Monday, 1 January 2018

THE MAGNIFICENT BROTHERS (life in secondary school) Episode 2

KELVIN side of the story
after finishing playing temple run on my phone which I have unlock every body including the guy that played rugby, I existed it and I check time on my phone
Jesus!!!!!!!!!! 8.10am.
I quickly run to the birth room didn’t bother to use soap I just pour water on my body ( guys u know that 10 second bafh. na watin I do) I use a towel to clean my body sharp sharp I no even bother to rob cream self, i brought out my uniform, thank God say my brother iron am i ware am, I ware my belt drop my tie, ware shoe, we no they ware socks na sharp sharp I don carry my bag cummot for my compound, as I reach out side I check time 8. 20am I smile not bad.
Even though I like to come late, I don’t exite 8: 30am i stop at the bike pack enter a bike ,stop at the junction of my school ,
Chai!! see customers o (if u buy petrol when it is sold #300 per litter when Jona won chop our neck go before him cummot you go know watin I mean. but jona I hail u )
Na so I enter ,I don’t ever bother to join the queue I started walking to my class before some one started shouting my name.
Uche!!! I look back and I saw that stupid disciplinary prefect called Adams I left him I dey claim jagaban before i jame jet li for road, guess who?
Mr peter maths teacher chia my own done finished. Na so e tear me slap ooo, as a sharp guy na I dodge am na the slap brez blow ear .
He ask me to knee down , omo na so i obey o CU’s I no want make he use me shine ooo……
KELVIN of the story.
I look at the queue of late comers, i shake my head because today queue was so much abt 45 students were kneeling down, I saw my brother, I was not surprise, CU’s that’s is talent but I can’t sees to get why do people like coming late or is that they love being punish “Abi kain dey sweet”?
I saw someone that looks like Cynthia,
Jesus!!! is Cynthia, she had never came late before, how come she is now coming late today.
Adams will be punishing Senior from ss1 to ss3 while I will be punishing, junior but how do I get Adam not to punish Cynthia now?


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