so sexy like this, with that smart mouth of yours wrapped around me." He says and grips my hair harder.
I feel the heat gathering between my legs and move my head faster, wanting to hear him moan my name again. He lifts his hips slightly off of the bed pushing himself down my throat. My eyes begin to water and I can barely breath but hearing my name fall from his lips repeatedly makes it that much better. Seconds later, he removes his hands from my hair and cups my face, stopping me from moving further. The metallic scent of his bloody knuckles hits my nose but I ignore the reflex to pull away.
"I'm going to come.." He tells me. "So if there is anything else you.. you know want to do then you should stop blowing me." Oh.
I don't want to speak, to give away how desperate I am to have him make love to me, so I stand up and slide my jeans down my legs and step out of them. When I begin to remove my panties Harry's hand reaches out and stops me.
"I want you to leave these on.. for now." He coos. I nod and gulp. Anticipation consuming me.
"Come here." He gestures and pulls his shirt over his head. He scoots to the edge of the bed and pulls me onto him.
Our feverish exchange in the beginning has slowed and the tension between us has significantly decreased. His chest is flushed and his eyes are wild. The feeling of sitting on his lap while he is completely naked and ready.. and I am only dressed in panties is exquisite. He holds the small of my back with one hand, the length of his outstretched hand firmly holds me in place and his lips meet mine once again.
"I love you." He whispers into my mouth as his fingers move my panties to the side.
"I you.." I gasp at the immediate pleasure of the intrusion.
He moves his fingers slowly, too slowly and I instinctively rock back and forth to create a faster pace.
"That's it baby..fuck.. You're always so ready for me." He groans and I continue to rock against his hand. My breathing and moans accelerate, it still surprises me how quickly my body responds to Harry. He knows every little thing to do and say.
"You are going to listen to me from now on. Am I right?" He says against my neck, gently biting the skin. What?
"Tell me you will listen to me or I won't let you come." He can't be serious.
"Harry.." I plea and try to move faster but he stops me.
"Okay.. Okay.. just please." I beg and he smirks. I want to slap him for doing this right now. He is using my most vulnerable time against me but I can't find my anger through my need for him. I am all too aware of his bare skin against mine, only my thin panties between us.
"Please." I repeat and he nods.
"Good girl." He says in my ear and guides my hips to move again as his fingers pump in and out.
I feel myself inching closer and closer to the edge in no time at all. Harry whispers filthy things in my ear, some of which I have never even heard of and I grip onto his arms to keep myself from falling off the bed as I come undone under his touch.
"Open your eyes. I want to watch what only I can do to you." He instructs and I do my best to keep them open as my orgasm overtakes me.
My head falls onto his chest and my arms wrap under his arms hugging him tight as I try to catch my breath.
"I can't believe you tried to.." I begin to scold him but he silences me by running his tongue along my bottom lip. My breath comes out in spurts as I am still recovering from my high.
I reach my hand down in between us and grab ahold of him. He winces and pulls my lip between his, sucking lightly. I decide to take a page from the Harry Styles sex handbook and grip him harder.
"Apologize and I will give you what you want." I say as seductively as I possibly can into his ear.
"What?" His face is priceless.
"You heard me." I keep my face neutral and pump him in one hand and slide my soaking panties over with the other.
He whimpers as I rub him against me.
"I'm sorry." He blurts, his cheeks a deep shade of red.
"Just let me fuck you.. please." He begs and I laugh. My laughter is cut short by him reaching over to the nightstand and pulling out a small packet. He wastes no time putting it on and kissing me again.
"I don't know if you are ready to do it this way, if it is too intense tell me. Okay baby?" Suddenly he is back to sweet and gentle Harry.
"Okay." I answer.
He lifts me up slightly and I feel the condom brush against me and the fullness as he lowers me onto him.
"Oh my." I say and close my eyes.
"Is it okay?" He questions.
"Yea..just.. different." I stammer.
It hurts, not nearly as much as before but the feeling is still unpleasant and foreign. I keep my eyes closed and move my hips a little, trying to decrease the pressure.
"Good different or bad?" His voice is strained and the vein in his forehead is showing.
"Shh.. stop talking." I say and move again.
