Saturday, 28 April 2018

Act Of Faith 2 Episode 17

Shocking should be considered a disrespectful an understatement to describe how Israel got himself freed from the rope, I only see such things happen in movies and not real like Israel did. Anyways, it was good we were free as we immediately set to action, we were four and from the last time I could remember, the Manhunter came with only two guys. Gabriel took down one of the guys who had come down to check on us, the funny part of it all was that everything was happening on the highway. I watched as Gabriel spread his body and jumped on the in expecting guy, they both fell down on the strong, well tiled road of Port Harcourt. " Matt, go get the wheels" I told Matt still standing at the back of the truck not knowing what to do. We were not harmed and I am sure you know how dangerous that can be against the Manhunter. " Gabriel, Hop in!!!" I shouted as I noticed the truck started moving, Matt wasn't meant to do that.
We both landed on the road and I immediately carried myself up so also did my enemy. The cars on the road had stopped, some had turned back and ran away due to fear as a matter of fact, almost all the cars had turned back. Who would wait seeing a masked man in a broad daylight knowing fully about the manhunter ? The cars had started turning back and we were the only ones left on the highway. I stood face to face with the masked guy I was to fight with, by his body movement, I could tell he was scared. I had no time to waste, my wife life was in danger and I had limited time so I immediately advanced towards him to start the fight, on a normal day, I would wait for my enemy to bring the fight to me. He threw a side punch and I swiftly caught his hand, I twisted it so as to strain it and he groaned in pain, without wasting more time I gave him a straight kick to his face still holding his hands, I held the hand to prevent him from falling. I gave him another kick again still holding the hand, he tried falling down but I held him back. " Where is my wife?" I asked him pulling him closer to me, " I don't know" he answered. " I was expecting that" I smiled as I lifted him up and threw him heavily to the ground, " Where is she?" I asked again as I bent down by him, " Sincerely, I dont know, only George knows" he told me, " Who is George?" I asked him, " THE ONE YOU CALL THE MANHUNTER" He answered. " Gabriel , Hop in!!!" I heard Alvana shout, I turned back and saw the truck already moving away, I immediately freed the masked guy and ran towards it with all the speed I could mutter, " Jump!!!" Israel shouted and I immediately increased my speed and got ready for the big dive, " The velocity is increasing, Gabriel, you need to jump now" Alvana shouted , " Okay, I got this" I said to myself as I immediately lifted myself off the ground and dived towards the moving truck, I was lucky to get hold of the base of the truck and Alvana immediately drew me up, " Thanks Man" I told him, " Why is Matt driving the truck when he knows am down there?" I asked, " Its not Matt driving the truck" Israel said, " The MANHUNTER is just trying to make him lose balance" Israel explained looking by the side to the front part of the truck, I also went to take a look so also did Alvana. I could see Matt struggling as he held tight to the door leading to the driver's section of the car, he was really struggling to maintain balance. " Okay this is the plan, Gabriel, I know for every truck, there is a hole up there leading down, you can take them from there while myself and Israel take them from the side " Alvana said staring at me, " Okay " I answered as I jumped and held the top part of the truck, swiftly , I lifted myself up, and soon I could see the whole of the highway from the top of the truck where I stood.
The high way is constructed in the manner of a bridge, it has a large mass of water body underneath it, the high way itself is about 200 metres above sea level, so high. The iron barrier built by each side of the bridge prevent cars from falling over to the sea, but anyways , for years only few number of accidents have been recorded, accidents caused by cars falling into the sea.
I held tight to the side wall of the truck, " Matt, hold on" I shouted to Matt who was holding tight to the door of the driver sit and trying to compete the wheel with the Manhunter who was driving haphazardly on the dangerous highway. I could hear the rise and fall of Gabriel up the truck, he is probably trying to adjust to the haphazard movement of the truck. " Why can't the Manhunter or the other guy simply shoot down Matt?" I asked myself as I moved slowly to the front part with my chest rubbed against the wall of the truck and my legs moving in highly calculated steps. Suddenly I heard a loud thud this time, Gabriel had probably landed into the midst of the Manhunter and his guy, this was proven by the increase in acceleration and random movement of the car, I had to hold more tight to the truck to avoid getting cut off from it. " Alvana!! Help" Matt shouted as he released one of his hands from the door to the truck and was about falling to the ground. I had to increase my speed to go get hold of him. " Fast " he shouted as his other hand started to lose grip on the door, " hold on" I groaned as I released one of my hand and caught his which was at the verge of falling off. I held him tight as the degree of randomness of the truck increased , all thanks to Gabriel. " Alvana!!" I heard israel call me from the up of the truck, I looked up and saw him stretching his hand down to us, I helped matt up and he grip Israel's hand. Suddenly, just like a shock, the truck moved and hit the left barrier of the higher bridge, I held more tight to the truck, and out of the front part, the manhunter who probably because of the hit on the barrier lose balance and tilted the truck in a manner that it was like it was going to fall into the sea, I looked up and saw Israel holding tight to Mart, I held tight to the wall of the truck and watched as the Manhunter try to bring the truck back to normal but Gabriel kept on disturbing him. The other guy might fallen off the car as I didn't feel his presence. The Manhunter was still trying to bring the car from the edge of the bridge but Gabriel spoilt everything by kicking him out of the truck and the Manhunter dived in a direction into the sea, " No!!!" I shouted as I released one of my hand and held him before it was too late, " Gabriel!! Drive the truck to safety " I shouted to Gabriel and he expertly turned the car away from the edge of the bridge, I held tight to the truck and pulled the Manhunter back to safety, the police siren could now be heard from a distance, the patriotic Nigerians had informed them " I have saved your life today, let this change your life" I told the Manhunter as I dropped him on the highway and pulled myself into the truck where Matt and Israel were already seated , I joined them as Gabriel drove off with speed, I turned back and looked through the window but couldn't see the Manhunter, I could only see some policemen looking around probably for him, " My mom is dead" Matt's voice brought me back to reality, he cried.
To be continued


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