Friday, 19 January 2018

SNOW WITCH Episode 14

Some two hours later Genevieve was in a bathtub relaxing. In-between her unusually long bath, she would laugh and at other times she would let out a short, sharp, pleasurable moan. Her unending conversation had left the keepers wondering who it was she was talking to. “No baby, move your hands there…yeah, gently don’t scrub hard…don’t give me the impression you have forgotten about how to bathe me…wait was it your lips I felt on my breast?” Jones giggled happily. “I am getting good at it by the minute,” he boasted. “As much as I love it, it is beginning to freak me out. Can you make yourself visible to me?” “I doubt that is possible. Remember am not a ghost yet. My body is somewhere in Lagos.” “Where are you right now?” “Right here in the tub with you.” Genevieve felt a hand caressing her thigh. “Aww! You are getting it right, baby. Go further, please,” she moaned. A splash of water hit her face. Jones was indeed getting better at touching physical objects.
Genevieve returned the splash of water, with a heavy, satisfactory guffaw. “I will kill a thousand witches just to have such moments with you when am back. Is it possible for you to get us a booking in another hotel in Desroches Island, Seychelles?” “I will try to do that and see how it goes.” Pouting her lips Genevieve blew him a kiss. “You are such a sweet love. I will marry you a thousand times if I had my life to live over that much number of times. Maybe you will try to book a hotel for us when I am asleep in the night. I can’t let you go anywhere while I’m awake.” “No Genny, who wants to take his eyes off you in the night? I will try to do that when you start eating.” “Ouch! I was hoping you would spoon feed me. I think you should know I am reverting to my role as a wife, especially now that I know you can help a little. I will only fight to kill that witch and then fly back to Lagos.”
“I don’t think we have any reason to spook out these keepers. Imagine if you had a guest who talked to an invisible being and ate with an invisible hand spoon feeding her. I will be with you all through the night, and I promise to touch all the right spots you want me to. I say you eat with the keepers, plan your next battle strategy with them and in the night, I will make each second count. Would you like a massage?” “Oh my God!” Genevieve gasped. “I think I can use a little of the massage right now? Don’t tell me no baby.” Jones chuckled and lifted her out of the bathtub. Walking with her in his invisible hands across the large bathroom, he placed her on a comfy massage table. “Baby, look at the type of costly massage table these keepers have here. They certainly like good things,” Genevieve whispered as Jones’ invisible hands dried her wet body with an expensive white Nike towel. “I guess if they didn’t get good massages often, they wouldn’t fight as well as they do,” Jones reasoned. “Hmmm! The perfume on that towel is redolent of so much affluence and the good life. Are you sure I still want to fight, baby? I wish you could whisk me away to some Island tonight and make love to me by a beach till dawn.”
“Now you have me worried baby. Are you sure you can fight the snow witch and finish her off?” Jones asked as he began to applied some aromatherapy massage oil on her body. Genevieve sighed and said nothing. When Jones began to work the oil into her body by massaging it, Genevieve could not help but let out unending decibels of pleasurable moans. “Lower your voice baby, the keepers are going to think a ghost is making love to you,” whispered Jones. “What the heck? I am a married woman for Christ’s sake, and here I am being massaged by my husband who hasn’t made love to me in weeks. Let them think what they like, I don’t give two hoots. Wait, is it possible for you to make love to me since you can now touch physical stuffs?” “No! No! Don’t go there, baby. I don’t know the consequences that might have on my body. Remember I have not been in this situation before.”
Despondently, Genevieve sighed, “You are right. I would rather wait than lose you. However, get ready to work hard once I am back to Lagos.” “You know what I can do when I am in my body. Am not bothered.”
