Saturday, 13 January 2018

THE HEART OF A TEENAGER (My pride) Episode 2

Nath's friends wanted to bounce into the school compound too but they were interrupted by Mr Cane who shouted, "Ta-ta-ta-ta, where do you think you are going?"
"Aah, sir but Nath has entered"
"And so what?"
"But he is our friend and we came together" The students adjusted backward.
"Who said he's your friend? Who is a friend?" Mr Cane also adjusted forward with his cane.
The students were confused looking at each other. One of them spoke up and said, "A friend is a person who helps you in times of trouble"
"Now you are in trouble, where is your friend that suppose to help you? Mr Cane asked.
The boys were silent without knowing what else to say.
"Now move inside!" Mr Cane yelled at them.
"Thank you sir" the boys chorused and ran inside with smiles on their faces. Almost everybody in the school loved Mr Cane due to the way he jokes with student and educate them in any possible way.
The bell was rung-It was time for students to move to the assembly ground. The place was designed with hebiscus flowers with an entrance to avoid students jumping over the flower.
"Hey! You must not jump over the flowers!" Mr Frank shouted at the stubborn students who always commit an offence.
Karina was also on her way to the assembly ground after she had received a lot of complains from her friends about her rumpled uniform. Nath sighted her and walked briskly to meet her.
"Oh, here he comes!" Rose, Karina's friend hissed and walked away.
"Why does she always behave like that?" Nath asked Karina.
Karina waved it off. She didn't want to spoil the beautiful morning. "Hey, Nath" she smiled.
Nath looked at her uniform and said, "Good morning, you look good"
"Even as rumple as i am?"
"That makes you look even more beautiful" Nath dusted out a dirt from the uniform. Karina was speechless because she never expected such compliment and care that very morning. So throughout the day, she never worried about her rumpled uniform or listen to people like, Rose who always reminds her how unkept she looks.
Mr Frank kept on stairing at Karina as the devotion was going on.
Teenagers pass great emotional feelings. They will like to explore and have great concern about their look.
Rose was a young girl in her 17. She was very wise with matured mentality. People believed that her character was due to her exposure to internet and wealth of her parents.
Nath Needed to be alone by going into the library. He brought out a Biology textbook without reading it. "Why does Rose normally get angry or avoid me totally?" He opened the book. "His brother, Alex is a good friend of mine" He kept on opening the pages of the book while he was lust in thought.
Meanwhile, Alex was searching for Nath all over the places. "Hey, Timothy, have you seen Nath?" Alex shook hand with Timothy and his friends.
"Negative. Have you checked Karina's classroom?" Timothy withdrawed his hand.
"Why Karina's classroom?"
"You are too inquisitive, just check Karina's class." Timothy replied.
A young boy, Timothy in his 18 was also admiring Karina but Nath had always been a stumbling block to express his mind to Karina.
"Have you seen Nath?" Alex asked Karina through the window. Though it was break time but he didn't want to enter into the classroom.
"No, he must be in the Library" Karina replied. Rose who was sitting with her gave a deaf ear to their conversation.
Alex finally met Nath in the library. "Guy, i have been looking for you everywhere" he took the book from him.
"Does you sister, Rose, quarrel with you for no reason?" Nath stood up.
"No, why are you asking? Or are you eying my sister?"
Nath gave a smile without replying to him but he kept his worries in mind.
Timothy wanted to see Karina but he met Nath with her as they were going home. He hoped Karina looks back to see him stairing at her. His wish was granted when Karina looked back and Timothy waved at her. Karina smiled and waved her hand too.


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