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PASSWORD 2 Episode 3-4

Still Baluu remained far away as the security men locked the gridlock and secured it with the padlocks and the nurses held the dart guns pointed at him.
Maa Abena was weeping silently now, and just then Nii Lin appeared with Senior Nurse Elsie Ansah.
She was in blue housedress. Obviously she was not on duty but Nii Lin had hunted her down.
Her face was filled with horror as she glared at the Director.
“Mr. Dovlo!” she said harshly. “What do you think you’re doing? Putting a patient in the same ward with an unrestrained Baluu? What’s the meaning of this? Do you want him dead? Get him out of there this instant!”
Director Bobo Dovlo turned and glared at her with fiendish scrutiny.
“You dare question me?”
“I’m not questioning you!” Elsie flared. “I’m just telling you that if any harm comes to that boy I’ll include this gross disregard to human life in my report, Mr. Bobo Dovlo!”
Bobo Dovlo looked at Nurse Elsie with narrowed eyes and licked his lips.
Suddenly it occurred to him that there were too many eyewitnesses, and maybe he could have handled this situation differently with only the security guards around.
Hatred for Kofi Kuntu and the urge to see Baluu tearing him apart had made the Director behave in a rash manner, and now he sought a way out that would give him some leeway when the imminent death of Kofi occurred at the hands of the killer Baluu.
“I’ve been trying to work out a new formula for Baluu to integrate him slowly to human co-existence, Nurse Ansah!” the Director said crossly. “You don’t understand my premium approach to cases like these, because you’re always in a rush to jump to conclusions!”
“Get him out of there now, Director!” Nurse Elsie screamed. “Whatever treatment you’re aiming at will have to be tested under controlled situations first without humans exposed to acute danger that can lead to death! This is absolutely unacceptable!”
Baluu could no longer wait.
He let out an ear-splitting scream and rushed towards the door.
The nurses, security men and doctors quickly moved away from the door against the wall.
“My God!” Maa Abena said tearfully. “He’s going to kill Kofi!”
Kofi Kuntu, who was free from the straitjacket now, and whose mind was still a little befuddled by the drug he had been given, suddenly stood up tall, and then he suddenly dropped on both his hands and knees and crawled forward toward the rushing Baluu.
Baluu came to a sudden stop and looked at Kofi Kuntu crawling towards him on his hands and knees like a monkey.
“Ei, no be small. Yie!” Baluu said softly. “And what animal is this?”
Kofi still moved towards Baluu on all fours.
Baluu’s face was a little uneasy now.
He held out his hands towards the strange white thing coming towards him.
“Ei, no be small! Hey, stop!” he said, taking a step back. “Stop!”
When Kofi still came forward Baluu took a step forward and kicked him in the belly! Kofi grunted with pain and fell flat on his face, breathing with difficulty and looking up at Baluu with his face contorted with pain.
“Ei, no be small. What do you think you were doing?” Baluu asked with an uneasy smile.
“I’m hungry,” Kofi said, giggling suddenly through his pain.
Baluu grabbed Kofi’s arm and suddenly hurled him through the air. Kofi smashed into one wall with a sickening thud, and this time he moaned with great pain. Maa Abena and Nurse Elsie both screamed with fright. Maa Abena Nyantie covered her face with her hands, unable to watch the terrible beating.
Kofi could barely move now. The mist of madness induced by the injection Director Dovlo had given him was clearing fast now, and as he sat up with pain he looked at Baluu with confusion.
“Aboa wati!” Kofi groaned with pain as Baluu dropped to one knee and raised a gigantic fist above Kofi’s face, ready to deliver a crushing blow to Kofi’s face.
“Ei, no be small!” Baluu said. “So you’re hungry. Ei, no be small. So what do you want to eat?”
“The head of John the Baptist,” Kofi said and giggled insanely.
And that was when Baluu began to laugh!
