Wednesday, 18 April 2018

THE JAILBIRD (A ChrisEffe Classic) Episode 56-60

Joe Duncan stops the bike, and Chris gets down.
He puts a hand on the young man's shoulder, and speaks quietly.
Listen, Joe. Something bad went down tonight. Somebody tried to frame me big time. You saved me, pal, and I'm grateful.
Joe Duncan grins from ear to ear.
Don't worry, boss. I knew they were gonna try some stunt like that. I'm cool, and I've got your back. My lips are sealed. Just kick the ass of Crankboss. And then, later, if you can take a selfie with me, it'll be great.
Chris nods. Miracles still exist.
Pass by JUNIOR'S anytime, Joe. Bring your girlfriend. We'll hang out.
Yo! Radical! I’ll do that, Mr. Bawa! She’s Josephine. She’ll be blown away!! Thank you very much!!
They shake hands, and the boy rides off.
Chris has stopped several meters away from the house.
It is now getting less dark as daylight approaches rapidly. He runs to the back of the house and enters the little woody perimeter.
The little emergency exit gate creaks open, and he stoops and enters.
Effe is wearing jeans and a short blouse, and her beautiful face is crisscrossed with worry and fear.
Eyram called, Chris. The police are in her house. I told her to inform them you spent the night with me. They may be on their way here. Come quickly!
They go through the back door of the kitchen and climb the stairs hurriedly.
Effe urges him to take off his clothes quickly.
Naked, he gets under the shower as she carries his clothes downstairs and puts them in the washing machine.
By the time Chris emerges from the shower they can hear the strident wails of the police sirens.
Effe quickly shirks her clothes and pulls on a negligee.
Get into the bed, Chris, now!
Chris climbs under the sheets, and just then the intercom telephone rings.
She picks it up.
The police are here, Madam. They're forcing their way through.
I'll be there in a minute.
She looks at Chris with fear all over her lovely face.
Go, my love. It'll be fine.
Effe pulls on a morning robe and belts it.
She descends downstairs and opens the door.
The yard is crowded with cops, and Chief Inspector Danso Cuger is leading them.
Yes, Inspector?
Good morning, Madam. Sorry to bother you this morning. We're looking for Mr. Chris Bawa. We believe he was involved in a drug deal early this dawn, which led to one man losing his life.
(raising her eyebrows)
This dawn? What are you talking about? Chris is here. Has been with me since yesterday.
Really? We just asked the security man, and he didn't remember Mr. Bawa coming in yesterday.
Are you calling me a liar, Inspector? Well, if you had bothered to enquire further you would've been told the security men run shifts, and the one you questioned came in at six o'clock yesterday evening. The day security guy was here when I came in. Chris was in my car, I drove into the garage, and he spent the rest of the day with me.
Chris, a large cloth wrapped around him, appears behind Effe.
He yawns as he puts an arm around her shoulders.
What's it, Angel?
I don't know, my love. Seems the policeman thinks you were running a drug deal this dawn.
Chris looks into the furious eye of the police man, whose other eye is patched over as usual.
Cuger looks at Chris with unbridled hatred, and then he smiles tightly.
Sorry, Madam. Seems we were wrong. I'll advise you to stick around, Mr. Bawa. We'll still need you in the investigation surrounding the fifty kilograms of cocaine we found this dawn and the death of Mr. Darlett Thompson.
Chris' face clouds over instantly as a deep pain tears through him.
His body tenses as he looks at the policeman.
Effe almost falls down as she stares with horror at Chris.
What? Darlett is dead?
(smiling tightly)
He was fine when I spoke to him last night, my love. Maybe the Chief Inspector is confusing him with someone else.
(with a nasty smile)
He was shot dead this dawn by a police team which had a tip-off about some hard drugs. You can pass by the police morgue later in the day to identify him for us, Mr. Bawa, since he was staying with you. Good day. Let's go, men.
They watch as the police turn and leave the yard.
Effe goes inside and closes the door, and then she looks at Chris with horror.
Darlett? That sweet old man? Dead? What happened, Chris? What happened? What have you gotten yourself into now, Chris Bawa?
Sit down, Ef. Let me tell you everything.
Effe moves past him and begins to climb the stairs.
Come up, Chris. Come and tell me.
Chief Inspector Cuger swings his police jeep to the side of the road and gets out.
He stands rigidly as the other police cars disappear in the distance, and then he turns and looks at Effe's house.
Suddenly he turns and kicks savagely at the front tyre of the jeep.
His phone rings.
He looks at the screen and winces.
It is his boss.
He sighs deeply and picks the call.
Hello, Chief.
Cuger! You carried half the force on an operation I didn't sanction and have no idea of?
Sorry, Chief. It was a tip-off and we had to move quickly. We recovered some cocaine and were involved with a shoot-out with one of the criminals, who unfortunately died.
And the other? I've been told you went to Madam Effe Kedem's house to harass her.
Danso Cuger grits his teeth. There is a traitor in the squad, no doubt. Someone who had called the Chief immediately and ratted to Cuger.
