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THE MAGNIFICENT BROTHERS (life in secondary school) Episode 19 & 20

Why were you guys fighting Mr peter ask.
I know I can’t just tell him the truth, so I started thinking for a well arranged lie to say too him.
Are my not talking too you two he ask aging breaking me away from my thought.
Sir I lost his money that’s why we were fighting. Kelvin replied.
So why would you lost his money.
Sir don’t mind him that was how he always behave, but I have forgiven him, I said too him.
Okay ooo, next time don’t fight in the school he said and left the class.
As I stood , I quickly look at my side, I saw faith she was just steering at me.
I didn’t even care I quickly left the class and went outside.
I saw Daniel outside, so I just walk up too him.
Guy afa na I said too him
I dey oo, I hear say you and your brother they fight, watin happened, he ask.
No mind the idiot joor, e go dey tell faith say I dey pretend.
Chai your brother no try ooo.
No be even that one they do me, if I tell you watin happened when faith come my house.
Watin happened he curiously ask.
Baba many things don happened ooo, but to cut the long story short, when faith come my house that time way I invite her, as I dey bleep am, my mama come catch us oo.
Chai see devil work, but watin she come do na, Daniel ask.
Omo she tear faith slap ooo, na e faith come run commot ooo.
Na wa ooo, that girl don suffer oo, just free am abeg.
I dey try to free am but I just they think about am oo.
E be like say you don dey mental, abeg talk how we go take arrange those boys joor.
Okay but seriously I no get time to plan ooo, why you they even hurry to do revenge self. I ask .
Baba naw next week ooo be my last day for this school oo.
I no dey write waec for this school na e make me won do the revenge and na today we go do am,. he replied.
Okay so watin you plan, I ask him
The way wa I see am be say only me and you no fit to just attack them, na e make me followed nonso and David reason.
Nonso and David are two notorious boys that will do anything just for money they were known as money lovers.
They never do anything without money, they believed in bribery.
Hmmmm this one way you tell nonso and david i hope say your pocket tight.
They say make we pay #500, make they help us run them, But I come prize am too #400, so bring #200 make me too bring #200.
Okay na make we go meet them make I follow them reason.
We quickly left and went too commercial class because that was their class.
We saw them, they were sitting together, we quickly walk up to them.
guys how ena dey na, I said too them
Baba we dey oo, they both replied.
hope say Daniel don yern Ena the F.M.T .
Him don tell us ooo, nonso replied.
Okay so how much be ena money?
Na 4 h we finalize ooo, David replied
Okay make ena ready oo, closing time we go run the package.
We left them and went too our class.
3 hours later the time keeper rang the bell, we quickly went too nonso and David class to discussed our plan.
Nonso you and David go attack them as them dey go house, you no say them they go house together so e go make the plan easy. I said too them.
Baba we hear you, but give us the tear first., David reply.
I quickly brought out my #200 and collect Daniel’s own and gave too them.
So we walk outside, we saw Adams and victor they were already on their way home.
Little did they know what await them I said too my self.
We quickly trace them, nonso and david were in the front, why me and Daniel were at the back to avoid suspicious.
We followed them till we get too a quite location because that will be the best way too attack them.
Nonso and David quickly ran too meet them, me and Daniel were just waiting, for a perfect time to ambush them.
Before be know they started fighting, so we just went too there like we wanted to separate them.
I attack Adam why Daniel attack victor .
I gave Adam a heavy punch on his mouth, he start too bleed, he started shouting let’s fight one on one na if you get the mind.
I never really like the idea of we gang up together to beat them, but I wanted to beat them a serious beating.
Okay na,make we fight fair and square I said too him.
I quickly gave my bag too david too hold for me.
Adam quickly charge like a mad goat running too hit me with his fist, but as a sharp guy na I dodge am, I quickly came too were he his and head butt him on his mouth.
There is nothing I love more than first attack because it will boast my mural.
He fell down on the floor, I patiently waited for him too stand up.
By the time me and adam were fighting, Daniel, nonso, david and victor were just watching, but David and nonso held victor in other for him not too escape.
As he quickly stand up I attack him again, kicking him on his jaw, this time he just turn back and ran for his dear life.
Everybody started laughing except for victor who knows that his time is due.
My turn !!!!!
Daniel quickly shouted.
David and nonso quickly released their grip on victor.
I could see fear in his eyes.
Chai. Revenge dey sweet oo I said too my self.
Daniel just attack him as if his life depend on it.
****** guys if you have played mortel kombart game before, that finishing you do to your opponent that they Will tell you fertility.
That was what daniel is doing too victor, I started feeling sorry for victor, he didn’t even attack.
This is what they called flawless victory.
Victor was just bleeding in his nose and mouth.
We just left him too go before we killed him.
We thank david and nonso for their Job Well done, and left for our various homes.
I got home around 6:00pm I just very tired, I quickly went to the bathroom to take my bath, i eat my food and went too sleep.
I didn’t even know when I slept and woke up the next day.
I check the time it was already 7:30am, I sluggishly went to the bath to take my bath, I came out 10,minutes later I quickly wore my uniform and dash out too school.
I took a bike and stop at the junction of my school, I walk in.
