Sunday, 20 May 2018

AFTER ROMANCE Episode 56-60

"What do you have planned for the rest of the day?" Harry asks as he finally breaks our kiss. He sits on my bed and I join him.
"Nothing, just studying." I feel nervous now, like there is some way I should be behaving now that we are.. more, but I have no clue what way that is.
"Cool." He says and clicks his tongue onto the roof of his mouth.
He seems nervous too, I am glad it isn't just me.
"Come here" Harry beckons me and opens his arms. The moment I sit on his lap, the door opens and he groans. Steph, Tristan and Niall all enter the room. They all stare at us and I climb off of Harry and sit on the other side of the bed.
"So are you guys like fuck buddies now?" Niall asks and I squeak.
"No! We aren't" I tell them. I don't know what I should tell them, I will wait for Harry to say something. He stays quiet as Tristan and Niall begin to talk to him about the party last night.
"It seems I didn't miss much." Harry tells them and Niall shrugs.
"Until Molly gave us a strip show, she got completely naked, you should have been there." Niall tells Harry. I cringe and look towards Steph who is staring at Tristan, probably hoping he isn't going to comment on Molly being naked.
"Nothing I haven't seen before." Harry smiles and I gasp then try to conceal it as a cough. He did not just say that. His face falls, seeming to understand what he just did.
Maybe this was a terrible idea, it is already sort of awkward and now that everyone is in the room it is magnified. Why didn't he tell them we were dating? Are we dating? I don't really understand myself. I thought after his confession that we were but we never actually said we are. Maybe we don't need to? This uncertainty is already driving me crazy, the entire time I have been with Noah I have never had to worry about his feelings for me. I never had to deal with ex- friends with benefits, I am the only girl Noah has ever kissed in his life, and honestly I like it that way. I wish Harry had never done anything with another girl, or less of them at least.
"We're going bowling after I change, do you want to come?" Steph asks and I shake my head.
"I have to catch up on my studying, I have barely gotten any done this weekend." I tell her and look away as the memories of this weekend flood through my mind. When did Harry make the plans to go, probably before everything that happened.
"You should come, it will be fun." Harry offers but I shake my head. I really need to stay in, I was sort of hoping he would stay with me.  Steph steps into the closet and returns a few minutes later with different clothes on.
"Ready guys? You're sure you don't want to come?" She asks me and I nod.
"I'm sure." I tell her. They all get up to leave and Harry gives me a wave and a small smile before exiting the room. I am a little disappointed with his goodbye, but what did I expect? For him to rush over and kiss me, tell me he would miss me? I laugh at the thought. I don't know if anything will even change between Harry and I besides we will stop actively trying to avoid one another. I am too used to how things are with Noah so I have no idea how this is going to be and I hate not having control over every situation.
After an hour of studying and attempting to take a nap, I grab my phone to text Harry. Wait, I don't even have his number. I had never thought about it before, we have never talked on the phone or text before. We never needed to, we couldn't stand each other. This is going to be more complicated than I thought.
I call my mother to catch up with her, and mostly to see if Noah has told her what happened yet. He would be arriving back home soon from his two hour drive, and I am sure he won't waste any time telling her everything. She answers with a simple hello, so I know she has no clue yet. I tell her about my attempt to get a car, and the possible internship with Vance. Of course, she reminds me that I have been at college over a month and I still haven't found a car. I roll my eyes and let her continue to ramble on about what she has been doing the last week. My phone lights up while I am listening to her, I place her on speakerphone and read the text.
* You should have came with us, with me .* The message reads. My heart swells, it's Harry.
Pretending to listen to my mother I mumble ,"hmm.. oh.." a few times while I text him back.
*You should have stayed.* I send. I stare at the screen waiting for him to reply.
*I am coming to pick you up* he replies after what seems like forever.
*What? No, I don't want to go bowling, you're already there. Just stay.*
*I already left, be ready.* He is demanding even through a text message.
My mother is still talking and I have no idea what about. I stopped listening once Harry text me.
"Mom, I will call you back." I interrupt her.
"Why?" her tone is surprised.
"I uhm.. well I spilled coffee on my notes. I gotta go" I lie and hang up.
I hastily go into the closet and pull Harry's pajamas off of my body and grab my new jeans and a plain purple top. I brush my hair out, it looks decent considering it hasn't been washed. I check the time and go down to the bathroom to brush my teeth, when I return Harry is waiting on my bed.
"Where were you?" He asks.
"Brushing my teeth." I tell him and put my toiletry bag away.
"Ready?" He stands up and walks towards me. I half expect him to hug me, but he doesn't. He just moves to the door.
I nod and grab my purse and phone.
When we get to his car, he keeps the radio down as he drives. I really don't want to go to the bowling alley. I hate bowling, but I want to spend time with him. I don't like how co-dependent I already feel.
"How long do you think we will be there?" I ask after a few minutes of silence.
"I don't know..why?" He looks sideways at me.
"I don't know.. I don't really care for bowling."
"It won't be too bad. Everyone is there." he assures me. I hope everyone doesn't include part time hoe Molly.
"I guess." I mumble and look out the window.
"You don't want to go?" His voice is quiet.
"Not really, that's why I said no the first time." I laugh a little.
"Let's go somewhere else then?"
"Where?" I am irritated with him, I am not sure why.
"My house." He suggests and I smile and nod. His smiles grow, showing the dimples that I have grown so fond of.
