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SIN'S OF MY PAST Episode 3-4

We brought some snacks and soft drinks
then went to the school garden, we all
sat down, ” what is her name” osaretin
asked,i turned to him and told him I
don’t know,i wondered why they were so
interested in knowing her name and why
from me,they all laughed at me that why
couldn’t i ask her for her name,that’s what
every guy would do if they were in my
Position,the conversation went on like that
until the school bell rang again which
means the lunch time was over,we all
got up and return to our class,they
continue from where they stop when
we were returning back frome school,they
talk of how nice her waist could move
when on the bed and how it will feel nice,i
could always smile because the conversation
was already displeasing to me well not
because it was her but that is how I always
feel when they bring up such discussion but
I dare not tell them that,I could just pretend
enjoying every bit of it.
I got home from school and took my bath after
then I went to the kitchen and prepared
something to eat,i was not much a cooker
but I could prepare some dishes, after I
finish eating i went to my room,there
was nobody at home,my parents is at work
and my sister oduwu would be in
lectures by now cause she is preparing for
her jamb,my elder sister Judith wasn’t living
with us,she stays at the university ,she
sometimes comes home on weekend,but as for
my younger bother probably he is in school or
has gone to meet my mum at her store,i went to
my room to have some rest for sometime, as I
laid on my bed her face keep flashing on my
mind,i could smile each time I remember her
sweet fragrance, osaretin later called me and
we discussed for sometime and he ended the call,i
drop my phone under my pillow, that is how I
always does it each time I want to sleep
because I don’t like to have missed calls
the caller might be calling for an important reason,
because that has made me lose one of my cousin
John. It has been one year from now and i
till fell the guilt inside of me,i was waken
up by a loud sounds which happens to be a
gun shut,i wasn’t sure where it came from
but the sound was very close, i was
so terrified, i slowly walk to the sitting
room and look outside the window,i was
about to go inside my room when I heard
people screaming at our gate,i quickly
ran outside and opened the gate to my
greatest surprise i saw John my cousin laying
on the ground on his own pool of blood,
he had been shut,i cried bitterly because
he was so nice to me he has come from lagos
and was staying with us for the past six
months, people around that saw what happened
said he was shot by some gun men that
was on the bike,i called my parents who
later called the police and they took
him to the mortuary, i later saw miss calls
on my phone and one message that says PLEASE
OPEN THE GATE FOR ME FAST,all the miss calls
were from him,i then knew he was trying to
reach me but I didn’t pick up,how is wish I
didn’t leave my phone on my reading table,
maybe he couldn’t have died,ever since then
I always kept my phone around me.
Now back to the present,i haven’t slept
long when I heard knock on my door, i check
my time and it was just ten minutes pass four,
i opened the door and found my brother ohenohen
standing at my door,he doesn’t look happy i then
asked him what the matter was “i was looking
for you all over the school today ,why
didn’t you wait for me” i knew he was
angry “well am sorry I didn’t stay for
lessons today that why I didn’t wait for
you ” i said, well the truth was that I
forgot that he always stays back at school
every Thursday, he was in Jss3 and every
Thursday he always have extra lecture
because of the Jss3 examination that was
around the corner, he doesn’t attend lessons
after school he preferred been taught at home
by his house teacher who come every weekend
because he said in school they keep on
teaching you what they have already taught
you in class, i apologies to him but he
was till not satisfied and he angryly went
to his room.
My sister later came back and i had to join
her to prepare dinner, i knows some of you
will wondering why,well that’s my mother
idea,saying that one day i will have to
stay alone so doesn’t want the situation
whereby if a girl doesn’t cook for me i
won’t be able to cook for myself even my dad
agree to it,to be sincere with you i really
like the idea,my dad and mum later came back
from work and we all had dinner together
after which we all sayed goodnight and went to our rooms.
Episode 4
Days pass and weeks passed but she never
seen to know if I exited, it was like i
always seat next to her but she can’t even
see me,not even an hi or hello,she never
gets up from her sit until I leave, i know
as a guy i should make the first move but in
this case it was different,i wasn’t sure if
she needed a friend or not and i really don’t
want to be embarrassed,osazee, osaretin and
osayewenre seems to be having fun in teasing
me about the whole thing,they bring up the
issue at every giving time they have this make
me feel less a man,but come to think of it how
can a beautiful girl like that will be sitting
next to me everyday and yet I haven’t said a word
to her for me that was unusual,i felt that wasn’t
me,i was a goal getter when I want something I try
to get it but this was different i wanted her but
I just don’t know how to go about it,we later got
to find out her name through the teachers that
come to our class, her name was imade omorodion.