All through the period of the massage, Genevieve moaned as much as she wanted, ignoring Jones’ caution. At some point while he worked on her body, Genevieve cried out, “Stop being professional baby. You are my husband for Christ’s sake. Touch me! Touch me like my husband! Touch some parts boldly. Move your hands with courage, please!” Jones guffawed and replied, “I guess I have to take that axe and go fight the snow witch myself. I doubt you can still fight.” “You are wrong. What you are doing right now will be the reason for me to end her miserable life quickly. I can’t wait to be with you when you are in your body, and there is only one way to do it, kill that witch!” “Good! That’s more like my girl!” “Thank you baby, but when you are done praising me, please move your hands to the spots where I want them.” Jones cackled and obliged her, letting her pleasurable gasps guide his hands.
Faraway in the mountains, the snow witch bled badly. “You won’t last three days at the rate you are bleeding. To survive, you must go back and kill that black axe flinger!” said one of the three witches attending to the snow witch. “I am in no condition to fight. I could not stop her when I was in sound health. Tell me, how do you suggest I do it now?” panted the snow witch, amid much pain. “We will go with you. The three of us are of the oldest witch order in Transylvania. We know just how to help you fight and kill that black devil from Africa. She is expecting to engage you once more in a battle in three days’ time. She is not ready to fight now!” the leader of the three witches said courageously. “I must say that sounds enticing,” groaned the snow witch.
One of the three witches picked a handful of white substance and threw it into the hearth, red flames belched up and a picture appeared in the thin air. The picture displayed Genevieve enjoying the touches from Jones’ invisible hands. The three witches and the snow witch were shocked. “What is this!” the three witches echoed simultaneously. “Is she a witch too. Who makes her moan?” asked one of the three witches. “Oh, I see. It is her husband. His soul it still trapped by my spell. Until she kills me, his body will not wake. I guess it was him who helped her against the horse rider,” the snow witch reasoned. “Let us weaken her my destroying this husband of hers,” the leader of the three witches suggested, sounding maniacal. “Exactly my thoughts. If we kill him, she will be overcome by sorrow and will not be able to fight well. This is my chance to kill her! Tonight we take back the battle to her at that castle!” yelled the snow witch.
“Now we need to fix you up so you will be able to fight,” said the youngest of the three old witches. The three of them held hands together and the rings on their fingers came alive with white flames shooting up from them. The snow witch managed to drag herself to her feet. The three old witches threw the white flames from their rings on her chest and the snow witch crashed to the floor. When she stood to her feet, her bleeding had stopped. “It feels like old times. My strength is back!” exclaimed the snow witch. “Don’t be fooled! This will only last for a brief moment. You are still very much unwell. Make sure you kill the black devil from Africa tonight. We will supply you with the extra powers you need,” the leader of the three witches said, sounding more like she was warning the snow witch than encouraging her.
“I want an army of thousands of snow bears raised for me! Tonight we match down to that ancient castle of gold and diamond and end it all!” the snow witch yelled, pacing about the floor like an angry bull.
At the castle, Genevieve enjoyed a meal with the keepers and their lord. Every now and again, the keepers would steal a look at Genevieve. They had heard her sexual moans and some of her conversations with her invisible partner. Genevieve took note of their curious stares at her, but chose to pretend she did not notice. “How do we proceed to the next battle?” she asked the lord of the keepers. “We wait,” was his reply. Genevieve didn’t like that. “Are you serious? We have the advantage now. I say we match into the mountains by morning and kill the snow witch and all who are with her. I want to return to Nigeria and I can’t wait anymore!” she barked.
“I know the sacrifice you have made for us. I know you miss your husband. However, we must wait for the three days to elapse. By our calculations, the monster you killed tonight was sent by the snow witch through a contract. Our understanding of such contracts shows us that her condition should be much worse than when she fled from here. She will make a move first. She can’t afford to wait as long as we or you can. Our hope is that she makes the mistake we expect her to. Please Mrs. Genevieve Nnaji, exercise patience with us just a little more. The snow witch is dying and she will do whatever she can to hang unto life. We pray she does that.”
Genevieve made a face and sighed angrily.


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