"My house is it then." He reaches over and puts his hand on my thigh. My skin warms, and I put my hand over his.
Fifteen minutes later we are pulling up the large fraternity house. I haven't been here since Harry and I fought, as always, and I walked back to the dorms. He walks slightly ahead of me and leads me up the stairs, I am more familiar with this house than I should be. None of the guys bother to look twice at us, they must be used to seeing Harry bring a girl home. My stomach pings at the thought. I need to stop thinking this way, because it is going to drive me insane and there is nothing I can do to change it.
"Here we are." Harry says and unlocks his door. I follow him inside and he turns the light on, kicking his boots off his feet and onto the floor. He moves over to his bed and pats the spot next to him.
As I walk towards him, my curiosity gets the best of me. "Was Molly there? At the bowling alley?" I look out his window as I ask him.
"Yea, of course she was." he answers causally. "Why?"
I sit down on the soft bed and Harry pulls me by my ankles loser to him. I laugh and slide closer, my back flat against the bed, putting my knees up and my feet on the other side of his legs.
"I was just wondering.." I tell him and he grins.
"She is always going to be around, she is a part our group." he informs me and I nod. I know it is silly of me to be this jealous of her, but she just bothers me. She acts like she likes me when I know she doesn't, and I know she likes Harry. Now that we are.. whatever we are, I don't want her near him.
"You aren't like worried that I will fuck her are you?" I swat his arm at his use of words. I love the way dirty words sound coming off his lips, but not when she is involved.
"No, well I.. maybe. I just know you have before and I don't want you to again." I admit my jealousy. I am sure he is going to mock me or laugh so I turn my head sideways. His hand goes to my knee and he squeezes gently.
"I wouldn't do that.. not now. Don't worry about her, okay?" His words are gentle, and I believe him.
"Why didn't you tell anyone about us?" I know I should just shut my mouth but it has been bothering me.
"I don't know.. I wasn't sure if you wanted me to. Besides, what we do is our business. Not theirs." he explains. His answer is much better than what was going through my mind.
"I guess you're right, I thought maybe you were embarrassed or something?" I say and he laughs.
"Why would I possibly be embarrassed by you? Look at you." His eyes darken and he moves his hand to my stomach. His fingers tug up my shirt and he draws circles on my bare skin with his digits. Goosebumps raise my skin and he smiles.
"I love the way your body responds to me." He breathes. I know what is coming next, and I can't wait.

Harry's fingers trail further up my shirt, causing my breathing to accelerate. A smile crept onto his beautiful face as he became aware.
"One touch and you're already panting" His raspy voice whispers. He leans over, moving my feet off of his lap so that he is can bring his mouth to my neck. His tongue makes a flat stripe down my neck and I quiver. My fingers thread into his curls and I tug as he nips at my skin. One of his hands slides down in between my legs but I grab his wrist to stop him.
"What's wrong?" He breathes.
"Nothing.. I just thought that I would do something for you this time?" I look away. His fingers cup my chin so I am forced to make eye contact with him. He tries to hide his smirk but I catch him.
"And what would you like to do for me?"
"Well.. I thought I could, you know what you said the other day?" I don't know why I am so shy with words when Harry says anything and everything he is thinking, but the words 'blow job' are not in my vocabulary.
"You want to suck my cock?" He asks, clearly surprised. I am officially horrified. Yet somehow turned on.
"Uhm.. yea. I mean if you want me to?" I hope as our relationship progresses I will be able to say these things to him.
"Of course I want you to, I have wanted your lips around me since I saw you the first time." he says. I am oddly flattered by his crude remark.
"Are you sure though? Have you ever .. even seen a dick before?" I know he knows the answer to that, maybe he is just trying to remind me?
"Of course I have. Not a real one, but pictures and I once walked in on the neighbor watching a naughty movie." I tell him and he stifles a laugh.
"Stop laughing at me, Harry." I warn him.
"I'm not baby, I'm sorry. It's just I have never met anyone who has such little experience. It's a good thing though, I swear. Sometimes your innocence just throws me off a bit. But with that being said, it's a huge turn on that I am the only one who has never made you come, yourself included." he doesn't laugh this time which makes me feel better.
"Okay.. so let's get started." I request. He smiles and runs his thumb along my cheek.
"So sassy, I like it." he says and lays stands up.
"Where are you going?" I ask him and he smiles.
"No where, I am just taking my pants off."
"I wanted to do that." I pout and he chuckles and tugs his pants back up.
"Here ya go babe." he puts his hands on his hips.
I smile and move forward, pulling his pants down. Should I pull down his boxers too? Harry takes a step back and puts his heels against his bed before sitting down.
I drop to my knees in front of him and he takes a deep breath.
"Come closer babe."
I scoot closer and place my hands on his bent knees.
"Are you okay?" He asks carefully.
I nod and he pulls me up by my elbows.
"Let's just kiss for a minute?" He suggests pulls on top of him. I am relieved, I still want to do it, I just need a minute to process and kissing will make me more comfortable.
He kisses me, slowly at first but within seconds the electricity builds and takes over me. I grip his arms, hard under my fingertips and rock back and forth on his lap. The bulge in his thin boxers grows and I tug gently on his hair. I wish I would have worn a skirt so I could lift it up and fell him against me.. I am surprised by my own thoughts as I reach down and palm him through his boxers.
