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SNOW WITCH Episode 3

“Wake up! Wake up Genny!” Mrs. Nnaji cried out as she shook Genevieve. Genevieve startled up, panting, as tears pooled from her eyes. “This is not happening! Who is Deborah? Who is she mommy?!” Genevieve asked. “I don’t know, Genny. Whatever she has become is a mystery to me. I hired her twelve years ago. I have no clue about what is going on right now,” explained Mrs. Nnaji. “What are we going to do now? The cult you spoke of, where are they? We need to end this now, mommy.” “I have to speak with your grandmother. From all I know, the answers to our problems is down in Transylvania, Romania.”
“Are you kidding me? Was your story true, mom?” “It was true. The cult of gold and diamonds is down in Transylvania. Your father was seen as a healer and fighter when the plant he gave Alexandru healed him. Your father’s suicide is not death. It is a passage.” “Passage to what?” “You ask too many questions. Believe it or not, your father is in Transylvania as we speak. He has been summoned to fight. That was why he asked for his body not to be buried. If he does not die in Transylvania, he will wake in a few weeks. I have to take his body away from here.”
“If his death was a passage to the mystery you won’t tell me, why is Jones also saying the same thing? He was not initiated into the cult of gold and diamonds. He is not an offspring of you and daddy. Why has he been asking for his body not to be buried if he died? Why is the Snow Witch attacking him? Why did the snow heap appear under my bed? I don’t get any of these, mom.” “I am very sorry that I can’t answer all your questions right now. However, I do know that the snow heap which appeared under your bed was a call. A call to help the tribe in Transylvania.” “So am I going down to Transylvania?” “You have to. Your grandmother has mentioned it already…Let me call her.”
Mrs. Nnaji twiddled with her daughter’s phone, found her mother in-law’s number and placed a call to her, “Mama, the day we feared is upon us. My husband is dead as you already know. However, there are twists here. Jones has been struck by the cold sickness and Deborah, my domestic assistant, is manifesting the powers of the snow witch. I don’t understand any bit of that.” “I don’t either. What I know is that the village in Transylvania is under attack. The gold and diamonds might be taken. I need not tell you the consequences of that. Your daughter must go to Transylvania by this night. I am on my way to the city. The bodies of our dead ones must be preserved in accordance with our practices,” said Genevieve’s grandmother.
“You can’t come to the city mama. The dead guava tree must be watered so my husband and anyone else who dies at this time can come back,” protested Mrs. Nnaji. “Don’t worry about that, the guava tree will be getting enough water while I am away. It won’t lack water for a day. I am coming, nothing is going to stop me. Get your daughter ready and move Jones away from that hospital.” “We can’t get Jones away from the hospital. Deborah has shut down his hospital room with ice and snow.” “If she has shut down the room, then offer the ancient ritual and let’s see how she can handle that.”
“How can I offer such sacrifice in full view of the public?” “Then do it by night! Stop acting like a child. You and my son brought this thing home to us! Take some responsibility for Christ sake!” As was in her habit, the old woman dropped the call.
Mrs. Nnaji turned to Genevieve and announced, “You are going to Transylvania, Romania, this night.” “Me? How? I don’t have a visa and I don’t know anything about the village in Transylvania. I can’t fight either and certainly not against a witch!” Genevieve protested. “Stop whining and listen, child. We will get you down to Transylvania tonight. When you get down to Transylvania, you will see your father like you see me. You won’t understand it and don’t bother to. You might also see Jones if he dies. Do not try to understand it. If he welcomes you as his wife, fine. If he does not, don’t bother. When you all get home, you can have all the love you want. It will be tough down there, and your eyes will see precious stones more than any you have heard of. Did you hear me?”
Genevieve nodded and whispered in disbelief, “I did.” “Good. Now let’s get you ready and break out Jones from that snow and ice prison,” said Mrs. Nnaji as she leapt out of the bed like she had not been sick at all. Jaded and shocked out of her wits, Genevieve followed her mother. “Any ideas where my phone is?” Mrs. Mrs. Nnaji asked Genevieve as they headed out of the room. “I don’t, but Udenna might have a clue.” “Yes, he was in the house when I was attacked. Please call him.” Genevieve placed a call to Udenna. “Udenna, is mom’s phone at home?” “Yes, it is here. Daddy has been calling her off the hook. Did you pick daddy’s call?” Genevieve asked with alarm in her voice. “Yes.” “What did he say…? Wait! Wait! How long ago did he call last?” “Five minutes ago.” Genevieve tottered on her feet and rested on the wall with one hand on her head and another holding her phone to her ear. “No. No mom. This is just too much for me. Daddy has been calling your phone. How is that possible?” she asked her mother. “Genevieve! Aunty Genny, what is the problem?” Udenna asked over the phone.
“Give me the phone,” demanded Mrs. Nnaji. Genevieve gladly passed the phone to her. “Udenna, your father is out of the country. He left after he visited me at the hospital. What did he tell you when he called?” asked Mrs. Nnaji. “He said you should take care of the case he left at the hospital and mentioned…he said something about the precious stones being at great risk…he spoke in an unusual manner. He sounded unlike daddy.” “How many times did he call my phone?” “About…may six to eight times.” “Did you speak with him each time he called?” “Yes.” “Oh God help my family,” Mrs. Nnaji cried out. “Mommy, what is wrong?” “Nothing. All is well…Udenna, I will need you to recall all your father said to you and all you told him. Begin to write them down now! So much depends on it! Did you hear me?!” “Yes ma.”
Something had gone terribly wrong. Mr. Nnaji should not have called. There was a possibility a spirit called using his voice. They were already losing before the battle could even start. So much had happened which they had no explanation for. Deborah manifesting the power of the Snow Witch, Jones going down with the cold sickness, and Mr. Nnaji calling from the dead. All these were not part of their plans.
They had been preparing for years, but nothing they rehearsed in those years had prepared them for what had begun.
After a few calls, Mrs. Nnaji set into motion a series of plans to remove her husband’s body from the hospital and to offer the ancient sacrifice to break Deborah’s hold over Jones. On the other hand, she also made plans to get Genevieve out of the country that night.
By the time they got home, two men were already waiting to take Genevieve to the airport. Somehow all her travel papers were ready. Genevieve did not understand how that was made possible and chose not to ask her mother. She would not explain it to her and so there was no use asking. On her way to the airport, she made a stop at the hospital to see Jones. Through a glass panel between Jones’ hospital room and one of the rooms next to it, Genevieve sneaked a peek at her husband. The room had been completed covered with ice. Both Jones and Deborah had been frozen like pillars. As tears trickled down her eyes, Genevieve saw a movement in the room. Deborah’s neck was moving toward her direction. The layer of ice around her neck was breaking and falling off to the ground.
Much to her dismay, Deborah’s eyes fluttered and her mouth opened and she heard the following words, “Don’t go to Romania. It is trap.” As if that was an apparition, Deborah’s neck went back to the position it was. Genevieve was stunned. “Did you see that? Did you hear what she said?” she asked the two men flanking her. “We heard nothing,” replied one of them. “Her neck moved and she spoke to me! She said I should not go to Romania! She said it is a trap!” The two men looked at each other as though Genevieve had gone nuts. They didn’t believe her. Instead of listening to her, they gently pulled her away from the glass panel and led her to the car waiting for them outside. On their way out, Genevieve continued to tell them that Deborah spoke to her. She tried to call her mother but they took her phone away from her.


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