Whoever that traitor is, Danso is going to find him.
We didn't harass her, Sir. The man we shot was Darlett Thompson, who was released from jail just a few weeks ago. He's a known felon, and a hitman for King Shapiro. Since his release he's been staying with Mr. Chris Bawa. We went to his house to question him, standard procedure, and learnt he was with Madam Effe. So, we went there.
(coldly furious)
Chris, huh? Same man who burst your eye? You're now turning this precinct into a personal vendetta for revenge, Inspector?
No, Sir. We-
I want your full report on my desk by eight this morning, Inspector! You better show me a link to Mr. Bawa, or I swear I'll have your damn ass on a platter!
The line goes dead.
Cuger grinds his teeth angrily and scratches under the patch of his burst eye.
He takes out a packet of cigarettes from his top pocket and opens the flap.
Inside are three rows of rolled marijuana.
He extracts one, lights up, and stays smoking for a while.
Then he picks up his phone and dials.
Give me the good news.
No good news. Everything went according to plan. Darlett, however, chickened out at the last moment and let Bawa escape. Darlett went berserk, started shooting at us. The guys had no option. They killed him.
(voice dangerously low)
Escaped? Chris escaped? Are you shitting me, you son of a castrated stupid bull? It is a six-storey building, one door. We chose the location well... you chose it! How the hell did he escape?
You better watch your mouth, Mr. Afful. I don't take that kind of shit from people like you. Whilst Darlett was holding us up Chris jumped from the sixth floor into the pool float, knocked McBaiden out, stole the car and drove to Okponglo where he abandoned the car. We suspect he had a lift of some sort. But he had enough lead to go to Madam Effe, who gave him the perfect alibi.
Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!! You stupid little stinking pussy! Fuck fuck fuck fuck!!! You took all that money from me and messed up? Fuck fuck fuck fuck! I'm gonna get your balls for this, Cuger! Fuck fuck fuck-
Cuger cuts the call.
Yeah, I heard you. Fuck fuck fuck! Stupid man!

Chris is sitting on the edge of the bed.
Effe is sitting behind the small glass-topped desk she uses for late-night edits.
Chris has just finished telling her the most sensational story ever, and she is shivering.
She is so scared.
She realizes just how close she and Junior had come to losing him again, and Darlett’s death gives credence to the magnitude of the horror.
She is so horrified that she can barely breathe.
She stares at the dark, violent, troubled man who is full of passion, and who is so lost in this world.
A man who is deeply hated by his own family from a very tender age and forced to fight his own battles, and who is still fighting his battles.
Effe stands up and walks slowly to him.
She sees that there are traces of tears in his eyes from the grieving his soul over Darlett’s final sacrifice.
Of course, he is like that. He is the kind of man who will cry for a man who had wanted to kill him, and in the end made the ultimate sacrifice for him.
Darlett might have been a loathsome man, a man with no scruples who will sell his mother's soul to save his own, but in the end Darlett Thompson had been a true friend.
Chris, Chris, Chris! Why do these things happen to you? Why are you always in some kind of trouble? I guess your problem is that you trust too much and the people you trust betray you. Darlett died so that we can be happy, my love. He gave up his life for you to live a free man. Oh Chris, I’ve never gotten over you. I was very hurt when you betrayed me like that. You made me a lot of promises and then you broke them almost simultaneously. I was hurt. I was deeply broken. I told myself I wouldn’t let you hurt me again. The only way I knew how was to cut you off completely. I believed the out of sight out of love crap but there wasn’t one
single day that passed without me thinking about you. I was so lost without you. I felt I failed as a wife. I felt I didn’t make you happy enough that was why all those bad things happened. I sought for answers but you gave me none. When I saw you and Elaine naked, that broke my back. That was the last straw, Chris.
She is in obvious anguish, and her tears fall on his clamped hands, and burn him as if they are coals of fire.
He knows she is laying her soul bare, bringing out the festering poison that has locked her heart out.
He reaches out and places his hands on her waist.
He draws her forward, and nestles his face in her belly.
She is trembling.
She puts her hands on his shoulders.
And then three months after your incarceration, when I couldn’t take the pain of missing you anymore, I came to see you. The officers told me you were very dangerous and not allowed visitors. I argued with them and when they saw I was knowledgeable in the law, they told me I had to strip down for a search. I knew it was wrong, but I did it just to get a chance to see you, but when I was in my bra and panties, they started to
laugh, and demanded that I take everything off, but I couldn’t do it. I felt so humiliated by their lewd remarks and gestures and ran almost naked to my car. I told myself I was never going back to that prison. I know it’s no excuse, and that I should’ve tried harder, but afterwards my bitterness took over because my heart was bleeding, and I just wanted to be free from that torment. I’m so sorry, Chris-Love. Please forgive me.
Chris looks up at her, and then he encircles her waist with his arms, and his face is still pressed into her belly.
I’m so sorry my Princess, for that harrowing experience you went through. I’m sure Cuger was behind that. He wanted to break my spirit, and he knew one way of achieving that was to make me believe you abandoned me. Let’s move on from the past. I’m here now. I only survived in that prison because of you. I wanted to see you again even if you were with another man.