"Fuck Tessa. If you keep doing that I will come in my boxers again." He moans and I stop, climbing off of him I move to get on my knees again.
"Take your jeans off." He instructs and I nod before unbuttoning them and slide them down my legs. Feeling brave, I pull my shirt over my head and toss is aside. Harry takes his lip between his teeth as I move back down in front of him. My fingers grip the waistband of his boxers and tug, he lifts off the bed enough for me to pull them down.
I can feel my eyes widen and hear my own gasp as Harry's manhood came into view. Wow, it is big. Much bigger than I expected. How am I going to even get it into my mouth. I stare for a few seconds until I reach out and touch it with my index finger. Harry chuckles as it moves slightly but bounces right back.
"How.. I mean.. what should I do first?" I stutter. I am intimated by the size of him but I want to do this.
"I'll show you, here.. wrap your fingers like last time." He tells me. My fingers wrap around him and I wiggle them a little. The skin covering him is much softer than I expected. I know I am poking it and examining it like a science project but this is so new to me, it almost feels like one. I grip it lightly and move my hand up and down slowly.
"Like this?" I ask and Harry nods, his chest rising and falling.
"Now.. just put your mouth around it. Not all of it, well if you can.. but just put as much as you can." he instructs. I take a deep breath and lean down. Opening my mouth, I take him in, only about halfway. He hisses and his hands move to my shoulders. I pull back slightly and taste something salty. Is that come already? The taste goes away and I move my head up and down. Some instinct that I wasn't aware of tells me to move my tongue up and down his shaft as I move.
"Holy fuck. Yea, like that." Harry groans and I repeat the action. His grip on my shoulders tightens and his hips rock upwards to meet my mouth. I push myself further, taking almost all of him in and look up at him. His eyes are rolled to the back of his head and he looks heavenly. I turn my focus back to sucking and move a little faster.
"Use your hand on.. on the rest.." he gasps and I oblige. My hand moves up and down on the bottom of him as my mouth works the top. I suck my cheeks in and he groans again.
"Fuck.. fuck. Tessa. I am.. I am so close." he strains. "If you don't want it in your mouth.. then .. you .. have to stop."
I look up at him, keeping him in my mouth. I love the way he is losing control because of me.
"Shit.. keep looking.. at me." His body tenses as he watches me. I bat my eyelashes, giving the full effect. Harry curses my name repeatedly and I feel a slight jerk in my mouth, the warm salty liquid shoots down my throat in short spurts. I gag and pull back. It didn't taste as bad as I thought it would, but it definitely doesn't taste good. His hands move from my shoulders to my cheeks.
"How was it?" He is out of breath. I climb off of my knees and sit next to him on the bed. His arms wrap around me and he lays his head on my shoulder.
"I thought it was nice." I say and he laughs.
"It was fun, sort of. To see you that way. And it didn't taste as bad as I thought." I confess. I should be embarrassed that I just admitted to liking it but I am not. "How was it for you?" I ask nervously.
"I was pleasantly surprised. It was the best head I have ever gotten." I blush at his words.
"Sure it was." I laugh. I appreciate him trying to make me feel better about my lack of experience.
"No, really. The way you are so.. pure, it does something to me. And fuck, when you looked up at me.."
"Okay! Okay!" I cut him off and wave my hand at him. I don't want to relive every detail of my first time doing this. He chuckles and gently pushes me back against the mattress.
"Now let me make you feel as good as you did me" he growls in my ear and sucks the skin on my neck. His fingers hook into my panties and tug them down. "Do you want my finger or my tongue?" He whispers seductively.
"Both" I answer and he smiles.
"As you wish." he says and dips his head down. I whimper and tug at his hair again. I do that a lot to him, but he seems to like it. "I will try two fingers next time." he says against my sensitive area. My back arches off the bed and within minutes I am in a completely euphoric state, calling Harry's name as I come undone.
He stays quiet as he lays down next to me, letting me enjoy my sedated state. After my breathing slows, I sit up and bring my fingers to trace the dark ink on his chest. He watches me carefully but doesn't stop me.
"No one has ever touched me this way." He admits and I swallow all the questions I want to ask him. Instead of interrogating him, I give him a small smile and a quick kiss on his chest.
"Stay with me tonight?" He asks and I shake my head.
"I can't, tomorrow is Monday and we have classes." I want to stay with him but not on a Sunday.
"I don't have any clothes to wear tomorrow."
"Wear those, please stay with me. Just one night, I promise you will make it to your classes on time."
"I don't know.."
"I will even make sure you get there fifteen minutes early and have enough time to stop by the coffee house and meet Liam." he says and my lips part.
"How do you know I do that?"
"I watch you.. I mean not all the time. But I notice you more than you think." he tells me and my heart swells. I am falling for him, hard and fast.
"I will stay." I tell him but hold my hand up to continue, "On one condition."
"What's that?" He smiles.
"Come back to Literature." I ask and he raises his eyebrow.
I smile at his simple answer and he pulls me closer to his chest.

( For everyone wondering who I picture as Tessa, it's Indiana Evans. What she looks like in Blue Lagoon, not H2o and Noah is Zach Roerig from Vampire Diaries)
After laying in Harry's arms for a few minutes, I begin to think about my agreement to stay with Harry tonight.
"I don't have my books, or a toothbrush. And I haven't taken a shower." I tell him. He sighs and lifts up, unwrapping himself from me.
