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SIN'S OF MY PAST Episode 11-12

I ran almost close to ten minutes before
i sighted her,i was so happy when I did,
i called out her name three times before
she turned and saw me running towards her,
i could see the smile on her face,i met up
with her and gave her a warm embrace “am
sorry for making you pass this kind of
stress, i wasn’t at home when you came ”
i lied,she accepted my apologies i then
went further to ask her why the delay she
told me that she did some washing for her
elder brother so she came as soon as she
finished, we then went back to my house,she
complemented the house before sitting down,
i asked her what I could offer her,she said
any soft will do,i know just what she want,
i have bought some soft drinks the previous
day,i gave her a bottle of drink and excused
myself to the kitchen, i dish out the food and
microwaved it a little because it was already
cold then I placed it on the dinner table,
i called her to come over to the dinner so we
can eat,she was surprise when I told her I
was the one that prepared it,i could see the
expression on her face,she never knew i could
cook well that’s because I never told her,we
both finished our food in silence, she offered
to help me wash the dishes which i delined and
did the washing myself, she was already sitted
when i returned back from the kitchen ,i joined
her and you know what follows,we gist,laugh,play,
until there was nothing else to do,i then turn on
the tv and put a movie for her, it has been just
an hour since she came,she already told me she won’t
be staying long because she wouldn’t want her mum
to get home before her,i knew then that i have
to act first but how do i start was now the
problem, i was till trying to figure out a way
when the NEPA (Nigeria electric power authority )
went off,wow,that was the fastest prayer God
has answered me since my childhood, i could
see the disappointment on her face because
she was enjoying the movie she was watching on
the TV, i know then that this was my chance
“we could go to my room and continue with your
drama, i have a laptop, i could search for the
movie for you on youtube ” i said,she hesitated
at first but later agreed ,we then went to
my room,i offered her a sit in my bed because I
have no chair in my room,i brought out my laptop,
search the movie and in no time we were both
watching the movie together, we lay on the bed
with our tummies laying flat on the bed and
the laptop was in front of us,i was only looking
at the movie without understanding a thing from
it my mind was fitted on her body admiring her
from her head to toes without her awareness,
my little junior was already growing inpatient,
she was a temptation that i will gladly fall into
without thinking twice,i have succeeded in
bringing her to my room so now what’s the next step.
To be continued
Episode 12
I opened my eyes and stup them again,
i opened them again, my eyes felt heavy
but I tried header and they sluggishly
opened,i looked around trying to figure
out where I was,i know this wasn’t my room,
i saw three figures standing close to me,
but their faces wasn’t clear,”where am i”
i manage to say and it came with a lot of
pain,”he is awake “i heard one of them say,
i recognised that voice yes it was my mother,
every thing was now clear to me,my mother,
my dad and osaretin came to my bed,my
mother held my palm, “how are you feeling ”
my dad asked me,i tryed to say something
but I just couldn’t i was too tried
to speak, my dad sent osaretin to call
the someone, they didn’t bother to ask
my any more questions because they
knew i was weak,i tryed to picture
where I was but the more I try to
think the more I felt pain at the side
of my head, a man in white coat maybe
a doctor and osaretin came in,thats
when i know i was in the hospital,
the doctor was a man maybe on his 50’s,
he examine me “his heart beat is close
to normal, he will be fine, like I
said earlier no damage is involved “,
the doc said,he told my mother i
needed some food and also alot of
fruit,and left,”what happened ” i
tryed getting up but I was held back
by the sharp pain that came from the
side of my head,”Arrrgh” i winced,
“don’t try getting up you are not fit
to do that yet”my father said
helping me to lay dark on the bed,
“you don’t remember what happened? “,
osaretin asked,i tryed to recall but it
was till black,” i saw you laying unconscious
in your room and you were bleeding seriously,
you have a deep cut on your head,that was
two day ago,i thought i will lose you ”
my mother said,”yes you have been unconscious
for two days now “, God that long,that was
when everything started to cone back,how
lmade came to my house and how i tryed to
force myself on her and how she hit me with
a bottle, i remember falling on the ground
and her voice screaming my name was the
last thing I remember before i opened my
eyes here,i looked at osaretin and he
seems to understand what my look was
all about,i know i can’t tell me parents
what really happened so I have to come up
with an explanation but right now i was not
getting any “mam don’t you think he needs
some food now ” osaretin burst out,i felt
relieved at least that will buy me time to
think of something to say,osaretin is really
a life saver,my mother quickly left to get
somethings prepared for me,my father later
left saying he need to go back to work
because he took an excuse at his work
to come check on me,leaving just me and
osaretin, immediately my father left
osaretin started asking for a real
explanation, i told him everything that
happened, he was very angry that lmade could
do that to me and didn’t even Try to save me,
if not that my mum came back early only God
knows what could have happens to me.
I stayed some days in the hospital before
i was discharge, all my stay in the hospital
osaretin, osazee and osayewenre never
stop to visit me,my siblings wasn’t left
out of course you know my parents was
always there especially my mum,but
there was till one person left,lmade,
yes I was hoping she could come visit me
after putting me in that condition,i know
i tryed to rape her but I didn’t but she
tryed to kill me,even if it was to defend
herself or not,like osaretin said she could
atleast try to save me,i felt angry inside
and i so wanted to get back at her.
To be continued …


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