She traces her hands on his lips and gazes deeply into his eyes.
Make me yours again, Chris-Love! Missed you soooo much. I've hungered for your aura, for your halo. Your Cupid's Bow has never left my heart!
His raises his head and pulls her closer.
He has missed her so much.
He thirsts for her.
She's his air!
She caresses his head, and presses herself closer to him.
She runs her fingers on his naked shoulders, and runs tender fingers down on the terrible wounds on his back, feeling his pain.
It all makes perfect sense now.
Cuger has never forgiven Chris for taking out his eye, and in prison the policeman had made sure that Chris went through the worst of experiences, and she had made it worse by staying away.
She is sure that Cuger is part of this evil plan to kill Chris or get him back to prison.
She is afraid of Cuger lifting fingerprints of Chris from the scene and from the police sedan, and implicating Chris.
She plans of scaring Cuger, maybe with the threat that she has the Darlett confession tapes, but that can wait.
Now is not the time to be scared.
This moment, right here, is the time for living.
The moment to live.
With her man.
The only man.
She bends and kisses him, gently pushing him onto the bed.
She pulls away moments later and walks slowly to the door and locks it.
She turns slowly and faces him.
Put on the lights, my Angel, I want to see you. I want to see every tiny inch of your body. I have been starved of you.
Effe remembers.
She has never forgotten.
He always wanted to see her, and she always wanted to see the love on his face as he made passionate sweet love to her.
She is so emotional as she switches on the lights, feeling so sentimental that tears fill her eyes.
Chris walks to her and presses her to the door with a kiss that makes them both gasp for air when they manage to pull apart.
She drops the morning robe on the floor.
Chris pushes his hand through the negligee and touches her breasts, elongating her nipples, sending shivers of pleasure though her.
Effe feels hot, so hot with desire, and runs her hand gently up his erection, making him moan with a guttural explosion of pleasure.
He pulls her negligee off in one quick sweep.
He stops for a brief moment to stare at her with a hunger so strong and fierce that it makes the deepest hearts of hell pale to luxurious bliss, and then he lifts her and crushes her against his chest in a sweet torture of a kiss.
Chris pulls her bra off in a simple click of the hooks and slowly peels off her panties.
She knows how much he loves seeing her from behind, how her exquisite shape always takes his breath away.
She turns to him slowly, her hands on her breasts, her nipples hard, and she sees that he is fully erect, and his eyes are half-shut, and he is panting with desire.
She feels the slight throb in her loins, the desire trickling down her inner thighs.
He lifts her and carries her to the bed, his lips blazing a scorching path down her throat.
He puts her gently on the bed.
Without a word he turns and goes to the bathroom while she lies breathless.
He returns after a while with a white towel around his waist.
Walking slowly towards her, she marvels at how incredibly handsome he is.
He suddenly swings her into his arms and, kissing her, carries her to the bathroom.
Time stops, and it feels like Effe’s heart will burst with happiness as she surrenders herself to him.
He puts her in the Jacuzzi, and she feels the sweet lukewarm water over her body, made heavenly by the soaps and fragrant lotions he has added.
She closes her eyes and moans as he gently bathes her, his hands whispering all over her body, his fingers filled with fire and ice.
Her body has never known such pleasure.
She cries silently, filled with a love so powerful, a desire so strong, that she wishes time will never move again.
His sweet hands loves her body from her face to her toes.
He drains the soapy water and cleans her with fresh lukewarm water.
He lifts her up, sets her on the drying patch, picks a towel, and gently dries her body, pausing to kiss her lips, her ears, her eyelids, her throat, her neck, her nipples...
He dries her body and kneels down to dry her legs.
His tongue finds her navel and travels down sensously
and rests on the juncture of her thighs.
She moans and trembles as his tongue works on her, and she reaches furiously for him, but he steps out of her reach.
He carries her to the bed, takes a gentle body splash, and gently massages her, lingering on her core zones, driving her so crazy that she is like in a permanent fissure of volcanic pleasure.
Time and again she reaches for him, moans for him, but he stays maddeningly out of reach.
She is simply leaking!
He leaves her, and she moans with frustration, but he smiles lovingly and goes to the bathroom.
He returns a few minutes later and stands looking down at her with his face filled with a love so deep, an adoration so perfect, a craving so hot, a need so insatiable and a worship so flawless that her tears fall gently as the power of the moment grips her relentlessly.
If you don’t make love to me now, I’ll die, or I'll kill you, Chris-Love.
He drops the towel, his face filled with adoration.
CHRIS angel. My breath. My life.
When he drops beside her their kiss is as fierce as the exotic depths of the most powerful volcano.
She turns him on his back and straddles him.
Chris gives off a deep groan.
A moan she is so familiar with.
A moan that means he cannot take it anymore.
A moan that means he is ready.
She takes him and guides him slowly inside her warm sweetness.
He gasps, and his hands come up to cup her breasts, his thumbs elongating her excited nipples.
She falls forward, her lips seeking his violently, desperately.