"We can get your books in the morning before your first class, or we could even go get them now, as long as you come back with me. You promised." He reminds me with a smile. His lips meet my jaw, trialing kisses up and down. His lips on my skin cause my judgment to cloud, he knows exactly what he is doing.
"And what about my shower?" I remind him.
"You can take one here, down the hall."
"In a frat house? Who knows who will come in."
"One, the door locks and two, I would accompany you obviously." he remarks.
I scowl at his tone but decide to ignore it. "Fine. I would like to take a shower now, before it gets too late."
He nods and stands up and reaches for his jeans. I climb off the bed and do the same, leaving my panties off. I don't like the idea of wearing these clothes again tomorrow but since Harry is going to take me by my room in the morning, I will change then.
"No panties?" He smirks and I roll my eyes.
"Do you have shampoo? I don't even have a hairbrush." I am starting to get anxious thinking of all the things that I don't have with me. "And q-tips? Dental floss?" I continue.
"Relax, we have q-tips and floss. We probably even have an extra toothbrush and I know there is a hairbrush or two in there. There are probably even extra panties in every size if you want some." he informs me.
"Panties?" I ask before I realize he means they were left by other girls. "Never mind." I say before he can explain. I hope Harry doesn't have some weird collection of girls panties that he has slept with.
He leads me to the bathroom, I feel more comfortable in here than I imagined, only because I have been in this bathroom quite a few times.
Harry turns on the water and pulls his shirt over his head.
"What are you doing?" I ask.
"Taking a shower?"
"Oh, I thought I was taking one first."
"You can take one with me." he says casually.
"Uhm.. no! I won't." I laugh. I can't take a shower with him.
"Why no? Ive already see you, you have seen me. What's the big deal?" He groans.
"I don't know.. I just don't want to." I know he has already seen me naked but taking a shower together just seems so intimate. More intimate even than what we just did.
"Fine. You go first then." his voice has a slight edge to it.
I smile sweetly and ignore his sour tone and undress. His eyes scan my body and then look away. My hand reaches behind the curtain to check the temperature of the water and I step in.
Harry stays silent while I wet my hair. Too silent. "Harry?" I call. Did he leave the bathroom?
"I thought maybe you left." I admit. He pulls back the curtain a little and pops his curly head in.
"Nope, still here."
"Is something wrong?" I ask him. He shakes his head in response but doesn't say anything. Is he really pouting like a child because I won't take a shower with him? I almost want to tell him to join me, but I want him to get the point that he can't just get his way all the time. His head disappears from the shower and I hear him sit down on the toilet.
The shampoo and body wash are both strong musky scents, I miss my vanilla shampoo but this is fine for one night. It probably would have made more sense for Harry to stay with me in my room, but Steph would be in there and it would be awkward to explain everything and I don't imagine Harry would be as affectionate if she was around. The thought bothers me but I push it back.
"Could you hand me a towel?" I ask him and shut off the water. "Or two, if you have enough." I like to have one for my hair and one for my body.
His hand pushes through the curtain holding two towels, I thank him and he mutters something that I don't understand.
He pulls his jeans down as I dry off and turns the water back on. I can't help but stare at his naked body as he gets into the shower. I should have taken one with him, not because he is pouting, but because I really want to.
"I'm going to go back to your room." I tell him. He is ignoring me anyway.
He jerks the curtain back, causing the rings to scrape against the rod. "No, you're not."
"What is your problem?" I snap. He is annoying me now.
"Nothing, you're just not going back by yourself. There are thirty guys living here, you don't need to be wandering the halls."
"There is something else, you have been pouting since I said you couldn't take a shower with me."
"No..I haven't."
"Tell me why or I will go out there in this towel." I threaten, knowing I would never actually do it. His eyes narrow and he reaches out for my arm to stop me, splashing water on the floor.
"I just don't like being told no." His voice is low but much softer than it was moments ago.
I imagine that when it comes to girls Harry hardly, if ever, hears the word no. My mind tells me to tell him to get used to it, but I haven't told him no until this point either. As soon as he touches me, I do whatever he wants.
"Well, I am not like the other girls Harry." I snap. My jealousy surpassing my annoyance towards him.
A small smile plays on his lips as the water runs over his face. "I know, Tess. I know." He closes the curtain and I pull my clothes on and he turns the water off.
"You can wear some of my clothes to bed." He tells me and I nod. I barely hear him because I am too focused on his glistening body in front of me. He rubs the towel against his hair, leaving it sticking up all over his head, then wraps the towel around his waist. The white towel hangs so low on his hips, he looks like pure sex. It feels like the temperature in the bathroom has raised twenty degrees. He bends down and opens the cabinet, pulling out a hairbrush and places it into my hand.
"Come." he says and I shake my head, trying to clear the dirty thoughts from my mind. We walk down the hall and turn the corner as a tall blonde guy almost runs into me.. I look up at his face and my bones chill.
"Haven't seen you in a while." he purrs and I feel nauseous.
"Harry." I squeak and he turns around, it takes him only a moment to remember this is the same guy who tried to make a move on me before.
"Get away from her Neil." he snaps and Neil pales. He must not have seen Harry before he turned the corner.
"My bad Styles" Neil says and walks away.
"Thanks" I whisper to Harry. He wraps his hand over mine and unlocks his door.
"I should just beat the shit out of him, yea?" Harry says as I take a seat on the bed.
