Friday, 19 January 2018

SNOW WITCH Episode 10

Genevieve sat in silence all through the remainder of her flight to Transylvania. The passenger sitting next to her tried severally to strike up a conversation with her but she did not budge. Her mind was in turmoil over the claims of the old woman she knocked down. “I didn’t ask for any of these. I came down here all because of Jones. I just want to save my husband. Right now, I don’t even have a clue about how he is except that I hear his voice. I hope he is still alive. I pray none of my children will have the sort of honeymoon I have had so far,” she said to herself as her eyes moistened. “Did you say you are on your honeymoon?” asked the passenger sitting next to her.
She lifted her eyes and stared at him coldly. The passenger never said another word to her till they touched down in Transylvania. With no clue about how to reach the gold and diamond cult, she decided to go to a hotel and plan her next move. She was particularly surprised that since she killed the snow bear at the grocery store, she had not encountered another one. Unknown to her, a new series of nightmare had begun for her.

Her seemingly normal experience since she killed that snow bear was thrown into mayhem as her taxi drove her to her hotel. “Genevieve stop! Stop Genevieve!” a male voice shout. Her eyes darted about in fear. She could not tell where the voice was coming from. “Can you hear that driver?” she asked. “Hear what?” the driver asked, looking around bemused. “I can hear my name! A voice is calling my name and asking me to stop!” “Do you want me to stop then, madam?” “Am not sure I know what I want you to do right now. How far is the hotel from here?” The driver gazed at his watch and replied, “We are ten minutes away from the hotel.” “Keep going!”
She lowered her head and whispered, “Jones, if you can hear me, please send me the axe. I feel something is about to happen now.” She had hardly finished her request when the axe appeared next to her. That was to her an indication that she was in real danger. On the previous occasions she asked for the axe, it was not delivered to her because there was no threat to her life. But things were different this time. She laid her hand on the cold metal and gripped it firmly. The feel of the silver weapon comforted her a bit. She raised it and pulled it a bit closer; the Uber driver caught the sight of it and let out a scream, “What is that?!”
He could remember helping Genevieve move her luggage into the trunk of his car, he was sure he did not see any axe. “Calm down, it’s a self-defense toy. Don’t worry, I am not going to hurt you, but please if I tell you to run, don’t look back, just run, okay.” The Uber driver nodded, looking completely puzzled. Genevieve held her nerves, raised the axe and held it with both hands. Expecting an imminent attack, her head kept moving sideways with the precision of a hunter. They drove for about three more minutes without being attacked. That made Genevieve much more curious. “Why did the voice tell me to stop?” she asked herself. “Driver please stop the taxi now,” she ordered. The driver maneuvered his vehicle and ground it to halt in a corner of the snow-covered street. Genevieve stepped out of the taxi, the axe in her hand and her eyes darting about. The taxi driver was so terrified he could not step out of the vehicle.
She jumped back into the taxi and yelled, “Make a run for the hotel, now!” The driver brought the engine to life and sped off. Then Genevieve saw an Hyundai SUV heading their way. “There is an Hyundai SUV speeding toward us from behind, do you think it is after us?” she asked. “I don’t know! The only way to find out is to stop and see if it will drive past us.” Genevieve didn’t like the idea. “No! Keep driving!” she shouted. When she looked back the Hyundai SUV had gained speed on them and covered the distance between them. The Hyundai SUV had three policemen in it and they were pointing their hands at the taxi she was in. “I think they are after us! They are pointing at us!” she cried out. “I think so,” said the driver as he began to slow down with the intention to pull up by the road. To him the three men in the Hyundai SUV behind them were actual policemen. Bad choice.
Genevieve looked back and saw that the head of the police officer driving the SUV had begun to morph into the head of a snow bear. She could see white furs shooting out in place of his hairs and in place of his human teeth, a set of canines began to sprout. Genevieve felt her heart sink into her stomach. “Driver stop! This is the time to run! Run for your life!!!”
She was certain it was not her. There was no way the Genevieve she knew could have done that. While the driver was still trying to bring his vehicle to a stop, Genevieve yanked the back door to her right open and threw herself out of the taxi. Rolling a few distance on the snow, she stopped, and stood to her feet. While the taxi driver fled from his car, Genevieve saw a sight she would never forget all her life. The driver of the Hyundai SUV who was morphing into a snow beast, sprang out of the Hyundai SUV, shattering the glass of the vehicle.
Galloping at awesome speed toward the Uber taxi, the policeman-turned-snow-bear lifted the back side of Uber taxi and slammed it on the ground and then proceeded to shatter the back glass of the Uber taxi. It leapt into the vehicle and in a second it jumped out. It could not see Genevieve where she crouched, her two hands on the axe. With extreme manic intensity, the snow bear began to search for Genevieve, using her perfume to track her down. Like a turbo charged engine, Genevieve kicked to life with Jones’ voice in her head urging to fight. “This is it! Baby fight or die! Go for the beast before it finds you!” Thrusting her feet like an athlete pushing herself to beat her competitors to the finish line, she made a beeline from the back of the vehicle where she took cover. The snow bear was still snorting the ground, using her perfume to find her location, when she raised the axe and aimed a deadly blow on its head.
As if to position its head toward Genevieve for a better blow, the snow beast raised its head and that was the last thing it did. The axe sunk in. The entire axe head and some part of the handle went into the head of the beast. It growled and clawed lamely at Genevieve. She backed away as a fountain of blood gushed into her face from the head of the beast. Slowly the snow bear lay down and moved no more. The other two policemen who had fully morphed into snow bears, broke out of the wreckage of their Hyundai SUV and came after Genevieve with no less manic intensity like the first one. Genny made a dash for her axe and pulled at it with all her strength.
Out of the blue, a grey, Toyota Hilux rammed into the two snow bears, slamming them to the ground and pinning one under the weight of the vehicle. The one under the Hilux seemed to have hurt badly. The driver was Genevieve’s father. The truck did not kill them, but it bought Genevieve enough time to recover her axe. Swinging the axe like a seasoned killer, she ran to meet the first snow bear to emerge from the crash. All around the street, a great crowd gathered, watching with bated breath as an axe-wielding black lady took on two larger-than-life snow bears.
When Genevieve saw that the snow bear she was running to meet had a limp, she went berserk, adrenaline pumping fast. Jumping high into the air like a basketball player trying to dunk, she brought her axe down on the nape of the snow bear which had equally managed a not-so-elevated leap toward her.
Genevieve and the snow bear crashed to the ground in heaps and lay still. None of them stirred a limb. Another Toyota Hilux drove into the scene and some members of the gold and diamond cult leapt out of it wielding axes. As Genevieve’s father ran to check on his daughter, they began to hack to death the snow bear which was pinned down under Mr. Nnaji’s Hilux truck. As the snow bear was being butchered, Genevieve’s father could be heard wailing over the body of his daughter. The snow bear which lay dead beside her, had managed to rip its claws into her stomach.


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