They fall into the old rhythm as if they have never been apart.
She moans and gasps as wave after wave of pleasure engulfs her.
He is panting, his arms around her, going down her waist, rubbing sensuously across her thighs, coming up to grasp her beautiful buttocks, caressing her, loving her, killing her with love.
His lips blaze a sweet song along her throat, her ears and on her lips.
Oh, oh, oh... Chris-Love!
She moves in frenzy on him, racing towards that climax.
Oh, Ah, oh Loorrrd! Slow down, Angel! Missed you so much! I don't wanna explode now... make it last! I don’t want it to stop!
I ... can't stop! Oh, Chris-Love! Don't stop! Don't ... stop!! Push me, Chris-Love, push me haaaaarrrrd!!!
Love you. Love you! Love you! Don’t stop Chris! I want all of you. I want you bad!
They grasp each other tightly, as if for survival, and they both reach the penultimate, and their muffled screams are evidence of the incredible volcanic explosion ripping them apart!
Screams of love starved, of passion repressed, of basic bestial craving throttled...for far too long!
It is its purest form!

It is fight night.
The arena has never been this packed.
It is packed to the rafters!
Every single seat is taken.
It is a sold-out event, hyped by the media, loved by the country.
Live-streaming to all major cities in Africa, the fight has been dubbed 'Rumble of the Titans'.
The VIP Lounge is full, and Eyram, sitting with Rupert, can barely breathe.
Effe is not at the VIP Lounge this time.
She is at ringside with her father, who is beaming from ear to ear.
The noise is rapturous.
She had sat through four under-card fights, two of which had ended early, and two of which had gone the distance.
Her fear is great as she remembers the dream Junior had had.
Her father holds her hand and shouts.
Relax, dear. Chris is the best. He's going to whip that arrogant little bastard, you trust my words.
Effe smiles and nods nervously.
The canvas is being dry-cleaned by two fight attendants using fluffy mops.
Rupert puts a hand under Eyram's chin and turns her strained face to his. He bends and kisses her gently. She opens her lips and kisses him back, and then she sits back with a smile.
Rupert leans back and pops a gum into his mouth, and he is happy that she had at least kissed him in public so tenderly.
Eyram is very nervous.
Her heart is in a turmoil.
She is aware that Effe and Chris have almost found a way back to each other, and she knows that definitely, after the fight, they would vow and commit to each other once again.
Many thoughts have been flying through her mind for almost a week now.
The prime thought is to accept Rupert, marry him, and try her best to love him and get Chris out of her blood forever.
Way up in the VIP Lounge Afful sits with Elaine, and then a man drops into the empty seat by his side, and he turns and looks into Steve's tortured face.
You were with Micky?
Yeah. Told him to kill Chris.
Ain't no way Micky can kill Chris, you moron. You want to fight for Effe, fight like a man. Don't expect anybody to do your dirty work for you.
Elaine turns and looks at them with very angry eyes.
Effe and Chris are getting back together, aren't they?
She's your friend, darling. You should know.
She says nothing to me anymore. She just wants to speak to Steve. She's a great disappointment to me, to say the least.
Steve sighs miserably and looks into space morosely.
I regret ever befriending that bastard in school. But you know what? Effe is the only woman for me. The only woman. And I know she will eventually come to see that. Chris is a bomb in her life. He will explode again, and she will come running back to me. Just wait and see.
You pathetic old fool. I wonder why you waited so long anyway. You had five years, man, five good years and you couldn't marry or bang her. If you want her, this is the time to fight for her, or she's gone forever!
The lights suddenly dim, and then, for the very first time in many years, the sound of Bob Marley's "Crazy Baldheads" bashes through the speakers of the arena, and a mighty roar goes up!
It is the signature tune for Chris "The Darling Boy" Bawa.
The giant television screens around the arena are suddenly filled with the knockout moves of Chris in past fights.
And then the blue lights of the Challenger's Entrance light up, and Junior appears, dressed up in all black... black jeans, black combats and a black hoodie with a peaked cap.
On his chest are the words, in gold, "The Darling Team."
Junior is smiling, and then Wailer Vroom comes out too, dressed in a similar style, and then as they begin to walk forward Chris appears in the doorway, and a noise the sound of the Atlantic Ocean shakes the arena.
That sound decibel has never been heard, and will probably never be heard in the arena again.
He is dressed in only black shorts with gold side trimmings, and black fight shoes.
His hands are encased in black and gold GojuFist gloves.
Placards shoot into the sky. Fans yell and applause.
Sitting in the VIP and watching, Elaine fumes with anger.
It seems that the boy is no longer the Beast.
Suddenly he has become a hero!
As Chris walks forward his son takes his hand, and together they walk towards the ring.
When he passes the stationed camera beaming his movements on the giant screens, the camera angle swivels, pans and settles on his chest, biceps and spectacular rips.
The hirsute torso is a sexy sight that sends many a female into peals of delight.
And then, as he passes, the camera pans again and settles on his back.
That is when, one by one, people stop the shouting and screaming.