"No! You shouldn't." I beg. I can't tell if he is serious but I don't want to find out. He grabs the remote off his dresser and switches the television on before opening the drawer and tossing me a t-shirt and a pair of boxers.
I remove my jeans and pull the boxers on, rolling them a few times at the top.
"Could I maybe wear the shirt you wore today?" I don't realize how weird it sounds until the words are out.
"What?" He grins.
"I.. well.. never mind. I don't know what I was saying." I lie. I want to wear your dirty shirt because it smells good? That sounds strange and crazy. He chuckles and picks the shirt off the floor and walks over to me.
"Here babe" He says and hands me the used shirt. I am glad he didn't embarrass me further, but I still feel a little silly.
"Thanks" I chirp and pull my purple shirt off and remove my bra, replacing them with his shirt. It smells just as amazing as I knew it would. his eyes soften as he looks at me.
"You are beautiful" he says and looks away. I get the feeling he didn't mean to say the words out loud, which makes my heart swell even more. I smile at him and take a step towards him.
"So are you." I compliment and his cheeks flush.
"Enough of that" he laughs. "What time do you need up in the morning?" He asks and sits on the bed, browsing through the channels.
"Five, but I will set my own alarm"
"Five? Five in the morning? Your first class at what, nine? Why do you get up so early?"
"I don't know, just to be prepared I guess?" I rake the hairbrush through my hair.
"Well lets get up at seven, my body doesn't function before seven" he tells me and I groan. Harry and I are so different.
"Six thirty?" I try to compromise.
"Fine, six thirty." he agrees.
We spend the rest of the evening watching random television shows before Harry falls asleep with his head on my lap, my fingers running through his hair. I slide down and lay next to him, trying not to wake him.
"Tess?" He groans and his hands move in front of him as if he is reaching for me.
"Here" I whisper from behind him, he turns to his other side and wraps his arm around me before falling back to sleep. He says that he sleeps better when I am around, that is true for me as well.
The next morning, my alarm goes off at six thirty and I rush around to try to put yesterday's clothes on and get Harry up and dressed. He is so hard to wake up. I feel flustered and unprepared but we make it to my room by 7:15, giving me plenty of time to change and brush my hair and teeth again. Steph sleeps through us being there and I prevent Harry from pouring a glass of water on her head to wake her. Harry doesn't make any rude comments as I pull on one of my long skirts and a plain blue shirt.
"See, it's only eight, we have twenty minutes before we have to leave to walk to the coffee house." Harry brags.
"Yea, I thought I would walk with you? If not, that's cool too" He says and looks away.
"Yea, of course its fine." I am just not used to whatever this is that has changed between us. It will be nice to not have to avoid Harry, or worry about running into him. What will Liam think? Will we even tell Liam? "What should we do with our twenty minutes?" I smile.
"I have a few ideas." His lips turn to a smirk and he pulls me onto him.
"Steph is here." I remind him as he sucks the skin under my ear.
"I know, we are only kissing." He laughs and presses his lips to mine.
We leave before Steph wakes and Harry offers to carry my bag which is a nice but unexpected gesture.
"Where are your books?" I ask him.
"I don't bring them, I just borrow one everyday, in every class. Prevents me from having to carry one of these." he says and gestures to my bag on his shoulder. I roll my eyes and laugh at him.
When we reach the coffee house Liam is leaning against the brick and seems surprised to see Harry and I together. I give him an "I will explain everything later" look and he smiles.
"Well, I better get going, I have classes to sleep through." Harry says and I nod. I am not sure if I should hug him? He drops my bag and hooks his arm around my waist, pulling him to his chest before kissing me. I didn't see this coming. I kiss him back and he releases me.
"See you later" he grins and looks at Liam. This couldn't be more awkward. Liam's jaw is practically on the floor and I am embarrassed by Harry's bold move.
"Uhmm.. sorry about that." I don't really care for public displays of affection usually. Noah and I have never done anything like that, expect when I tried to kiss him at the mall to get Harry off my mind. "I have a lot to tell you." I flush and Liam picks up my bag.

I explain to Liam that Noah and I broke up and that I am not sure what to call my relationship with Harry. I think we are dating, but we haven't exactly discussed the technical terms. He stays quiet during most
"I know I have already warned you, so I wont do it again. But please just be careful with him. I will admit he seems to be infatuated with you, as infatuated as he can be for being him." Liam tells me as we take our seats.
"Thank you." It means a lot to me that despite his dislike of Harry he is doing his best to be understanding and supportive.
As I walk into my third class my Sociology professor waves me over to his podium.
"I just got a call to have you report to the chancellor's office" He tells me. What? Why? For a second I forget that Harry's father is the chancellor. I relax a little but then my nerves take over again. What could he possibly need? I know college doesn't work the same way as high school, but I feel as if I am getting called down to the principles office, only the principle happens to be my.. boyfriends? dad.
"Oh okay." I finally respond.
"We are just going over natural selection, I am sure you already have the assignment completed." he smiles and I nod. I love when professors acknowledge my hard work.
I pull my bag onto my shoulder and make my way across campus to the administration building. It is a far walk and takes me over a half hour to get there. I really need to get a car, this week. I will have to go further away from campus to prevent getting ripped off but I can't go another week without a car.
I give the secretary at the front desk my name and she quickly picked up the phone. I can't hear anything except "Dr. Styles." Of course Ken holds a doctorate.
