Thursday, 11 January 2018

THE PRESIDENT'S SON AND I Season 2 Episode 16

he stood there in regrets for some minutes before his phone rang
Mr.President: hello,yes,start investigation quickly,I have already informed her father to send back for her with immediate effect,okay,make sure you come over by morning before 8 am,better *hung up* don't worry, my grandchildren would be found and I would make sure those responsible for these are brought to face the law
Me: thank you sir
Mr.President: what did the doctor say *Sharon came in with Ella,Michael and my dad*
Ella: *rushed to my bed side* Precious,oh my God,you are alive,you are alive,oh my God,thanks be to God *crying* I thought I will never see you again,I thought I lost you
Michael: sweetheart,what happened,where have you been?
Me: *still lying on the bed and crying,by these time Ella had one of my hands on her palms* I was kidnapped I other for mother and father to be safe
Dad: why do you have to do that?
Michael: thank God you are back now,safe and still breathing,can I just ask you one question?
Me: please where is mother,where is Juliet? *they were both (dad and Michael) silent* please talk to me,are they dead?
Ella: *crying* no Precious,just that your mother is yet unable to recover from the shock of your missing
Me: how?
Michael: mother is suffering from shock,Juliet stayed back to take care of her,please my question is can you recognize those that kidnapped you?
Me: yes
Michael: very good,can you remember the house where you had been kept all these while?
Me: I don't really know,but its some where after mpape because I was taken there after I was released from prison
Dad,Michael and Ella: prison?
Dad: who took you to prison,for what crime?
Michael: what was you crime?
Me: *I don't want to tell them it was because of Richard because of my dad's present* no crime,the vice president's daughter was responsible
Ella: you mean Clara?
Me: yes
Michael: I swear to God,I would find each and everyone involve in suffering you and make them pay with their lives,I don't care who is involve,it can be the president for all I care
Mr.President: calm down Michael
Michael: don't calm me,with all due respect sir I swear to you that as many that are involved in these would be dinning with the devil soon
Mr.President: save your strength Michael,the police and state CIDs are on these
Michael: sir,you have a son like me,you are also the president of these country so I don't want it to look as if am rude but what have your so called police and state CIDs done so far,where were they to find my sister when she was lost
Dad: Michael,have you lost your manners,don't let your anger rule you,show his excellence respect
Me: they took my babies Michael,they took my triplets
Dad,Ella and Michael: triplets!!!
Ella: Richard's babies?
Michael: who ?
Dad: you were pregnant?
the questions came at a time so I was confused as at who to answer first
Me: my babies are gone
Ella: does Richard know about these?
Sharon: yes he knows *Michael made to leave*
Dad: and where are you going?
Michael: look for my little nephew and nieces
Dad: are you insane? what says your time now,isn't it night already,what direction do you know you want to start from or do you want to kill your mother these time?
Michael: dad
Dad: keep quiet,I have always warn you about these you quick to reactions of a character
Lady's Voice: *out the ward* I must see her,its important that I see her
Soldier's Voice: if you don't get out of here I would blow off your head
Another Voice: who allowed her to get in here knowing fully well the president is still in,my friend out of here
Lady's Voice: it either you kill me or you let me see her,Precious live is at sake
Mr.President: Sharon,tell the soldiers to let the lady in
Sharon: okay dad *left and came back*
Voice: good evening *I turned to see who it was
Mr.President: who are you?
Lady: am Peace,a sister to Bisi,am here to see Precious, the lady admitted her
Me: warder Bisi? so she is really alive *seating up* does she have my children?
Peace: yes,warder Bisi,she is still alive but she doesn't have your children,she only gave me a massage to be careful,be careful of everything,she would show up as soon as possible at the right time
Me: please where is she,why didn't she come,please am sorry Obele died,it was my fault,I should have listened to him when he asked me to keep moving
Peace: he is dead?
Me: am so sorry *she turned and started walking out,I tried calling her back but she didn't even turn back,she seem so heart broken
Michael: who is Obele,who is ward Bisi?
Me: Obele is the boy who saved me but got killed,warder Bisi is his mother *crying* she tried helping me while in prison
Mr.President: I have to go now,I have few things to attend to these night,Precious,don't worry,every masked face behind these would be unmasked
Me: thank you sir
Sharon: I would sleep here with her
Mr.President: no problem,the soldiers guiding here earlier would keep guiding till she is discharged
Sharon: okay dad * the president left*
Me: I want to see mother
Dad: get better first
Ella: where is Richard?
Me: he left but would be back
Michael: am not comfortable here,I really want to find those babies,I don't want to start imaging what they are passing through now
Ella: luxguy,calm down,tomorrow is always another day
My dad and Michael later returned to the villa that night while Sharon and Ella spent the night with me.
By the next morning,Ella's parents arrived in company of Jetty.
To be Continued..


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