The image of his mutilated back - cut, stripped, whipped, ironed, tortured - filled the screens for every eye to see.
The sight shocks even Afful, who does a double-take and lean forward.
Elaine gasps and clamps her hands to her face.
Jesus! Who did that to him?
She is not the only one who is horrified.
There is absolute silence in the arena as the agony he might have gone through to have such a tortured back strikes through the hearts of the crowd.
Danso Cuger, watching the fight in the Officers' Lounge of at the police station, suddenly feels the horrified eyes of the cops coming to rest on him as Bawa's back fills the 21-inch coloured television they are watching.
He grinds his teeth savagely as it suddenly dawns on him that maybe he had gone too far.
This is the most terrible advert ever of his misdeeds and extreme atrocities.
He knows the Commander will see it, and many other people in high places will see the scars.
Bawa had not gone to prison with such a back. Danso Cuger knows that an investigation will surely come up over this.
The Commander of GRAND CASTLE PRISON, MR. DANIEL MIMAOSE, is almost asleep when his wife, sitting on the bed and trying to read and watch the fight on the small bedroom television, suddenly shakes him awake.
Danny, Danny, wake up, wake up!
The Commander sits up groggily.
What, what? Has the fight started?
(almost weeping)
Look at his back! Look at Chris' back! What did you people do to him?
The Commander squints at the television, and his heart almost jumps out of his chest.
My good gracious!
He is shivering with shock as he fumbles for his phone and dials.
Hello, sir?
My good gracious! Fii, are you watching the fight?
Yes, Danny, I am.
What is this I'm seeing? What happened to Bawa? Was it in my prison?
Yes, Danny. I spoke to you once, about my suspicions that the resident police officer, Danso Cuger, and some prison officers are torturing him. I think Cuger denied it.
My good gracious! I want a report first thing Monday. I'm setting up a committee to investigate this. You're the Chairman. Report to me in a week!
Yes, sir. It will be done.

Inside the arena the red lights of the 'Champion's Entrance' lights up, and the screens are filled with images of Mike 'The Crankboss' Crankson.
His entourage comes out, all of them dressed in white.
Then a huge rapper comes out rapping about KICKING BUTT.
He is followed by four women wearing only tiny white skirts and halter tops and knee-length white boots.
Crankson emerges, as usual, in white shorts, white fighting shoes, white gloves and a white hoodie.
He is gyrating and prancing around with his eyes wild and his tongue out, his usual style, but today there are no ecstatic applause and screams from the crowd.
There are mainly boos and a few scattered applause.
Nana Bosomtwum is walking rapidly behind his boy.
Once they enter the ring Crankson executes a beautiful mid-air flip and lands in a fighting stance, drawing cursory applause from his fans.
Chris' dark eyes are riveted on Crankson.
He is standing still, and barely moves as the Ghana National Anthem is played.
He barely hears anything else until the ring announcer calls the credits.
And now, introducing the Challenger, fighting for the first time in more than a decade, the former undefeated Grandmaster of GojuFist, forty-three fights, no loss, no draw, thirty-nine knockouts, undefeated champion in five different weight classes, ten successful defences of the ultimate Grandmaster belt....the fearsome, the handsome, the one and only Chris, the Daaaaaaaaarling Boooooooy Bawa!!!
The noise levels almost lift the rooftops, the screams continue, the placards wave.
And now, the Champion, the current Grandmaster of GojuFist, the finest, the coolest, the undisputed master, fighting out of the red corner, proud record of fifty-fights, forty knockouts, no loss, no draw, the most terrible of bosses, eleven defences of the Grandmaster belt, Mike, the boss of bosses, the Crankboooossss Craaaaaaaannnksoooon!!!
This time there is much more appreciable screaming, applauding and shouting!
Now, Ladies and Gentleman, prepare your eyes, don't twitch, don't blink, this is the Rumble of the Titans, the Capo de tutti Capi, boss of bosses, who is who, the amaga of amagas, who reigns supreme today when two gods clash? Let's get ready to cruuuuuushh some heaaaaaaaads!
Crazy sounds! Trumpets, screams, applause, yells!
And now, your able referee, Laryea Odamten!
Referee Odamten calls the fighters to the centre of the ring.
The two fighters stand face to face.
Crankson is tall, but a breadth shorter than Chris, but Chris is a bigger man, his muscles and rips finer developed.
I want a clean fight, trust. Engage when I say, break when I say, trust. Defend yourselves at all times, trust. Don't let me come and get you, trust. Mr. Bawa, Mr. Crankson, bump gloves...we're set, trust.
Chris holds up his gloves, and Crankson crashes his gloves on it.
People leave the ring now, and very soon the two men are alone, and the referee is in the middle.
Wailer Vroom stands outside the ring and speaks to Chris.
Go get him, Tiger.
Junior reaches inside the ropes and hugs his father's thigh tightly.
There are tears in his eyes.
I'm very scared, Daddy. I don't want you to die.
Chris looks down at his son and smiles tenderly.
Champ, I'll finish this quickly and we can all go home, okay?
Junior nods, and then he goes and sits down at the Trainer's Rest with Wailer Vroom.
