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Act Of Faith 2 Episode 21

Act Of Faith
Episode: Episode 21
Title: This Means Trouble

Myself and Matt walked slowly like shadows to the back of the church building, there was just a small gate there. " Okay, we have to go in there but certainly not by that gate" I told Matt , " Then by which gate?" He asked me, " Fool we are not going to go through the gate, we use the fence " I told him. " Why use the fence when the gate is available?" He asked me, " Because the gate may get their attention" I answered tucking my gun by my side. " Like seriously, you want us to use the fence?" He asked, " Watch me" I answered as I jumped and lifted myself up the fence. " You can stay there contemplating weather to use the fence or not, am gone" I told him as I jumped to the other side , into the church building, Matt landed some seconds later. " What next?" He asked me, " nothing, just walk towards the church " I told him and we walked back to back towards the church main door as silent and slow as snails. " Dont breath" I whispered to him noticing the opened main door, " Why shouldn't I breath?" He asked back, " sorry I meant don't talk " I answered and we continued our walk towards the door. " What took you guys so long?" I heard Alvana's voice as we stepped into the church. " Shit!! You scared me for some seconds" Matt told him, " Where is Gabriel?" I asked him, " Hopefully, he might be dealing with sir Ajan now" Alvana said, " And why are you here?" Matt asked him , " Am keeping guide" Van answered. " You guys should go check around and see if you can get any thing suspicious" Alvana said and I nodded, " Let's check the back" I told Matt who immediately hung his gun on his shoulder.
I was trained under sir Ajan for six years, sir Ajan is that kind of man that keeps track of even your walking step talk more of your voice, he can depict who you are by a slight means. I knew if I shake my head the second time he had asked me if I saw anyone, he might suspect something so I decided to immediately swift to action regardless of the fact that my wife was there. " Kelvin, am waiting" he said bringing me out of my thoughts, " Forgive me father" I prayed silently as I swiftly threw a knife to the rope Morgana was suspended with and it cut off, she knew what was happening immediately and without wasting time gave a strong back kick to the guard who was standing beside her not considering the fact that she was all naked. I brought out my gun before Sir Ajan could do anything and pointed it at him, I knew I don't stand a chance against him in case of a fight. I turned to see my wife, she had curled herself up in a corner shivering. " Any step, I waste you" I told him not thinking of the fact that my wife might decipher my voice, " I knew it was you" Sir Ajan said smiling, " I didn't ask you to talk" I told him as I advanced towards him with my gun still pointed at him, " I don't need you to ask me to talk before talking" he smiled, " Okay then, maybe this might shut you up" I said as I cocked the gun like I was going to shoot him but instead I gave him a punch to the face with it and he staggered to the ground. " Guy what took you so long?" Morgana asked as she came beside me, she had tied the other guy down with a rope. " You might need to cover yourself up" I told her, " I think so" she said as she moved towards Sir Ajan who was trying to get up and started dealing punches on him. Sir Ajan fought back by pushing her away but I restrain him from touching her by pointing the gun to his forehead. " I asked you to dress up and not beat him" I told her, she started to remove Sir Ajan garment leaving him with only his underpants, she wore them, she also tied him down with one of the spare ropes in the room. " Take her away" I told Morgana , she immediately carried my wife up. " His voice is like my husband's voice" Adanna said as Morgana tried leading her out, " Let's go, that is not your husband" Morgana told her, " Yes its your husband talking, that is your lovely Gabriel" Sir Ajan shouted gasping for breath, there was a brief silence, this was all I have always wanted to keep a secret and now just like a flash, it is exposed. " Gabriel" I heard Adanna call from behind.
I stayed downstairs for sometime and when I noticed that nothing special was happening, I walked upstairs waiting for anything unusual to happen and soon enough, I started to hear noise from the second room upstairs. I wanted to go in but thought against it and stood back to listen to what was going to happen. I heard the noise of people fighting for about five minutes and then everything went calm, the next person voice I heard was that of my fiance, it was like she was asking Gabriel what took him so long and then Gabriel's voice came next, he kind of told her to go cover herself with a cloth, so my Morgana was naked? They said other things which I didn't kind of hear because they talked more like they were whispering and then I heard footsteps towards the door and immediately took cover beside it, then I heard another voice, it was that of Adanna, I can't forget that voice, we stayed together for a bit of time in the village. She was like telling Morgana that Gabriel's voice was like that of her husband and Morgana on the other hand tried to tell her it is not her husband's and then I heard Sir Ajan's voice, " Yes its your husband talking, that is your lovely Gabriel" was exactly what Sir Ajan said and everywhere became silent. I know the implication of this and how it might lead to the break down of their Marriage, I know how Gabi loves his wife so much, how he cares for her and how much he always wanted his wife. " Gabriel " Adanna called his name in more of a sorrowful voice, I know how betrayed she will feel, I could now feel my eyes wet but did not let it pour, I slowly opened the door and walked into the room, " Love!! " Morgana shouted as she jumped on me, " Not now" I said dropping her and walking towards Gabriel, " Alvana " Adanna murmured my name but I did not answer . " Man, let's leave here" I patted him and walked towards the tied Sir Ajan and lifted him up, " You will sure regret this" I told him leading him outside, " Gabriel, please tell me its not you" Adanna said to the masked Gabriel, " Its me love" Gabriel answered in a sorrowful voice and pulled off his mask. Sir Ajan bursted into laughter, I immediately punched him and drew him out.
Gabriel, am really sorry about that, take heart. Next episode loading

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