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THE MAGNIFICENT BROTHERS (life in secondary school) Episode 1

Life isn’t a bed of roses, it is said the
of humans set the wheel of fate in motion.
Life can hurt so bad, despite the pains the
torture, misery and struggle. I finally
realized i am a
A tall dark handsome boy, who is full of life, he is the last child of his parents
He is one of the brilliant students in Senior secondary school (S.S.S) one of the most populated school in xyz, Which is known for its notoriety and moral decadence.
He is in ss2, art class and the assistant prefect.
I know u will be surprise why he was made an assistant Prefect in SSS 2,
It was because of his exceptional brilliance.
he is an introvert.
(KELVIN elder brother)
A fair handsome boy who is very intelligent, and he is known for his notorious behavior.
In SS1 he Leeds his school to a fight against another school,
And he has the reputation of being a philanderer
Even with this bad behavior he is regarded as one of the most intelligent student in SSS 3 science department.
Some people say it’s hereditary, CU’s his father was a professor before he died.
(UCHE and KELVINS mother)
A hardworking woman, who is faced with responsibility since the death of her husband.
She has this optimism of sending her children to university CU’s she is an educated woman.
She is a nurse in a private hospital.
Since the death of her husband, she withdrawn her children from private school CU’s she was not financially buoyant enough to pay their outrageous fee.
(Kelvin’s best friend and his class mate.)
A beautiful, kind hearted calabar girl.
She is very intelligent, art department, and she is fun too be with, she is an extrovert.
( UCHE’S’ best friend)
An average student, he is well knows for his cruelty , “drop dead gorgeouse”U can describe him as Brain okpera look alike. he is a flirt, because of his goodlooks , girls worship on his feet, he has numerous girl friends but none are his is real girl friend.
Stay tuned
S.S.S which stands for Senior secondary school is a government school known for it’s outrageous number of students and for its notoriety.
Episode 1
Kelvin side of the story
(Wednesday 6am)
I woke up early in the morning, every where was dark and quit like a grave yard.
I brought out my government note book to revise because we have government text today.
About 30 minutes later I was done so I went to check up on uche in his room, I saw him reading chemistry text book.
Hmmmmmm bad intelligent boy, that whats most teachers called him in school.
I left his room and went to the birth room to take my birth about 10 minutes I was done.
I came out and put on my well iron uniform, I look the standard mirror in my room I smile at my reflection
Hmmm not bad I said to my self.
I went to uche room again, this time I saw him playing temple run on his Android.
Guy u no go bafh abi u no dey go school today.
Abeg free me, u no say me no dey do that thing way ena they call assembly
Okay oo but know say na Mr peter dey flog oo.
E dey chop bottle abeg dey go ur school unless u won join me come late.
I left his room, I check my mum room but she was still sleeping. So I left her room and I walk outside
We live in 3 bed room apartment, it was built by my father when he was alive.
I stop at the bike pack, I would have walk but time is not on my side and besides I am a disciplinary prefect so I want to show good example to my fellow students so I took a bike to my school I stop at the entrance gate I paid the bike man and I walk inside.
The school compound just look so serene because most students haven’t come yet.
I walk to my to my class, drop my bag on my sit brought out my government , I was revising before the time keeper rang the bell for Assembly, so we went out side.
People started Lining up except for the prefects.
Like the head boy victor okoro, he is known for his mighty head, rumors has it that is head is too big that why he is very intelligent, because they will be enough space to store information
And he is known for his ruthless behaviour amongst his fellow students.
Assistant head boy Michael Joseph, he is a gentle boy, he is the opposite of victor in terms of character and he is also intelligent.
Head girl Deborah okafor she is known for her beauty, she Is a little bit fair but I will rather call her tone because that’s the new colour on bode now. ( abi girls I lie?) she is the most beautiful girl in S.S.S (Senior secondary school) she is not intelligent , she is just average, people says her post was base on favouritism because she is the principal daughter and only child.
Assistant head girl, favour ibobo a calabar girl, she has this calabar tongue, she is not beautiful but she is the most intelligent girl in her class.
Disciplinary prefect Adam Mohammad if I say he is wicked is an understatement CU’s Adam is barbaric, cruel, ruthless, he is a tyrant.
his father is a military man. He is very intelligent but he never joke. Rumors has it that no body have seen him smile before even his parents.
That why he is the best man for the job.
Assistant disciplinary prefect, you already know me, I dont need any introduction.
NOTE: all the prefect are in ss3 except me because I am exceptionally intelligent
Stay tuned


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