Monday, 22 January 2018

SIN'S OF MY PAST Episode 17-18

It was just like life went the way I planed,everything was working well for me,I successfully finished my education and I was now working as the manager in one of the best company in Abuja,standing close to my office window,I feel the cold wind on my cheek the sky looks cloudy I think its going to rain,just then all the event of my life for the past fifteen years came flashing on my mind.
Fifteen years ago
I can’t say staying with my uncle was fun but it was good,my uncle was a very discipline man unlike my father which makes me wonder if they were from the same parents, my uncle was married with two kids two girls who I know he loveds so much,he was a lawyer while his wife was a banker,his two girls was beautiful, Lillian and Juliet, they are twins,I did most of the chore at home because Lillian and Juliet were till little they were both seven years old I wonder why they haven’t have another child what they were waiting for I don’t know.
My aunt was a nice lady she treated me like a little brother also my uncle, do what he wants and likes then you will have no problem with him,his rules and regulations was very simple and it was not difficult for me to keep because I have already change my ways.
I try as much as I can to stay away from evil the day I left Benin I left my badways there,school was fun yes it was always fun for me but this time it was a different kind of fun,I stayed away from bad friend,consecrate on my studies at the end of ss3 I came out in my wace with frying colours,my parents was proud of me,even I was proud of myself, one year after my wace I wrote my jamb and it also went well in no time I was in the university of Abuja studying business.
All this while I haven’t contacted my friends I have choose to put them aside away from my life they were the ones that put me in the mess I am at the first place but I always pray for them and wish they also find the right path just like I did,I won’t say I was now a born again but all I know was I have made peace with God,I pray always that there was no single day that passes that I won’t thank God for my life and I don’t miss Church for anything in this world.
My university days was great,I tryed my best to stay away from anything that will bring distraction to me and I thank God I did well,I came out as a first class holder,I did my PhD and my master degree and the results was great,in not time I was employed with the help of my uncle’s wife, I worked hard putting everything I had into my work that in no time I was promoted to the manager,I now have my own house,cars and my bank account is doing well and addition to that I have my own personal company where I import and export goods from all over the countries, so you see now life has been really good to me.but you know they say everyman needs a woman to call his own,relationship wasn’t really my thing but I needed a wife so I can have a family.
I was brought back to reality when I was called by my secentray Anna,she was a beautiful young lady but I dare not look her side because she is happily married with one kid,she came informing me of the present of a visitor,that was when I remembered I had an appointment with a bank representative,the bank wants me to bank with them not that I want to but I just thought of allowing them to waste their time trying convincing me.i thanked her for remaining me and told her to send the person in,I sat back on my sir to wait,just few moment after Anna left the door open again,I was sub with what I saw.
To be continued*****
Episode 18
Continue part*****
If I say she is beautiful then that is am understatement she was a goddess,she had a sexy curve body figure,average in high even with her heel you can till tell she wasn’t tall,light in complexion,her office wear makes her more beautiful she was what you call a model,she smile at me showing her white perfect set of teeth, I smiled back,”Good morning sir”said spoke out,wow what an Anglican voice,I replied her greeting then offend her a sir which she did then,she explain the reason why she came I listen silently nodding my head in every words she say,she kept on talking that it came to a point I lost concentration, my mind was no longer with her I was busying thinking of how it could feel but make her my wife but all of a sudden I started to think other wish,like seriously am I a fool she is a bank Representative I have had rumors on how bank send their female worker to male client just to get you to sign to their bank something the girls have to sleep with the men just to get them to sign,well I am not most me I am me.
She finished her speech,I looked at her she was silent just smiling,(why don’t you try that on her,so to see if the rumors are ture) that was my mind speaking well I decided to give it a try
“What will I get in return if I agree “I said looking straight into her eye,(o my I didn’t bother to ask if she was married well there was no ring on her finger) she tryed explaining my benefit but that’s not what I was to hear,”you till don’t get me do you”I asked, “no sir I don’t get you”she replied with confusion on her face,I wanted to stop but something in me just don’t want to,I got up from my sit then walk to where she is sitted,I sat on the table close to her,I asked her the same question but she since not to get,I didn’t know what came to me but I touch her on her lap every girl will understand that language but and no girl can resist that but I got the shock of my life.
“Jesus” yes she actually slap me,she quickly got up took her bag and her documents and before I could say jack she was out of my office I couldn’t just believed what just happened I can’t remember when last I was slapped, I wanted to stop her but I just couldn’t fine the words to say anything, I really wanted to stop her to apology but she was gone.
I fleet bad after that day that I regretted my action what was I thinking, I just pray and hope she forgives me and I also pray she comes back.days passed and just like they say God answers all pray,I came across her again,it was a Saturday I went out to get some thing from the super market I was watching very well or should I say she was watching well we booth on each other,I could see the hate in her eyes from the way she looked at me and then the hissed followed she was about to leave when I stopped her “what do you want”she said with an harsh tone “please I know you are angry with me but just give me just one minute to explain to you” I tried talking in a polite way. “Oh really so you can tell me what”
“So I can tell you am sorry,I know what I did was wrong please, I really need to talk to you” .
She kept quite for sometime before accepting to have a chat with me,we both went to a nearby restaurant, I explained everything to her and told her why I did what I did she seems to be a reasonable type she told me that she already knew that,that’s what you all always think of them ,I apology once more and she accepted,”please call me uyi” “am miracle but my friends call me Mimi”she said smiling.
That was how I and Mimi became friens and not just friends but closed friends, we began to do a lot of things together, I sometimes take her shopping, to fast food and different exciting places,I later found out she was also a native of Benin.and she is single my joy knew no bonce that was when my feelings for her increased,I think of her every moment but I just couldn’t tell her of my feelings,well you would blame me I have nevered really have a girlfriend not to say a serious relationship all I did back then when I was till in benin was hit and run but after the case of lmada I dare not look all any girl s-x was deleted from my mind,even all through my university days till now I don’t know if the words s-x exist well that because I have no affection for the opposite s-x but Mimi changed everything, and I was determine to make her my wife because I know she got everything I need in a woman but first thing first I have to know if she feels the same way.
I made up my mind to ask her out not as my girl but as my wife,I brought the best ring I could find,I need to make this a memorable day,I took her out for dinner at usually but the only different is that am proposal to her today.I pray I get what I want.
To be continued..


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