Thursday, 11 January 2018

THE PRESIDENT'S SON AND I Season 2 Episode 24

Vero: why not sue her,as such the president would buckle up
Me: no no,that idea is really out of it,I don't want to take it to that extent yet but will if my babies are not found by next tomorrow.
Alice: how about your man Richard?
Me: please don't mention his name,I hate him now
Warder Bisi: don't say that,that's bad
Me: am sorry ma but that's how I really feel now.
Everywhere got silent with everyone looking at one another probably out of words.
Later in that evening when my parents came back I introduced Warder Bisi to them though my dad already knew of her,then I introduced Alice and Vero to them too,I was surprised to find out that my dad already related everything to my mum.
well it was really good to see a little improvement on my mum's health too.
The house became a little lively again and I was really happy seeing my mother smile again though bedridden.
Me: so what did the doctor say?
Dad: well the appointment shifted,till tomorrow morning
Me: okay but why?
Doctor: we didn't meet with the doctor even after waiting for long
Me: hmmm
Warder Bisi: hope I can go with you people tomorrow
Dad: why not
Warder Bisi: thank you sir
Michael: Richard called
Me: what did he say? has my babies been found?
Michael: no,he requested speaking with you
Me: rubbish,I don't want to talk to him,not after what I had gone through all because of him
Alice: Precious,its not his fault
Me: then whose fault? please I don't want to hear of Richard ever again please*stood up and walked away in anger*
By the next morning,it was really a surprise visit,I was shocked to see James in my house
Me: oh my God,look who is here,James!
James: wow,you are looking even more prettier than you use to be
Me: mehn,and you ain't looking bad,who own these car?
James: *lol* its mine na,I got a well paying job in one of the oil firm
Me: oh my God,these is good news,what about Jerry and how did you get to know my house?
James: Jerry is fine,he was being held back by work,he now works in first bank
Me: these is good news,but you skipped my other question,how did you get to know my house?
James: well I had been here once with Ella when you went missing,so what's these am hearing
Me: come inside first and meet my parents,siblings and friends before you start your amibo
James: *lol* I thought you won't usher me in so I decided to start asking from here na *walking inside as I lead the way*
Me: you ain't serious,am really happy for you,these is really a surprise visit
James: bae have missed you na
Me: *now in the sitting room* please seat,so where are you coming from that you got here these early?
James: well had been in P.H *Alice and Vero came out*
Vero&Alice: good morning
James: hey,morning
Me: meet my good friends Vero and Alice
James: hi *smiling*
Me: girls meet James my old school friend
Vero&Alice: welcome
Me: so what do we offer you
James: am okay for now,so wadup your phone?
Me: I don't have any for now,lost my phone when I was kidnapped and since I came back I hadn't thought toward getting a new one because it had been one issue or another
James: then let's go get a phone now
Me: you don't mean it
James: I do,if you are done with your house chores let's go
Me: of course yes
James: then let's go,but what about your parents?
Me: they had an appointment with the doctor
James: doctor? who is sick?
Me: my mom
James: oh sorry about that
Me: oh,its no problem,she's getting better now self
James: nice to hear,so can we go now *standing*
Me: yes of course,girls we would be right back
Vero&Alice: alright
Me: please Vero come help us with the gate please
Vero: no problem,just buy something for me on your way back
Alice: me too
Me: *lol* you both are not serious,of course I will
I was surprised when James drove me all the way to asaba to get a phone then we got a new sim after which he took me to Mr. Biggs to get something for myself,Vero and Alice,I just had to remind him of my little sister Juliet and he got for the four of us but he gave me the shocker of my life on our way returning home
James: *now driving me back* Precious
Me: yes
James: I have been meaning to tell you something just that I had not been bold enough
Me: hmmm,hope its nothing bad?
James: no,just that I have been naturing these feeling for you right back from our school days,I really love you and I want to marry you
Me: *lol* James,you and joke
James: am serious,these is no joke
Me: *it was now obvious he wasn't joking* James,what kind of statement is that,ain't you aware that am engaged?
James: oh dear come off it,I had loved you before he surfaced
Me: but you never told me about your feelings
James: because I was afraid then
Me: then what made you speak up now?
James: I can't hold it back any longer
Me: James,am sorry,its too late and you know that
James: don't tell me you want to still be with him after all his made you go through
Me: Richard has made me go through no pain
James: you know that's a lie,its all over the papers
Me: James, these conversation is really getting me pissed up,Richard is the father of my children for crying out loud
James: but am not complaining,am willing to take you and your triplets once they are found
Me: stop these car
James: why?
Me: stop these car,I want to get down
James: okay am sorry,but think of it because I won't give up on you again.
I couldn't believe my ears,James,no these isn't real,I must be dreaming,it should be a dream but it wasn't.
The ride became a boring one to me after what James had said,all I prayed for now was to get home because I can't just wait to get off these car.
The rest of the drive was a silent drive,we get home and I came down,James didn't park inside the compound again rather he parked outside.
on getting inside my parents were already back,I coldly introduced James to my parents,they thanked him for the phone he got me then he shared what he got us.
I entered inside not minding he was still around,Vero and Alice came into the room
Vero: Precious,what's wrong,what happened?
Alice: yeah,some hours ago you were really happy before leaving the house but came back looking so pissed up,tell us what went wrong
Me: nothing
Vero: no,you can't say nothing,you should know we know you pretty well now
Alice: I don't get these,I was really happy these morning seeing happy,is it about your kids?
Me: can you imagine,he professed love to me
Alice&Vero: who?
Me: James
Alice: and what's wrong with that???.
To be continued


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