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THE MAGNIFICENT BROTHERS (life in secondary school) Episode 21

I couldn’t believed my brother could go through that length just too take revenge.
I really feel sorry for them because the principal really dealt with them.
3 hours later the time keeper rang the bell for break, so I quickly use the opportunity to talk too Cynthia but all went to no avail.
So I made up my mind never to apologized too her, I guess we are not destine to be together.
I just went out side too see my brother in other for me too apologized too him.
I know what I did was wrong but I couldn’t just let the poor girl being used by my brother.
I couldn’t see them outside, I guess they are still recovery from the torture and humiliation the principal did too them.
I just walk too their class, I saw my brother and Daniel they were sitting together.
Guys afa I said too them.
Daniel: we dey ooo, this one way you come find us I hope all is well.
Me : all is well oo, and uche no vexe for that faith matter.
Uche: I don even forget about the matter self.
Okay na, I left them and went too my class.
so uche which type of revenge you feel say go make sense for the principal. Daniel ask.
E be like say you don high, you still they think of revenge upon watin them do you.
E be like say die dey hungry you and me no go join you.
Na wa for you, we go just leave the principal like that?
Abi you don forget the eleventh commandment, FORGIVENESS IS A SIN .Daniel replied
Abeg make we free am joor.
Okay na . daniel replied
So how your babe Deborah say ena still dey I ask.
Chai uche you be baddo, I swear you too much oo.
Watin I talk way you dey praised me like this. I ask
Guy you just bring the perfect plan for the revenge.
How ?,I curiously ask.
Guy na Deborah we go used do revenge. Daniel replied.
You and who, e be like say you do high .
Guy wait make I finished na. Daniel said.
Okay go on.
As I dey talk we go used Deborah do revenge for her papa, I go wine am go toilet go bleep am, you go come go call her papa so that him go catch us red handed
Hmmmm but you sure say Deborah go gree, and what if the principal catch you na die be that ooo. I said too him.
Deborah case na small one, I don bleep am like 3 times for toilet.
The principal no go catch me because I go escape and beside na next week be my last day for school, Daniel said.
Hmmmm but I no fit go call the principal, him go suspect me.
Okay I go find one junior student way go do that one, you go just carry my bag drop for outside, and na nest week Monday we go do am.
Okay boss. I said too him.
1 hour later the time keeper rang the bell for closing, and because today is Friday, so we do close early.
I went home, I took bath.
I started thinking about our revenge plan.
What if the principal caught us, what will be our fate.
I can’t even imaging what the principal would do too us if we were caught.
He can’t catch us I said too myself and drafted too sleep.
Saturday and Sunday went as slow as ever.
Hear comes the D day or rather PAY BACK TIME.
I woke up too my bath and went too school, I got too school around 8:35am by then the Assembly was already over , so I quietly walk too my class. By then there was no teacher in the class.
Daniel quickly came too my sit in other for us too strategize our plan.
Guy I don see the person way go help us call the principal, but him say make we pay 3h, so bring #100 make I bring #200 .
Daniel said.
So who be the person I ask.
Na Emmanuel for jss3.
Okay na.
I quickly gave him the money.
I hope say you don wine Deborah, I said too him.
That one na small thing, and na break time we go run the parrol, for easy escape because by then school gate go dey open.
Hmm you are right, I replied.
3 hours later the time keeper rang the bell for break so we went outside.
Daniel quickly gave me the money for me too give too the Emmanuel.
He was already busy talking too Deborah
He wink at me, and he walk to the toilet with Deborah.
I know from moment that stage one has being accomplished.
I quickly took Daniel bag to keep outside.
So i went too jss3 class to give Emmanuel the money.
I gave him and told him to call the principal now. I guess by now Daniel and Deborah would have been in action.
3 minutes later I saw the principal walking like jet li, he quickly went too the toilet.
I saw Daniel running too the gate, I guess the principal just witnessed it.
He principal was shouting.
Lock the gate!!!!
Mr okoro quickly lock the gate.
Chai daniel is dead I said too myself.
Daniel started running speed.
Why is he still running. I ask myself.
Daniel just fly the fence and escape.
Daniel escape, the principal became angry that he withdrawn his daughter from the school and because of the disgraceful deed Daniel did too him, I guess he will never forget.
Cynthia later forgive Kelvin and reconcile with him.
Uche later fell in love with faith but faith never dated him.
Uche and Kelvin wrote the waec, they passed their waec with a good result.
A year later they both got admission to university of BENIN
Daniel also pass his waec but it was due to runs, he also join uche in the great university of BENIN.
promising to be an epic


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