The bell tinkles.
Crankson moves to the centre quickly.
Chris moves slowly.
Referee Odamten holds down a stiff hand, and then slashes it sideways in the air.
The bell tinkles again.
GojuFists, fight, trust!
The two men stare at each other.
I'm gonna retire you forever, old man.
You shouldn't have touched my son. Nobody touches my son.
Crankson is soon a motion of fast blinding movements, spinning for the savage turning kick, but his foot slashes empty air, because Chris is no longer there.
It takes only a minute for Crankson to realize that he has met a master, and that finally, he has met that one man who is quicker, faster and more skilful than he is.
No matter what he tries -- punch, kick, butt, spin, smash -- Chris is always a step ahead, moving, blocking, locking.
He is like air, and so agile and quick that Crankson only sees him in blurs.
My God! Chris is even better than before! Have you ever seen anything like that? It is as if Crankson is fighting a ghost!
Effe smiles a little easier this time.
She had never likef Chris fighting, and had made him stop, but watching him, her heart glows, because it is her man who is exhibiting that magic inside that ring, and drawing all that admiration from the crowd.
Rupert leans forward, barely able to breathe.
(with awed admiration)
Damn! Didn't know he's this marvellous.
Afful shakes his head and leans back.
Do you still think Micky is gonna kill your man for you, Stevo?
Fuck off, Jon! But you're right, it's time to fight for the love of my life, and I'm going to do it.
Steve gets up suddenly, and without a further look at the ring he walks out of the VIP Lounge.
Everyone watches in awe as Chris exhibits the incredible reflexes and skill that they have not seen in a GojuFist fight for a long time.
At long last, panting and beginning to taste the horrible tang of fear and desperation, Crankson stands in a fighting stance and looks at Chris with something akin to absolute panic.
The bell tinkles.
Chris speaks slowly.
Just wanted to show you how a true Grandmaster does it. If you give up now, and do not respond to the second round bell, you'll be disgraced, but you will be whole. If you come for the second round, I'm gonna hurt you bad.
He turns and walks to his corner, leaving a trembling Crankson staring after him.
Crankson goes to his corner.
He sees the fear in the eyes of Nana Bosomtwum.
What did the bastard say?
He says I can choose not to answer the bell for the second round. If I do he will hurt me.
What are you gonna do, Micky?
(laughing shakily)
Well, I've never been a coward. I can't be one now. He's good, damn good, but I'm going in there. Maybe, in his complacency, he'll give me an opening, and I'll kill him.
The second round bell tinkles.
Chris gets up and moves to the centre of the ring.
Crankson meets him.
Alright, asshole, let's see what you've got.
What happens next is a blur.
Crankson does not see Chris moving, but he feels the crushing blows... his head, his legs, his ribs, his arms.
Crankson screams with pain as Chris twists and turns, attacking with such relentless brute force that Crankson is reduced to a punching bag, and blood streams from his face and nostrils.
He feels the punishing blows, and moans with a mixture of pain and horror.
Chris spins, sinking a fist in his guts, making Crankson wheeze, and then Chris is in the air, swinging a haymaker that almost tears Mike's head off, and then Chris gracefully turns in the air with a head-crushing side-kick that hurls Crankson into the ropes.
Crankson manages to stand straight, but he is wobbling, and there is blood in his mouth and around his nostrils.
He stares at Chris with his horror complete.
Yoush shmucking fuckishy brabrashbush shucotip pusharapash!
His lips are so swollen and smashed that his words are not coherent.
There is no mercy on Chris' face.
Nobody hits my son. Nobody!
And then his hands move like pistons, the blows raining down on Mike with terrible precision... fast, hard, damaging, unstoppable!
(suddenly alarmed)
Oh, God, Chris is going to kill him! No, Chris-Love! Stop, Baby, Stoooop!!!
Up in the VIP Lounge Eyram jumps to her feet in alarm.
He's killing him! My God, he's killing him!
The crowd is suddenly silenced at such brute punishment.
It is no longer a fight.
It is a torture, a macabre thrashing as primitive as it is beastly.
Nana Bosomtwum looks around for a white towel to throw in, to concede defeat.
A spinning side blow from Chris sends Crankson crashing against the corner, his legs gone, his hands down, unable to defend himself.
Chris goes into his fatality stance, the one he uses to deliver knockouts.
He extends his right hand, crouches a bit low on his left leg, gathering all his brute force into his left fist for a straight chin-crushing explosive punch that no opponent had ever survived.
Referee Odamten tries to stop the fight because it is evident Crankson is gone, and cannot defend himself.
But the referee is behind Chris, and he slips on the canvas and falls.
Nana Bosomtwum throws in a white towel, but it lands behind Chris, and he does not see it in the mist of the fury consuming him.
Effe is screaming, Wailer is screaming... the crowd is silenced as Chris begins to zone in with that deadly left fist.
And then Junior is through the ropes, and suddenly he is standing in front of his father, holding his father’s right thigh, tears streaming down his face.
Chris freezes.
