Monday, 22 January 2018

SIN'S OF MY PAST Episode 15-16

I was in my room on Saturday evening at about
6: pm when I phone starts to ring ,i check the
calling it was osaretin, i pick up the call,
“where u dey” he asked me,”i dey house any problem,”
i said,he told me to come to meet him at SOD,after
that he ended the call,i wonder what will be the
problem from the sound of his voice all was not
well,i got up immediately and headed to the SOD,
i know most of you will be wondering what is SOD,
well to other it mean different things but to us
it something else SOD means SECTION OF DILIGENCE.
SOD is an uncompleted building own by osazee
father,the building has been abandoned for
many years reasons i don’t know,we made it out
secret place where we hang out to do dirty things,
we even f**k girls there most times, that was the
place where osaretin,osazee and osayewenre do smoke,
i only join then in drinking, if not for my liver
problem i might not be left out,that i will discuss
later,you already know who found the name,and i
till don’t know why osaretin could call sure a
deadly and corrupted place diligence,it wasn’t a
problem for me leaving the house because no one
was as home,i got outside and took a bike and
headed to ugbo,if you live in benin you will
know where am talking about,in not less then
fifteen minutes i got to the place,
i had to walk because the building was located
in a deep bush, only cars that have building
there can drive in maybe to inspect their
building or to do other dangerous things.there
were not lot of building there that’s why it’s
very dangerous to walk there at night,i got there
after some minutes of walking and i went inside,
i meet osaretin, osazee and osayewenre sitted
on the block which they use as a sit,they were
busy smoking and drinking,we all gave ourselves
a pleasant hand shake, “dis one une call me come
here waytin happen” i asked them,they all kept
quiet concentrating on what they are doing,
osaretin point at a little room by our left,
signaling me to go ahead and have a look,i went
there and had the greatest surprise of my life,
i saw lmade, i was snub, i wouldn’t move or say
anything, how did they bring her here was the
question that was going through my mind i
wouldn’t just believe my eyes,was i dreaming,
lmade kneel down immediately she saw me,her
eyes was red,she has definitely been crying,
“please uyi,please let me go,am sorry for
anything i have done wrong please don’t hurt me
i beg you” she keep on begging and crying at the
same time,i was touched by her tears,i left her
and went back to make my friends “what is the
meaning of this rubbish that is going on here” my
words was harsh but my voice was low,i wouldn’t
want to offend any one of them,i tryed to use my
words rightly any mistakes from me would worsening
the case of lmade,”what is the meaning of what you
just said,you asked for revenge and now you have
it,what you should be doing is to thanks us and go
in there to do your work” osaretin said calmly
“guysthis one non be waytin i want,yes I wan
punish her but that one ne before i don forget
am,abeg make une let her go ” i tryed pleasing
with them,osayewenre stood up with anger it like
my words offended him, “u dey mad,abi u high,u kw
d kind stress way we pass through take bring her here,
now you come dey fone good boy,guy non talk am again
oooo”, his voice was high, “Ne you ask for revenge
now you don get am,waytin con be ur problem now ”
osazee said,i tryed to pleased with them but to
no avail,”guy you get two choices nd u go make
am fast fast,you go enter there f--k maddest comot
for her body or you go let us help you” osaretin
said to me looking straight into my eyes,i know they
were waiting for my answer and what ever i say
determine the fate lmade will go through,three
against one d**k, i so wanted to help her out but
it seems there was no way out,i couldn’t allow them
have their turn on her so I have to take the
decision i thought was best,i agreed to do it
which mean to rape her,it wouldn’t be difficult
this time because I had my friends with me,osaretin,
osazee and osayewenre stood up and we all went to
the room lmade was,she went on her knees again and
soon as she saw us,i could see the fear in her eyes
and i so much pity her but it was something I need to
do to help her some how,she started pleasing again
“u dey beg abi,so u sabi beg,wen u almost kill our
friend becuz of that your small t*t* way u dey hide”
osaretin said “non mind am” osayewenre said too,”you
go hear oba today,uyi oya carry on ” osaretin called
me,her pleading suddenly increase, i want to where she
was kneel down with her, “i really don’t want to froce
you so please just let me do it the easy way,”i tried
to sound more gentle but it was like my words add
petrol to fire,she increased her pleading and started
shouting for help that when when osaretin gave her a
slap the sent her on the floor, she didn’t need someone
to tell her to keep quiet the slap did the job,i tryed
to come up on her but she push me away,that was when
osaretin, osazee and osayewenre came to help me,they
forcefully pull off her trouser,her top,including her
panties,leaving her totally naked,i won’t tell you
the details of the body structure but I tell you she
is so beautiful that immediately the lust i felt for
her back then came back in full force, my manhood
was now hard as rock and my desire to eat from her
honey pot started to take control over me,osaretin,
osazee and osayewenre laid her on the floor,
osayewenre holded her hands while osaretin and
osazee was holding her legs,she couldn’t fight back
(how she be wan take do am,she be jet li) i immediately
pull down my trouser to my kneel and went into her
Jerusalem without hesitation, she scream so loud as I
entered her pu**y, osaretin, osazee and osayewenre
let of her hands and legs immediately i was in,i took
it up from there,i was now in control,i must confess
her pu**y was so tight i could feel every pleasure
from it as I go in out of her,if i say i was in
paradise i am mistaken, heaven ne understatement,
