Friday, 19 January 2018

SNOW WITCH Episode 8

Genevieve was on the road speeding to no destination in particular. All she wanted was to run and that she tried to do. She took comfort in that her luggage was in the booth of the Uber taxi she drove. “Wherever this car stops, I will make a run for safety with my luggage,” she said to herself, her eyes darting about. Her heart palpitated violently when she caught sight of a snow bear bearing down at her car at an awesome speed. “Not again Lord Jesus!” she shouted and stepped on the gas. Her car sped off, almost running into the car in front of her. She applied the brake suddenly, her tires squelching and screeching as she maneuvered the Uber taxi.
“How do I deal with is?!” she yelled, running her right hand through her hair like lunatic patient. Then she heard the blaring of a siren. A police car was chasing after her for over speeding. On a good day she would have been worried, but she was happy, at least the policeman should buy her some time when the snow bear would attack. “Take the axe, Genny!” that was Jones’ voice. It startled Genevieve. Her eyes darted about for him. On the back seat was a blood stained silver axe. “How did this get in this car?!” she asked amid sobs. “Take the axe and fight or you die!” Jones’ voice barked as though he was present. Genevieve reached for the axe but found it too heavy. “This is too heavy baby; I can’t use it! Where are you? Please show yourself to me!” “Keep hold of the axe! Don’t not remove your hand from it. The axe will bond with you!” Immediately Jones’ voice said that, Genevieve felt a warm sensation spreading from the axe into her hand and straight up her shoulder.
She took her eyes off the road, turned toward the axe and tried to remove her hand from it. She could not. The warmness from the axe was heating up. In that moment, the Uber taxi she was driving went off the road and crashed into a grocery store nearby. On impact with the wall of the grocery store, Genevieve banged her head on the steering and blanked out for a few seconds. From her head, blood dropped, running down her face and falling onto her skirt.
Outside her car, the police officer who was chasing her and some people labored to remove the debris on the scene of the accident to reach the Uber taxi and save her. “Get up! Get up Genny! Baby please get up; the snow bear is here!” That was Jones’ voice trying to wake Genevieve from unconsciousness. The moment ‘snow bear’ registered on her mind, she raised her head, looking groggy and cast her eyes around. By now the axe had glued to her right palm. She raised it without difficulty, yanked the door open to step out of the Uber taxi only to run into the snow bear. The bear had torn two men apart already. It growled and attacked Genevieve. Without thinking, she swung the axe and buried the entire length of the axe head into the skull of snow bear. The bear staggered backward and fell to the ground in a heap. With life fading out of the snow bear, its body became visible to the crowd fleeing from the scene in fear.
As blood spurted from the head of the dying snow bear, Genevieve felt the cut on her head healing fast. She ran out of the Uber Taxi, dragging her handbag and the axe with her. “Jones if you can hear me, what do I do with this axe? I need to take my luggage from the booth of this car,” she asked. “Open the car and try to drop the axe,” replied Jones’ voice. “How is it I can hear your voice and not see you? Are you dead?” Genevieve asked as she yanked the back door of the taxi open. She made an attempt to drop the axe, it just fell off her hand, dropped on the back seat and vanished. She inched away in fear. “What was that?! Never knew I would live to see such days of horror in my life,” she said to Jones’ voice. There was no response. She ran to the booth, opened it and lifted her luggage. She had a hurried look at herself. she looked like mess. She had blood stains all over her nice dress. “Oh Lord, I need a change of clothe. Just one kill and I look this bad,” she said out loud.
Then her eyes went back to the snow bear she killed, it had begun to decay already without any putrefying stench. She snapped her fingers at the carcass of the beast and whispered to herself, “The blood of Jesus is against you.” At her words, the dead snow beast seemed to grunt. She fled from it without her luggage, after she had covered about a yard and half, she went back for her luggage. Then the voice came again, “Baby please don’t use the exit in front of you. There is a door at the back, use it now!” There was alarm in Jones’ voice. Having known him for years, she knew what it meant – something was not right. “Baby are they back?” she asked him. “There are some police men outside, they will rip your heart out of your chest the moment they see you! Baby run! Please run!”
She needed no further goading, dragging her luggage along and clutching firmly to her handbag, she ran deeper into the grocery store. She needed not to ask how to find the door, she saw some people helping with directing some shoppers to the exit door. At the back of the store, she joined others and eased through a small gate on the back wall of the grocery store and walked into a large street. There were people on the sidewalk chatting energetically in Romanian. Somehow she figured out they were talking about the snow beast which attacked and killed two men inside the store. She saw a few people demonstrating with their fingers postured like claws and snarling their teeth. A man saw her and rushed forward, asking in English, “Madam are you okay?” “Yes, I am,” she heaved. “I need a taxi to the airport. I am going to Transylvania,” she added.
Inside the grocery store, the policemen Jones spoke of ransacked the Uber taxi in search of Genevieve. They were really not policemen. In reality they were snow bears, masquerading like men, the snow witch had sent them. Picking up Genevieve’s scent from the Uber Taxi, they went after her like hound dogs, using her scent. When they reached the sidewalk at the back of the grocery store, they asked the people there if they had seen a lady who fitted the description they gave about Genevieve. The people pointed at a taxi pulling away from the scene. The fake policemen stomped their feet angrily on the ground and ran back into the grocery store.
Inside the new Uber taxi Genevieve pleaded with the driver, “Excuse me sir, I need to change my clothes in here, do you mind?” “Okay, go right ahead,” replied the taxi driver as he covered his rear mirror. Genevieve pulled off her clothes, leaving only her undergarments. She unzipped her luggage, rummaging through it for some new piece of wears. This time she wanted something that would give her a lot of freedom of movement. Finding a pair of destructed denim jeans and a Nike t-shirt, she hurried into them with a rare smile on her face. Not even herself could remember the last time she smiled. Using the clothes, she pulled off, she wiped off the blood stains on her face and neck. “I am done thank you sir,” she said to the taxi driver. “You are welcome,” he replied.
Back home, there was a little sense of relief. “Do you think she received the axe, priest?” Mrs. Nnaji asked, sounding very much like her usually worried self. They all were looking at a small white mat spread out on a table. Far behind them, Deborah sat on the floor resting her back on the wall. Her encounters with the snow witch had left her drained of strength. “She has not only received the axe; she has used it. Look there! That little blood taint means the axe is back in use and that’s not all…” the priest was still speaking when Mrs. Nnaji, her mother in-law and Marion began to celebrate, chanting, “Thank you Lord! Thank you Lord!” “Ladies! You need to hear the rest!” They stopped and looked at the priest with apprehension. “What is it again?” Marion asked. “There is a spirit helping her. My guess is her husband. Jones is the one helping her, I believe,” said the priest.
“Jones? How is he able to do that? He is very sick at the hospital,” wondered Mrs. Nnaji. “When the snow witch used me to attack him at the hospital, his spirit made contact with her power. I saw this then, he is certainly the one helping Genevieve. They will do their best out there. All you have to do now is pray she comes home alive,” Deborah said startling them. They had all forgotten she was still with them. “Is that you Deborah or is someone else speaking through you?” Mrs. Ngozi, the grandma asked, removing that her red liquid content. “It’s okay grandma, I am the one speaking.” “How is it you can recall what you saw then all of a sudden?” grandma asked, closing the gap between her and Deborah, her red liquid content in her hand. Behind her, Marion, Mrs. Nnaji and the priest poised for action.


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