For many years he had been kept at the Asylum, and no one had ever heard him laugh before. He dropped his fist and laughed so hard that he started farting with loud explosive sounds!
Kofi was intrigued, and he slowly got up and sat down on one of the beds.
Baluu was still laughing as he also got up and sat on the bed beside Kofi.
The people in the corridor stared at the two of them with total shock.
Director Bobo Dovlo’s face was like a death mask as he drew near the metal gates and peered inside, his mouth dropping open with total disbelief.
“Ei, no be small!” Baluu said. “You want to eat the head of John the Baptist, that rastaman preacher is in the Methodist Hymn Book?”
Kofi giggled himself silly.
“Yes, yes!” he said, giggling. “The one whose head was chopped off by King Herod for his step-daughter!”
“Ei, no be small, you fool!” Baluu said, pushing Kofi’s head back. “It wasn’t King Herod who cut of the head of John Baptist! It was Jerry Rawlings!”
Kofi giggled loudly and shook his head.
“Crazy talk!” he said with glee. “What’s Jerry Rawlings doing in the Methodist Hymn Book?”
Baluu laughed loudly with him.
“Looking for Doctor Miamia!” Baluu said.
The two of them laughed insanely, grabbing their bellies and exploding with laughter.
Kofi spoke again through giggles.
“But what did the girl do with the head of John the Baptist when King Herod gave it to him?” Kofi asked.
“Ei, no be small!” Baluu said. “Maybe she threw it into this room somewhere. Let’s look for it.”
Kofi laughed loudly and nodded his head in acquiescence.
“I like that, I like that!” Kofi guffawed. “We’re going to look for the head of John the Baptist!”
“Ei, no be small!” Baluu screamed. “The head of John Baptist!”
The two of them got off the bed and began to search frantically under the beds.
“What will we do with the head of John the Baptist?” Kofi asked.
“Ei, no be small! We’ll eat it together!” Baluu screamed, breaking into fresh laughter. “You will eat the eyes so that you can see! I will eat his ears so that I stop hearing the screams of my wife.”
“And we’ll give his brains to Bobo Dovlo to eat so that he’ll get some sense!” Kofi said and guffawed.

Episode 4
Laughing crazily together, and conversing with mad topics, the two of them trampled on every little portion of the room for John’s head.
The Director screamed and shouted, but they did not listen to him.
Maa Abena watched, shocked to the very foundations of her soul.
Eventually, Kofi spread out on the floor, tired.
Baluu came to lie by his side, and very soon, shockingly, both of them fell asleep on the floor!
“Seems I owe you an apology!” Nurse Elsie said to Director Dovlo with a curl to her upper lip. “I was rash. Your new treatment seems to be working perfectly!”
Doctor Bobo Dovlo took hold of the metal bars and shook them hard whilst making incorrigible sounds.
After a moment he turned away, his face made ugly by the extreme jealousy in his breast, and by the strong sense of failure corroding his soul like undiluted acid on metal!
He had failed! He had wanted Baluu to beat that little brat to pulp, but it had failed woefully!
But it wasn’t over yet. Maybe it was better that it had ended this way because there had been too many eye-witnesses. Next time, Kofi Kuntu, it wouldn’t be so easy, he whispered under his breath as his sense of failure and anger consumed him.
Nii Lin watched the Director moving away and laughed softly.
“Well, well, well!” he said. “That motherfucker!”
“Please, you have to take Kofi out,” Maa Abena said tremulously. “Baluu’s mind can change anytime. If he wakes up before Kofi, he will definitely kill him.”
“That’s well said, young lady,” said Atakora Nana, the head of security. “But who’s going in there to save him? Definitely not me!”
Elsie Ansah put a shaking hand on Maa Abena’s shoulder.
“They’re right, my dear,” she said sombrely. “Baluu is too far away to fire a dart gun at him. If anyone dares go in there and he wakes up, he’ll kill whoever it is!”
