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SNOW WITCH Episode 7

“Europa Royale Bucharest, that is also a good hotel. I can take you there if you want me to,” said Petrescu. “Take me there please,” Genevieve said pleadingly. “Okay, let’s go to Europa Royale Bucharest then,” Petrescu said with a grin on his face. “Oh, thank you so much, Petrescu,” Genevieve said with relief. She was hungry but felt that stopping to buy what to eat would be a waste of time, so she swallowed her saliva repeatedly and endured the hunger.
Petrescu cut the look of a jolly good fellow, he slotted in a rock song by Blaxy Girls – If You Feel My Love and began to nod his head to it, singing along loudly…
“If you wanna lie to me
If you’ll ever see yourself
Don’t come back and cry for me
‘Cause you’ve gone too far
If you wanna lie to me
If you’ll ever see yourself
Don’t come back and cry for me
‘Cause you’ve gone too far
If you feel my love
Can you hear my thoughts
Can you feel everything
And if you hear my thoughts
Can you feed my soul
Can you save it too…
Genevieve was happy for that. She considered it a good distraction. In spite of the hunger gnawing away at her stomach, she began to nod away in sleep. She could not tell how long she napped, it seemed like seconds, but when she woke up she found the taxi parked by the road side and Petrescu gone. Her heart sunk into her stomach in fear. She looked around trembling, and called out, “Petrescu! Petrescu!!” There was no response. If You Feel My Love by Blaxy Girls was still playing from the car stereo. She picked her handbag, stepped out of the taxi and studied the environment. Most of the neon signs, and billboards were in Romanian.
A restaurant was in front of her, at least from the look of it, she thought it a restaurant. Walking briskly, she headed for it. Out of the blue, a strong male hand grabbed her from behind and whispered, “You don’t want to do that.” “Arrgh!” she gasped and swung around in fear. Standing before her was Petrescu. The look of his face said something was very wrong. “Get in the car now,” he ordered her and headed for the driver’s seat. In his hand was a chicken pack. He had gone to buy food, but Genevieve could tell that was not why they stopped.
Genevieve yanked the back door of the taxi open and hopped in. “What is going on Petrescu?” she asked, her lips shaking and her eyes moist. “We were being followed. Two vehicles followed us from the airport. I noticed a few minutes ago. I had to lose them. Now we are very far from Europa Royale Bucharest. I need to find you some other hotel to sleep tonight.” While Petrescu spoke, tears flowed freely from Genevieve’s eyes. “You don’t have to cry. I think I am the one they were following. I am owing a man twenty thousand dollars. He is a bad man. I am sorry about this, but I promise to find you another hotel.”
Genevieve shook her head and whispered coldly, “You are wrong. Whoever was following us was not after you.” “What are you talking about? Who knows you in Romania? They were after me,” Petrescu insisted. “I am tired of running! God I am tired of running!” “Are you on the run?” “Petrescu, how far is Transylvania from here?” “Very far.” “If you help me get there, I will give you the twenty thousand dollars you are owing that bad man.” “Are you kidding me, madam?” With tears cascading from her eyes, she nodded and replied, “No Petrescu. I am damn serious.” Petrescu threw the chicken pack at her and brought to life the engine of his car.
Genevieve had made up her mind to get in touch with the gold and diamond keepers. “I am already here, so I have got to see this out,” she mumbled to herself as she unwrapped the chicken pack. Petrescu was speeding on the road at eighty kilometers per hours when a snow bear sprang out of the thin air, bared its humongous mouth and aimed its ugly, huge right forearm at him. It all happened in split seconds. His driving experience saved the moment. He applied the brake suddenly and let go of it as his car jolted and squelched on the road. The snow bear missed his neck by an hairsbreadth and exploded into a heap of snow on the hood of his car. “Jesus! What was that?!!” Petrescu asked, visibly shaken by fear. Though Genevieve was very much ruffled, her voice did not give her fear away. She her made peace with the fact that she might die in Romania. “I told you those vehicles were not after you. Have you heard about the snow witch?” she asked.
“Never! Who is that?!” “She is the one after us. I have to get to some people in Transylvania now. It is obvious I can’t leave Romania without doing that for which I was shipped here.” “Who are you?! I don’t drive against witches. Madam, I am sorry you have to find another taxi!” “Don’t Petrescu! I will double your money!” “No! I will have to be alive to spend that money! Did you see that snow bear?!” “There is another one ahead,” Genevieve said calmly. Petrescu looked up and saw a giant snow beast in the middle of the road. He looked at both sides of the road and wondered aloud, “Why aren’t people running away?” “They can’t see it. We are the only ones who can.” Petrescu applied the break and brought his taxi to a halt. Much to Genevieve’s surprise, he opened the door and bolted away.
