Thursday, 11 January 2018

THE PRESIDENT'S SON AND I Season 2 Episode 7

I walked out of the prison compound,everywhere was looking strange to me,i needed to call Michael and thanks to God I still have his number off hand,I started walking down the road to see if I was going to see any call center around but none was in sight.
I noticed a car following me and that got me scared,Vero and Alice last words started resounding in my head,the echoes were so loud
Vero: follow us home today,you can go tomorrow
Alice: don't follow her,follow me
Me: *lol* no don't worry yourself,I really can't wait to see my people
Vero: you see them tomorrow na
Alice: Vero allow her follow me
Vero: ah,you that can't take care of her
Alice: eh? if I hear,you can't take care of her as much as I can
Me: both of you stop these na,I would visit
Vero: okay if you say so,I just wanted to be sure you out of danger
Me: sure I am,trust me
Alice: hmmm okay o visit quick.
as these voices kept resounding I quickly increased my step,I knew I had gotten into danger again but the worst part of it was that I don't know anywhere in that area.
I decided to hurry back following the prison street.
the more I try to hasten up the more speed the car run,I suddenly started running but I was really confused as at what direction to take before it seem I had missed my way going back to the side of the prison.
the current way I had taken is a bush part leading to only God knows were.
the car got so close and I could see four men in the car apart from its driver,out of fear I fell,the car over took me and stopped in front of me,the guys opened the car jumping out from it,I quickly got up and jumped into the bush since it was my only option,I had forgotten I was five months pregnant self because I even felt light running,maybe because my tommy isn't really big.
I noticed the boys chasing me and shouting " stop there,shout there,I will shot you,stop " but I wasn't even listening,I was jumping in the bush all in the name of run like I was a bush animal.
soon I was out to the roads again,I hurriedly waved to cars to stop like I was a mad woman but I was disappointed, our Nigerian people can really be heartless,upon my cry,upon my condition none bothered to stop and even ask what's wrong,I saw the boys come into bush,I quickly crossed into the other side of the road running into it bush using my hand to prove way for myself,I suddenly found myself screaming Richard's name like he was present.
I ran till I run into a sugar cane plantation, close by was a flowing river but it was barely my kneel level,without thinking twice I jumped in and started running through,it wasn't wide so it took me only but a few minute to run through,I turned back but saw no one coming again,I think they lost me already, I stood where I was observing around to see if any of those sugar cane plantations owner were in their farm,they might be of help being that they are Hausa's and easily move around with weapons in case of danger but I saw none,it was as quiet as a grave yard and looking ahead of me are more bushes,I was scared of moving forward because I knew night was around the corner but I was more scared of risking it back,I felt hungered and taste,I bent over drinking from the river,as I was drinking I heard " look at her over there " I quickly stood up right and resumed running ahead though I was scared of running into wild animals or even snakes.soon enough I was out of their sight,I stopped running because I was already feeling great pains especially in my tommy legion and most of all I was weak and weary,I saw two trees very close to each other,down was surrounded by well grown weeds and it was in such a way that it can serve as a hiding place,I quickly went into it and stayed calm there,about three minutes later three of them were around there,from my hide out I could see them,they were all armed,I could only recognize one and that was that fool called biology,they passed me without noticing, they didn't even stop to suspect that area.
I felt relieved where I was but a second look I saw old skins of about three snakes pulled there,fear gripped me as I started looking everywhere close to make sure no snakes were around,I quickly crawled out quickly already feeling on easy,the nights were already fallen but not so dark.
I was already so scare,hungry and tasty I carried my weak body up,following another direction trying to find a better place to lay my head.
soon it got very dark,I had no means of seeing but I continue walking in darkness till I felt sharp pains in my leg,I shouted and bent over immediately, touching the suspected injured area I felt it wet,I knew it was blood so I managed to move to the other side of the bush and sat down,tears were already raining down.I looked around but couldn't see anything.
I managed to sleep not minding the insects seriously feeding on my body.
waking up the next morning I was already surrounded by those boys all smiling at me,fear gripped me immediately as I started pleading for mercy.
To be continued


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