Thursday, 26 April 2018

Act Of Faith 2 Episode 16

"As for killing, I have been given the privilege not to kill you guys until Sir Ajan ask me to" The Manhunter said, " So You work for Sir Ajan?" Alvana asked him, " Of course, he is my faithful boss. Wait are you guys really spies, I can't just believe how you guys fell for my story , you think I actually lost my daughter and mom? Funny" he laughed, " Take them" he ordered the remaining two guys who had been quiet all through, " Why don't you just kill us" I asked him, " Because, it won't be painful if I kill you, what if your master, Sir Ajan does that, I think of will be more painful" He said, " There is no more pain to go through, its enough pain already" Alvana told him , one of the guys immediately pulled me up , I didn't resist, I staggered up as he tied me to a rope to israel and Alvana, " Don't worry, we will carry Matt" The manhunter, Stan said as he lifted Matt off the ground , the unconscious matt. The trio of us walked in a single file down the the down part of the hotel, it was surprising how every one who saw us in that day didn't look scared as the Manhunter led us out, rather they stared at us with eyes filled with anger and hatred, " Alvana, what is going on here?" I asked Alvana as we walked out the hotel, " I don't know" he simply answered as we were pushed into the back of a truck, " I smell rat" I told him as we sat with our hands tied at the back of a well illuminated truck. " Israel" I called the poor guy who was just staring at anything his eyes caught. " He is not himself" Alvana told me, " I see so, how do we rescue matt?" I asked him, " He will come back, he will regain consciousness himself " Alvana said as he rested his head at the wall of the truck, " God please, if you save Adanna this once, I will forever serve you" I prayed with my eyes closed tight, " Please God"
" it been about a week or more than now " I told Daniel who was seated withe in my large , sophisticated office, " Dont worry Sir, everything will fall into place" Dan told me while o nodded, " Who is the strongest among them?" I asked Daniel, " You mean the spies?" He asked back and I nodded, " Alvana" he said. " Hmm, Alvana, I know not of him, I know of Gab.." I was saying, Daniel Interrupted me, " Alvana was the guy who helped in getting me, he is more stronger than Gabriel is" Dan explained, " Then if so, I want you to capture him" I said to him, he raised his face and stared at me like I had said something impossible, " Yeah, capture Alvana, I want him to work for us" I told him again, " Sir, even if we are able to Capture him, I doubt if Alvana will ever want to work for us, not Alvana" Daniel stressed while I smiled, " Just capture him and watch as the old man do his thing" I smiled and he nodded, " OK Sir Jude, your wish is my command, and Sir remember something, don't think about her" He told me and I nodded, " I take your words for it" I said to him and he nodded as he stood up from the arm chair and walked out, " Alvana, it will be nice to have you in the underground world" I thought as I smiled at the same time. " Sir Jude" Daniel called as he rushed into my office again, " Yes boy, what is it?" I asked him, " Why don't you just allow me to take your business to Lagos state?" He asks while I stared at him with disbelief, " Lagos, you know how dangerous the place is and you also know that the base of those spies is located there" I told him, " That's the main reason I want to go to Lagos" he said with a smile.
" please sir, forgive my husband anything he might have done to you, please .." I tried begging the old, wicked man but the next look he gave to me was enough to shut me up. " Sir Ajan" The Naked Morgana called, " You know you won't get away alive with this, once Newriton finds out, you are done for" She told him, " Is that a threat? " Sir Ajan asked moving closer to Morgana and touching her cheeks, "How do you expect Newriton to find out?" He asked her, " Newriton has a high level of trust in me and that's why they made me the kind of Justice" He said with a smile, " So if you will just shut up and allow me think, I will be very pleased" he said , " But why are you doing this, Why.." Morgana continued but he interrupted her, " Life is about the money" he said with a broad smile, " So you knew the Manhunter all along?" Morgana asked again , " Not only did I know the Manhunter, I trained the Manhunter" He said walking towards me, Manhunter, Newriton and the rest, no one seemed to make sense to me.
" Alvana, you have been a good guy, if I die now, I die pleased to know you" I said to Alvana as the truck sped along the highway, " Yes bro, its good I meant you, am sorry you foykfnt enjoy your marriage to the fullest" he told me, I smiled and nodded my head, " At least, I was a good spy, I died in a bid to save the world" I told him and he also nodded. " I wonder if Adanna is dead by now" I said , " Dont wonder, ours awaits us" He told me smiling, it amazing how Alvana manages to smile even at the point of death, " Ann!!!!!!!!!!!! " Israel shouted hitting his head on the wall of the truck, " Thank God, he is back" I said to Alvana, " Take it easy bro" Alvana told him, " I believe there is no limit to my strength " Israel said as he struggled to free his hands from the rope it was tied with, just like magic, the rope began to give way, " For The Love I Have For Her!!!" He shouted as he got totally freed from the rope and stood up. " Be fast , free us " Alvana told him and he immediately loosened us, just then, Matt woke up. " Is Sir Ajan still alive?" He asked as Israel freed him, "Let's Die" Alvana said as he kicked the door to the back of the truck, it was on the third trial that it feel off to the high way, we stood in the truck staring at the cars speeding along the highway. Our truck immediately stopped, and I sensed the front door open, I held the side of the truck and pepped at who it was, it wasn't the Manhunter but one of his boys, " One approaching" I told the rest, " Handle him" Alvana said and I nodded , I pepped again and he was more closer to the back of the truck, "go get hold of the steering " I said to Matt as I immediately jumped on the guy who had now closed up on us, I landed on him and we fell on the well tiled ground of the highway, now the cars plying the highway had all stopped moving.
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  1. do u think they will brainwash alvana to join them......

  2. if that happens,there would be serious problem


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