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THE MAGNIFICENT BROTHERS (life in secondary school) Episode 5 & 6

KELVIN side of the story
After the government test, the time keeper rang the bell for break time.
Everybody went out side. except for me because I used my money to pay for Cynthia released.
(Abt.10 minutes later) Cynthia came too my sit, and we started talking, and she started asking me question.
So kelvin why didn’t you go for break today.
I don’t really feel like going, and besides am not even hungry.
Okay ooo, but what really makes Adam to release me, and he told me to thank you. So tell me what did you do.
Nothing, i just told him to release you because you don’t usually come late too school.
You think I am a fool abi?
Evey body knows Adam to be wicked, I know it impossible for him to released me without charging you.
So tell me how much did you give him.
Okay, I gave him #200 but he requested for #500. So he collected my wrist watch, and he told that any time I bring his balance, he will give me my wrist watch.
Do u really like me that much to do that for me?
Yep, but I don’t just like seeing you being punished.
Cynthia: Okay I am coming.
She surprised me with a peck and went out side .
UCHE side of the story.
After finishing clearing the grass, we sat down at the corner of our school.
One of kelvin class mate walk pass the front of us.
Chai, Daniel see this babe oooo, omo she carry oo.
I swear na truth u talk oo, but na Deborah dey my eye ooo.
That one conscience you, but say u know her name.
E be like say her name na faith, and I hear say she be holy holy oooo.
That one conscience am, I must package this girl, if she like make she dey go dipper life, I go make sure say I enter am.
Bad boy, what of joy na say she done tire you?
Abeg leave that one , i don’ tire to dey eat only egusi soup jor, i won mix am with vegetables small, abi how you see am.
Guy na the logic be that oooo, but go meet am, na only she sit down there, na opportunity be that ooo.
Okay make i go na, but say I make sense like this .
Guy you dey okay but no forget to use formula 265 for am ooo.
Okay na make I go try my luck.
I walk to were faith was sitting down.
May I sit with u,i said too her.
Sure, she replied.
Okay my name is uche, I brought out my hand for a hand shake, but she decline.
I already know your name.
Okay but can I know yours. (I dey ask like say no be her name they just tell me)
My name is faith.
Nice I hope u would be faithful to your husband.
She just laugh and ask why do u say that .
Because guys would be mesmerize by your beautiful, I don’t really believe in angel but u look like one.( see me dey speak grammar because say I won bleep am)
You are just flattering me.
Hell no I am not flattering you, i swear AGBANI DAREGO they learn for were u dey I swear miss world too small for you, na miss planet make you they contest for.
She started laughing.
Abeg uche stop, I no won laugh again.
Okay dear but can you grant me this one wish.
What is it?
Please can you be my girl friend. You already have a girl friend and I think you are a flirt.
Yea i do had a girl friend, but she broke up with me, and I am not a flirt, we both known this school is full of rumors.
Okay but i don’t really know what to say.
Please just say yes.
Okay I will think about it.
Okay but like when should I be expecting a reply.
Hmmmm maybe on Friday.
So I ask her if I could shake her hands now.,
she brought her hand and I shook it and kiss her hand. She was just blushing.
( no worry make i catch that your calabar waist, you no go only blush, you go bleach join am.)
I collect her number and went to meet Daniel, Daniel started asking.
Guy afa for the package na.
she dey give me Manuel response ooo.
No worry as long as you used formula 265 she go give u positive reply.
But I dey positive say she go say yes.
Okay na, but say u collect her number.
yes na.
Episode 6
KELVIN side of the story.
Finally Cynthia arrived, she was carrying a plate of rice and a bottle if c--k, she just drop it on my Table.
What’s this for, I ask her.( like say i no know)
Is for you, it’s my way of saying thank you.
Okay thanks, but you don’t have to.
I chose to do it, so just eat your food.
I started eating the food, she was just watching me.
I didn’t even bother, (because the hunger way hole hear pass bros J own when him finished that 40 days and 40 night fasting.,)after I was done, I told her thank you..
So she took the plate that she wants to return it.
I told her I would returned it because I want too see my brother outside.
So I took the plate, I drop it. as I was about going I saw my brother and Daniel, they were busy talking.
So I went to meet them.
Me: Guys afa na,
Daniel: Omo we dey o
Me : So how ena body na .
Uche: We dey fine ooo, guy watin be time for your wrist watch na.
Me: Omo me no get watch again,
Uche: you way i see watch for your hand when you dey go school.
Me: Adam don collect am oo
Uche: azin how, how it take happened.
Me : Him punish Cynthia so I come tell am make him free her but him no gree, I come tell am say I go give am #200, but he tell me say na #500 him go collect oo, I show am say na my last card be that, so him come say make i bring am and my wrist watch say if I bring the balance I go collect my watch.
Daniel: your brother na mugu, girl way u never bleep, person way no be even your girlfriend na u dey sacrificed your property for, what if she come be your girl friend unko, that means you go even sacrifice your life for am na.
Uche: guy u f--k up, watin bad if them punish am .
Me: I just like her, and I no like to see her cry.
Daniel: uche i dey tell u say your brother na ote u go think say I dey lie, make we blend am jor.
I left my brother and his friend, because i don’t want to listen to their annoyingly comment.
I started thinking about what they said earlier, she is not my girl and I am over protecting her.
I do have feelings for her but how will I know if she felt the same way for me.
What if she did not feel anything for me, the only way to find out is to ask her to be my girlfriend.
But how will I ask her to be my girlfriend?


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