Monday, 22 January 2018

SIN'S OF MY PAST Episode 7-8

“Was she serious “osaretin scream out,
we were at his house all four of us,it
was a Sunday afternoon immediately i
closed from Sunday service i didn’t
go home with my parents and siblings,
i was already bored at home and i
needed a break,i just left the church
as soon as we closed and headed straight
to osaretin house,osaretin was living
with his single uncle so he wasn’t always
at home that’s why osaretin was free
like a bird to do what ever he likes,
we went on and on about the issue and
later concluded that i go visit her
just like i promise, i was already
getting tried about the whole thing
this was taking more longer then I
expected, i tried to convince my friends
to forget about this whole game thing but
they were bent on seeing the end of it.
I hate staying at home because it always
bored for me,i get to do nothing other
then to watch movies, chat on the Internet,
sleep and eat,i don’t do much work at home,
it been one week since we were on break
and it feels like a whole year to me i
wouldn’t wait for school to resume,
i woke up one afternoon at about 12:45,
nobody was at home just me,i tryed reaching
my friends but it seems they were all busy
with their own problems, that was when I
decided to go pay lmade a visit, i got
ready and set out looking so responsible,
well I am responsible if not for the fate
that i love moving round with friends
that wasn’t my type,i just feel moving
round bad guys will always make you stronger,
well it left for you reader to decide if
am right or wrong, i entered the street
that her house was located and it didn’t
take long before I found her house, i stood
at the black gate not sure if i was ready to
knock well I was feeling nervous because I
have never visited a girl in her house before
at least not when she is living with her
parents, i hate to come across the parents
of any girl i want to bleep because in
case of future problem, many parents are
always over protective when it comes to
their daughter well I learn that from
my parents,i wanted to go back “but hay
you have come a long way to stop here,
come on be a man just knock at the d--n
gate”that was the voice in my head talking
it was like my mind and body were speaking
two different languages, i sermon courage
and hit the gate but there was no response
i hit again and again till no response,
well it seems like there was nobody at
home,i was about taking my leave when I
heard a male voice from inside “who be
that” the voice was so deep that at that
point I regreted ever coming at the first
place, which kind thing i put myself,
the gate was opened and a huge and dark
skinny guy was standing looking at me
” go..od afternoon “i manage to say,
the guy look very serious oh,my liver
nearly failed me oh “who you dey look for”
at that point I forgot who i came to see,
i was actually looking at him like a dummy,
i couldn’t remember the name of someone
i came to see,don’t that sounds stupid,
ne serious one i dey oh,God help me on this.
********TO BE CONTINUED ****
Episode 8
*****CONTINUE PART *****
“You non dey talk” ah which kind wahala
i put myself, i was just standing there
figuring out what to say or do,the guy
was already growing inpatient of my
attitude and i can see it in his eyes,i
have two options either to lie that i missed
my way or just pretend to be deaf and dumb
“uyiekpen ” that was the voice of lmade,she
came to meet us she has been inside all this
while,i felt so much relief thank my stars lmade
came to my rescue,she told the guy that i was
her friend from school ,the guy was mad at me
that I couldn’t even speak when he was asking
questions, he just hissed and went back inside,
lmade apologies about the attitude of her cousin,
ne only cousin ne make me fall my hand like this,
ne only God know know waytin i go fall if her
parents con join or her brothers,i non dey put
her sisters join i fit handle those ones they
be girls ne.
She ushered me in and i sat down but
I wasn’t myself, she observed me and
told me to relax myself that her parents
was not around,e be like say this girl
dey read my mind, i felt more relaxed as
I heard what she said,she went to get me
something to drink, that was when I got
time to cross check the sitting room,
it wasn’t looking bad at all,it don’t like
to compare but my sitting room dey well
pass her own,she later brought me a bottle
of drink (Malta) she opened it and handed
it over to me,i thanked her and she sat down
crossing her legs,the short skite and a round
neck top go well together on her,she really
look sweet on them,we talked about so many
things,i was told that she was the fourth
position out of six,there were three girls
and three boys,her mother was working at the
state house of assembly and her father is a
doctor, nice family tree i thought, we both
had a good time together i was now feeling
more better then before, we could laugh out
loud that i even thought her cousin will come
and shut us up but he never did maybe he is
busy with his own things,our conversation went
on and on that i didn’t know when I spent two
hours there,i later look my leave and promised
to come back another day,i got home feeling
fulfil only God knows why,it wasn’t as bad as
I thought well that was how I constantly began
to go to her house,i even got to meet some of
her siblings as I was told most of them were not
living with them,i also met her mother on one
occasion she was as nice as lmade and beautiful
as well,i was not surprise at all because I
can now see where lmade got her beauty from,
her house was now like my second home but I
know if I want to accomplish my goal i need
to step up my game,wait oh…is this really
a game to me now,i am accepted by her family
and we were now more closer then before,
i just hope my heart is not deciving me
because to me this is now more then just a game.
*****TO BE CONTINUED ******


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