Tuesday, 2 January 2018

THE PRESIDENT'S SON AND I Season 2 Episode 4

Warder: yes,you are a month and three weeks gone
Me: *crying* oh my God,oh my God
Warder: *surprised* any problem?
Me: *cried louder* it shouldn't be,no it shouldn't be
Warder: *still surprised* why?
Me: I am on a life sentence,why would God increase my punishment by giving me a child,who would raise him or her,the government? I will give birth in prison? God why,why God,I can bear the suffering but why punish an innocent child to come into these world and suffer
Warder: * now very surprise * what are you saying! why say all these eh? don't you have family,your family would take care of the child of course,you should be grateful to God he is consoling you with a child at last,even if you die it would be that you left something behind
Me: ma you don't understand my pain*cried for some seconds* my parents,my family as a whole don't even know my where about
Warder: * felt pity * what about the man responsible for these?
Me: * immediately,thoughts of Richard ran through my head,it made me cry the more* oh God
Warder: *looked anxious* don't tell me you don't know the man responsible for your pregnancy!
Me: I do,but even Richard don't know my where about
Warder: Richard? who is Richard? did you run away from home or what and by the way what crime brought you to prison?
She asked all at once looking so confused,I myself got confused as at where to start from,from my lying position on the bed we stared at each other,she stared at me in eagerness while I stared at her with mixed feeling
Me: I didn't run away from home,I was kidnapped and brought here to serve life imprisonment *tears would stop flowing my eyes*
Warder: * she gave those funny laughter,stared deep into my eyes * tell me another lie * those words shocked me * I know Nigeria is a corrupt nation but it isn't spoilt to the extend of kidnapping and bringing to prison*cold blood ran round my veins, i just looked away from her stares* so don't think of lying to me
Me: you don't know? * it seem my tears stopped flowing in shock *
Warder: about what? I was transfered here about a month ago
Me: * the already circulated tears finally continued flowing * its a long story ma,a very long story but i will tell you.
i told her everything that has happened
Warder: oh Jesus,so our dear country has spoilt to these extend? why would a human created by God be so inhuman,does being opportune mean crucifying the poor? these is wickedness at its peak,chai has the world spoilt to these extend? so to love is now a crime in Nigeria,because a man once dated you now means he can't love another peacefully but the president made a big mistake,permit that I call him a big fool *held my hand on one of hers while she used the other to dry my tears before supporting it to the one holding my hand* cry no more,as long as i live i will make sure I help you get out of these prison
Me: *surprised* you will?
Warder: yes i will,i will meet with the doctor now to discharge you then i would let you go pretending you escaped
Me: no,no,don't risk your life for me,just help me go to aso and inform the president,or Richard of my being here, i would appreciate it,in that way I won't have problems leaving here
Warder: I swear to you my child,i will do as you have said immediately
Me: since I came to prison,no warder has offered helping me,they all feared their life,why do you offer to help me?
Warder: *took a deep breath* my daughter everyone is not same,we all differ from one another though we can make same choice or different choices,that's is one freedom God has given us "freedom to make our own choice" *takes a deep breath again* you see my daughter,before I became a warder,in my youthful age,I used to belong to one of the most dreaded group that gives these country headache to the call,it is called "the Aninie Ladies",I wasted souls both that of the innocent and guilty till one fateful day all my group members were killed,only i managed to escape,then I met Jesus and gave my life to him,ever since then,I have decided to do things right, if I didn't die while doing the wrong thing then why would my God let me down while am treading the right path,besides you look very much like my daughter Ruth,thought its been 8 years I last set my eyes on her and her two brothers Yemi and Ayo
Me: what happened?
Warder: my husband took them away,because I became a warder,a prison warder
Me: that's bad,please ma,you have been good to me but I don't even know your name
Warder: I am warder Bisi.my dear let me call on the doctor to discharge you
Me: okay ma *she stood up,unlocked the cuffs from my leg and walked away,I felt I found new hope once again,I felt alive again and had a reason to smile,so am pregnant,Richard would be so glad to hear of it*
I was discharged and taken back to the prison by warder Bisi,Alice and Vero were so glad seeing me again,I also I was really happy because I have got good news for them too,as I was thrown back to the prison by another warder we embraced each other
Alice: what was wrong with you?
Vero: bae you needed to see how you fainted,I got scared
Me: *lol* let's go to our corner *we did,and in a very low tone* am pregnant
Both: Jesus!
Me: hey don't shout,just prepare yourselves,we would be leaving these prison soon enough
Vero: how?
Alice: are you planning prison break?
Me: no,that new warder decided helping me,am sure by now she is on her way to aso villa to inform the president of my where about
Both: wow
Alice: best news ever
Vero: wait,she wants to do that?
Me: yes
Vero: I thought you said its very risky
Me: well she decided taking the risk
Vero: well that would be great but I pray nothing bad happens to her
Me: Amen
Alice: Vero,these means double ration of food for precious always because they are two now
Vero: yes,these needs to be celebrated
A week past without any sign of warder Bisi again,about a week and three days I over heard warders saying she is dead,I was so shocked,I couldn't believe my ears,warder Bisi dead! I cried and cried till I lost my last strength, I saw my hope of getting out of prison fade,Vero and Alice where shocked too,they tried consoling me but I refused to be consoled,I knew she must had died trying to get to the president to relate my orals.
What got me very scares was that election was just 3 months ago,if the current president leaves his seat I wonder if any hope would be Lett for me.
I had lost hope of leaving these prison before and I was even trying to adapt to the prison way of life if not for my pregnancy which is now two moths gone I wouldn't have bothered,I don't want to give away my child after birth.
after I learnt of the death of warder bisi my life became a thing of the past to me,I was still alive though but was considering my life to be a past event,I knew I heard enough reasons to question God but I never did,I only await death any gave my life to prayers,praying for death alone..


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