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SIN'S OF MY PAST Episode 5-6

The next day was Sunday,after our morning
devotion, we all got prepare for church,
the service was very interesting, they
were a lot of thanksgiving from one
family to another the choir made it more
wonderful with their singing that could
make a crippled man to stand and dance,
afterwards the preaching followed, in
no time the service got to am end and
we all went home,mother later prepared
rice and stew with chicken just the way
I like it,we all had lunch and i headed
to my room,i was an indoor boy,i barely
stay out of my room,i like to be left
alone most of the time,my parents and
siblings knows about this and they always
let me have my time,the only time they
could want my attention is either when
they want to send me on am errand or when
they want to introduce me to visitors,
that my father loves doing, he always
introduce us to mostly all his visitors
that comes to visit him,i sometimes get
mad at this but who am I to say a word,
he was the father and i am the child,
the day passed so fast and i prayed it
should slow down a bit but my prayer wasn’t
I got up on Monday morning and saw a
text from osaretin remaining me not to
forget what we discussed about, i got
to school at about 7:30am,the school
assembly starts by 8am,i went to my class
and i seat down on my desk and bow my head
on it,it was not up to five minutes i heard
a voice close to me “excuse me please ” i
raised up my head and saw lmade standing
close to me,was she really talking to me,
i looked around to see if she was referring
to someone else but I was all there alone
“are you talking to me ” i said,i could
see the confusion in her eyes,it was so
funny that I couldn’t stop myself from
laughing “what is funny “she asked me,
i stoped laughing and looked at her
” wow, am actually not a ghost ”
“meaning “she asked again “meaning
you have been my sit mate but it felt
like I am invincible, you don’t talk
to me ,you don’t look at me,and you
ignore me at all cost,why” she gaze
at me like i wasn’t sure of what I was
saying “well am sorry if you feel that
way,i just thought guys like you don’t
talk with girls like me”,i was confused
at her statement,i went on further to ask
her what she meant by that but she just told
me to forget about it,i told her that I could
if she stop keeping me quite,she agreed.
After the assembly was over we all went
to our various classes,believe me that was
the most wonderful day i have spent so far
in my class, i and lmade talked about mostly
every thing that we saw during class,at
lunch time i told osaretin, osazee and
osayewenre all that went on between i and
lmade they told me to keep it up that I
was really faster then their expectation,
after closing i and imade sayed goodbye
and i went home.
The friendship between i and lmade was
really getting closer and i didn’t fail
to give my friends details on everything
that was going on between me and lmade ,
sometimes I feel that what i was doing
was wrong but to me i had no choice i
have to and beside I have started enjoying
the game,i and lmade did a lot of things
together, we do assignment together,
read together and help each other in tests,
she was clever then me but I was better then
her in biology, you people should know why,
“Why do you go out with those kind of people ”
she asked me one day as we were doing an
assignment in the school garden, i was
confused at the question, i didn’t know
what to tell her because even i don’t
know why I hang out with them.”you don’t
like my friend “i asked her,” not that I
don’t like them but they are too wild for
you,i have read your character and their
and have tryed to match yours with their
life style but you see some different
from them” ,hmmmmmm,are you sure about
that because I know who I am and what i can
do “well they are my friends and i know
the way to go about them” i told her,
she went further to pleased with me to
astray from them, i had to promise her
that I will try my best,i later told
osaretin all what she said and we agreed
on staying away from eachother while in
school so that it will seems as if i have
stop making friends with they.
I could see the joy on her face when I
told her that I told my friends to stay
away from me,if only she knows what I had
in stoke for her,inside of me i could already
feel the lust i feel each time she is close
to me just then I knew i had to have my way
into her honeypot.
Episode 6
Imade was a nice and easy going person,
she was different from all the other
girls i have come across that sometimes
i wish she was my girlfriend but that
wouldn’t be possible, i wasn’t that guy
that could want to be with a just one woman,
ah i till get enough road to go so I go first
flex myself, relationship wasn’t really my
thing i was into hit and run and i love my
life that way,in just a short time i and lmade
has become best of friends ,we were always
seen together everywhere around the school
except the forbidden area she wasn’t that
kind of girl, she was really fun to be with.
Osazee, osaretin and osayewenre kept their
distance from me,we have to make it seen
real and believe me it was so real even to me,
people that knew us around the school began
to gossip about us,they were surprised that
i don’t even talk to them,but seriously i was
really missing them,we got to talk on the
phone and sometimes see each other on weekend,
i wasn’t really happy deep down because I was
kind of feelings left behind but what was i
to do i have to get what my D**k wants and
i has to be fast too much conji do hold my
guy wan dey inbetween my leg,lmade was really
getting to me.lmade on the other hand thought
i have really ended the relationship between
i and my friends and on several occasions
she has asked me if I was happy begin with her,
of course you don’t expect me to tell her no,
and she could easily believe my lies.
We started our second term examination,
i and lmade did a lot of reading that
seriously got on my nerve, did I for to mention,
i wasn’t a good reader,i just pick one of two
things from the once I was taught and them
add mine to it and the explanation could
come out good,that was always easy for me
but in lmade case it was different she
wants us to write it in full details,
i tryed my best to always work things
out with her,i came to find out that we
are both two different people trying to
work things out so one need to step down
for the other and that person was me so I was
trying my best to pretend to be okey with her
decisions,in less then two weeks the examination
was over and the school went on mid term break,
it was the last day at school and we were both
going home,we usually walked home together until
we get to where we could go our way,i told her that
I will miss her and she said the same,i then asked
her if could be possible to see each other during
the holiday, she told me yes but it will be at
her house, i was scared on hearing her house,
hope this girl non wan put me for trouble, i
asked her about her parents but she give my
the assurance that nothing will happen
telling me i shouldn’t forget my books when
coming that we could do some reading, ah
this girl non dey tried for reading you wan
carry book go grave,i told her not worry,she
wrote down her address and gave it to me ,i told
her I will come if i am less busy,yes I know
calling her was easy but she said she didn’t
have any phone at that moment,she said her phone
was stolen and she hasn’t got another one,after
we talked for a while we both said goodbye
and parted ways.
*******TO BE CONTINUED *******


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