He sees his son through the mist of his murderous fury, and slowly he begins to shake, and that horrible mist of fury slowly leaves his eyes.
Junior now wraps both his arms around his father's
legs and weeps silently.
Referee Odamten has gained his feet, and has picked up the white towel, and he moves forward and strikes downward...
Chris has won!
He is once again the Grandmaster of GojuFist.
Crankson tries to move, and he crashes to the canvas hard, and remains still.
Chris picks up his son, and hugs him, and Junior hugs him back.
Odamten motions to the doctors to attend to Crankson as he walks up to Junior and pats him on his back.
Trust, young man, you're as brave as your father, trust! Thank you, thank you very much, trust. That's a great kid you got there, Mr. Bawa, trust.
Junior giggles through his tears.
What's with him, Daddy, trust? Trust, trust, trust! What's wrong with him, trust?
Father and son both collapse with gales of laughter.
I don't know, trust!
Trust, he's trustworthy, trust!
This time they scream with laughter.
Wailer Veoom enters the ring, shouting and punching the air with extreme happiness.
There is deafening screaming all around.
Crankson is carried out on a stretcher, still unconscious.
The sound is deafening as Chris' name reverberates around the arena.
He is a hero once more.
The beast is gone, for now, for a moment.
This moment, as he hugs his brave son, and the image is beamed across the continent, Chris Bawa knows only happiness, and he prays deep down, that it will stay that way!

Chris and Junior walk out hand in hand after Effe.
Junior had spent the weekend with Chris, and he is going back to school.
Effe is going to Takoradi for a UN Seminar.
As usual Junior is holding one of Chris' big middle finger tightly, and Chris is holding Junior's school bag.
Effe will drop him off at school before going to pick a private flight to Takoradi.
Junior gives his father a hug, and then he hops into the back of the car.
Effe stands in front of Chris and takes his hands in hers.
She smiles lovingly at him, but in the depths of her lovely eyes lurks a little uneasiness.
I'm going to miss you, Angelface.
I'll miss you more, Chris-Love. But it is only for two days. Seriously you should consider coming to live at my place. This is getting too hard to live with. I need you with me all the time.
I want everything to be perfect, Princess. When you come back I want us to renew our Vows, with new rings, and start our lives on a fresh page.
Her lovely face lights up, and she puts her arms around his neck and draws his head down.
He holds her and kisses her gently.
(with tears in her eyes)
This time, Chris-Love, let it be for eternity. I can't stand any more storms, my love. Please promise me everything will be alright.
Chris takes her face in both hands and kisses her deeply.
For a moment, he is tempted to bring out the exquisite rings he had purchased just two days previously.
They are in a super-cool glass box in his pocket. He almost brings them out and put one on her finger.
But he knows he has to wait. The moment has to be just right for them. He has it all planned out.
He will wait for her to come back, and then there is going to be a very romantic outing for them, and then he is going to make new Vows to her.
I'll be here waiting for you, my darling. Just hurry back, because every second that I'm not with you my heart dies a little.
She kisses him desperately, passionately, happily.
Junior opens the back door of the car and sticks his head out.
I'm going to be really really really late for school if you really really really don’t stop that face-licking thing in front of your little innocent son!
His parents laugh, and Chris opens the door for Effe.
She sits in, winds down the window, and sticks her face out for a final kiss.
Finally, the car moves away, and Chris waves to the love of his life and his son.
Effe fumbles her phone out of her bag to call Eyram who had left quite early for the hospital to attend to an emergency.
Effe has just scrolled to Eyram's number when her phone suddenly dims and shuts down.
Her battery has run out.
She puts the phone back in her bag and tosses the bag into the back-seat, and the phone rolls out of her bag and lands under the front passenger seat.
As Chris walks back towards the Boys Quarters he shudders suddenly, and looks up into the sky.
It is not a bright sky; it is bleary and scowling, bleeding like a wound, as if it is going to rain.
Come on, Fate, don't come and jinx me again.
As he climbs the stairs he does not notice that Steve has stepped out from behind the shadow of a Royal Palm where he has been hiding and observing their show of love with the darkest of expressions on his face.
As Steve walks towards the house he grips the yellow hospital folder he is holding tightly.
He climbs the stairs and knocks on the door loudly, and waits.
A moment later the door opens, and Chris stands in the doorway looking at him.
Steve smiles, and it is not a very good smile.
Chris Bawa. My own very good friendl. You know, every time I see you I regret bitterly bringing you home with me that vacation to meet my family, and Effe.
Chris leans against the door jamb and crosses his arms across his chest.
He keeps his fury in check as he looks at Steve.
How long are you going to keep all that hate bottled up inside you, Steve? If you had not brought me to her, Effe and I would've met her somehow. I know you don't really love her. I know you've been cheating on her. So why don't you just accept it and move on, Steve? Anyway, would you like to come inside? Can I offer you a drink?
Go fuck yourself, Chris, I'd rather drink with a snake!
Chris' jaw works and for a moment his teeth grates, but he takes a deep shuddering breath and steps back into the room.
Suit yourself then, Steve.