I was flabbergasted because the assembly was suppose to be over by now.
I started going too my class, I saw nonso david and Daniel. They were all standing on the podium, I don’t need a soothsayer to tell me that we have being cut.
I quickly turn back and ran too the gate, the gate man quickly lock the gate deep the keys to his boxes pocket.
Chai am dead I said too my self.
Episode 20
I walk to the assembly and join my fellowed students, pretending as if I don’t know what’s was going on.
The principal quickly called me to come out side.
I came out and stand close too Daniel, I look out nonso and David side, they look like someone that is about too cry.
Chai see were money don land them.
The principal quickly came out and stand on the podium.
Just take a look at what this good for nothing student done to your prefects
He quickly ask Adams and victor too come out.
they came out and stand in front of the assembly, students started laughing, some were even saying eyea .
They both look like someone that survived a plane crash.
I would have love too suspend them and but I can’t because of their waec but what i would do too them would be worst than expelled the principal said.
He quickly made a phone call, telling some one too come.
I guess his is talking too a soldier because he called the person captain.
I quickly turn and look at my fellow members, they were just frowning.
20 minutes later the gate man quickly opened the gate and a SUV walk in.
The man quickly came out, he was wearing an army uniform, he was being accompany by two other soldier.
Chai we are doom I said too my self.
The soldier walk too we were are,
This time I saw his face clearly it was Adams dad.
He came too were we are, the first thing I heard was pausssssss.
Next thing, I saw nanso on the floor, He quickly came too David gave him the same portion he gave too nonso, David just fell like bag of rice.
***********chaiiiii this one naw atomic bomb slap ooo******
Daniel was the next, he came too were Daniel his give him his own portion. Daniel just staggered like a drunker before finally dropping on the floor.
I am not going too fall I said too my self. He man quickly came too were I am gave me the exert slap.
The slap is heavier than me if they should check the weight.
I staggered, rotate like a robot but I was determine not too fall.
As the sees that I am not falling this time he gave me a brand new package slap.
Jesus!!!!!!! I shouted and fell down on the fall, the whole students started laughing.
Why i didn’t fall before, I was blaming my self.
So put off your shirt the principal commanded.
Chai what shall it profit a man to take revenge and losses his soul. We quickly did what we were told. I off my shirt.
Take off your singlet and your boxers .
******God please let your rapture take place now, because I can’t stand this any more.
That was the prayer I was praying too my self.
We did what we were told. Adams dad quickly told his Junior officer’s to bring something from the boot’s.
He man quickly went too the boot to bring the koboko that was used to flog Jesus.
I shiver as my eyes caught the sight of it.
I felt like running away but how can I run when the gate man has lock the gate and deep the keys to his boxers pocket.
*****chai Mr okoro bad sha. (That was the gate man name.)
The officer quickly gave the koboko to Adams dad.
Chai nonso was the first to test what bros J tested before he was crucified.
He quickly ask him too layed down, as nonso was about lying down the gave him a heavy slap, come lie down. Nonso just staggered before he fell down.
*******chai nonso don see things oooo, see were money don land am.
He started flogging him, nonso was just rolling on the floor shouting.
Oga abeg ooooo!!!!!!
Oga please!!!!!
Papa adam abeg oo!!!!!!,,
The students in the assembly were busy laughing.
The man continued flogging, by now he was already in 24.
******* chai this man no dey stop.
Nonso was rolling on the floor, he was crying.
As the man got to 34 he stop and told nonso to frog up, he told one off his men too watch him.
He did the same too victor and ask him to do the same.
Victor cried like nonso.
Is time for the Mastermind behind this catastrophic event
Daniel quickly lie down before he gave him his atomic bomb slap.
He started flogging him Daniel was rolling on the floor, he was not shouting, but he was murmuring some words, the man got to 34, he keep flogging.
Oga abeg !!!!!!!!!
Daniel shouted !!!!!!!! This time he was crying.
He whole student in the assembly were laughing.
I think say you be jet li.
Oga abeg I be Daniel I no be jet li ooooooo.
The man just laugh and told him too join nonso and David.
Chai is my turn, how will I evade not crying, I know if I did not cry this man might flog me up to 100.
So you are the one that beat my son like that he said too me.
I know from that moment that my case would be different.
He ask me to lie down, i willingly did before he gave me his atomic bomb slap.
He started flogging me, I was already rolling on the floor, when he get too 24 I burst out crying in other for him to stop at 34, but he didn’t until he got too 40.
I cried but I didn’t beg.
He ask me too join them.
The principal quickly came to the assembly to start his boring speech.
I am the one that personal called Adams father In other for he to teach this students a lesson.
You saw what he did to them, so anybody misbehave, that will be his punishment the principal said and dismissed the assembly.
He came too were we are and release us.
Me and Daniel was walking too our class .
Guy so na the principal called Adams papa, I swear we go revenge am he said too me.
You dey mad me no follow you revenge ooo, i fired back at him
Guy forgiveness is a sin my brother told me that, he is one of the 7 .
Dame you, dame your brother dame the magnificent 7, I said too him I walk too my class.
I started thinking.
Truth be told, the principal really need to be dealt with, but will I not be putting my self in more problem?


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