It was about 1pm on Saturday night,i, osazee,
osaretin and osayewenre was on mid night call,
we were on conference call,we always do
conference call every Saturday night,the
idea was brought by osaretin, i have asked
him once why we have to conference our call
every Saturday he told me that because it
the nicest day in all the week i wonder
how a Saturday will be the nicest day in a
week,only him knew what he meant by that,
the conversation was going on well when
osaretin suddenly asked a question that
made every body silent, “you non hear waytin
i talk” he added,”une think say I non fit get
that girl abi,ne because say I non just dey
interested for her matter ne make i non dey
look her side ” i lied,seriously i must be a
fool if I thought they could buy that lie,
they all disagree with me at once,i tryed
to make them drop the topic but I was only
adding to it,our argument took another turn
and this time they were serious about the whole
thing “i non wan f**k that girl,i non want just
do am,”i said, “you don dey f**k up ne oooo,i
non dey understand you,ne because say ne you
dey close to imade ne make we choose you oooo,
non con dey behave like that ooooo” osayewenre
said angryly,i know you will be wondering why
my friends will me froceing me to do something
like that,well that is one of the things I got
myself into when I made friends with them,it
was like a tradition to us,we are not allowed
to have girlfriends because we believe women
will separate us,when we have any girl in our
mind we have s*x with her and we gist about
it sometime we could have round s*x with her
without her knowledge, yes it happens, we
invite her over,get her drunk,then have
our turns on her,we do this with the light
off so when she wakes up she will think you
had round on her,that to us was fun,but now
my case was different they only want me to
have s-x with her and i could tell them the
gist and we will all laughed about it,i never
wanted to do anything with her not because
I don’t want to but because I thought she was
too gentle for that,even if i am able to convince
osazee and osayewenre i wouldn’t convince osaretin,
osaretin is a very difficult friend to follow,
he always like things to go his own way,people
that know us well would think we are cultist
and he is our boss,he was hard as rock and
the stubborn one among us,he have the final
say in every decision we make,that is because
he was the one that taught us almost all the
evil things we know how to do,like drinking,
smoking, womanising,clubbing, i know what you
are thinking, yes I do club how you mean,well
my parents sometimes travel to the village on
weekends,i sometimes lie to oduwu that I am
going to osazee house to spend the night that
we have some reading to do,as far as it involves
osazee my sister have no say,she was dating
osazee older brother and wants me to keep
it a secret it wouldn’t be okey for my
parents if they knew she has a boyfriend,
and for the rest things we do them on daily basis.
It was through osaretin i meant the girl
that I had my first knowledge of a woman with,
i was just in Jss3 then when he did his 16 years
birthday, i attended the occasion, it was there
that he introduced me to a girl name Sarah,she
was older then me,he took us to his room and
whisper in her ear,he then told me to have fun
and left us,i must confuse she was beautiful,
i was sitting on the bed starring at her,she
smiled back as if she was what was on my mind,
she walked up to me bent down in front of me,
we didn’t have any conversation we will just
look at each other and then smile,i couldn’t
explain how i was feeling that day,i thought
it nice to stop but I just felt it will be
fun to at least know what the feeling will be,
she unzipped my trouser and brought out my d**k,
she then put it in her mouth, it’s felt like
I was in paradise on earth,believe me s*x is
good,she continued for like three minutes then
stop,she got up pull off my clothes and also
took hers off,for the first time in my life
i have seen a woman naked unlike the once I
watched on movies, she came on me riding me
cow girl style,the excitement was killing me
She continues for some minutes before I
started to feel like I want to pee,i told
her that I needed to pee but she smiled
and said I should pee inside of her,i did
and she got up and went to the bathroom
that was when I knew i just c-m,ever
since that day i never saw Sarah again.
I have had s-x with numerous number of
girls since that day but not once have i
had a girlfriend, not because I don’t want
to have a girlfriend but because of the
rules of our friendship, i have tryed to
separate myself from them but I just
couldn’t stop myself from associating
with them,up till today i haven’t found
the reason for that,osaretin doesn’t
like no for an answer, after enough
pressure from my friends i had no option
but to agree to their request,now my goal
was to make lmade my friend and the have
s-x with her,it was as easy as that.
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