He moans and apologizes, promising to give me a minute to adjust. I have no idea how much time passes before I move my hips again. The discomfort eases dramatically the more I move and Harry wraps his arms around my back, hugging me close to him as he moves to meet my hips. This way is much better, him holding me as he makes love to me. He kisses me the entire time and our bodies synchronize perfectly. I keep my eyes open to watch Harry as a bead of sweat rolls down his forehead.
"You are everything to me, I can't lose you." He says as my lips move over his neck and shoulder. His skin is salty and damp and perfect.
"I'm close baby." He groans and moves his hands up and down my back as I try to pick up speed. He laces his fingers through mine and the intimacy of the gesture makes me weak.
I feel my stomach tightening and he whispers how much I mean to him as we both tense. Our moan intertwine along with our bodies as we finish. He practically falls back, laying on the bed and takes me with him. I barely notice him discarding the condom as I come back to reality.
"I am glad you came after me." I finally say after a long but pleasant silence.
With my head laying on his bare chest, I can hear his rapid heart beat slowing.
"Me too. I wasn't going to, but I had to. I am sorry for telling you to leave. I can be an asshole sometimes." He says. I lift my head up and look at him.
"Sometimes?" I smile.
He lifts one of his hands off of my back and pokes me on the nose with his index finger making me giggle.
"You weren't complaining five minutes ago." He points out.
I shake my head and lay it back down onto his clammy skin. My fingers trace the heart tattoo near his shoulder and I notice the goose bumps raise on his skin.
"That's because you're better at that stuff than you are at dating." I tease.
"I won't argue there." He chuckles and moves my hair from my face. One of my favorite things that he does is when he caresses my cheek. His finger tips are rough but they somehow feel like silk against my skin.
"What happened between you and Dan? I mean before tonight?" I ask him. I probably shouldn't ask but I have to know.
"What? Who told you there was a problem between Dan and I?" He lifts my chin to look at him.
"Jace. He didn't say what it was though, he just said it was a long time coming. What did he mean by that?"
"Just some bullshit thing that happened last year, it's nothing for you to worry about. I promise." He says and smiles. It doesn't meet his eyes but I don't feel like pushing it.
I am happy that we worked through our problem for once and that we are getting better at communicating with one another.
"You're going to meet me after you leave Vance tomorrow right? I don't want anyone to take that apartment before us." He says.
"We don't have any furniture." I remind him.
"It comes furnished. But we can add things or change whatever we want after we move in."
"How much is it?" I ask. I know I don't want to hear the answer to that. I can only imagine how expensive it is if it comes already furnished.
"Don't worry about that, all you need to worry about is how much the cable will be." He smiles and kisses my forehead.
"So what do you say? You're still in right?" He asks.
"And groceries." I point out and he frowns.
"But yes, I am still in."
'Are you going to tell your mother?"
"I don't know. I will eventually but I know what she will say. Maybe I should let her get used to the fact that we are together first. We are so young and already moving in together, I don't want to send her into a mental ward." I laugh despite the slight pain in my chest. I wish things could be simple with my mother and she could be happy for me but I know that isn't plausible.
"I am sorry that this is happening between the two of you. I know it's my fault. I am too selfish to remove myself from the situation though." He admits.
"It's not your fault. She is just.. well she is the way she is." I say and kiss his chest.
"You need to get to sleep baby, you have to be up in the morning and its almost midnight." He says.
"Midnight? I thought it was much later." I say and roll off of him and lay in front of him.
"Well, if you weren't so tight I would have lasted longer." He says into my ear.
"Goodnight!" I groan. He laughs and kisses the back of my neck before turning the light off.

The next morning I scramble around Harry's room to gather my things to take a shower.
"I'm coming with you." He groans and I laugh.
"No, you're not. You know it is only six am right? What happened to your seven thirty rule?" I tease and grab my bag.
"I am going to walk you there." He rolls out of bed. I love his raspy morning voice.
"Walk me where? To the bathroom?" I scoff. "I am a big girl I can walk myself down the hall."
"You are doing an amazing job at listening to me so far." He rolls his eyes but I see the amusement in them.
"Fine Daddy, walk me to the bathroom." I whine playfully.
Harry raises his eyebrow and smirks.
"Don't call me that again or I will have to take you back to bed." He winks and I hurry out of the room before I am too tempted to stay.
He follows behind me and sits on the toilet as I take a shower.
