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SNOW WITCH Episode 16

Lord of the keepers and his men found the two witches hiding in a hollow at the foot of a mighty tree in the forest. They had been hurt badly by the sword Genevieve threw at them. Their hands, thighs and stomach had begun to decay already. Every part of their bodies which were hurt by the sword was being eaten by maggots. The witches knew what it meant and fought desperately to reverse the curse of death which had begun to devour their bodies. They had been making and were deep into rounds of incantations when the keepers and their lord descended upon them. For a defense, they invoked a blaze of fire; a few keepers caught fire and began to burn, yelling and running around in attempts to douse the fire. Lord of the keepers summoned rain and his men were saved, though they had been badly burnt.
In a clash of spells which ensued at the foot of the mighty tree, between the lord of the keepers and the two witches; the witches could not stand him. Their powers were fading fast as their bodies were being devoured. When they could unleash nearly no power through their witchcraft, the keepers pounced on them in anger and hacked them into chunks. Still not satisfied with killing the witches, they carried their dismembered bodies back to the body of the witch which died when Genevieve threw that sword at them, and set all of them on fire.
Upon their return, they met a mighty celebration, the keepers were in front of the castle dancing, chanting and gloating over the decapitated body of the snow witch. Genevieve was not amongst the keepers who celebrated the demise of the snow witch. When the lord of the keepers inquired where she was, he was told that she had rushed back to her room.
In her room he found her, her personal effects almost completely packed back into her bag. Tears were flowing freely from her eyes as she muttered words of sorrow to herself. “Stop Genevieve! Stop acting as though your husband was dead! You don’t know that yet!” “I have tried several times to have him talk to me but he won’t. The last time I heard from him he said they were killing him.” “That does not imply he is dead. Now, come with me,” lord of the keepers said, taking her hand. Genevieve was shaking in morbid fear. The thought of losing Jones was ravaging her heart. Like a child, she followed the lord of the keepers through a winding staircase which led into the lower chambers of the castle.
In a room in one of those hidden chambers were a group of young boys and girls. They all had their hairs shaven, and were dressed like monks. “These children were the ones who healed me when the snow witch almost killed me. They can help your husband…” the keeper paused. Genevieve looked at the boys and girls who numbered about thirteen. They could see she was pleading for help through her yes. They all nodded at her simultaneously and locked their hands together in a circular fashion. At each lock of hands, red flames began to burn. Around their heads, white rays of light began to glow. The lord of the keepers tapped Genevieve on the shoulder and whispered, “Go into that circle. They will transport you to wherever your husband is. We believe he might still be alive. Make sure you kill whatever or whoever is trying to kill him.” “Okay, but I will need my axe.” “Don’t worry about your axe. It goes with you wherever you go.”
Genevieve stooped and entered the circle through under the locked hands of the young boys and girls. The moment he stepped into the center of that circle, a whirlpool of fire appeared and took her away. In a split second, Genevieve found herself in a large cave in the midst of mountains. Except for burning torchlights which hung on the walls of the cave, the cave was filled with darkness. It was so eerily quiet that it made Genevieve’s breathing sound too loud. With her axe glowing in her hand, she wondered which of the three paths before her she should follow. Then her ear twitch and picked a faint sound. Someone was breathing as though he would give up the ghost at any moment. Following the sound, she took the path on her left side. The sound grew louder as she ventured deeper into the dark cave. She kept running until she came upon a room with a large burning hearth.
What she saw horrified her. On the floor was Jones, chained hands and feet. Standing above him were two centaurs. The two centaurs had big horns on their foreheads like those of goats and their eyes burned with raging fire. Their mouths were filled with teeth like those of a lion and their hands were like bear claws. In their hands were burning spears, with them they tortured Jones. For a few seconds Genevieve could not move. She could not figure out how Jones had survived the sort of torture she beheld. There was no sign of the helpers sent by the keepers. Well, she did not have to look for long, at some dark corner of the room, were the mangled bodies of the keepers. They must have died fighting.
