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Act Of Faith 2 Episode 22

Act Of Faith
Episode: Episode 22
I always knew a day like this would come, a day when Adanna would know about the real me but I never thought it would happen so soon. The most funny part of it was the fact that the person that had exposed me is the same person who had always emphasized on how we should keep our identity a secret, Sir Ajan. I took off my mask because there was nothing more to hide, she already know it's me, so what is there to conceal? " Gabriel, is this who you are?" Adanna asked more like a whisper, " See, am so sorry" I begged trying to touch her but she slapped me. " Don't touch me" She shouted and slapped me again, " Adanna stop this" Morgana held her hand, Alvana was already outside with sir Ajan. " Let her be, I deserve it" I told Morgana, " Gabi, we need to leave here, this isn't the time for anything" Morgana said, " Morgana, even you, you knew all this while and you didn't tell me" Adanna faced her, " It wasn't in my place to tell you, see, it isn't something..." Adanna interrupted her, " Shut up!! I hate you all" Adanna shouted as she walked out in anger, " Hey, its dangerous out there" I ran after her as she pushed the door open, it was at that same time one of sir Ajan guards was about shooting at Alvana who had taken cover well behind a pillar, the guy pulled the trigger and the bullet was obviously going to hit my wife, I had to do something.
I can't just explain it, but anytime am with Matt, I always get into problems. We were meant to go see if the other part of the church is clear , that was what Alvana asked us to do but we had not gotten anywhere when Matt tripped and fell making a hell of noise . " Must you always do this?" I asked him, " Do what?" He asked as he got up and dusted his body, " Must you always be the centre of attraction?" I asked him taking cover beside a giant pillar, " If you want , stay exposed, I will be happy seeing a bullet stuck into your forehead" I told him , he immediately took cover behind another pillar sideway to mine. " why are we taking cover? No one is coming" he told me, " Watch and see" I whispered to him and soon footsteps could be heard approaching. " Are you still wondering why we are taking cover?" I whispered to Matt again, " shhhhh" came his reply. I peeped at the approaching footstep, it was a Man in all black and a mask , he was approaching where we were. I knew we can't shoot him , that will certainly get us in trouble. I stared at Matt, who was just sideways to me hoping he would have an idea on what to do though I know he always had no idea. I held tight to my gun hoping for the worst and then I heard the sound of a gunshot, I peeped again and the Man in black had dropped down dead, there was someone behind him, the one who had shot him, he was also in black but this one wasn't wearing a Mask. " What is going on?" I asked myself but obviously wasn't expecting an answer. I looked again and the man in black whose face I couldn't see due to the darkness of the dawn walked away. I immediately rolled to Matt side . " What just happened?" I asked him, " What?" He asked me back, " Didn't you see, killing his own team" I told him not knowing how best to explain myself. " Forget, let's leave here" I dragged him away from the scene.
The only thing that came into my head was to jump and save my wife, I can't help it see my wife killed by a bullet. I dived towards her direction and pushed her, the bullet caught my leg as we both fell from the balcony downstairs. The guy that had shot the gun fell down some moment later, Alvana must have shot him dead. " Adanna" I called my wife who laid lifeless on the ground due to the shock and the fall, " Adanna" I called again shaking her face, " Adanna please don't do this" I cried as I rested her head on my laps, I could see blood dripping from my left leg, all thanks to the bullet. " Am sorry" I cried more stroking her hair, " Please don't do this to me" I begged my lifeless wife. " plea..." The sound of approaching footsteps interrupted me and I immediately drew her behind a pillar and brought out my gun ready to kill . Israel and Matt soon came into sight. " Israel" I called his name and they turned in my direction, " Gabriel, what happened? " Matt asked as they rushed to where I was, " Is she dead?" Israel asked, " I don't know" I answered . "You are bleeding, sh..." Israel was saying when the sound of another gunshot was heard upstairs, another Man in black fell down dead. " Israel, go help Alvana and Morgana up there, Matt, please, you need to help me take my wife away from here" I begged Matt, " What about you?" Matt asked me , " Just go, I will be fine" I assured him lifting Adanna's head off my lap, " Please, protect her with your life" I held Matt head and rested my forehead on his, "I will" he assured me as he lifted my wife on his shoulders, " I am sorry Joy, I love you so much and I pray we see again to show you how much I do" I said kissing her forehead,which hung freely from Matt's shoulder " The key to the car" he said and i gave it to him. " Gabriel" he called me standing upright, " Yes" I answered staring at my bleeding leg, " We will always love you" He said and walked away towards the door leading outside the church, I only nodded my head as I watched him leave.
" God" I murmured as I pulled off the black vest I was putting on leaving me with just my bare chest, I tore the vest into two and covered my bleeding leg with one of it. With the help of the pillar, I managed to get up , my gun was tightly held by my left hand, I limbed towards the staircase leading upstairs making sure to take cover at any slight noise. " God, if I live through today, I will worship you with all my might" I murmured silently within me. I could now hear gunshot from many angles, and many men in black were dropping dead, Alvana. Israel and Morgana can't be the only one doing this, about twelve men in black had fallen down the stairs and apparently some dead ones are still lying upstairs, there is something confusing about the whole scenario, something that I can't explain.
The shooting got more vigorous and intense, I had Morgana and Sir Ajan by me, while I try to protect my fiance, I also try my possible best not to let Sir Ajan escape. " Honey, if I die today, always know I love you " Morgana said to me, " Bad news, you are not going to die today" I assured her and rolled away from the pillar and shot one man in black vest but no mask, he fell down dead. I immediately rolled back again and took cover behind the pillar as the rest shot at me, I then pointed the gun at Sir Ajan's forehead. " Tell them to stop the shooting or you die" I threatened him, " Alvana, for the umpteenth time, I am not in control of this, i don't know those shooting, all what I did was a test, Ann and Matt's mom are alive, they are at the base. All I did was a test of Faith, Newriton sent me" He confessed.
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