"He is ready for you." She smiles and points to the wooden door across the hall.
Before I can knock, the door creaks open and Ken greets me with a smile. "Tessa, thank you for coming." He says and gestures for me to sit down. He takes a seat in the large swivel chair behind an over sized cherry wood desk. I feel much more intimated by him in this office than I ever did at his home.
"Sorry for calling you out of class, I didn't know how else to reach you and you know Harry can be.. difficult." He says and I laugh.
"It's okay, really. Is something wrong?" I ask nervously.
"No, not at all. I have a few things to discuss with you. I will start with the internship, I talked to my friend at Vance and he would love to meet with you, the sooner the better. If you're free tomorrow that would be best." He says.
"Really!" I shriek, my excitement brings me to my feet. I realize it is awkward that I am standing, so I hastily sit back down. "That is so great, thank you so much! You have no idea how much I appreciate it!" I tell him. This is such great news, I can't believe he would do this for me.
"It really is my pleasure Tessa. Shall I tell him you will come tomorrow?" He asks. I really don't want to miss any classes but this is worth it and I am ahead anyway.
"Yes, that will be great. Thank you again. Wow." I say and he laughs.
"Now for the second thing, if you say no that is perfectly fine.It is more of a personal request, or favor I suppose. Your internship at Vance will not be effected in any way if you decline." he says and I grow nervous. I nod and he continues. "I am not sure if Harry has told you that Karen and I are to be married next weekend."
"I knew the wedding was coming up." I tell him. I didn't know it was that close. My thoughts travel to when Harry crashed their home and drank almost an entire bottle of scotch.
"I was wondering if there is any way.. that you could possibly convince Harry to come." His eyes leave mine and he stares at the wall. "I know this is overstepping my boundaries but I would hate for him to not be there and honestly, I believe you are the only one who could convince to show up. I have asked him a few times and he says no immediately." He breathes.
I have no idea what to say to him, I would love to get Harry to his father's wedding but I doubt he will listen to me. Why does everyone seem to think he will? I remember when Ken told me he believes Harry is in love with me. I almost laugh again at the thought.
"I will certainly talk to him. I would love if he went." I tell him honestly.
"Really? Thank you so much Tessa. I hope you don't feel pressured to say yes. I look forward to hoepfully seeing you both there." He smiles. A wedding with Harry? The idea sounds so lovely, but Harry will be hard to convince. "Karen is very fond of you, she really enjoyed having you over this weekend. You are welcome anytime."
"I really enjoyed being there, maybe I can get in touch with her about those baking lessons she offered." I laugh and he chuckles. He looks so much like Harry when he smiles that it makes my heart warm. Harry's father is so desperate to have a relationship with his angry, broken son that it breaks my heart. If I can do anything to help Ken, I certainly will.
"She would love that! Come by any time." He says and I stand up.
"Thank you again for helping me with the internship. It means so much to me." I tell him.
"I have looked over your grades so far and they are very impressive. I believe Harry could learn a lot from you." he says with hope in his green eyes.
I feel my cheeks heat as I smile and say my goodbye. By the time I walk back across campus to the Literature building, I have only five minutes until class begins. Harry occupies his old seat and I can't help the smile on my face.
"You held up your end of the deal, so did I." he smiles back. I greet Liam and take my seat between them.
"Why were you so late?" Harry whispers as the professor begins class.
"I will tell you after class." I smile. I know if I bring this up now, he will cause a scene in the middle of class.
"Tell me."
"I said I willl tell you after class, it's no big deal." I promise him. He sighs but lets it go.
When class ends, Harry and Liam both stand up and I am not sure which one to talk to. I usually talk to Liam after class and we walk out together, but now Harry is back and I am unsure.
"Are you still coming to the bonfire with Danielle and I Friday? I was thinking you should come over for dinner first. I know my mom would love it." Liam says before Harry can speak.
"Yea, of course I am still coming. Dinner sounds great, just let me know the details and I will be there." I smile. I can't wait to meet Danielle, she makes Liam happy and for that I already love her.
"I'll text you." he says and walks away.
"I'll text you" Harry mocks and I roll my eyes.
"Don't make fun of him." I warn.
"Oh yea, I forgot how angry you get. I recall you almost jumping over that booth at Molly when she did." he laughs and I shove his shoulder.
"I mean it Harry, leave him alone. Please." I add to soften the mood.
"He's living with my dad, I have earned the right to make fun of him." he smiles at me and I laugh. As we walk out of the building, I decide it's now or never.
"Speaking of your dad..." I look over and he has already tensed. "That's where I was today. In his office, he has set up an interview at Vance for me tomorrow. Isn't that great?"
"He what?" He scoffs. Here we go.
"He set up and interview for me. It is a great opportunity for me Harry." I plead for his understanding.
"Fine." He sighs.
"There's more." I add.
"Of course there is.."
"He invited me to the wedding next weekend.. well us. He invited us to the wedding." I stutter and he glares at me.
"No, I am not going. End of discussion." He turns to walk away from me.
"Wait, just hear me out. Please?" I reach for his wrist but he jerks away.
"No. You really need to stay out of this Tessa, I am not kidding. Mind your own damn business for once." he snaps and I frown.
"Harry.." I say once more but he ignores me. He walks away and into the parking lot. My feet have become cement, keeping me from following after him.
