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SIN'S OF MY PAST Episode 1-2

My name is uyiekpen osaigbovo,uyi for short,i am a native of benin,i am from Edo state ,my father is a banker at zenith bank while my mother has a store in oba market where she sells both female and male clothes, my family is made up of six,my elder sister Judith,she is now in the university of benin studying medicine,oduwu,ohenohen,my father, my mother and me,we all lived at ore oghene street off oliha market benin city.i am five feet tall,not too fat but okey, fair in complexsion,well there was none of us in my family that is dark because my parents are both fair in complexsion, i am the third position in my family which makes me second to the last, ohenohen who my mother choose to call last card was the last child in the family that makes oduwu the second born.
My family was a very peaceful family,my dad is a very gentle and quite man who avoid trouble at all costs,my mum is the opposite she is not a trouble maker but she doesn’t like being intimidated ,that i didn’t pick from her,we were God fearing family, well that is all I can say about my family for now,i and my siblings all went to baptise high school.i was 17 years old and in ss2 at that time.
My school life then was fun,i had three best friends, osazee, osaretin and osayewenre, We were more like brothers, we talk about almost everything, no secrets was keep out,osazee was the brilliant one among us,after him was me then osayewenre and then osaretin.
It all started on a faithful day,it was in the morning after the school morning devotion,we were seated at the classroom,Mr Aigbegun our mathematics teacher and my favourite teacher, he was a nice and easy going man who was always gentle with us,”Mr Aigbegun good morning “a voice came from outside the classroom,aunty becky a young and beautiful lady maybe in her 30s,i turned to the classroom door,aunty becky was standing with a girl,she was not to tall but okey for a girl her age,her light chocolate skin make her even more prettier, adding with her beautiful round face,her body shape matches with the yellow dress she wore,i turned and looked at osaretin who was found among those standing from their sit to spy on what was going on outside,Mr Aigbegun went to meet aunty becky,they discuss in low tone that even i who was closer to the window couldn’t hear one word from what they were saying, after their conversation that didn’t even last up to one minute Mr Aigbegun came in with the girl.
“Hello class” Mr Aigbegun said “this is our new student and will now be studying with us,Angelina” Angelina was the class prefect “yes uncle ” answered from her seat,she got up standing not leaving her position “please show her somewhere to sit” Mr Aigbegun told her,Angelina looked around for sometime trying to figure out where will be fitting for her “go and sit there” she said pointing at the position i was seated. “Ne God go punish this girls” i said to myself. She came to where I was seated and i got up for her to sit inside because I don’t like to sit in between people,we were already two before she joined us,i was angry at first that someone had to join us because I don’t like crowded people around me,but in this case I should be happy that a beautiful girl will be sitting with me for a very long time.
Episode 2
I seat down quitely pretending
to be listening to what
Mr Aigbegun was teaching but
all my attention was on
her body fragrance, gosh she
smells so nice,it was the
sound of the school bell that
brought back my attention,
Mr Aigbegun was done with his
time “okey see you all later
and make sure you submit your
assignment to me next time I
come ,bye” we all response
wishing his a pleasant day,as
soon as Mr Aigbegun left the
classroom and once quite and
clam class became a market place,
students were walking
from one desk to another,
some where arranging their
books,just then I sighted
osazee whispering into
osaretin ear,he looked at me
smiling suddenly they both
blust into laughter, i wondered
why they were laughing
and why that funny look on
their faces.
Time passes so fast and the teachers
came to offer us what they have for us,
she was speechless all through, calm
and gently, the only time she will make
a sound is either when she is unzipping
or zipping up her school bag,i wonder
why she was so quite maybe because it
was her first day at a new school,
it was 12:30 pm and it was lunch time,
the bell rang and all the students
was seen going out of my class, osayewenre,
osazee and osaretin walked up to be
“be first oh,we are waiting for you”
osayewenre said,”just give me a second ”
i replied, he went and joined osaretin and
osazee who were standing close to the classroom
door waiting for me to join them,i quickly arranged
my bag and stood up,i so wanted to invite her along
but the words wouldn’t seems to be found in
my mouth, i didn’t understand why because
am not usually a shy person, i looked back
at her hoping see will raise up her head
to even observe if every one was gone but
she didn’t,she was so busying with the note
she was writing, i went to join my friends
and we all went to have something to eat.
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