i was really enjoying everybit of it that i didn’t
want to stop,her honey pot was the most sweetest
of all the girls i have tasted so far,i had her
all to myself for now,and i was glad that i was the
only one that will know the feeling of her honey pot.
… be continue…..
Episode 16
….continue part…..
I got home later in that evening,my parents
was not yet back from work,i went to my room
and lay down on my bed,i felt so tired and hungry
but yet my stomach was so tight to accept anything,
the event of the day came flashing through my mind
I didn’t know how long i lasted on her but I
enjoyed myself, i got up from her when I was done,
i was stub to see blood in her Virginia, that was
when I knew i just took her pride frocefully,the
excitement i felt before turned to hate,i hated
myself, i hated my friends, i hated everything
around me,her eyes were closed but I can till see
the tear falling down from the both sides of the
eyes,she was sobbing, “guy get up ne you non wan
get up again” osaretin said which followed with a
great laughter, i looked at them with hatred even
if i didn’t show it i felt it inside,i got up and
left the small room,they all followed me,osayewenre
tap me on my back when we got to the other side of
the room, “waytin do u” he asked, “nothing ” i said
trying to sound cool,i know they didn’t buy what i
said,i went further to asked them what was next,
” you don get waytin you want ne so we go free her ne”
osazee said,”i like the idea but what about the part
where you know,she tell the police “i said, “that one
non be problem i go handle that one” osaretin assured me,
i didn’t bother to ask him how he was going to do that
but I know he will find a way,osaretin asked osazee to
go and help lmade clean up,i think they are going to
take her back home,osazee went on it immediately, i so
wanted to leave that place, many thoughts were already
going round my head,i was brought back to reality by
the haste shout from osazee, we all ran back to the
small room and saw osazee standing looking at lmade,
we were all confused “waytin happen, why you shout ”
osaretin asked him, “guy i non kw if ne me dey
deceive myself but e be like say she non dey breath
oooo,”osazee said,i didn’t wait for him to complete
his sentence i quickly rush to her,i place my ear to
her chest her heart beat has stoped,i tryed to wake
her but no response, that was when my fears arose,
i got up confused, did i just killed someone, or
my God,i couldn’t get myself, “she is dead,i killed
her,”i was shouting “just keep quiet “osaretin
shouted back at me,i wasn’t myself anymore,
“what are we going to do now” i know the question
sounds stupid but I am confused, we all looked at
each other,”this is what we will do,we all go home
and pretend nothing happened “osaretin said,(is this
guy out of his mind ) “what ” i said,i was shocked
to hear that from him how can he think of something
like that,”what as in,do u have a better idea”
osaretin said with anger, seriously he is right,
i don’t have any idea, we all agreed to what osaretin
said and we went home leaving lmade there,i just
hope someone find her body.
I got up from the bed and took my bath then i
later sleep, i pray her ghost don’t come back
hurting me and i pray she forgive me.
Four days passed and no news was heard about lmade,
i refused to go to school even my parents were
worried about my sudden behaviour, i was going crazy,
my mother tryed to find out the problem with me
but I was bent on keeping it to myself, osaretin
didn’t stop calling me always remaining me to keep
our little secret. Everything was going smoothly
for four days until one faithful Sunday, i was
in my room i just came back from church when my hope
rang,it was osaretin i pick it up ” how far” asked him
“if you dey house comot for house now,police dey
look for all of us,lmade non die oooo,she don tell
police waytin happen, i don call osazee and
osayewenre so try move oooo,i dey on my way to my
mother village, so find your way,we go talk later”
he hung up,i couldn’t believe my ears but hay i don’t
have time to think i quickly got up from my bed ,i ran
to meet my mum in her room,she was surprise the way
i ran into her room,she asked what the problem was,i
was panicking, she sat me down in her bed,as a
mother she know what to do in sure situation,
i didn’t hide anything from her ,i told her
everything from how it all started to the end,
she felt disappointed at me, i pleased with her to
forgive me,i was already crying like a child, i wasn’t
ready to go to jail,you all know the punishment
of rape,i regretted everything i did,my mother
got up took her car keys,i was now confused,
“you have done wrong but I won’t let them take you
away from me,i am taking you to my sister place, don’t
worry about your clothes i will send them to you later
” she said to me,i quickly got up and followed her.
She took me to her sister place where I stayed
for up to a week,my mother later brought my stuff
as promised,my mother later told me that so group
of police men came to look for me,my father was
not aware of my where about reasons best know to
my mother,i and osaretin keep in touch, osaretin
told me that osazee was now in Italy with his
father while osayewenre was now in port-harcourt,
as for him he was in imo state with his brother
friend,this got me more scared because I was till
in benin and the police are really looking for us.
I told my mum that i would love to leave benin
which she agreed but not with my father concert,
my father later knew my where about,he was very
angry with me but he wouldn’t hand me over to the
police,that’s parental love for you,i left benin
city after two weeks,all my stay at my mother sister
place i was always indoor,i took night bus that was
going to Abuja, i was to stay with my father younger
brother from there i will finish my education, i
felt a bit relieved,and i promise myself to start
a new life when I get there,and i pray God help me.
….to be continued


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