Steve holds up the yellow folder he is holding quickly.
Actually, I came to see if you and I can work out some sort of agreement regarding the custody of my son. Since you and Effe are obviously coming back together don't you think it'll be prudent if I take custody of my son?
Chris steps out unto the veranda and regards Steve with pitying eyes.
What the hell are you up to now, Steve?
Junior is not your son, you infertile son-of-a-bitch! He's my son, and I want him back.
Chris chuckles and shakes his head, and this time there is real pity in his eyes.
Yeah, right, Steve.
He turns to go back into the room.
Steve speaks desperately.
Effe didn't tell you, right? And neither did Eyram? Well, actually Junior is for Eyram and me. Eyram provided an egg, I provided sperm, it was fertilized in a lab, and carefully put into Effe's womb.
Chris freezes. He is holding the door handle, and suddenly all the veins stand out on his arms and neck.
For a moment he cannot breathe as he fights for control.
He tells himself that Steve is lying. He tells himself that he has to exercise control, he has to remain calm, but he cannot.
A pain the size of the Atlantic Ocean rips through his heart, and dazedly he turns, and the look of murder in his eyes causes Steve to step back quickly from him.
You bastard! Better get out of here before I break every damn bone in your body! You damn liar!
(giggling, but with fear)
Me? A liar? Well, let me tell you a story, Romeo, and open your eyes to a secret that has been kept from you all this while, by a woman you think you're in love with.
Shut the heck up, Steve!
Why? Truth hurts? Of course, the truth hurts, so I won't go into details. Everything is set out in this yellow medical folder. Effe's gynaec was Dr. Gabriel Anaman, right?
Chris is visibly shaking now. His eyes are half-closed, and suddenly Steve knows that if he doesn't get it out quickly and leave Chris will kill him in an instant if his pain continues.
Stop this, Steve, it's not funny. Whatever sick game you're playing, I'm not buying it, and I'm not believing you.
Suit yourself, Romeo. Whatever happens I'm taking you to court, to claim custody of my son. Effe couldn't conceive when you two got married. After a year she was still childless. She was scared because she thought she was losing you. She said she saw signs that you were cheating-
Well, Effe thought otherwise. She used to weep all the time. Dr. Anaman told her to try artificial insemination because it seems the foetuses she had with you couldn't attach to the walls of her womb. You were doing drugs, Chris, and Dr. Anaman thought that maybe the drugs had affected your sperms, giving Effe bad foetuses. Secondly, she was not producing enough eggs, due to some hormonal imbalances. Effe was scared to tell you what the doctor said. She thought you would leave her because you wanted a son so much. So, when Dr. Anaman suggested In Vitro Fertilization, we agreed to help, that is Eyram and myself.
(in agony)
No, no, no, no! Oh, sweet Lord no! You're lying, by Jove! I don't believe it!
I don't give two hoots whether you believe it or not! Go and ask Eyram. Doctor Anaman too can confirm it, but he's in Australia now. You can easily get him. We promised Effe never to tell you. Doctor Anaman extracted eggs from Eyram, and retrieved sperm samples from me. They were manually combined in a laboratory dish, and then he transferred the embryo to Effe's uterus.
Chris cannot take it anymore.
He is covered with sweat, and he backhands Steve across the face.
Steve falls and scrambles away quickly from the enraged, bitter man.
He can taste blood on his cut lip.
(agonized, dying, in severe pain)
(in terror)
Use your head, Chris! Of course he looks like you. Isn't there an Akan saying that when you continue 'watering' a pregnant woman her baby will look like you after birth? That's what we did! For you and Effe! Eyram's eggs, my sperms! Ask Eyram, if you doubt me. Take Doctor Anaman's old folder. I paid good money to have that folder stolen from the hospital's archives. Read it! Call Effe, now and ask her! Go on! Don't beat me, Chris! I'm telling you a secret your Princess has kept from you for eight years!
Chris is trembling with agony.
He takes out his phone and as he dials and puts it to his ear Steve puts the folder down and then he jogs rapidly away, aware that his job is done.
Chris calls and calls, but Effe's phone is switched off.
Trembling, he calls Eyram's number again and again. She responds finally in a rushed voice.
(in a rush)
Chris, dearest, can you call back in about ten minutes? I'm in the middle of something very urgent right now.
Is Junior your son? Did you and Steve contribute to the In Vitro Fertilization of Junior?
(stunned, dizzy)
Oh, my God! Chris, where are you? Please let me come over, please.
(scared, confused)
Chris! Relax. Tell me where you are and I'll come-
Calm down, Chris. Please calm down.
(screaming harder)
You don't understand, Chris. You just don't understand... yes, it is true, Chris, but there are other aspects you obviously don't know about. You're the one Effe loves. She loves you very much, and she didn’t-
Chris screams then and throws his phone away.
He screams as he spins and smashes his leg into the railings of the veranda, and then he smashes a fist into the door, and it flies off its hinges.
As he enters the room crying and screaming and hurt, Baaba's car turns into the yard, and she drives to the Boys Quarters.
She gets down quickly and races after Chris into the room.

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