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Act Of Faith 2 Episode 19

Act of Faith
Episode: Episode 19
Title: Meet Gwen.
It was exactly 3:22am when we got to my house at Lagos, I was with my guys. We didn't sleep as there was nothing to induce the sleep . I went into my secret room and brought out a bag filled with guns, " Pick your choice" I dropped the bag on the floor of the sitting room where Matt, Alvana and Israel were drinking. " Nice collections" Alvana said opening the bag and looking at the guns one after the other. " I dont wish to kill sir Ajan with a gun, I want to use my hand" Matt said dipping the bottle of whiskey in his mouth, " we are not meant to kill him" Alvana said finally bringing out a gun, a big size gun which can be hung on the shoulders. " I wish we would just kill him"Israel hissed. " But guys , first thing first, How are we going to get where he is, I know for sure he won't be at Newriton" I told them, the expressions on their faces seem to show they haven't thought about that yet. " That was why I took this" Alvana smiled bringing out a phone from his pocket, " This phone belongs to the Manhunter, I took it from him that point when I saved him, before I finally let him go, I took this from his pocket and silenced it" Alvana said, " Wow, bro you are a Don in this" Israel hailed, "Ajan had called like twenty times now but I just dismiss the call" he added, " Why? You should have picked it now " Israel said , " If I had picked the call, then Sir Ajan would be prepared for our coming" Alvana smiled and we all nodded, "Your secondary school teacher did well on you" I smiled patting him, " But how are we to get to him with that?" Matt asked, " We can track his last call" Alvana said, " We can go back to Newriton and the new female computer engineer can track down the destination from which he had made his last call" Alvana said and we nodded. " Is anyone here feeling sleepy?" I asked them, " No" Matt reply came first, " Then let's start the Journey to Newriton" I said also picking up a gun . " Let's go" Israel sprang up , also did Alvana and Matt. " I hope those securities idiots won't stop us today" I said as I drove the car out of my gate, " They won't , they already know who we are, they won't dare to stop us again" Matt said staring at the gun he had picked, " Gabriel , you really have a good selection of guns" He smiled patting me from behind.
Time: 4:30am
Location: Newriton, Lagos State.
" I think we should drop our guns in the car" Alvana suggested , " so they won't suspect anything" He added when we gave him that why look. " Okay, nice point" I said dropping my small pistol in the car, " Now let's move " Alvana said and we walked into the woods of the jungle. " I pray we get In free" Matt muttered and almost immediately, a guy jumped down from a tree. " I thought as much" I said to Alvana, " We are sure you remember us" Alvana smiled, " Yes we do and sure, we don't want to get beaten today" the guy also smiled as he made way for us to pass. " Thanks, you are smarter than I had underrated you" Israel patted him as we passed him, " But sir Ajan isn't around, he left Newriton about two days ago" He told us, " We know, he sent us " I said as we moved on. " That was more easy than I thought" Matt said, " Sir Ajan will have to regret ever training us as spies now" Israel added . We had gotten to the spots where bikes were kept, there are always hidden bikes at some strategic point in the jungle, only those of Newriton knew where the bikes were. " Okay, Off we go" I shouted as I zoomed off so also did the rest. We got to the base centre of Newriton and alighted, parking the bikes anyhow we pleased. " No time to waste " Israel said as he ran into the I.c.t unit , we followed. The I.C.T unit is a big building having only one door leading to a big room being controlled by just one person, it formerly used to be Young Carl but after the discovery that he helped in implicating Alvana, he was arrested and a New girl, Gwen was employed. The computer engineer lives in the I.C.T unit, the is an apartment for her in the unit where she have everything she might need. " How do we open the door?" Matt asked, " Anyhow we can, violence" Alvana said as he increased his pace towards the electrically controlled door to the I.C.T room and gave it a flying kick, there was no change in the position of the door. " That won't open it" I said, " Just believe, Bend down" Alvana said and I bent with my back upwards, " Israel form a step on him" he said and Israel bent in a step manner followed by Matt. " Wait" I told him before he gave another flying kick, " Hand me the phone, you might get it spoilt " I said and he handed the phone to me, " I can do this" he muttered, " Yes Van, you can do it " Israel backed up as Alvana advanced backwards, with all the speed he could mutter he ran towards us. He climbed me first, then Israel and finally Matt and after that he did the big jump, the highest flying kick height I have ever seen he hit the door with his leg and the door made a small creek, Alvana fell to the floor weakly and helplessly, " Alvana!!" Israel shouted as we ran towards him, " You guys should try open the door" He held my hand, " You already done that " I said lifting him up, he couldn't stand as his leg seem to be injured. " Matt , help him" I told Matt, Matt held him and helped him in walking. I gave the door one more kick and it came open, " I think they should try improve on everything in Newriton " Matt said as we walked into the big hall, it was a surprise no one was there. " Is this place meant to be empty?" I asked them as we walked further into the hall, " What do you guys want?" A feminine voice asked, we turned back and a girl with a gun pointed at us came out from behind a network of computers, " This is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen" Matt whispered to me.
To be continued


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