Ahead of her, the snow bear galloped toward the taxi. Genevieve screamed for fear, vibrating from head to toes. She leapt toward the empty driver’s seat and tried to run away from the taxi, but the snow bear was closing in on her very fast. She banged the door shut and continued to shout. By-standers watched in disbelief as a pretty African lady screamed her head off, pointing at an invisible force heading her way. The scene turned to a horror show when a young man and a police officer ran to her car to find out what was wrong with her. The police officer was the first to reach her car. As soon as he tried to open the door of the car, his chest exploded from behind with a violent splash of blood and then his head followed. The crowd which had gathered saw horrified to see the head of the policeman flying in the air and blood spurting from where his head used to stand. The young man who was behind the police officer was lucky to lose only a limb. The snow bear swiped at him and ripped off his left leg as though it was breaking a twig.
Seeing the gory scene before her, Genevieve stepped on the gas and the car sped off. By now the crowd was in shock, people were running around in every direction, wondering what the invisible being which killed the police officer was. Genevieve had no clue where she was going, she just kept the car on the road, following wherever it led. The glass on the driver’s side and the windscreen were covered with thick blood.
“Mrs. Nnaji, this is doctor Deji, Jones snapped out of his unconsciousness a while ago and began to say some gibberish. We had it recorded. We believe you might find it meaningful.” “Please send it to me now! Thanks Dr. Deji.” Mrs. Nnaji had hardly dropped the call when her mother in-law barged into the warehouse. “Has the transfer been made?” she asked. “No mama. The spirit won’t come out of Marion and go into Deborah.” Replied Mrs. Nnaji. “Then I will force it out. Priest, open Marion’s mouth!” ordered Mrs. Ngozi, Mrs. Nnaji’s mother in-law. She reached into her handbag and removed that same red liquid content. “No mama! That will kill my daughter! Don’t priest! Leave my daughter alone!” Mrs. Nnaji shouted as she ran toward Marion’s body. When she reached her daughter, she pushed the pries away and held Marion’s mouth closed with both hands.
“What are you doing Agatha? The snow witch must be forced out of your daughter! Step out of my way now!” barked Mrs. Ngozi, her mother in-law. “No mama, I won’t budge from Marion unless you put away that substance.” Mrs. Ngozi uncorked the bottle in her hand and lowered it over Marion’s body. Before a drop could fall from the bottle, Marion shook and jolted, throwing Mrs. Nnaji away in the process. Opening her mouth wide, a big, snow white bird fluttered out of it and went out through a vent just below the ceiling of the warehouse.
While they all marveled at what they had seen, Marion sat up on the table breathing hard and tears pooling from her eyes. “Mommy, I saw it all! Genevieve is in trouble! Daddy can’t find her in Romania. Snow bears will eat her alive! She needs help! She needs help now!!” She looked at the chains on her feet and hands and yelled, “Take these chains off me!!!” The priest ran to her, removed a key from his pocket and began to undo the chains.
“Did you see anything about Deborah?” asked her grandma. “She is innocent, but like me, she can be used by the snow witch at any time.” “No, the snow witch won’t be able to possess you again! I have something to stop her,” assured her grandma. “You saw Genevieve, where is she now, in Transylvania or in Bucharest?” asked Mrs. Nnaji. “She is lost in Bucharest. Help her mom. Please send her help. She won’t make it out there alone,” Marion cried. Mrs. Nnaji reached into her handbag and pulled out a knife, she raised it to plunge it into her throat, luckily for them, the priest reacted quickly enough and knocked her down to the floor. “Leave me! Let me go help my daughter! The snow bears will eat her alive!” Mrs. Nnaji cried tearfully.
“Don’t be stupid Agatha! Only Genevieve was invited to fight! Don’t make the same mistake your husband made. He went uninvited to fight in Romania. What has he achieved since then? If you go there now, you will be unable to help your daughter. Believe me, Genny will learn to fight when things get worse than they are right now!” Mrs. Ngozi barked at her daughter in-law. Marion jumped off the table and hugged her mother who was still sobbing on the floor.
“Priest, it is time. Send Genevieve her battle axe!” ordered Mrs. Ngozi, the grandma. The priest ran to a large, black bag hanging on the wall and brought it down. Opening the bag, he removed a heavy, silver axe, covered with blood stains.


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