Saturday, 13 January 2018

THE HEART OF A TEENAGER (My pride) Episode 1

It was very early in the morning when electricity was interrupted by the PHED. The noise of the ceiling fan gradually went down. Karina noticed it and groaned half asleep. "Neppa will never change" She murmured as she was lying on the bed half naked. The door of her room was opened. It was Mrs Kate, her mother. "Karina, i hope you ironed your school uniform" Mrs Kate asked.
"Mother, i was hoping the light will be constant until I'm fully awake" Karina stood up from the bed.
"U are not serious, if you are, you should have ironed you cloth before now" Mrs Kate banged the door.
With a red pant nd singlet, Karina went into the bathroom. She turned on the shower which splashed water vigorously. She glanced herself in front of a marrow which was opposite the shower. She hold her two sprouting breasts with her hands. "Mr Frank will never stop staring at my bot" She turned and looked at her bot from the mirror. "Does Nath also stair at me like that?" She was fully lust in thought.
"Karina! Won't you turn off the shower if you are not ready to bath!" The mother shouted from the other side of the room before Karina came back to her senses. She took a quick bath and rushed out from the bathroom. She glanced at a wall clock which had no Second-Hand.
Desire, Karina younger brother had always wondered why the hands of the cloth are not moving, yet, anytime he comes inside the room, he will see them in a different position.
"The time is 6:30a.m." Karina dried her wet skin and rubbed cream immediately. She put on her inner wears, but she didn't need to wear a per of bra because her breast was standing upright like a sodierman saluting the commander in chief. "How i wish my breast will always stand like this" Karina thought as she opened her wardrobe. She was disappointed to see her uniform rumpled. "I couse you NEPPA!" she murmured and put on the rumpled uniform.
Mrs Kate had already prepared breakfast and placed it on the dining table. Karina could see a fried egg with sliced bread on the table as she came out from her room.
"I like the way your uniform is rumpled" The mother said with a flask of hot water.
"Mummy, is not my fault" Karina replied and took the flask from her hands.
After the breakfast, Karina fling her school bag and headed to UWANA GOVERNMENT SECONDARY SCHOOL. Students, both stubborn and cool headed were on their way to school. Mr Cane never hesitated to punish the late comers. He sighted student on blue long-sleeves shirt, black trousers with black shoes. "You will soon jump like a frog if you don't run like a hare?" That was Mr Cane for you. He tried to educate students with every words that comes out from his mouth.
Nath and his friends bounced into the school compound. Karina watched him from the window of JSS3 classroom. She had always admired Nath because of the way he composes himself with confidence, even in the presence of teachers.
"Nath, start running from there!" Mr Cane shouted with his cane pointing 90 degree towards Nath and his friends. Nath humped a little and stopped. He finally got to Mr Cane while Karina watched from the window to see what will happen.
"You know you are late" Mr Cane handled his cane properly.
"A beautiful morning to you, sir" Nath greeted and smiled broadly. His smiles alone can change the mind of any angry teacher that wants to punish him. Mr Cane found himself in that situation, so he couldn't help it but smiled back at Nath with the unusual pleasant way he greeted him.
"Beautiful morning to you too. You have a way of beating my hands down" Mr Cane replied.
Nath was still smiling therefore causing Karina to like him the most.
"You may go inside, but never come late to school again because even your innocent smiling face will not save you from my angry cane" Mr Cane told Nath.
"That you sir, you are the boss" Nath bounced inside. Karina made sure he didn't see her from the widow as she watched him walked into hi classroom.
Nath's friends also wanted to bounce in too but they where interrupted by Mr Cane who shouted, "Ta-ta-ta-ta, where do you think you are going to?"
"Aah, sir, but Nath is our friend too"
"Who said he is you friend. Do u know who a friend is?"
"Yes, sir" The boys chorused and adjusted backward.
"Who is a friend?" Mr Cane also adjusted forward with his cane pointing at them.
The students were confused and looked at each other. One of them spoke up and said, "A friend is a person that helps you in times of trouble"
"Now you are in trouble, where is your friend that suppose to help you?"
The student were silent without knowing what to say again.
"Now run inside!" Mr Cane shouted.
"Thank you, sir" the boys chorused and ran inside with smiles on their faces.
Almost everybody in the school loves Mr Cane due to the way he play with student and educate them in any possible way he could.
The bell was rung for assembly time, Karina came out with his rumpled cloth and Nath sighted her. He walked briskly to meet herher..


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