Maa Abena looked around at the regretful faces of the men looking at her, and none of them made any attempt to go in there and get Kofi Kuntu.
She didn’t understand why she was feeling so protective of this Kofi boy anyway. Maybe it was because he was Ato’s friend. Maybe it was because Nii Lin knew him. Maybe it was because he had been so nice to her before the Director had a session with him.
But she knew one thing for a fact: Baluu never stayed in a friendly mood for long. The moment he woke up and saw Kofi Kuntu in his ward he would attack.
She licked her lips slowly.
“Please open the gridlock,” she said fearfully.
“Oh, no, no, no!” Nii Lin said with horror.
“My dear, goodness me, no!” Elsie said, terrified. “I can’t allow you to do this!”
“Why not?” Maa Abena asked. “Are we going to stand by doing nothing and see him murdered? No, please, I can’t do that. Please open the door!”
Atakora looked at Maa Abena as if she were mad, and then he motioned to one of the security men to open the gridlock.
When the padlocks came off Maa Abena took one of the dart guns and tiptoed into the ward.
“The moment he stirs please run back here!” Nii Lin said fearfully. “If you stay in there he’ll tear off your head.”
Maa Abena nodded, her throat dry, as she walked silently and carefully towards the two sleeping forms.
She got to them, and was reaching down to shake Kofi Kuntu when Baluu opened his eyes.
Maa Abena gasped, petrified, but she did not flee.
She was shaking terribly as she looked into the murderous eyes of the killer.
Baluu suddenly sat up with a violent motion.
Behind her she could hear Elsie and the others screaming and shouting at her to retreat, but she was rooted to the spot with fear.
“Ei, no be small!” Baluu said softly, almost gently. “So the oluman shingo de shingo sent you to come and cut off my head like John the Baptist, eh?”
Kofi opened his eyes just then, turned his head, and saw the awful spectacle around him.
“Oh, my God!” Kofi whispered with horror. “My God, Maa Abena! What are we doing here with Baluu?”
“Shut up, Kofi!” Maa Abena quavered, horror all over her face. “Please, we need to make a run for it, please, otherwise he’ll kill both of us!”
“Ei, no be small!” Baluu shouted, looking at Kofi. “So, you’re the one that eats women in the dark! I see you now! You’re the ghost, osaman kanto, osaman atopa! I see you now!”
Kofi was terrified!
He jumped to his feet, and Baluu let out a huge scream of fury, scaring Maa Abena.
He was on his feet in a flash, and he wrapped both of his giant hands around Kofi’s throat and began to squeeze!
Kofi was choking. He could barely breathe!
He held Baluu’s hands and tried to prise his fingers loose, but they were like vice bands.
“I’ll kill you, you Akwesi Jesus, you Osaman Atopa!”
Kofi was beginning to see hazes as death knocked on his door. He knew that it would take less than a minute for him to die now.
He fought furiously but to no avail as Baluu’s fingers tightened harder around his throat, choking off all air.
Maa Abena was so badly scared that she screamed with horror and pointed the dart gun at Baluu, and then she fired rapidly, over and over again.
Eight darts hit Baluu’s back and arms, discharging their sedative solutions into him.
He turned his crazed eyes on Maa Abena and smiled nastily.
“Ei, no be small!” he said, his voice slurred, his eyes going out of focus. “The daughter of the harlot has cut off my adonigans! When I kill this rat completely, it is gonna be your turn. I’ll skin you like wele!”
And then he toppled forward and fell down heavily, still holding Kofi’s throat, but his fingers were loose and slack now. Kofi kicked himself away from the huge form of Baluu who was now out cold due to the darts.
Maa Abena was trembling badly and she dropped the dart gun. She took faltering steps forward, straight into Kofi’s arms.
She began to weep tremulously as reaction set in, and her fear found a release.
Kofi held her gently and rubbed her back.
“Thank you, Abena,” he whispered unsteadily. “You came back for me. Thank you!”

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