Saturday, 28 April 2018

Act Of Faith 2 Episode 18

TITLE: Breeze Of Hope
" Hey bro, its okay, we will take vengeance and .." Israel was saying but he also bursted into tears, " Guys its okay" Alvana consoled but that didn't go anywhere. " We didn't take any of our things back, our laptop, our guns and even our suit" I told Alvana, " And that could help in trailing us" Alvana added, " But who would want to trail us?" I thought. " Matt, why did the Manhunter not shoot you when you tried competing the wheels with him, you know either him or his boy could simply shoot you off the truck" I said , Matt nodded. " At a point his guy brought out his gun to shoot but the Manhunter asked him not to" Matt said, " Why? I don't believe that " I said staring momentarily at Matt, " I wouldn't believe it if you told me either but that was what happened" Matt defended. " I got something about him" I started, " What?" Alvana asked, " His name is George, and there is something telling me I have come across that name sometimes recently" I told them, they all now paid attention, " But I can't lay my hands where" I added and they hissed . I continued my driving, we were actually driving back to Lagos in the truck, we didn't care what might happen, we had to go back home that day. " I didn't expect all these turning into this" Israel said putting on the mp3 player of the truck, a Gospel music was in session. " This will be the biggest lesson of my life as a spy, never trust anyone, not even you guys, I don't trust you guys as at now" Alvana said, " We dont trust you to" Israel hissed as he increased the volume of the mp3 player. " You guys shouldn't be talking about trust, I lost my mom, I should be the one worried about who to trust" Matt hissed with his teary eyes. " Tragedy hit again, The Manhunter kills Two again here at Mbabo , the incident happened at the early hours of today, around 11am in the morning, as usual, the heads of the victims is no where to be found" The radio which was initially playing the gospel music gave way to the news. "Which Manhunter? 11am, the Manhunter was probably in the hotel room with us, I don't understand this any more" Alvana said , " I don't know what to believe any more" Israel added, " There are two possibilities to this, its either the Manhunter did those before coming to us or that guy that came to us wasn't the Manhunter" Alvana said, " I don't just get it anymore, we just dispose the Manhunter some minutes ago and here Is the news that he has killed some people again" Matt said . " Okay, what about if the Manhunter got magical power or if there is someone out there taking advantage of the fact that there is a Manhunter and killing people?" I asked, " There is only one person that knows about this " Alvana turned to us , " Sir Ajan" Israel said and Alvana nodded, " If I ever get to see him again, I will kill him" Matt said out of anger, " Yeah , everyone has the motive of killing him, but before that there are some information we need to get from him, as spies, we need to save the world and get the Manhunter, to do that, we need some information from Ajan" Alvana said, " What? You think am still gonna go back to get the Manhunter after all sir Ajan did to us, today, I denounce being a spy from Newriton" Israel shouted, " So also do I" Matt added, " All you guys say now are out of anger, I pray you come back to your senses and reverse your words. Sir Ajan isn't the owner of Newriton, if we are lucky to bring sir Ajan to book, the board might promote us from just fighting spies to president escort or send us overseas or if the next training teachers of upcoming students just like sir Ajan " Alvana said, " I don't want any of those, if somebody like Sir Ajan can do this, then who is there to trust again, if I can't trust sir Ajan, I can trust none of the board members in Newriton " Israel said, " I know, but you can't leave what you love doing because of just one person " Alvana patted Israel, " But what I love doing killed my mom" Matt shouted, " Matt, easy" I said as I turned the truck to the left, " God will take control" Alvana added, " So you mean we are gonna drive to Lagos in this truck?" Matt asked, " Yeah, that exactly what we gonna do" I said hitting more on the accelerator.
The tears I shed had dried off my face, I could cry no more, what was there to cry for again? Sir Ajan was still there with us, sitting on his armchair but this time looking worried. Adanna was there sitting on the ground and still sniffing, at interval she would beg sir Ajan to please not kill her husband , funny girl. Two of his guys were still also with us , they just stood by him also looking worried. " Can you tell me what game George is trying to play?" Sir Ajan suddenly asked one of the boys who immediately moved backwards in fear, " I don't know Sir " The guy stammered and I smiled, " I have been trying to call his phone but he isn't picking up" Sir Ajan shouted again, " Maybe its your turn to get a share of your wickedness" I put in laughing, " Slap the naked idiot" Sir Ajan ordered the other boy who immediately walked towards me ready to slap me, but before he got to me , Adanna had gotten up and pushed him backwards with her powerless hand, I bursted into laughter immediately . The guy raised his hand to slap Adanna but sir Ajan stopped him, " That wasn't who I asked you to slap" he said , the guy simply pushed her away and dealt me a good slap, " That doesn't still stop you from getting your own share of your wickedness" I said again laughing, " And you, make sure I don't ever get free from here because if I do, I will find you and kill you" I threatened the guy who had slapped me, I noticed the way he turned to Sir Ajan in fear. " Don't worry boy, she won't leave here alive" Sir Ajan patted him.
To be continued


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