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THE MAGNIFICENT BROTHERS (life in secondary school) Episode 3 & 4

UCHE side of the story.
After I knelt down I started hearing someone whispering my name.
I turn to see the person, it was no other person than Daniel.
Mad man why u dey call Me na I said too him.
Guy I be won tell u say make we plan how we go take cummot for hear ooo because me no won do any yeye punishment oooo, or make yeye teacher come they flog me o .
Okay na but watin u get for mind.
I no get anything for mind o, na e make me dey call u o.
Idiot u no gt anything for mind u come dey plan to escape.
You no say na u be genius na, so plan something make we cummot for hear ooo.
Okay make I think.
KELVIN side of the story.
How do I get Adam not to punished Cynthia now, every one know that she is fragile.
Let me try to talk to him.
Adam I want to tell u something I said too him.
okay go on.
Adam please I don’t want u to punish cynthia , you know she is fragile.
Kelvin e be like say u don dey mad, make I no punish am because say na ur friend, if she like make she fragile that one no conscience me you hear.
Guy abeg you no say I be ur assistant na, you no fit do this one thing for me.
I fit do am but I no go do am for you, you no say me no like favoritism na.
Okay make I give u #200.
Okay but na #500 I go collect.
Guy abeg na, na my last card be that.
Okay na because of say you be my assistant oo, so bring the #200 and bring that your wrist watch for your hand, if u bring my balance I go give you your wrist watch back.
God!! na so u wicked?
If you no ready I won waka oo.
Okay wait wait, I removed my wrist watch and brought my last #200 and gave me.
He went to were Cynthia was and he told her to go too her class and she should thank me.
After all the teachers had gone to their office, so I told Daniel my plan.
Guy I don plan o,
Watin watin?
Guy clam down, the plan be say we go just waka go our class like that, we no go answer those yeye prefect if they called us.
Okay na enter front I dey your back.
I started walking to my class, I look at my back I saw Daniel, I smile.
We started hearing our name .
Guy them they call us oo, Daniel was whispering in my ear.
Guy just follow my Leads.
We started walking, we were almost at the entrance door of our class before we jame victor( head boy) and Adam
( disciplinary prefect).
Were do u guys think u are going Adam bark.
To our class now, or were do u think we are going, I replied him.
Victor started saying go and kneel down now unless you want to cry.
His statement made me angry so I headbutt him on his mouth, he hit his mighty head on the wall, (the whole building vibrate like Nokia 33.10) we started fighting, before
I could say jark I saw Daniel and Adam started exchanging Punches.
Before we heard some one bark stop that!!!!!!.
I trace the author of the voice with my eye.
Guess who?
It was Mr peter and the principal.
I said to Daniel guy our own don finish o.
Episode 4
KELVIN side of the story.
I was in my class when the time keeper rang the bell for assembly, I was confused because we just finish assembly.
I quickly went outside, I was flabbergasted for what I saw.
I saw my brother and his best friend, (Daniel)they were kneeling in front of the assembly.
The principal quickly came out and stand on the podium.
He begin’s his boring speech.
This is what I have being saying about discipline, just take a look at these two fools who behave like a psychiatric patient.
Assuming they obey their prefect earlier, this disgraceful deed won’t been down.
I am not surprise that it was UCHE and Daniel because we all known them to behave like a tout only God knowns how their future would be like.
I am not going to duel more on it. so I will ask the head boy and the disciplinary prefect. to tell us how we should punish them.
UCHE side of the story.
I was annoyed by the names this useless principal just called us.
a whole me psychiatric patient, a tout,me UCHE AZUKA, what even pain me most Is for him to put our fate in the hands of those two idiot.
This is their time to shine let’s them enjoyed it while it last, I said to myself.
KELVIN of the story.
I saw smile on victor( head boy) and Adam face (disciplinary prefect) only God knowns what was going on in their mind.
Finally victor spoke .
Sir I would want them to be flog 24 struck on their back.
Adam replied they should removed their uniform and be flog 24 struck after that they will cleared the grass on the field
The principal node his head like an agama lizard. And he ask a students to Bring one of the school desk.
Which was brought within 10 second after he called the tallest boys in Assembly to hold their leg and hand.
UCHE side of the story
I look at my side I saw Daniel he was frowning ( hmmm boys are not smiling.)
I quickly stand up off my shirt, I was putting a white singlet (thank God say my singlet fyn o, if not all these yeye girls for use Me do topic.) I climb on the desk.
I was expecting the principal to flog me but I was surprise when. He ask mr peter to me.
(Chai my own don finish today).
He started flogging with all his strength but i was determine not to cry because it will be shameful of me cus as a guy that had many girl friends in this schools I need to show them that I am strong enough to protect them.
After he was done with me, I stood up and went to kneel behind Daniel. I could see fear in his eyes.
He just stood up, off his shirt, he was waring a tight singlet. All the girls exclaim wow because of his six pack.
So Mr Peter flog him, he chested the kain,he even did better than me.
After everything was over me and Daniel were busy clearing the grass.
So I ask him.
Guy u know say we go treat those guys f--k up.
Yes na, I just they think the best way to punish them.
See d way them disgrace us for our girl friends front.
Me way they try to package Deborah ( head girl).
Daniel u dey mad u won package principal pikin.
I go use am do pay back for her papa.
Bad boy!!!
But no be her papa I won do revenge na those two idiot.


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