Like an airbender, Genevieve threw herself into the air, her axe blazing like she had never seen before. Pacing on the thin layers of air, she moved toward the centaur which had its back toward her. Her presence was made known by the head of the centaur rolling on the floor. From the stump of the severed head of the centaur, blood fountained into the air as the centaur staggered around before collapsing to the floor. The other centaur made a sound which left Genevieve feeling like her heart would jump out of her body. The centaur multiplied the burning spear in its hand and came after Genevieve. It was way too fast and made Genevieve see false visions. From all sides of the room, burning spears attacked Genevieve. While she battled with all her strength, the dead centaur sprang to its feet and a new head grew out from the stump of its neck.
Then Genevieve understood why the centaurs were able to kill the helpers sent by the keepers. “They have multiple lives,” she whispered to herself. “No, they don’t. They have one life like you do. Their lives are hidden in their hearts. Strike their hearts,” said the voices of the thirteen boys and girls. Genevieve summoned a thick cloud of darkness and a mighty wind which blew out the lights and fire in the cave room. The darkness lasted nearly a minute before the centaur countered it with their own magic. By the time light returned to the cave room, there was no sign of Genevieve nor Jones.
The centaurs groaned and pounded the ground with their heavy hoofs. When they groaned, it seemed like the cave and the mountains around it would collapse. Like a wind, Genevieve blew into the castle of the keepers in Transylvania and laid Jones down in the midst of the boys and girls for them to heal him and blew out almost immediately. When she returned to the cave room, the darkness she had summoned returned with her. The centaurs countered it yet again and the room lit up. Standing before them was a seething Genevieve, her axe in her right hand and the black, smoke belching blade of the monster she killed, in her left hand. The centaurs raised their fore limbs to attack her, moving swiftly like lightning across the sky, she shot herself forward and buried her axe into the chest of one of the centaur on her right side and attacked the one to her left with the smoke belching sword. The centaur to her left collapsed as its fore limbs were hacked off. The one to her right staggered around, groaning as it tried to pull out the axe from it chest.
Genevieve had worked out how to kill them. When she hacked off the head of one of them, it had taken a few minutes for it to grow back its head. Her plan was to incapacitate one and then kill the other. From where she squatted on the ground, she leapt on the back of the centaur struggling to remove her axe from its chest. Without delay, she drove the smoke belching sword into the back of its chest. The centaur groaned, leaving the walls of the cave cracking. Genevieve pulled out the sword and stabbed it repeatedly into the back of the chest of the beast. Unsatisfied with her multiple attacks on the heart of the centaur, she dug her hand into its chest, feeling its beating and bleeding heart, Genevieve grabbed it and pulled it out with all her strength. The centaur galloped around trying to throw Genevieve off of its back, Genevieve held unto the large heart and jumped off, taking the heart with her.
The centaur collapsed and turned to stone. The centaur’s heart turned to sand in Genevieve’s hand and poured to the floor. Genevieve took her axe from the chest of the dead centaur and ran forward to finish the second centaur. Just as she drew closer to the centaur, it grew back its fore limbs and jumped to its feet, knocking Genevieve silly with its horns. She felt giddy and slumped to the ground. The centaur gave her no chance. It attacked Genevieve with the spear in its hand. Genevieve managed to turn away but not fast enough. The spear caught her left thigh and tore through it. Her cry sent the centaur into frenzy. It unleashed multiple attacks on Genevieve, tearing her hands and legs open with the spear. For once in her many battles, Genevieve was afraid she would die.
Standing over her, the centaur raised its spear for one final thrust through her heart. It had a grin on its face. Genevieve could no longer move. She was bleeding all over. She squeezed her eyes shut and expected the spear to thrust through her heart. Out of the blue, a familiar hand grabbed her and dragged her away. The centaur’s spear sunk into the ground, unbelievably missing her heart. The centaur looked around in dismay. To its left was Genevieve, standing to her feet and her axe in her hand. She was covered in blood. “Kill it! Kill it or you die here!” that was Jones’ voice. The keepers had healed and revived him. He was back to help her. It was him who pulled her away. To its far right, the centaur spotted Jones, holding the smoke belching blade. For once, the centaur evinced fear. It retreated toward the door, raised its arms to summon spear attacks against them. Genevieve unleashed a wind toward it, making it stagger. Like lightning striking from one corner of the sky to another, Genevieve made a dash for the centaur and lumped its head off with one blow of her axe.


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