I watch as his white car peels out of the parking lot. He is overreacting and I am not going to feed into it. He needs some time to cool off before we speak again. I knew he wouldn't want to go but I had hoped he would at least discuss it. Who am I kidding? We only started this "more" thing two days ago. I don't know why I keep expecting things to be so much different. They are in some ways, Harry is nicer to me mostly, and he kissed me in public which was really surprising. However, Harry is still essentially Harry and he is stubborn and has an attitude problem. Sighing, I hook my bag over my shoulder and walk back to my room.
Steph is sitting cross-legged on the floor staring up at her television when I enter the room.
"Where were you last night? It's not like you to stay out on a school night young lady." She teases and I roll my eyes playfully.
"I .. was out." I tell her. I don't know if I should tell her that I stayed with Harry.
"With Harry." She adds and I look away.
"I know you were, he asked me for your number then he left the bowling alley and never came back." She states.
"Don't tell anyone, I don't exactly know what is going on myself." I tell her. She promises not to say anything to anyone. We spend the rest of the afternoon talking about her and Tristan before he picks her up to take her to dinner. When he arrives at the room he kisses her as soon as she opens the door, he holds her hand while she gathers her things and he smiles at her the entire time. Why can't Harry be that way with me? I haven't heard anything from Harry in a few hours but I don't want to be the one to text him first. Petty, I know but I don't care. I finish up my studying and gather my things to go take a shower, my phone buzzes as I reach my door. My heart leaps as soon as I see Harry's name.
*Stay with me tonight?* The text reads. He hasn't spoken to me in hours but he wants me to stay with him? Again?
*Why? So you can be a jerk to me?* I respond. I want to see him but I am still annoyed.
*I'm on my way, be ready.* He sends. I roll my eyes at his bossy tone but can't help feel excited to see him.
I rush down and take a shower so I don't have to take one at his frat house again. By the time I finish, I barely have enough time to gather my clothes for tomorrow. I dread taking the bus all the way to Vance, its a thirty minute drive. I am folding my clothes neatly into my bag when Harry opens the door, without knocking of course.
"Ready?" He asks and grabs my purse off the dresser. I nod and put my bag over my shoulder and follow him out. We walk to his car in silence, I hope the rest of the night doesn't go this way.

Harry pulls out of the parking lot and I stare out the passenger window, I don't want to speak first. I need to assess his mood first. He turns the radio on and turn the volume up too loud. I roll my eyes but try to ignore it, but I can't. I hate his taste is music, it gives me an instant headache. Without asking I turn the knob down and Harry looks over at me.
"What?" I snap.
"Woah, someone is in a pissy mood." He says.
"No, I just didn't want to listen to that and if anyone is in a bad mood it is you. You were being rude earlier then you text me and ask me to stay, I don't get it."
"I was pissed because you brought up the wedding, now that it is settled that we aren't going there is no need for me to be pissed." His tone is calm and sure.
"It is not settled, we didn't even talk about it."
"Yes we did. I told you I'm not going so drop it Theresa."
"Well you may not be going but I am. And I am going over to your dad's house to learn to bake with Karen this week." I tell him. He clenches his jaw and glares at me.
"You're not going to the wedding, and what are you and Karen like best friends now. You barely even know her. Why do you want to go to the wedding anyway?"
"Yes I am going to the wedding, and so what if I barely know her. I barely know you." I tell him. His face falls and I feel bad but it is true.
"Why are you being so difficult?" He says through his teeth.
"Because you aren't going to tell me what to do Harry. It's not happening. If I want to go to the wedding I will, and I really would like if you would come with me. It could be fun, you may even have a nice time. It would mean a lot to your father and Karen, not that you care about that."
He doesn't say anything. He lets out a large breath and I stare back out the window. The rest of the ride is spent in silence, both of us too angry to speak. When we pull up the fraternity house, Harry grabs my bag out of the backseat and puts it over his shoulder.
"Why are you part of a frat anyway?" I ask him. I have been wanting to know the answer since I discovered his room the first time.
He takes another deep breath as we walk up the steps. "Because, by the time I agreed to come here the dorms were full and I sure as hell wasn't going to live with my father so this was one of the few options I had."
"Then why stay in?"
"Because I don't want to live with my father Tessa. Besides, look at this house, its nice and I did get the biggest room." He smirks a little. I am glad to see his anger is wearing down.
"Why don't you live off campus?" I ask him and he shrugs. Maybe he doesn't want to have to get a job. I follow him quietly up to his room and wait as he unlocks the door. What is it with him and his obsession over no one going into his room.
"Why won't you let anyone in your room?" I ask and he rolls his eyes. He sits my bag down on the floor.
"Why do you always ask so many questions?" He groans and sits on the chair.
"I don't know, why won't you answer them?" I ask but of course he ignores me.
"Can I hang up my outfit for tomorrow? I don't want it to get too wrinkled from being in my bag."
He seems to think about it for a second before he nods and stands to retrieve a hanger from his closet. I grab the skirt and blouse out and hang them on the hanger, ignoring his sour expression at the outfit
"I have to get up earlier than usual tomorrow so I can be at the bus station by 8:45, the stop three streets over will take me two blocks away from Vance." I inform him.
"What? You're going there tomorrow? Why didn't you tell me?"
"I did.. you were too busy sulking to pay attention." I fire back.
"I will drive you there, you don't need to take an hour long bus ride." I want to decline his offer just to annoy him but I decide against it. Harry's car is a much better way to get there than a crowded bus.