"You're going to have to take me to my car, I should have driven myself here." I didn't think about this last night.
"You can take my car, I will get a ride on campus to your car."
"You're going to let me drive your car?" I gape.
"Yea. However, if you wreck it don't bother coming back." He says. Part of me knows he is somewhat serious.
"I should be worried about you wrecking mine!" I laugh and he tries to open the curtain but I pull it closed again and hear him chuckle.
"Just think babe, after today you will be in your own shower every morning." His voice carries over the water as I rinse the shampoo from my hair.
"I don't think it will really hit me until we are actually there."
"Wait until you see it, you will love it." He boasts.
"Does anyone know that you are getting an apartment?" I ask. I already know the answer.
"No, why would they need to know?"
"They don't, I was just wondering." The faucet creeks as I shut the water off.
Harry holds a towel open for me as I step out and wraps it around my soaking body.
"I know you well enough to know that you think I am hiding the fact that we are moving in together from my friends." He says and he is right.
"It just seems a little odd that you're moving out of here and no one knows."
"That isn't because of you, it's because I don't want to hear their shit about dropping out of the fraternity. I will tell them all, even Molly after we move in." He smiles and wraps his arms around my shoulders.
"I want to be the one to tell Molly." I laugh and hug him back.
After multiple attempts to keep Harry's hands off of me as I get ready, he hands me the keys to his car and I leave. The moment I get in the car my phone vibrates.
* Be careful. I love you.* The text reads.
*I will. You be careful in my car :) I love you.xo*
*I can't wait to see you again. Meet me at five. Your crap car will be fine.*
*You should watch what you say or I may accidently hit a parking block in your's.* I smile to myself as I send my reply
*Stop pestering me and go to work before I come down there and peel that dress off of you.*
As appealing as that sounds I put my phone back onto the passenger seat and start the car. The engine lightly purrs to life, unlike the loud roar of mine. For a classic car it drives much smoother than mine, he really takes care of it. When I turn onto the freeway my phone rings.
"Jesus, you can't go twenty minutes without me?" I laugh into the phone.
"Tessa?" A male voice says. Noah. I pull my phone away from my ear and look at my screen to confirm my horror.
"Uhm.. sorry I thought.." I stammer.
"You thought it was him.. I know." He says. His voice is sad and not at all hateful.
"I'm sorry." I don't deny it.
"S'okay." He says.
"So.." I am not sure what to say.
"I saw your mom yesterday."
"Oh." The pain from Noah's sorrow filled voice and the reminder of my mothers hatred for me aches in my chest.
"Yea.. she is pretty pissed at you."
"I know.. she threated to stop helping me with college."
"She will get over this, I know she will. She is just hurt." He says.
"She is hurt? You're kidding me right?" I scoff. He can not be defending her.
"No, I know she is going about it the wrong way but she is just angry that you are .. you know with.. him. " The disgust in his voice is evident.
"Well it isn't her place to tell me who to be with. Is that why you called me? To tell me that I shouldn't be with him?"
"No, no Tessa it's not. I just wanted to make sure you are okay. This is the longest we have went without talking since we were ten years old." He says. I can picture the frown on his face.
"Oh.. I am sorry for snapping at you. I just have a lot going on right now and I thought you were calling to.."
"Just because we aren't together anymore doesn't mean I wouldn't be there for you." He says and my heart aches. I do miss him, not my relationship with him but he has been a huge part of my life since I was a child. He was there for me through everything and I hurt him and I never even called to explain or apologize.
"I'm sorry, for everything." I sigh.
"It's okay, so I heard you got an internship?" He says and our conversation continues until I arrive at Vance.
When we get off the phone he promises to talk to my mom about her behavior towards me and I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from me. My day goes smoothly, I spend the entire day finishing my first manuscript and making notes for Mr. Vance. Harry and I text on and off to nail down the details on where to meet and before I know it the day is over.
When I arrive at the address Harry sent me I am surprised that it about half way between campus and Vance Publishing. My drive would only be twenty minutes if I lived here, when I live here. It still seems like such an abstract idea, Harry and I living together.
I don't see my car when I pull into the parking lot and when I try to call Harry's phone I get his voicemail. What if he changed his mind? He would tell me wouldn't he? Just as my mind starts to panic, he pulls into the lot and parks next to me. He .is in my car, but it looks different. The silver paint is no longer chipped, it is shiny and looks new.
