Wednesday, 10 January 2018


It was week end, chidi went home as he normally do most of the time,his father Mr Jonathan who was a full time business man,Mr Jonathan wasn’t always around because he is always travelling from one country to another on business,Mr Jonathan was in his sitting room reading a news paper as he always does each time he comes back from a trip to know what has been happening in the country.
Mr Jonathan with a loud voice )Mary,mary
Mary came into the sitting room)yes sir you called me
Mary was the senior maid in the house,most times you will mistake her as the older sister to chidi because of the way she dresses, she is beautiful down to earth and her english is very neat.
Mr Jonathan :where is my son
Mary:he is in his room sir
Mr Jonathan :go tell him I want to see him now
Mary key sir
She left to call chidi,not long chidi walked into the sitting room
Chidi :dad you sent for me(he sat down on the couch)
Mr Jonathan dropped his news paper)yes I did (he cleared his throat) report came to me while I was till in China that you took a loan of one million naira from first bank and you didn’t pay back,I had to pay with my own money to save other embarrassment that my own son will take a loan from a back when I am capable of more then that,if I may ask what did you use the money for.
Chidi:I won’t ask you how you found out because I know it was that stupid P.A of yours that told you.
Mr Jonathan upset)are you stupid,I just asked you a question and am till waiting for an answer.
Chidi :I just needed money for some things you wasn’t around and mum wasn’t too
So I did what I thought was best.
Mr Jonathan :what happened to your allowance, I put five thousand naira into your account every month so that you will not lack anything, you are not the one taking care of your school expensive, so tell me what was the money for.
Chidi:dad,you are taking this issue too far,I didn’t collect the whole bank just one million naira.
Mr Jonathan angrily )will you shut up your mouth, shut up look at you,all you know how to do is to spend money on alcohol, cigarette, women and parties, you are wasting your youth.
Chidi upset)dad,it my life and I will do with it the way I pleases.
Mr Jonathan : oh,then not with my money,chidi I am warning you be careful or else you will regret i being your father, nonsense.
Chidi:am sorry dad,it won’t happen again
Mr Jonathan :yes sorry, that’s what you always say,till you go out there to spoil my repetition, you know who I am,why can’t you behave like your younger sister,you are brilliant and that is why I am even trying to advise you,you don’t have any common sense.
Chidi:I will try,can I go now
Mr Jonathan :leave my presence
Chidi got up and left
Amara was coming out from her class when she saw chidi close to her class, she was surprise to see him standing there looking at her smiling, she walked up to him.
Amara smiling )what are you doing here,if I could remember you are not in my class.
Chidi :no,I was waiting for you
Amara :I thought as much
Chidi :here (handing her a package )I bought this for you
Amara greatful )you bought this for me
Chidi :yes and I know you will like it.
Amara took the package from him)thanks ,am impress,I have not been seeing you around.
Chidi :yeah,I went home,I just came back yesterday, so how about my proposal what do you say.
Amara :chidi,you are a nice guy no doubt but I need some more time,why don’t we just be good friends for now.
Chidi disappointed )I don’t want to be friends, if I wanted to be your friend is could have asked for friendship, I want you to be my girl and I believe you can give me an answer, just tell me yes or no,if you don’t want me i will let you be (took her by the hands)look into my eyes and tell me you don’t want me and I will let you be (both starred at each other and Amara was speechless )I will make you happy in promise you.
Amara :I want you but I just need a little time
Chidi key,you want time and time you will get (smile )you must be famished, let’s go to the restaurant and have some thing to eat.
Amara nodded,chidi place his hand around her shoulder and left.
Emma came back from school as he opened his room door he found Sandra on his bed,he was shocked and surprise
Sandra smiling )hello baby
Sandra got up and embrace him
Emma:you didn’t tell me you were coming (placing his hands round her waist)
Sandra :were you expecting someone
Emma laughed )please don’t be ridiculous who will i be expecting (left Sandra and drop his school bag and books on the table)
Sandra :you must be tried
Emma :no am not
Sandra :why don’t you take your bath while I prepare the table so that you can eat i cooked something for you.
Emma :mmmmm good housewife, always taking care of me
Sandra :i am not your housewife
Emma :very soon you will be
Sandra key sir let that time come
Emma :that time will soon come (Sandra got up and was about leaving )how is Amara, princess and annabella
Sandra:they are all fine.
Emma :chidi and amara are getting really close and it was so fast,they even talked today.
Sandra surprised )when was that
Emma :this afternoon after lecture, I was with him waiting for Amara before I left to my other lecture, I later called him and he said they had lunch together, but she till haven’t given him any replies.
Sandra : oh maybe she doesn’t like him
Emma :i doubt that,chidi said she confess of her likeness for him and wants to be his girlfriend, he said maybe she is bothered with some thing
Sandra :i don’t know but I feel I should tell you
Emma :what is it
Sandra :well there’s one guy his name is maxwell, she said he is her childhood friend that just came back from UK,but believe me they are really close, I think their relationship has passed beyond friendship, everytime I see them together in always observe the connection between them and the guy eyes are full will love and passion,it is written all over him.
Emma thought for a while
Emma:do this for me,try to ask her if she is in love with this guy and any thing she tells you let me know.
Sandra key I will,now go take you bath am coming.
Sandrawalked out of the room,and emma took his clothes off remaining his boxer, he took his towel and went into the bath room.


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