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Act Of Faith 2 Episode 15

Act Of Faith 2
Episode: Episode 15
Title: Betrayal

" You are evil!!!" I shouted as I attempted to get myself free from the grip of the guys holding me, but all to no avail, they eventually toed me to a rope and suspended me on the air with my both hands.
" Remember, I still gat the knife on her neck" He said rubbing the sharp edge of the knife on Adanna's cheeks, I could see Adanna holding her breath to prevent herself from being cut by the knife. " Please, dont hurt her, you know Gabi..." I was saying when he shut me down, " what the hell can Gabriel do?Gabi, Gabi, Gabi, Gabi. We trained Gabi, Gabi was a weak timid village guy when he came about seven years ago and deep down, I know he is still weak" He said in anger, Sir Ajan said in anger. " please!!!" I begged as he lifted Adanna's head up and got ready to spit it open, " You know what, I don't want to just kill you instantly, I will rather prefer to kill two birds with a single stone" he said bringing out a small cell phone from the pocket of his trouser, " I think we should get the guys first" he continued bending down face to face with Adanna, " Just do this for me and I might just want to free you" sir Ajan said, " What?" Adanna asked in a fearful voice, " Good girl, I just want you to speak to your husband and tell him how Sir Ajan is responsible for their misfortune, tell them how I killed Ann and how Morgana will soon be dead by raping" he said, " Them, who?" Adanna asked him, " I don't permit questions, its obvious you dont actually know who your husband is, you got married to a man you dont know" Sir Ajan told her, " Adanna, Gabriel is a good guy, he is a good man" I shouted , " Cover up her mouth" Sir Ajan ordered one of his guys, he willingly did that. " Now will you do what am asking you to?" Sir Ajan asked Adanna who was looking confuse and helpless at the same time, " I don't actually get the picture here, I dont know w...." Sir Ajan interrupted Adanna, " Naked her" he ordered his boys , he was actually pointing at me. I couldn't protest, even if I wanted to, what would I have done? The next minute, I was naked just like the way I was when I was given birth to. " Look at my able boys, already prepared to rape her" Sir Ajan smiled to Adanna, " Will you do what I ask you or do you what her raped?" Sir Ajan asked her, " No, no , I will call , please dont touch her" Adanna shivered as she stretched her trampling hands to collect the handset which sir Ajan stretched to her, " Of course you should recognize that's your husband number " Sir Ajan told her, she nodded. " Call it" he told her and she immediately dialed the number, oh poor Adanna. " Hello" The speaker of the phone soon echoed the thick smooth voice of Gabriel, " Ga..bbii" Adanna lips trempled, " Joy, is that you?" Gabi voice was loud this time around " No time for familiarities, go straight to the point" Sir Ajan whispered to her, " Gabriel I am being kept hostage here by one sir Ajan, he is right here with I and Morgana, he asked me to call you and tell you this, he has killed Ann, am sure you know her, and he said he will soon take care of I and Morgana.... he killed Ann by raping.." Adanna broke down into tears, " Adanna , I dont get you" Gabriel said, Sir Ajan collected the handset from Adanna, " What don't you get?" Sir Ajan asked him, " Tell Israel that his girlfriend was sweet, she couldn't endure five of my boys, she died, I hope you girl is also that good, she is next, and for Alvana tell him Morgana pictures will soon be sent to him, help me beg matt to check his email account, I think his dead mom picture should be there now, Yes it's me Ajan, I have them" Sir Ajan said and ended the call, Adanna fell to the ground and broke into tears, " This is sweet" Sir Ajan smiled as tears flowed freely from my eyes.He picked the phone and dialed another number, " its time boy, they should be disorganized by now" he said and dropped the phone.
"Hello" Gabriel said as he picked up his phone, we were mapping out some little strategies on how to get the Manhunter but there seem to be no go ahead. " Adanna is that you?" Was the next thing we heard and we immediately turned our attention to him as we all sprang up , the next thing we could see was the expression of shock on Gabi's face, something terrible might have happened. " Adanna, I don't get you " his voice was weak this time and he soon dropped the call looking helpless and weak, " What is it?" I asked him, " Sir Ajan have them" he murmured, " have who?" I asked him, " Our girls, Matt, he said he killed your mom" Gabriel added and we immediately busted Into laughter, " Failed, you didn't get me" Matt laughed, "Check your mail" Gabriel said as he sat on the ground helpless, " Israel, he killed Ann" Gabi continued, " He said he will soon kill Adanna and Morgana" Gabriel busted into tears this time, " No!!!!!" Matt shouted as he stared intensely at his phone, I dragged it from him and it was the picture of a woman, probabaly his mother lying on the ground with blood stains all over her body, " Let me see" Israel stretched his head and glanced at the picture, " Matt!!" Gabriel shouted as we turned our attention towards him, Matt was on the ground unconscious, "This isn't happening" I murmured as I could feel tears flow freely from my cheeks, " You mean....." Israel was saying but his tears choked him and he sat down on the floor helplessly. I thought I heard something and I turned towards the door, it was like someone was unlocking it from outside, it soon came open and three men covered with black from head to toe came in, " I heard you came looking for me, the MANHUNTER" The guy standing at the middle said, " Is that matt on the floor?' He asked, " Man...h..unter" I stammered, "please, just kill us" Gabriel said , he was still bending beside matt, israel I dont think was with us as he seem to be looking far away murmuring " Ann, ann, I love her" all through. " Now for the most shocking " The manhunter said as he pulled off his mask, " Stan" Gabriel murmured as he stared at the guy we had met on the plane.
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