"What did you do to my car?" I say as I climb out of his car.
"It's nice to see you too." He smiles and kisses my cheek.
"Seriusly, what did you do?" I cross my arms.
"I got a paint job, jesus. You could thank me." He rolls his eyes.
I bite my tongue only because of where we are and what we are about to do. Besides, the paint job does look really good. I just don't like the idea of Harry spending money on me and paint jobs are not cheap.
"Thank you." I smile and lace my fingers through his.
"Your welcome. Now lets go inside." He leads me through the parking lot.
"You look good driving my car, especially in that dress. I couldn't stop thinking about it all day. I wish you would have obliged to my request of sending me naked pictures of yourself." He says and I elbow him.
"Just saying. Would have made class much more interesting." He shrugs and I laugh.
"Here we are." He says and opens the door for me. I smile at his uncharacteristic gesture and walk inside.
The lobby of the building isn't what I expected at all. It is all white, white floors, clean white walls, white chairs, white couches, white rugs, white lamps on clear tables. It looks elegant but very intimidating. A short balding man in a suit greets us and shakes Harry's hand. He seems nervous around us or maybe just Harry.
"You must be Theresa." He smiles. His teeth are as white as the bright walls.
"Tessa." I smile to correct him. Harry bites back a smile.
"It's nice to meet you. Shall we get to signing?" He asks.
"No, she wants to see it first. Why would we sign if she hasn't even seen it." Harry says in a flat tone.
The poor man gulps and nods. "Of course, lets go up." He says.
"Be nice." I whisper to Harry as the three of us walk down the hall to the elevator.
"Nope." He smirks at me and squeezes my behind gently.
I glare at him and his dimpled smile grows. The man tells me about how great the view is and that this is one of the best and most diverse apartment buildings within a hundred miles. I smile and Harry stays quiet as we step off the elevator. I am taken aback by the contrast between the lobby and the hallway. It feels like we have stepped into a completely different building.. even a different time period.
"Here it is." The man says and opens the first door we come to.
"There are only five apartments on this floor so you will have a lot of privacy." He says and looks away from Harry's gaze. He is definitely afraid of Harry. I can't say I blame him but it is a little entertaining to watch.
I hear my own gasp as I take in the sight in front of me. The floors are old stained concrete except one large square of hardwood in the space that I assume is the living room. The walls are brick and beautiful. Damaged but perfect. The windows are large and the furniture is old fashioned but clean. If I could design the perfect space this would be it. Harry watches me intently as I look around, I take it upon myself to go to the other rooms and let Harry and the man follow behind. The bathroom is small but big enough for us, and the bedroom is just as perfect as the rest of the place. Three walls are old red brick and the fourth is covered with a floor to ceiling bookshelf. It has a ladder attached and I can't help but laugh because I always pictured myself having this exact apartment after I graduated college, I just didn't think it would come so soon.
"We could fill the shelves, I have a lot of books." Harry mumbles nervously.
"I.. just.." I begin.
"You don't like it do you? I thought you would, it seemed perfect for you. Damn it." He frowns and runs his fingers over his hair.
"No.. I."
"Let's go then, show us another one." Harry snaps at the man.
"Harry! If you would let me finish I was going to say that I love it." I tell him. The man looks just as relieved as Harry.
"Really?" His frown turns into a massive smile.
"Yes, I was afraid it was going to be some fancy, cold apartment but this is just perfect." I tell him and mean it.
The kitchen is small and has multicolored tiles above the sink and counter top adding an indie and fun look. I absolutely love everything about this small apartment.
The lobby downstairs had scared me and I was expecting to hate the apartment but that could not be further from the truth now. I thought it would be an overpriced, stuffy apartment and I am thrilled that it isn't.
"I knew it! Well, I was getting nervous a second ago but as soon I checked this place out I thought of you. I pictured you there.." He points to the bench in the window. "Just sitting and reading a book. That's when I knew I wanted you to live here with me." He says.
I smile and my stomach flutters at him saying that in front of someone else, even if it is a random leasing agent.
"Should we sign then?" The man shifts uncomfortably.
Harry looks at me and I nod. I can't believe we are really doing this, I ignore the small voice reminding me this is too soon and I am too young as I follow Harry into the kitchen area.

To be Continued..


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