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THE MAGNIFICENT BROTHERS (life in secondary school) Episode 15 & 16

FAITH quickly ran to the bathroom to clean up, 10 minutes she came out, she was looking very Moody.
I didn’t even care after all I don bleep am, but I was not satisfy, as she was about going I went too meet her, she was facing the door, I hug her from behind, I used my hand to press her b----t, she tried to resist, but I hold her, i turned her and kiss her on the lips, she responded without delay ( chai I don know your wick point) I push her,she fell on the bed, she quickly undress her clothes, she was totally unclad, chai konji don hole am oo .
I quickly climb on the bed, Inserted my finger inside her valley of pleasure, she started moaning, this time Inserted 2 finger, her tempo increase she moaning loud.
F--k me !!!!!!,!,.
I love you please f--k me!!!!!!!!!!!.
I quickly brought out my CD insert it on my d--k, without delay I dive into the valley of pleasure, I was using my hand to fold her b----t her moan became so laud, I f----d and f----d her until we both c----x.
The s-x lasted for about 15 minutes.
She quickly stand and went too the bathroom to clean up, as she came out she started saying.
This is what you have being looking for, you have achieved your aim abi.
I didn’t even say anything too because I am satisfy with myself, 2 round of s-x e no easy na .
She just open the door and left.
Faith was not even tight I thought she would be tight, and she was not even a virgin.
Na wa for all this holy holy ooo.
I said too my self
Cynthia and I really had fun, it was my best Valentine even though I spent my saving money, I was happy because she is worth it.
About 5:20pm we both went home, I escorted her too her house, she surprised me with a kiss.
I went home, I saw my brother he was just happy for no reason so I asked him.
Guy this one way you just dey happy like this say you win naira bets.
This one pass naria bet oooo.
So watin come happened.
You no go understand.
Okay I hear you.
The next day which was Saturday was uneventful, on Sunday I didn’t go too church, I stayed at home, I was watching a seasonal film.
On Sunday was also not eventful, so I don’t want too bore you with the detailed.
Hear comes on monday , I woke around 8:00pm, took my bath and I started going too, school I walk too school, after all I am no longer pretending.
By the time i got to the gate of my school, assembly was already over I just walk too my class.
I saw Daniel I wink at him, he just smile.
3 hours time the time keeper rang the bell for break so we went out side.
I was sitting alone outside, Daniel quickly walk up too me.
Daniel: guy this one way you come late e be like say your plane don work .
Me: yes oo, at last I don bleep faith, I bleep am 2 round.
Daniel: chia bad boy.
Me: guy no blame me ooo, watin I go through for faith hand pass DAT 2 round way I bleep am.
Daniel: now way you don do your revenge for faith, e remains Adam and victor, you know say forgiveness is a sin.
Me: I don even forget them self, thank God say you remember me, No worry we go do our revenge.
As we were busy talking, faith walk pass the front of us.
Sister faith,
Sister faith
Daniel was busy calling her.
She ran and pass us.
Chai Daniel you no good oo, I said too him.
Me and you who no good, you way bleep am 2 times.
Guy I hear you.
About 3 hours later the time keeper rang the bell so we went too our various home.
Around 8:00pm as I was sleeping, my phone was ringing, it was the phone that woke me up, I quickly check the number that was calling me, I was shock by the name I saw on the scream.
Episode 16
I started asking my self rhetorical questions.
Why is she calling me, or she wants too Insult me, I summoned courage and pick the call.
Me: hello
Faith: uche how are you doing.
Me: ( I was confused.). I am fyn.
Faith: I know you might be surprise why I called.
Me: no I am not, you are my gf na , so you can call me.
Faith: hmmmmmm okay but the reason why I called you is because what happened yesterday, when i got home, I was very angry with you, but as days goes, I don’t really know what happened, I kept on thinking of the s-x we had.
Me: maybe it is the power of love , even me I felt the same way, you are the first girl I will be having s-x with.
Faith: are you sure?
Me: yes na, most people think of me as a flirt because I mingle with Daniel, but I am not, you are the first girl that I have had s-x with.
Faith :, okay ooo, goodnight we will talk in school.
Me: good night dear.
She ended the call, I was just happy.
Chai I go soon F--k free p---y oooo, I think say she won colonised me, she no know say na me be colonisation, I said too my self.
I drafted too sleep.
I woke up the next day as a free man, I check the time it was already 8:10am, I saw my mum, she gave me my waec fee and Kelvin’s’ own.
I did my normal routine and went too school.
I got too school, I sat down on my sit, by then there is no teacher in the class, so I wave Daniel to come sit with me,.
he quickly came.
Daniel: Guy this one way you call me make I come sit with you e be like say you get gist oo.
Me: Omo I get oo, when I reach house yesterday faith call me
Daniel: Watin she talk.
Me: She dey tell me say she just dey think of s-x way we do ooo .
Daniele,: e be like say that babe won give you visa to they enter am ooo.
me: na watin me self think, she say we go talk for school.
Daniel: hmmmm, okay make sure say, you used formula 360 for am.
Me: Guy No Need of formula for this one, i won go collect the pass word for her WiFi.
Daniel: I swear you funny, but you can still share the password give me na.
Me: you dey mad, say Deborah never do you.
Daniel: okay I hear you, but say you don plan how we go take do arranged those two idiot.
Me: baba i never plane ooo, but no worry, by tomorrow I go don plane something.
Daniel:, okay na.
About 3 hours later the time keeper rang the bell for break, i quickly went outside to talk too faith.
I saw her she was sitting in the hall, so I went too meet her.
She surprised me with a hug, I sat down close too her.
So faith how are you doing.
Faith: I am fyn oo.
Me: so I hope you are not angry with me.
Faith: I was but I am no longer angry with you.
Me: OK thanks dear.
Faith: there is no need because ever since we had s-x, I was just thinking of you, I don’t just know what happened too me, but I think I am in love with you.
Me: yea meet too I am deeply in love with you.
As we were busy talking the time keeper rang the bell for break over.
So I quickly invite her too my house, using the excused that we have a lot too discussed.
I peck her and left.
Chai faith go hear am, she no know person way she go love na me, I just dey sorry for her p---y today.
I went too my class to tell Daniel about the new development.
Me: guy omo she don give me the password for her WiFi ooo.
Daniel: correct make sure say you bleep am ooo.
Me: trust me now I go make sure say I reach 4 Round.
Daniel: na so but no forget about those boys ooo.
3 hours later the time keeper rang the bell for closing, I quickly went home to prepare myself.
I started thinking.
na so my d--k sweet way make a whole faith fall in love with me, i was busy with my thought before faith called that she is at my gate , I quickly went outside to meet her.
She was wearing a short gown,
Chai easy open, I said too myself, I led her too my room,
She sat down on my bed, without westing time, I came close too her I kiss her on lips, she responded without delay, i quickly unzip her gown, her bobby just stare at me.
The is what we called confidence bobby. ( guys I Hope say ena know the bobby way I dey talk about.). I quickly suck her bobby as if my life depend on it, I suck her bobby like an infant child. I quickly move down to her abdomen, I insert one finger on her p---y, she started moaning, given me words of encouragement, I insert two finger her moan becomes so load that I was afraid for my brother not too catch us.
I quickly brought out my CD and insert it on my d--k, I dive into the valley of pleasure, chai p---y dey sweet I said too my self, I was busy f-----g her before someone opened the door.
Guess who?


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