"I am going to get a car soon, I can't last any longer without one. If I get the internship, I would have to take the bus there three days a week."
"I would drive you" He says, his voice is almost a whisper.
"I'll just get my own car." I tell him. "The last thing I need is for you to be mad at me and not pick me up."
"I would never do that." His tone is serious.
"Yea, you would. Then I would be stuck trying to find a bus route. No thanks." I half joke. I honestly feel like I could depend on him but I don't want to take any chances, he is just too moody.
Harry turns on the television and stands up to change his clothes. No matter how annoyed with him I am, I would never turn down a chance to watch him undress. His shirt is pulled over his head first, then I watch his muscles contract under his skin as he unbuttons and pulls down his tight black jeans. Just as I think he is going to only wear boxers, he pulls a pair of thin cotton pants out of his dresser and puts them on. He stays shirtless, lucky for me.
"Here" He mumbles and hands me the shirt he just removed. I can't help the smile on my face as I take it in my hands. This must be our thing now, he must like me wearing his shirt to bed as much as I love the smell of him on the fabric. Harry focuses on the television as I follow his lead and change into his shirt and a pair of yoga pants. The pants are more like spandex leggings, but they are comfortable. After I fold up my bra and clothes Harry finally looks at me again. He clears his throat and his eyes rake my body.
"Those uhm.. pants are really sexy." he compliments and I flush.
"Much better than your fuzzy cloud pants." he teases and I laugh while taking a seat on the floor. I feel oddly comfortable in this impersonal room. Maybe its the books, or Harry, I am not sure. Harry
"Did you mean it in the car when you said you barely know me?" He asks quietly. His question is very unexpected.
"Sort of. You aren't the easiest person to get to know." I admit.
"I feel like I know you." he says, his eyes locked into mine.
"Yea because I let you, I tell you things about myself."
"I tell you things too. It may not seem that way, but you know me better than anyone else does." he looks down at the floor then back into my eyes. He looks sad and vulnerable, such a difference from usual but equally as captivating.
I am not sure what to say to his confession, I feel like I do know Harry on a very personal level, like somehow we connect much deeper than just knowing minuscule information about each other but I would like to know more about him.
"You know me better than anyone too." I tell him. He knows me, the real Tessa. Not the Tessa that I have to pretend to be around my mother, or even Noah. I have told Harry things about my father leaving, my mother's criticism, and my fears that I ever never told anyone else. Harry seems very pleased with this information, a smile covers his beautiful face as he stands from the chair and moves to the floor. He sits next to me and takes my hands into his.
"What do you want to know Tessa?" He asks and my eyes almost pop out of my head. Harry is finally willing to tell me more about himself. I am this much closer to figuring out this complicated, angry, yet sometimes lovely man.
Harry and I both lay back on the bed, eyes on the ceiling as I ask him at least a hundred questions. He talks about the place he grew up, Hampstead and how nice it was living there. He talks about the scar on his knee from the first time he learned to ride a bike with no training wheels, and how his mother passed out from the blood. His father was at the bar that day, all day long so his mother was the one who taught him. He tells me about grade school and how he spent most of his time reading. He was never very social, and as he got older, his dad drank more and more and his parents fought more and more. He tells me about how he got kicked out of secondary school for fighting but his mother begged them to let him back. He began getting tattoos at sixteen, his friend would do them in his basement. His first tattoo was a star, and once he got one he wanted more and more. He tells me he doesn't have a specific reason why he hasn't tattooed his back, he just hasn't gotten around to it yet. He hates birds and loves classic cars. The best day of his life was when he learned to drive and the worst was when his parents divorced. His father stopped drinking when he was fourteen and has been trying to make up for all the terrible years but Harry isn't having it. My head is swimming with all of this new information and I feel like I finally understand him. There are still many more things I would love to know about him but he falls asleep while telling me about the playhouse made from cardboard boxes that him and his mother made when he was eight. As I watch him sleep he appears so much younger now that I know about his childhood. It was mostly happy until his father's alcoholism poisoned it, creating the angry Harry that he is today. I lean over and give Harry a kiss on his cheek before crawling to the bed to sleep, I don't want to wake him so I pull the comforter sideways to cover myself up. My dreams are clouded by a curly haired little boy falling off a bicycle.
"Stop!" I jolt awake at the pained sound of Harry's voice. His body is jerking on the floor. I hurry out of the bed to get down to him and shake his shoulders gently to try to wake him. I remember how difficult it was to wake him last time, so I lean down on him and wrap my small arms around his shoulders as he tries to thrash away from me. A whimper escapes his perfect lips and he wakes up.
"Tess." He breathes and wraps his arms around me. He is panting, out of breath, and sweating. I should have asked him about the nightmares, but I didn't want to be greedy, he told me much, much more than I had ever expected him to.
"I'm here, I'm here." I comfort him. I pull his arm, gesturing him to get up and come to bed. When his eyes meet mine, the confusion and fear slowly fades out of them.
"I thought you left." He whispers. We lay down and he pulls me as close to him as possible. I run my fingers through his damp and unruly hair, his eyes flutter closed.
I don't say anything, I just continue to rub his scalp to calm him.
"Don't ever leave me, Tess." he whispers and falls back into sleep. My heart nearly explodes at his plea, and I know that as long as he wants me here, I'm here.

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