Friday, 19 January 2018

SNOW WITCH Episode 13

“I would love to leave this place in this moment. What do you think, Jones? I know you can hear me, baby,” said Genevieve. “I would love to be back to our honeymoon. Everything went against our plan,” replied Jones’ voice. “I have been wondering, how is life for you where you are right now? Does it feel like death? You are not dead, right?” “The feeling is weird. I feel like I am trapped somewhere between life and death. Sometimes all I see are the dead and at other times all I see are the living, especially when doctors start working on my body at the hospital.” Genevieve frowned. “I don’t like the sound of that. I have to end this so we can be together. Believe me, my whole body is craving for you. Do you miss my touch?” “I don’t feel much, baby. I know I am alive, but there are times I feel like I am being suck into a lake of fire…” “Jesus! I don’t like that! So hell is for real?” “What are you saying Genny?! It is real like our world! It is common for me to hear souls crying and pleading to be given a second chance.”
There was silence as Genevieve pondered the possibility of her husband sinking into hell to return no more. “I have to kill that witch,” Genevieve whispered to herself. “Are you afraid of losing me,” Jones asked, sensing her fear. “I am terrified baby. I don’t want to lose you, at least not this way.” “I have been worried for days.” “About what?” “I don’t have a clue where I will go if I die. The cries I hear where I am, are mind bending. I don’t want to go where those wailing souls are. Where do you think I will go Genny?” “Stop baby! I don’t want to think about it!” Genevieve shouted, breathing hard. Another round of silence passed and then Jones asked. “Should I try to touch you?” “I would love to have you try. I miss your touch a great deal. Is it possible for you to manage to kiss me from where you are?” asked Genevieve. “I don’t know. Let me try.”
Genevieve squeezed her eyes shut and relaxed her grip on her axe as she expected a touch from Jones. Ahead of her, the castle continued to rebuild itself. From every corner of the woods around the castle, keepers filled out as they returned from the slaughter of the snow bears. Deep within the woods, the tall, huge, human shadow, on a dark horse which had the head of lion, began to ride silently toward to Genevieve.
In battles, there is no better time to strike your enemy than when he is celebrating a victory. The romantic talk Genevieve had with Jones had left her a bit weak. Her life was in danger and she could not see it. In fact, no one could see it coming.
Genevieve still had her eyes shut and her lips pouted. Impatiently she waited for that touch she had craved so much. From her high sitting position in the forbidden mountains, the snow witch watched as the horse rider drew closer to Genevieve. “Baby, it is obviously not going to happen. You won’t be able to touch me from where you are, can you?” Genevieve asked. In response to her question, what she heard was the terrified voice of Jones warning her, “Genevieve, death is upon you!”
Genevieve opened her eyes and saw her axe pulsating. Reaching for her it, she felt a force from the axe grab her hand and pulled her away. It was Jones’ hand. In that instance, the black, smoke belching blade of the monster’s sword, blew past her head, missing her neck by inches. The horse rider was wroth with himself for missing the chance to end Genevieve’s life. Like a lion, it roared angrily, black smoke erupting from his mouth. Genevieve’s first reaction to the sight before her was fear. The rider and his horse seemed to be one being and yet they were different. Resting on its hind legs, the horse raised high its fore legs and brought them down toward Genevieve. She rolled quickly on the snowy ground, avoiding the heavy hoofs of the horse.
The horse was not done yet, it galloped toward Genevieve and attacked her with its lion head, baring its wide mouth filled with monstrous teeth. Genevieve raised her axe and the horse grabbed it with its mouth. Holding onto her axe firmly, Genevieve used it to swing herself to her feet. “Help! Help!!!” she cried, but no one heard her even though they were not far from her. Another odd thing was the reason those keepers celebrating their victory over the snow witch could not see that Genevieve was in need of help. As the man on the horse swung his evil sword at Genevieve, leaving her ducking and parrying his blows, she knew she had to fight through that one.
Sitting on a horse which had the head of a lion and fought as well, the monster which battled with Genevieve had an overwhelming advantage. To even the odds, Genevieve went on the ground and hacked her axe into one of the forelimbs of the horse. Her blow was so powerful it almost severed the limb of the horse. The horse neighed in pain and threw off its rider, leaving him rolling on the ground as snow wrapped him up. The horse tried to steady itself on three limbs and staggered toward Genevieve, baring its mouth to tear her apart. Like stuffs from the movies, Genevieve ran toward a tree, using the tree to jump high into the air, she turned one hundred and eighty degrees and brought down her axe on the head of the horse.
The horse neighed again, its body trembling in pain. Genevieve pulled her axe with all her strength. The axe head she had buried into the skull of the monster horse, tore through it and came out. The horse was history now. Genevieve looked around in anger. The rider was not in sight. His dark body had been perfectly covered with snow when he fell to the ground. With her gaze focused on the ground, Genevieve looked for the slightest movement. When she spotted one, she ran toward it and sunk her axe into the spot. There was nothing there. The shadow figure was playing with her mind. While Genevieve wondered how nothing could have been on that spot, the monster sprang up from under the snow behind her.
That was a perfect moment to finish Genevieve. The monster glided through the air and sent a venomous blow into Genevieve’s back, sending her violently to the ground. No mortal could survive an injury from the blade of the monster. The snow witch had sent him hoping he would at least get so much as nick on Genevieve’s skin; that would be enough to end her life. With proud steps, the monster ambled toward Genevieve’s still body which lay lifelessly on the ground. To be sure he finished her, he raised his blade again to drive it through her heart. A twig broke a distance away and the monster turned to look. When he turned back his gaze on Genevieve, she was gone. “How is this possible?! I tore her back open with my blade!!!” the monster groaned in anger.
Sensing a presence behind him, he swung his black, smoke belching, wide blade backward and turned. His movement coincided with Genevieve’s axe sinking into the base of his neck. The entire axe head went in and some parts of it came out on the other side. Like poultice ash from Mount Vesuvius, black smoke mixed with blood spurted out and the monster dropped its blade. Genevieve ran forward, picked up the blade and drove it through his heart.
In the mountains where the snow witch hid, her bleeding increased almost immediately. Genevieve had made things worse for her by attacking the monster with his own weapon.
Tired of fighting, she sat on the ground and watched life flutter away from the monster. A smile crept across her face and she whispered, “Thanks Jones. If you had not pulled that off, he would have finished me.” “You were no match for him; but together he was no match for us,” gloated Jones’ voice. “How did you know his blade won’t touch me if you pushed me down at that speed?” “Here we know things we can’t explain. Somehow I knew the speed of his attacks and used it against him.” “Who threw the axe which hacked off his head, you or me?” “We threw it together Genny.” “So you can touch me now?” “Yes I can. you helped me achieve that.” “How about giving me a bath?” Genevieve asked with a grin on her face. She stood to her feet, pulled her axe and the black blade from the dead monster and made a dash for the castle.


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