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THE MAGNIFICENT BROTHERS (life in secondary school) Episode 11 & 12

Kelvin side of the story.
About 2;30pm, the time keeper rang the bell, so we went to our various homes.
I took my bath, eat my food, I was just thinking about Cynthia, I am deeply in love with her, I had never felt this way before or is it because she is my first love.
About 7:45pm I called faith.
Me: hello dear how are you doing.
Faith: I am fine and you.
Me: same dear, I was just thinking of you so I decided to call you.
Faith: that’s so thoughtful of you, by the way,I wants to invite you to my Church cus we are having program.
Me: okay but which program.
Faith: it is called “enough is enough” , it start yesterday but it will end on Thursday.
Me: Okay which Church is that
Faith: mountain of fire (mfm).
Me: (chai my own don finish ooo,) okay I will be there, but how do we see.
Faith: don’t worry we will talk about it in school.
Me: okay good night, and pray before you sleep oo.
Faith: yea I will, good night.
I ended the call, I was thinking about tomorrow Church, mountain of fire, I have never gone there before but rumor has it that any new member that goes there will always return with an headache.
I went too sleep, I woke up early In the morning, I check the time it was 6:30, I quickly went to the bathroom, took my bath, wore my uniform, I dash out of my compound, I went to the bike pack I too a bike.
I stop at the junction of my school by then the assembly was already going on so I join them without wasting time.
About 15 minutes the assembly was over so everybody went to their various classes.
The rest of the class section was on uneventful.
4 hours later the time keeper rang the bell for break so everybody went outside.
I went to meet Daniel, to update him on the new development.
Guy afa na, I said too him.
Baba I dey oo.
Omo when I called faith yesterday, she come dey invite me for church.
That’s a good sign, but why your face dey like person way dey vexe.
Omo na the name of the church dey make me dey vexe oo.
Watin be the name na?.
Guy na mountain of fire ooo…..
Daniel started laughing.
Guy your own don’ finished oooo.
And say you know the name of the program.
Watin be the name.
She say na enough is enough ooo.
Omo that one na heavy prayer ooo, guy I swear I no envy you ooo, but just endure am after all you won bleep am.
I swear the way wa I go take bleep am, even Devil go curse me say I too wicked.
Okay I hear you.
Guy we go see later na make I go see faith .
I left him and went to look for faith.
I could not find her outside, so I went too her class, I saw she was sitting alone so I went too me her.
Faith how are you doing now.
I am fine and you.
Same dear.
So about the program in my church how are we going to see, she ask.
Hmmmmm I don really know oo,
But can you come too my house so that we would go together.
Yea, but if I am to come I don’t know your address.
Okay, I wrote down my address in a s--t of paper and gave it too her.
I left her and went outside to meet Daniel .
He saw me coming, so he ask.
Guy how it take go na.
I tell her say na my house we go see oo.
Nice, na opportunity be that oo make sure say you bleep am ooo.
Yes na, I go make sure say I do my revenge.
About 3 hour the time keeper rang the bell for closing, so we went to our various homes.
I took by bath, eat my food, I was just thinking about the strategy I will used on her, and thankfully my mum is wasn’t at home.
5:50pm, faith called me, I quickly picked the call.
I am at the gate of your house she says and the call ended.
Na wa ooo, so you no fit come inside again, i said to my self. I quickly wore my cloth and went to meet her.
I saw her, she was holding a bible, I said too her.
Lets go inside.
We are already late, there is no time, she replied.
Chai na so this girl want to spoil my plane.
Okay I replied her, and we went to her Church.
We stop at the gate, I saw the name of the Church boldly written. MOUNTAIN OF FIRE MINISTRY. ( M.F.M). chai see were p---y don’ land me put, p---y way I never even bleep. I said too myself.
We entered the church, we saw different people, they were all wearing marry amaka clothes, we sat down in a white plastic chair, Faith was sitting in my left hand side, and a very hug man was sitting on my right.
10 minutes later the pastor came out and stand on the altar, he ask everybody to stand up because he wants to pray, he start by saying.
Any one.!!!! ( The members of the church replied.)
That is planing against my life, you that man you that woman you are wicked, run mad and die!!!!!!!!!!.
The members of the Church starter saying die!, die! die!, they started moving their body like someone that fighting kunfu.
So I join them, I close my eyes and pray, before I heard, posaaaaaaaah, before I knew, I saw myself on the floor.
Episode 12
I was hit by the man on my right, he used mighty head to hit me, he head is second version of Victor’s own just that his own is a mature mighty head.
Assuming that was not a enough, the pastor ask the members to bring me to their altar that I need deliverance.
I started asking myself, what is deliverance do I need now, I was hit by a member in the Church, all what the pastots could say Is that I need deliverance.
I was brought to the altar, so the pastor starts his prayers.
His put his hands on my head and start to pray my saying, any man any woman that is controlinge the boys you that man you that woman you are wicked die BY fire!!!!!!!!!!,!!!!!!!!,!.
He push me with his hand but I was determine not to fall, he push me again, I didn’t fall.
And he start by saying you this stubborn spirits, you are proven stubborn, he push me the third time, this time he put his leg on back of my foot , without me knowing, and I fell down, all the member in the Church started praying for me, including faith.
Around 8:00pm the Church was over, I didn’t even speak to faith when we are going home, I was very angry.
Now I know that “the love of p---y is the beginning of man’s suffering”.
When I got home, I started thinking. Because of I want too bleep faith that’s why I am suffering like this.
I swear she no go escape me I said too my self and went too sleep.
About 6:40am, i did my normal routine and went too school.
When I got to the gate the assembly has already started, I just join them without wasting time.
20 minutes later the assambly was over so we went to our various classes.
The rest class section was in uneventful.
About 3 hours later the time keeper rang the bell I went too meet Daniel out side to tell about my experience.
I went outside, I saw him he was sitting alone so I walk up too him.
Guy afa na, I said too him
Baba I dey ooo, but you no go believed watin happened yesterday ooo.
Watin , I ask
Omo Deborah find me come house yesterday oo, I bleep am like mad .
Guy your own better if I tell my experience yesterday you go pity for me.
Watin happened.
Omo when Cynthia come my house yesterday, you know say I say I go use the opportunity bleep am.
Yes I remember.
Guy watin my see yesterday, no be small ooo, guy I don suffer.
See abeg talk jor no dey tell me parables.
( I told him all what happened, including the part when the pastor called me a stubborn spirit.,)
After I finished telling him my experience, Daniel was already in the floor laughing like a mad man.
Guy you done suffer, because say you won bleep Faith na e make you dey go through all this things chai p---y don’t show you things, but I go advice you make you plan something fast make you bleep am sharp sharp, unless say you won die.
Na true you talk oo, because me don tired for this rubbish oooo.
As I was busy talking too Daniel, faith walk up too us.
Guys afa, she says.
We are fyn, we both replied.
By the way uche today is the third day of the program, she says and walk away.
Chai my own don finish, see watin p---y land me into.
Chai P---y na b-----d


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